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Kryon - "Anchoring the bright aspects of old soul" - 01.14.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Greetings, dear ones! I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Dear partner opens the door and Kryon, very happy with his entourage, crosses it. My dear, open space for this energy. Make room in your hearts for what we have to say. What we have to say is something that many of you want to put into practice. It's something that your inner nature has tried to exemplify in the midst of everyday situations. It is your enlightened aspect that is calling, you're asking a chance, and here's the title of this message: "Anchoring the Luminous Aspects of Old Soul."

We gave you recently a message called "Rescuing the gifts of old soul" and here's an addition to the message given earlier. Some words may seem similar, but we want you to understand that there is more here. There are more than words. There is power. Each message that we deliver to you contains energy, and if you are open to receive it, you receive it. We're talking to many and remember, dear humans, my angels in physical bodies, there are many levels of consciousness and each of them is sacred.

My dear humans, old souls, you are co-creating a new reality and that's a fact already noticed. You are dealing with their own shadows that once plagued the fierce way, but now you are faced with them and they do not seem to them more so frightening because you are learning to deal with them, simply and effectively. You are learning to face their fears. You are learning to look in the eyes. And this is an aspect of old soul: courage. Courage to look at what's in front of you, without fear, and with the knowledge that there is nothing wrong there. I know that many of you have incarnated in various places on this planet, and of course, on other planets. But let's talk specifically here, on this planet. Face something does not make it an arrogant gesture, because this, this energy is passed. It is old and you know it. Today you can easilysee when an old energy is still trying to influence them. And that, my dear, that is its true aspect starting to manifest itself.

There is plenty of all ages in you, yet. There is much information in your Akashic on all those times, all of these experiences, all those lives in different bodies, but there's something I want to say also. There is something very great that you got it all. In fact, something you never lost: their natural aspect. That particular light, that code, that signature ... you never lost. It is an energy. A specific energy that each be creating carries. Energy signature is the most suitable for your human language.

And here's more on that: during their lives, in their many experiences, you have lived all, you have been at all, you did everything. You were good guys and bad guys, young men and women, absolutely everything, but in all those moments, you kept your signature passed by. This can not be deleted. Can not, definitely. What will happen now is that you will become aware of who you are and what you represent on the planet. What you were doing. We've given other posts on this topic. It is already clear to you, no? Even when you interpreted roles of villains, the signature was there - I tell you, old souls!

All of you at all times when you have experienced and been the dark side objects, received the call to its bright aspect. Even those who now struggle against the Light has come, they know and feel they are, shall we say, troubled by the call of Light, which is constant. The bright aspect of old soul is love, order, discipline, kindness, generosity, compassion, delivery!

That, my dear! It's what's happening now again on the planet with all souls, and you, veterans, know very well what it is. In all its stocks in different personalities, these aspects were present in one way or another. They asked to leave, to be expressed and often were the ... Here, at this time when we address you, my dear, an opening is requested. An opening so you can anchor the divine aspect of your soul. Do you have a signature and where you are in the universe, you will be recognized for this signature and to anchor its bright aspects, you leave a trail of much greater light than at any other time. Listen for warnings and alerts of your soul, they are trying to display. These issues cry out! Does not prevent them, my dear! Many times you refused to open their hearts of fear, fear of being hurt, fear of being used, deceived and branded as weak by their sensitivity. Here's something that might give them security: HOW MUCH MORE LOVE, FEAR LESS. HOW MUCH MORE LOVE, MORE PROTECTION.

Try entered into her sanctuary from the heart and experience it, there aspects ... You can try them before, so to speak. Take a test, see what you really feel. You know what I mean. I'm talking about that when you go into a meditative state, you experience an expansion, an expansion of feelings - Love, Peace, Compassion, Tenderness, Trust, Courage, determination - and, there, in that state, you feel no fear. Nothing seems to them threatening, right?

That, my dear! We are asking to bring this to your everyday life, for your physical eyes open. You can do it. Anchor. Show that you are open to receive these aspects here, now, this moment. And you will receive because we are here to surrender energy that will allow them that.

You also know about "them," those who try to confuse you about it. They also have it. They also have this capability. They can also. They will get there too. But you ... Oh, old souls! You will help them. You come back and help them. I know you do. I know so because one of the most vibrant aspects of you is compassion. You get excited because they see it because you feel. You know it's true, that is a particular energy and the energy of this message is theenergy of the family. Indeed, my dear, that can not be denied, you know why? Because you feel our signature. Do you feel our particular energy. And that's what makes you recognize us and causes us to recognize, wherever you go.

The world? Much chaos in many eras? Wars, conflicts, killings? The old energy! Oh, yes, my dear! We met you everywhere, experiencing what you are experiencing and there is no judgment here! They were or were not the sides of good guys? No problem. We met you, because we recognize his signature, we would not have said that? No guilt, no fear, there is no punishment. There is LOVE! You need to see as we see them. Oh, if you were seen as we see them ... (Gabriel: I feel excited and happy Kryon). Feel the energy that is coming down on you now! It is surrounding you, filling all the spaces of your being. This energy is YOU. Is your bright aspects It's his signature. Is your "I AM". Your "I'm going through." Allow this energy come down and express yourself. Is really what you are. Because what you are ... that's it.

There is a transcendental luggage with you. There is a whole experience, there is a whole energy, there are all bright aspects of your soul. It's here now, beginning to manifest. And it will help many, starting with his house, his home for his family …

There is a transcendental luggage with you. There is a whole experience, there is a whole energy, there are all bright aspects of your soul. She's here now, beginning to manifest. And it will help many, starting with his house, his home for his family ...

I am Kryon and I love you. I love their bright aspects. I also love the human aspect of you, now. It's just a fragment of something much bigger, something that is coming, which is manifesting. You can feel what's going on ... you know it, you see. This was not a long message, because the energy that is here is enough. It's enough for today.

And so it is.

Gabriel: My love and gratitude always loved Kryon.

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