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Kryon - “The Trumpets of Tomorrow” - 12.22.2015 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service.

Again a door opens and Kryon crosses ...

We take some time now to our partner download all the information we want to go, which means embracing all that now is coming. We've given him the title of this message, which is "The trumpets of Tomorrow". It's an interesting title, no? Yes, he (Gabriel) is confused about what it is and we prefer it that way. We ask now that he put yourself aside and let the message flow. He has anchored the energy. He already knows who I really  I'm here. - "Come on, buddy, let it flow …"

Dear ones, many steps have been taken. Many roads were opened. You have received a lot of information along these decades. Now a new year, a new phase opens for you, the Way Showers and Lightworkers! It's a door that you open! A phase of settlement of all, of all the ideas that were sent to you, all that you have anchored over this period. Were lots of things, lots of information, a lot of adjustments, a lot of light!

Now, my dear, is an exciting stage! You will enjoy! They will enjoy, because for the first time, really be in control. Really feel like that. You will feel it, really. You will find. There will be no doubt about it. It's a whole energy being delivered into the hands of you, for you to to shape with their hearts and deliver like flowers. The new year 2016 will cause them to experience the joy of knowing that, "Yes, now you are definitely in control! Now you can conduct their lives freely and happily! Even with all work to be done, you really feel the joy of peace begin to flow from the inside and this will give them more security. “

We are not saying it will stop there and that there will be no more work to be done. And here's the point: you are the Trumpets of Tomorrow. You are the ones who will ring loud and attract attention, where you are. You will start to be seen because you will sound like trumpets, understand that? This is an interesting metaphor. Have you imagined calling attention to where spend as if they were large trumpets? Is this. Such a thing may sound like "Wow!" or  "Hmmm, very strange!”

As we're talking continuously, you were prepared before many others. There was need for that. Someone needed to balance first, right? Someone had to be safe and aware, at least more aware of things,to be able to take some balanced approach.

2016 is the year of sound! Sounding of trumpets. The draw attention ... And you will do it. You are the ones that draw the attention. You will see many, everywhere, acting as agitators. That may look like revolution, but not quite what we mean. Not a revolution as normally you know, but a revolution on a spiritual level. A spiritual revolution, because love is expanding and nobody can deny it. Even those who are asleep. They know! They know there's something coming, they feel! And, somehow, they see the first signs. There will be a great and greatest awakening mass of people. The trumpets, which are you, the Showers will begin to play and you will begin to issue a more differentiated radiation still, even more than we had already warned before. Moreover, because now you will have control. Will not be a sound of trumpets wildly. Will be harmonious, precise, rhythmic. Do you understand? This sound will reverberate ... Oh, yes, you will! ... Is already beginning! You are one step from their new year in the Gregorian calendar starting on day 1, when then will begin the process.

Oh, my dear! It's not just a potential! It's a prophecy. Will happen. It's already happening! You feel it, you see? What your news transmitters have hidden from you is part of it, and that's why they have done, because they know ... Those behind the major media stations know the potential for 2016, but they are not sure that we are giving them. The sure it will be the year of the sound, the sound of the trumpet of Lightworkers, the year the Light will touch many! Much more.

This movement can not be stopped. Will not be! You can not, because there is more light coming! Much more. Its stellar family is here. The Ascended Masters are here. Beings of the local universes are here now, and there is much, much love flowing! Can you feel? Feel now!

Relax ...

We will pause for a minute to that. It will be enough for a moment to feel more deeply. Take a few breaths and let go this minute ...

(Pause for brief internalization …)

You know well, my dear, that the sound is not only to help awakening more consciousness, but will also be to mess with the other side. This bother, annoy ... so you know the need to be well harmonized and secure in his love. Knowing that we are with you, that Light is moving forward and they, otherwise the movement will not want to leave so easily what they held for so, so long! It's your time, Lightworker! Where are you? What are you doing?

Those not yet awake, we will help to find them, ones Wayshowers! We will point the way and you will sound will sound like a trumpet! You will have your activated internal locators and know where to go, who to go and what to do.

You know, my dear, the sound will not only be to help arouse more consciences, but it will also be to mess with the other side. This bother, irritate ... So, you know about the need to be good, harmonised and safe in his love. Knowing that we are with you, the light is moving forward and they, the opposite movement, won't want to let go so easily that they held for so, so long. It's your time, Lightworker. Where are you? What are you doing?

Those not yet awake, we will help you to find, dear dials! We point the way and you will soar, will sound like a trumpet! You will have your internal locators enabled and will know where to go, who to go and what to do.

Therefore, do not be alarmed! And this we repeat. Do not be alarmed if they see a turnaround in your life, if you are taken by the magnetism to some places. Can go to stay or just temporarily, but follow the internal guidance. We'll be showing them the way. Or rather, we are showing them that you already know the way. Just need trust. You've heard it recently, right? Because many bright sources have alerted to this. Sometimes you need to hear repeatedly. We need to insist on a information, sometimes. (Laughs)

It is a year of progress in several areas, especially a year of restructuring and relocation of some parts of the world. The earth will move a little more ... And do not be scared, you are in control. This is a potential, we would say, necessary. Will be the year in which the Lightworker, for the most part, will be safer, more loving, more aware, as well as those who are making their choices to the other side, also will be in greater evidence.

Will be the year of the fall of the masks. It will be a telling year where most powerful will fall. You will see many powerful fall by failing to remain at the top, because the top is demanding Love and Light, but some still can't assimilate that. And not just those Lightworkers who are by his side, but in every way, everyone, even those who still do not consider themselves. As the process is going, people are being placed in positions of management and leadership must know that "upstairs" is light and must act as such. Everyone will be aware of the things understanding them much more enlightened. So we said you Lightworkers will be in control, because you know the direction of the wind.

Kryon wishes you, supporters of this calendar, a balanced year, a year where the light gain more space. Of course, we wish that everyone on this planet. Is what we want. That's what we know is coming, which is gaining space. The work will not end in 2016. There is still much to be done. But this will be the year of the impulse, the decisive impulse where every one will know definitely what you want and which side you want to be. It will be a year of breakthrough of light. Will be the year of more exposure than it needs to be cleaned. You will see more dirt from under the rug. But that doesn't matter, doesn't it? Will you be ready. Do you know where and what and how they were doing.

I am Kryon and am very happy! Can I say, I'm thrilled. I love you! I feel honored to walk with you. I've seen it at other times. Each planet that I saw on stage like that of Earth left a mark on Kryon. A brand of determination, courage, strength and light. And the brand that you are leaving me is: "I would love to be a ' the Earth ' human right now, and being close to you, because in this way become in ' a ' and this is the most magnificent.”

This is magnetic! I can feel you! I feel like you are ... And the feeling is marked me is like that of a determined look saying ". Oh, yes, Kryon I'm getting there and I will not alone. I'll take the Earth with me."

And so it is.

Gabriel: (Tears …)

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