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Father João of Aruanda - "The loving request of an old black" - 01.14.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Hail children! Hail children of my heart!

We are starting a new time, a new step in the way of evolution of the Earth. Thousands of brothers of Light Fraternity of several other star systems are down to earth in his spiritual form and assisting in cleaning the worlds created by unbalanced minds - those you know as "underworld". It is a difficult job, as the forces that control these mental plans are strong and do not wish to give up their power supply.Difficult also because some brothers on Earth allow themselves to be slaughtered by some forces trying to destabilize them.

Remember, dear children, the more you are dedicating to the Light, the more you will be seen by the other side. This does not mean that you are in danger. Quite the opposite. You mean MORE OPPORTUNITIES YOU HAVE TO HELP, because when a dark brother sees your Light and approaches, is he a bully of a black boss or a lost soul, he can quickly be involved in your energy of love. It was not what Jesus did, children? Involved all who came to Him. And what a difference of Jesus for you children? Do not tell that old that "Jesus was Jesus," because that we do not accept. Jesus was Jesus, yes, but He wants you to do like him. He said that, do not you remember? Many children still wonder "what my mission on earth?" - Well, kids, it's not clear yet? Love one another, do good to those who persecute you, forgive your enemies, have faith in God and be righteous. That's, children, that's where all part.

We and the whole phalanx of Caboclos (Indian) and Exus guardians we at incessant work, giving support to these spiritual forces of high magnitude in the planetary cleansing process. That's why you have seen so much chaos running loose in the world like never before, dear children!

Yes, in the past there were major clashes between the forces of light and darkness, but now children is the final fight. Now we are in the battle foreshadowed by the Masters of Light long ago. We are warned in the battle for the Lord Jesus Christ while on earth.

The dark forces are at greater evidence; the forces of Light as well. And it is increasingly clear to you children! Look! While everyone is doing their daily chores, a big move is going on around you. Those who open their hearts can feel the changes in energy surrounding them. The veil that separates us is thinner, children, much thinner! Many of those holes Light (portals), are opening in all areas. There is a lot going on …

Stop wasting time with meanness, children, with little things, unimportant when something great unfolds around you. There is no time for lamentations and cries wall corner.

Rise up, my children! Look at the sky with strength and faith. Onward, children of the New Era. It doesn't matter if your family, friends or whoever does not believe in you, if they don't believe in the message of the new times. No matter! Jesus gave his message, and many do not believe!

Many of us, these old old African slaves, blacks of Guinea, the Congo and Brazil, many were there, with the Christ. Many of us missed the opportunity given to us back then, but now, children, time is another. We learned a lesson. We learn in the most painful ... And today, we're here to tell you that you don't have to be slaves, do not need to be slaves to a system, slaves of a dark force, slaves of their thoughts. Rise up! Love is flaming in you! Stand up for the love of God!

What we, the Kingdom of Aruanda and other spiritual groups that work for the progress of the Earth we wish, is that you can help us collaborating with good vibes. Much work is being done, kids, a lot of work. We're asking that you watch their attitudes as human beings and realize that all you speak and do have strong influence on the overview of the planet. We know that you, as human beings, are tired and often burdened with so many things, but we're working on this side so that, somehow, you can be relieved of the burden to the underworld, sometimes imposes on you. Of course! We're not working just for that, but in general we do for the release of this planet.

When you lean against the corner and begin to lament life and its tribulations, you make it very difficult, our work, and hinder their own progress as being in expansion. Sometimes you ask for our help and immediately lament: "O, my dear mentors help me It's all so bad It's all so unfair!”

You have to decide what you want, my children! So you leave us on the way, because we can not go down to help and at the same time agree with you that it's all so bad and unfair.

