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Ashtar Command / Silver Fleet - "A Letter to the translators and journalists" - 01.20.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of Light in your bodies. 
Help me also sharing this message below so that it reaches the largest number of translators and journalists in the world.


A Comrade of the Silver Fleet by Gabriel RL - 01.20.2016

Greetings Comrades land! 

This is a message of gratitude to all those who strive daily in service on Earth. Service and commitment. Are we not, as they say, "pulling sardine" to the feet of one or the other, but we are thanking in particular those translators worldwide who are willing to translate our messages in their various lands languages, so that the our message is propagated. We know how many of you are dedicated to bring our messages to more different languages with the intention that the message gets and unifies them once and for all.

Once unified, understand the meaning of being on earth and how much you are important in this work. It is seen trapped, sometimes because of the amount of tasks that come to you. You know that everyone has a bit of Light and love in the heart, and find comfort in each other, renewing the strength to go on the road and take our messages to those who attune to them, or even those who do not attune with them . They know that in the end everyone will be touched by our words, because they come from the family, that family who always felt homesick when, at the sky, cast their looks.

Many times, they, translators, wonder whether really are worth continue translating these messages, either textually or voice. However, something very strong inside called them and gave them the certainty that this is the way. Never doubt, my dear, about the beautiful work you do. He is highly regarded by all the hosts to ensure that your planet is good and the path of Ascension.

Even if you are attacked or suffer impediments in your mission, you will not be overcome, because you have come up with something active in their hearts, my dear. You were strongly prepared for this mission on this planet. Beloved translators know that at any time you feel weary and burdened, have the support of our dear * Hatonn. He is willing to assist you in what you need.

As stated sometimes by several members of our fleets, abundant information and misinformation circulate in your Internet, in order to confuse those who are not focused on your heart chakra. Translators as conductors and relays the streams of Light that we sent through words, are beings of great potential and can discern the true of the untrue information and can arrange the cancellation of any negative force that could come built into some information.

You, dear translators, not only are supported by Hatonn, but work directly with him in the spheres of Light and can strengthen that bond, so even on the earth plane, to be open to it.

We are happy for the opportunity to pass up here (Gabriel: I think she is referring to cloaked ship that's here on my home) and leave this message, asking you, relays (translators) that remaining strong and determined in his job of leading the true information to the world. Those of your communication media are also part of this team. Many of these are lending their talents to those who wish to keep them in darkness, which does not matter and will not judge them for it. Each soul is experiencing what it chose and we honor that choice anyway.

However, you translators, aware of their potential and responsibility to carry the message of family, you can vibrate by their partners while you see showing tv news. Many of them are already waking up to their responsibilities and refusing to go to the public news that is not true. You will see happen that many of these journalists will depart from such means of communication, because the fraudulent proposals of mass deception no longer resonate with their states of consciousness. Will ask for dismissal and even under threat, many remain intact and safe for their decisions to join the new energy coming into the planet. This energy will not allow more hidden nothing is hidden.

Dear translators, dear journalists, beloved humans expanding. I am a female energy of a ship's Silver Fleet. We are four this time and welcome to all in deep gratitude and respect for your commitment to truth. Those of you journalists, who may now be reading this message and feel pressured by their bosses to transmit false information, please listen to their hearts that now call for the truth.

The work of translators as well as journalists, should be unified, because you are part of the same mass energy of Light. At that time, the planet needs you, together, to communicate the message that, however attempting to hide reality of our presence, will not succeed, because you, oh, dear ... are powerful and are taking every day more aware of it.

Our respect and gratitude.

Please distribute this message as long as possible, so that it reaches the eyes of the greatest possible number of translators and journalists.

Be in peace.

A friend of the Silver Fleet.

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