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Ashtar Command / Silver Fleet - "Protecting Yourself from external negative inductions" - 12.16.2015 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Gabriel - On 12.16.2015, I was talking to one of the members of my team Sementes das Estrelas and talked about strange sensations I was feeling. I felt something like a pang, an overwhelming sense of crying. A feeling very confused. Great desire to cry, really. Maybe I could be connected to my memory, Akashic memories, perhaps linked to experiences of my distant past experiences that have participated one day, long ago. I commented that dark forces could be with antics. "The dark can try to play some mental image in my field so I help them create." - I said. We talked as well about the need to use the Violet Flame to transmute this kind of thinking in something good. So I asked my interlocutor all were warned about the danger of this type of harassment, as often happens with many siblings. And I said, "this should be the procedure when there are negative thoughts or low vibration attacks.”

The conversation continue on this theme until then, the unexpected happened: the arrival of a being of the Silver Fleet. This loving being not said his name and began to talk to my partner through my channel. He left a loving message to be disseminated among all Lightworkers, as follows:

Silver fleet - Hail, Comrade! There is a large current in the air where, really, some Light Workers andWarriors of Light are in a minority, being manipulated targets of forces opposed to the Light, in which projections of negative fields attempt to induce them to a catastrophic co-creation. When we say "manipulated targets", we mean that these brothers, servants of Light, which accept images that are played on your mental field and empower and thus helping to create that desired reality by the dark Ones.

There are those in possession of a strong mental power, dedicated Light workers that successfully, thanks to his personal effort to unscrew the negative webs designed for them. We're talking about you, as Sementes das Estrelas. We could leave this warning to you who are part of the teams of these spaces of light projections, as well as for all those who attune with you and help co-create the reality that we all desire. After all, it is a pleasure for us to talk with you and in the midst of this conversation, enter briefly to elucidate them about it. It's a tricky time and requires you to be strong and vigilant. The beings of darkness, we will not let them walk around loose, no longer as before. Not as they would like! (Laughs). "

It is a great and immense pleasure to talk to you! Friends, your creative powers are very strong and the dark ones know it. They also know that the means previously worked, now they are not as efficient (media).

So how do they know that the game is over and the tiles from the board are in favor of our fleets, and as you know the power of all of you - they never doubted the power of you, so that, all they managed to do was a directly or indirectly with the consent of you, because you have the magnificent unified co-creative power to the light in their hearts - so somehow they maneuvered and confused you.

For some time, managed to bring you to play their game. As? You know how. Through fear. Through the collective focus. You know where you put your attention, you ferment. Now then, the turning point where the light is moving and illuminating, they have sought targets of greater co-creative power. They have searched "rare pieces" and these are you, the Lightworkers and Warriors of Light awake.

They need strong creative power. They need powerful minds because they know of your mighty force. As we mentioned before, they know and have always known this, why, deep down, they fear them, for they know what you are able to do through your inner power. They are playing lures in the mind of strong Lightworkers, dangerous baits, horror ideas, fear, panic ... Do not let these chains confuse them.

Know that the countless and endless energy of Heaven around them and, if they themselves so try to play certain images in their minds, it is because they know that you are "big fish" to catch. So do not give this taste to them. (Laughter.)

It is a great and immense pleasure to talk to you, buddy. Let off here, but we are there ... Everywhere.

How about, for you, flying over the Andes? It is ... we are here and we have to say, your world is wonderful!

Take care of it, as we have done! We left our hug and the wonderful feeling of the magnificent view of these landscapes!

We are your brothers, comrades in the service of Light! We are the Silver Fleet Ashtar Command. Now we go to Tibet!

Aloha! Aloha!

Gabriel - Then I noticed the ship moving quickly to this region. And I took my leave, greeting them: "Aloha!" - To which members of the Silver Fleet replied amiably, "Aloha!". And they departed.

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Source: http://sementesdasestrelas.blogspot.com.br/
English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales

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