If you feel comfortable to do that, get some help as well: "My spiritual brothers. I'm here and I'm willing to help, but send me a light so I can expand my horizons and see so that I can understand and help. That God enlighten my thoughts and actions so that they are only for the service of light". Have you seen? There's no lamentation. -Is a simple request and empowered, kids! But of course, this doesn't have to be followed to the letter. Pray in their hearts. Just don't mourn, my children! Do not regret because you are like little kids asking for lap and it doesn't look good for you. (Gabriel: I hear him giving a beautiful and loving laughter).

Often, when they come into a high vibrating state, you are perceived by the lords of these underworlds and they send their henchmen to the overthrow of these blessed states, and we, here, children are working to help improve the situation of you, so that you are able to make their own decisions based only in their hearts and not influenced by external forces. Certain that these brothers only work in you when you, in some way, give rise to it, but we know how difficult it is to keep well when it has a dark world surrounding them and trying to influence them.

We're not here working to save children from their nocturnal monsters, but to light this planet. And as we work to enlighten this planet, we help them see that there are no monsters, because they all dissolve when the light is on. We are working, children, for the world to be lit, but there may still be those who wish to keep believing in monsters. If that old saying that we are working to save you from the monsters, would be saying that they exist, but they do not exist. Turn the light on and see. Stop being fearful and squeamish!

Force children! Strength, my beloved! The change time has come for all of you and for us  of the Aruanda kingdom and others. It is a major breakthrough in your spiritual path.

Many still doubt our words. Many who now read our words are, in a sense, skeptical about the change that is unfolding. But do not forget, children, these changes were predicted by great masters who descended on earth and put the meat. And you are now being witnesses that the prophecies are being fulfilled. They above all should rejoice, because prophecies of destruction of planet Earth have been removed and can no longer be fulfilled, since Christ's workers turned these dire prophecies in love and light!

Hail, children! Hail your strength! Hail the force of Earth and its sacred Orixás Warriors! Hail the strength of man, the forest, the waterfalls, winds and seas! Hail in God! Hail!

We are so many mentors who are on the side of you supporting in this way, children! Do not forget that these old black have been in the human condition of being. We know. And we can guide them to heart way, for there you will find the gaps and lit trails to walk despite the darkness trying to take over the world, among the last of his strength, seeing that progress can not be stopped, because everything in creation of God the Father Almighty is continuous. These brothers who carry the dark torch know they need to leave this world and go to other places where their nature, albeit temporary, are polished so that they can return to the divine fullness of state.

There are so many words that this old man would like to share with you, my dear children! I am surrounded here many old blacks while I send this message to this young man so that this transmits them as well.

It is very love we feel for all of you, dear children of Light. Help us in relation to illuminate this world with good deeds. Always think a thousand times before taking aggressive and dis-empowering attitudes. Help your brothers in this way with their example, my children, help! We are doing our part. We are seeing unimaginable amounts of stellar siblings lowering the earth's atmosphere and into the spiritual planes of earthly existence and promoting a beautiful clean the shaded areas of this earthly orb. What we ask for is just to join us. Please join us with their light armor and love, my children!

Our words are now laden with love and send hoping that touch their hearts. Not by words that dictate here because we know that many of you have heard them from several other sources, but it was an opportunity we had to come leave our love and in the midst of words, and left!

The radiation that blessed people of Aruanda bless you all in this way, children! May you have the health and the blessings of heaven upon you! That might have abundance and joy in this way and always will no doubt our friendship and true love. We love you, kids! Rejoice! The time has come and will not be a grain of sand in this land of God that is not illuminated by the light that comes from the heart of God!

That our Lord Jesus Christ bless you, children! The forces of major Orixás guide them! The Star Brotherhood is always to protect them and guide them on their stay on Earth and we, these old contemporaries can always be open to get to you, bringing them a spark of Light and Love and remember you are Light Workers of Christ Jesus and all of us, like a big family, we are winning the darkness that for so long dominated the Earth. But now they're gone! Are gone to never come back.

Hail your strength, Son of Light!

Hail the Old Black Men!

Hail Father João of Aruanda in Christ Jesus.

Gabriel: Grateful my old father, dear!

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales / Valéria Albuquerque

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