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Mother Mary - "You are on the right path" - 01.27.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Gabriel: Please dear, read in tune of the song below. I particularly recommend you put the music in a nice height and then read the message aloud. Can feel wonderful vibrations of light in their bodies:


Beloved Children,

May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

Dear children, it is time to reap the good fruits, whose seeds were launched along your paths. Reap and enjoy the blessings that the Creator has for you, as children perfect the way of expansion.

Hard lives, loved ones! Many of you have experienced hard life! Many challenges along, especially the last five years of your physical existences. Many of you almost gave up, and again you lifted with hope. You were ahead and you are entering the new year that promises to be a booster year. A year where many of you will see the results of your faith that kept you standing in front of the evidence that you have faced, as true children of Light, integrity you remained. It is the year, beloved, that will bring the certainty that LOVE "WORTH" and even those who are still reluctant to believe that will see for you, that certainty.

Go, dear! Go to your path without fear and uncertainty, because you are beginning to reap the blessings that your faith assured. It's time for you to experience for the first time, after so long, the softness based on absolute certainty that you are on the right track. Many of you during the planting time, you have been uncertain as to the correct direction. You went from one side to the other, often in search of answers, when in fact it was already evident, blossoming in you. These responses that unfold spontaneously in you are giving the assurance that the path you have chosen is your way.

There are no wrong paths, beloved, are ready and specific paths for all souls, by what they want to experience, seeing them as opportunities constantly expanding. That, beloved children of my heart, gives you certain that you will always be doing well on the path you have chosen. The softness that flows from your inner always will give you the assurance that such a path is guided in the choice of your I, and you, human personalities, entwined the necessary ego - in the way of outcome - you are now reaping the rewards blessed you have entrusted the sacred impulses that you, left pointing the direction for your time. This moment is the moment of GRACE.

This new time will reveal to you how much you are responsible in this way, how much you, the children of the stars, have need to be focused and attentive to the impulses delivered by your I, because it is constantly to guide you and warn you. Souls in search of that sure you are getting now, walking aimlessly and find in you, the divine sparks in which they seek, they will feel assured that you are in the right path.You will show, beloved, that love is flowing from you and they will feel confident to likewise begin to hear the internal call. Many of you do not believe when you are Wayshowers. Oh, dear! How we say that you should drop the old disempowered energy! Trust, because you are, in fact, Wayshowers and that your actions move crowds. Not told my beloved child, "You can do what I do and more"? Is not this a empowering message? See, beloved, see with the eyes of the heart ... What is needed most to believe that?

My beloved! The year of the harvest, as a scroll is to uncoiling and, thereafter, you can perpetuate reaping the sacred blessings of heaven sent to you.

I am in the presence of my beloved Archangel Raphael, and as ONE, we send you our blessings, also healing, so that you can find relief from the mental imbalances that cause physical illness. May you, beloved, receive the grace of which you are and you were always worthy. The old idea of sin dissolves because no longer can sustain itself, since you are to take possession of the Divinity within.As you know, the idea of sin has no basis in God's Love is Unconditional and not blame the children of creation. YOU ARE GODS, and now that you are you become aware that you are co-creators in this universe, that you may take responsibility for your creations and as whole beings, advance to light in you, which still needs to be illuminated. Realize this, beloved, has nothing to do with guilt: it is the awareness that you are Lights and Light LIGHTS.

Physical illness is only a result of the denial of your Divinity, when so to speak, going against the love that is in you, causing a counter flow atrophy your physical, mental and spiritual bodies. We did not say that you are the creators of your reality? There is therefore a test, dear, it's true: when you are discouraged and you begin to feel discomfort in your body and when you view it, put a cheerful music or go to meet friends for you to enjoy with grace and lightness . You will see that soon "forget" the malaise - soon you will change your focus is the creative power - what happened was that you lit with lightness and joy the shadow that was trying to install. Physical illness, beloved, is the result of a focus that is not in love.

May you, children of Light, is with your hearts open to receive her blessings. That your family of stars is closer to you and that, together, walk toward higher planes of consciousness. The sum of the light letters delivered to you throughout Brotherhood of Masters, Angels, Guides and Mentors can be recorded on you like drops of Light, and that you may access all this information filled with love within you, at any time. Are beloved, WORD thirst wherever you go. Are the living example of the Gospel of my son who was LOVE AND BROTHERHOOD.

Do not be afraid when you see religious institutions merging into fraternisation. Be assured that it is love that is fusing them and are, nothing less, than recognizing each other as brothers. Do not feed, because the fear and insecurity about it, judging that this is another trap of my rebellious sons (brothers of darkness). They no longer have the power that they were given - because you are aware now that their every action is based on your actions as co-creators. If you act in the light, they become disabled. Trust that you are walking towards the light, and the beloved Earth and her beloved body of people no longer return to the dark ages because LOVE IS THERE / HERE.

Give a chance for peace. Seek therefore see things on the bright side. Not entertain more in you the image of pain and uncertainty. Focus on Light, beloved, focus on what makes you happy! And so you exterminate the darkness forever, illuminating them with your grace.

It's time you let go of mistrust generated by your ego and begin to hear the voice of your I. Remember, this is trying to bring you to PEACE.

Beloved, I will leave now pouring over you all my blessings and involving everyone in my cloak of protection, because I am Mary, your Mother.

Gabriel: Grateful always, beloved Mother.

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales 

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