quarta-feira, 3 de abril de 2013

Archangel Michael – “Loving yourself” – 27.03.2013 - (English)

With little effort, you can bring to you, that what you wish. You could take care of yourselves with little effort as well. Your altruist attitude is perfectly comprehensible dear ones, but be carefulness with yourselves first! You are the temple where God works; you are the work of God.

Take care of the temple and be assured that he is not dirty. Clean him day-by-day with preaches and gratefulness.  Love yourselves dear ones, the light that will get out of you need to be alb and bright, it cannot have “scorches” of darkness.

Remember of the teachings of the Nazarene “Love God more than everything else and love the next as yourself” – What you are doing is not loving the next as yourselves, because you are not loving yourselves sufficiently to know your value and worth of being take care of by yourselves.

You help with your heart and this is wonderful, but helping the next as Christ have taught you is to help yourselves first! Are you not one with ALL there is? Wouldn’t the next be yourself? Then why do you take of “them” and not of you? In the truth you are doing badly to the next when you don’t take care of yourself. These words, beloved ones, who I love so much, are not a critic, but an encouragement to all of you who I know that have a gorgeous potential and which I trust plainly that I could count on in these times of change.

Dear ones, love the next is first to be in love with yourself, taking care of your welfare. Be well and so when someone comes close to you and need your assistance, you will be strong enough to support them. Strengthen yourself in your inner self to not tremble when someone come close to you and lean on you.

Dear ones, I give my sword to you to make you able to cut any negative mesh that somehow wishes to involve you. Yes, use it! And cut! I will be with all of you!

I love you and I want you all at my side! Miguel

Gabriel: Thank you my Father… I love you very much!

Archangel Michael: We are one in God.

Translation: Gabryel Leão Caldas

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