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Ashtar Command / Mother Gaia: “A message from Gaia ..." - April 04, 2014 – (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original do Comando Ashtar / Mãe Gaia, postada anteriormente em português, Aqui

Gabriel - My dear ones,

Today, I come to hand a message. A message from Gaia, our beloved planet Earth. First of all, I know some people don’t believe or even cogitate that a planet can be a conscious living being, such as us, but in a little different way.

Leaving this debate for a moment, I come to transmit a request made by beloved Gaia, together with the Ashtar Command. When the message was passed to me by friends from Command, I started to feel immediately the loving request of Mother Gaia. I was filled with all the love she feels for each of us. She considers us as her precious children; and as a mother, she is all love and affection for humanity, by the beings she carries. She asks us with much much love.

I wanted very much to hand you, transmit to all of you her love in this time. I wanted to be able to succeed in making everyone feel the simplicity and affection how she is asking us that. The request of her is a simple act of manifestation of love and gratitude to this beautiful being, a beloved angel, who welcomed us into a physical experience, a journey in our evolutionary walking. She chose to embrace humanity in this dramatic transformations moment, chose support us totally...

Ashtar Command - One of our concerns that we have to carry out immediately, after a more personal contact, is the care with your forests. There is a very vast field that was devastated by the negative forces in your world. At the moment, we take care to ensure that toxic gases (chemtrails) are no longer dumped on your heads, as well as prevent contamination of your vegetation.

Deforestation must be minimized as soon as possible. Yes, we call upon you to initiate your particular movements for afforestation of your cities. Begin to plant a tree, each of you ! Begin to bring nature into your lives. You need to be connected with nature to facilitate our approach to you. The natural energy of Gaia is a balm to all, you and us. All of you who read our messages, if assembled with true intentions of love and light, may change your landscape.

We ask that when planting, make a prayer in gratitude to Gaia. Let all your love in the little plant that you are offering and Earth will be with a memory of you, of your gratitude and your love ... Let  your hearts, your most beautiful emotions in this act. Gaia will undertake to align them all. The lines will be synchronized. If you can do this with your bare feet, feeling the ground beneath your feet, you will feel more intensely the Gratitude of Gaia for you.

For many, this may seem such a simple gesture, of little importance, but for those who are truly connected to the heart, will know the importance of it and will understand the magic of the request of your Mother Earth.                                                                                           
Gaia considers each of you a precious treasure and she is grateful for you to be helping her this time.

Do it for her.

Do it for you.

Do it for us

Spread our message. Do it for your beloved planet.

We are the Ashtar Command.

Gabriel – Thank you, I am very touched.

Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch.

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