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Kryon - ''Rescuing the gifts of old soul'' - 12.04.2015 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read it in the tune of this song:



Greetings, dear ones!

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. A door opens and Kryon and his entourage pass through it easily.

Well, you know that the higher the companion alignment, ease so that I can deliver the message.The time is appropriate, let’s do it.This message will be loaded with lots and lots of energy! A lot of energy from Home! The family energy, energy that will make your hearts pulsate! Not exactly the physical heart, but the heart of life, the heart "flame of life". We will deliver you, through this message, some keys. They are important! Important for what comes next.

You know that change is coming. He's actually always manifesting according to your choices, but there are some more here. It's something much bigger! It's something you do not yet understand and that are beyond their guided choices in physical reality. Choices to wish a peaceful, harmonious world where all live together in perfect harmony and peace. It's beyond ... It is something beyond that!

Throughout your life (I'm not talking about this physical life, or throughout their lifetimes on this planet), I'm talking about something beyond! I'm talking about throughout their LIFE, its existence as a whole. I'm talking about the moment you have been generated by the SOURCE.

You, beloved beings, have come a long way! Many of you have started their careers in other universes. Many of you, before entering in this universe that are now even had inhabited in a physical body yet. We know how many of you, was painful descent, if we can say, because we have seen! We saw all the way.

In all its stocks, dear humans, you swelled itself a lot, a lot of experience, a lot of wisdom. Each one of you here, reading or listening to this message of Kryon! I know there will be those who will say, "That's what I'm hearing / reading I feel so insignificant!" - Ah! Really? (Laughs). The old low self-esteem of old soul ...

Oh, dear ... Yes, there is much more to come. You will remember who you are!
Gifts! Each one of you carries innate gifts, what we have perfected over the ages. You have all the galactic culture in your DNA! All! Too much for you? Oh, dear ... There are incarnated angels here ... (Gabriel: I feel like Kryon was very moved ...) Truly, Angels ... And I already said it before.What humanity as a whole is going through is an opportunity, my beloved, a great opportunity. An opportunity for expansion. And that's what you will see: the expansion of consciousness.

Old souls where you come in here? You go with your gifts, because they are there to rescue their innate gifts. How will it? Do I even need to say? Your soul already knows, she knows ... How many times you came to a place where there was chaos and simply chaos ceased? How many times you were visiting someone in imbalance, and the person is balanced only with your presence? How many times have you heard "you have something ... I do not know what, but you're different ..." - Does this sound familiar to some of you? Yes, I know you do!

You are rescuing their gifts, because they are again beginning to listen to your soul. You are beginning to remember what you are able, how you can help in this transition process. You have the gifts for this. The gifts that will help other souls to understand that everything that is happening, and is still to come, is part of something much bigger, and there is nothing to fear, because it is Divine. What is happening is divine and there will be nothing to prove otherwise, because everyone will feel. It is beyond, beyond the five physical senses, far beyond!

You will begin to remember that you know how to do something that helps other souls. You will remember that are specialize in it. Some of you carry the gift of speech, of leadership, of pacification, harmonization, of the Faith and several. Would not fit here if I quoting all. And, yes, the most important: LOVE. You are feeling the love flow ... Close your eyes for a moment ... Breathe, my dear ... Breathe ... Let Kryon and his entourage may involve you.

(Pause for internalization …)

Love, my dear, is flowing, radiating from you. The most rescue: love! The understanding that everything is interconnected and that love is the key to everything! You are feeling this and gradually returning to love. No explanation here. It flows from you and no human words could translate what we are now shipping for you. My partner, Gabriel, is awash in love. And he asks me "what I have to write now?" (Laughs). They feel ... they feel the same and, as I said, there are no words to describe.

Dear ones, you will blossom! You are blooming and beautiful fragrant flowers in the midst of great planetary transformation and that is why we are there. For the afflicted have comfort with their presence. That where there is no security, you take her with a loving look. Where there is uncertainty about the future, you lead through a sweet and direct word that "all is well, everything will be fine!" And not the words that they comfort, will be the love that you issue. The love we are sending now, right now the smile that I can see you giving now. This is Love! Yes, we bombed Gabriel with our love these days and leave some words with him, I would like to repeat here, and you repeat how many times they think they should. "Love is Irresistible!" Whenever they use this phrase, they will feel the greatest flow of this energy in you.

You believe for a long time that need to do many things to have God's blessings. They believed they would need to follow certain standards for the blessings fall upon you, but God never needed it. He continued always love them regardless of their human choices. He always continued unconditionally. He never needed any condition, absolutely, to love you. He endowed them with gifts, every step of you, dear humans! It enabled them. He prepared them for this moment and everything is more beautiful that is in you come out now. It is already coming right now! Not prevent it. Do not let their minds disapprove what is coming and surfacing. Let emerge, release yourself from fears.

You have a lot to exemplify. People will see. They will feel that you are old souls! They will trust you and feel peace flowing from you and more, they will feel the embrace of God through you! See God through you ... and they will begin to recognize God in them, because the veil will dissolve. And you are the critical mass that will allow the lifting of the veil.

There is much to say. We have a lot to say! For now, we leave you with this. For now, it is something appropriate.

I am Kryon. I will return as I always return because I love you. I love the human angels that you are. Back to maybe say, "Hey, you're good at doing this, you are good and appease tempers, Go ahead! Light!"

And so it is.

Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Kryon!

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