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Saul - "The empowered Output Dark Night of the Soul" – 02.16.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Daily life brings us to an almost continual state of fatigue. They fail, in front of so much work, time off for your well being and reflections. Amidst the daily hustle and bustle, you are faced with uncomfortable situations that bring increasingly to internalization. Some-how, this has to happen. Pain should be blessed and seen as a way out so that they can stop for a bit and listen to their bodies and turbulent feelings clamoring for peace and tranquility. God never intended them to suffer when they chose to enter this reality in which they are now. He always wished that, in his entrance, they quickly realize the game of illusions where they were going.

In this frantic search at an unconscious level by back to its peaceful state, faced with many painful situations that are fed more and more with illusions, through multiple artifice they use to find a way out the pain and desperate whirlwinds of emotion. The unconscious calls you all the time for internalization, because it is in the place where they can find relief to the confusions that are installed.

The pain, more and more intense, and the whirlwinds of thoughts drain vital energy and leave you exhausted. Unable to fight harder in the external world, you go into a delivery condition and begin to realize that they can find a way out of this, just because you went into a state of acceptance and not try to escape the inevitable.

And know that is not to be so, this painful way, but in many cases this is the only way that their souls are to bring them inside, leaving them increasingly bumping into a wall to they realize that it is useless get stoned whatever it that is to relieve themselves. The output will always be the profound internalization. Everything that brings them pain and suffering is an illusion, and your soul knows it. When she sees that you are immersed in the illusory pain and do not meet their so-called for higher internalization in a tranquil way, she has no other choice but to leave them exhausted, because in that status, you begin to make your way back. The dark night of the soul it is. The extreme fatigue inviting them to reflect that they may see that for more, much more, within you.

Ceases then the illusory external searches without value and begin to appreciate the sa-cred inside, because you just are when they seek the true remedy: a deep peace of and welfare that are in their holy shrine. Through meditation, you can find this remedy that brings relief as desired. All the pain and torment whirlwinds that, in essence, is an internal call to internalization, so that, through this, dissolve this turmoil in the aura of peace of your inner sanctuary. When you enter your holy shrine, you now have control of their emotions and pain and can dissolve in the love of your heart any illusory thing.

The illusion continues to dissolve the extent that the souls allow themselves to abandon old habits. After that they experience a dark night of the soul, they bring strength and wis-dom who thought they did not. They begin to radiate to those around them and become teachers. All those who returned the night of the soul can more awaken their capacity to cope with the illusory reality in which they are immersed. They have no more fears as be-fore, and hardly fall into the traps of the painful game of this reality.

Quickly perceive things with more clarity and they are sure they are wrapped powerful energies that are to inspire them and guide them. There is there a virus in the illusory ma-trix. You start to cause crashes in the illusion game when they return the night of the soul. And, as a positive virus infect others around them, which in turn will infect more people still. People approach you feel good and relieved. They see in you something that deep down they know they have, but they can not yet understand. Often they return to play the game of insane delusion, refusing constantly enter the holy shrine. Even if you deem valuable tips, they often say "I'm not ready for this," or, "I can not seem be like you," or even more so "easy you speak when it is not you who is going through what I am" . That is where they are mistaken, because you know the place where they are forwarding …

You, as responsible for their own realities, as the sole architects of this reality, refuse often to turn the game off and return to the arms of God, the Infinite Source of Unconditional Love. This is the only reason to experience so much pain because the refusal is so big to accept the sacred interior, only when they are "hit rock bottom" is that it can be opened again for the Good of God, and there bathe in in his waters of blessings. The illusion was devised in such a way, the idea of separation was designed so that a simple idea that they are not alone in the universe, is still the butt of jokes and mockery for some.

God's beloved children, awaken from this dream and hear the internal call. Its interior is the final button that will link again at the Source and completely dissolve the illusion. Each of you that awakens softness, the mildest form, can radiate 70 souls and draw them into your illuminated spiritual field. Although many of them resist the attraction, this will become more intense and will become really irresistible, because Love is Irresistible. God, the Supreme Source, is irresistible and is in you, within you, calling all the time.

There is no other way, my heart's beloved, there is no other way. They will have to enter in your holy shrine for reunification with Source and you are only able to decide which way will be through peace or through pain. When cater to first calls of the soul, or when to ignore. In the second case, the affliction is truly unbearable as to disperse all his strength and, poring over themselves, give themselves up.

I leave you now with all my heart, trusting that somehow understand my words and will absorb the energies contained therein. Even if for some of these words are repetitive, re-member there is more behind the words. Remember that there are those who go to fati-gue, and you can, with love, trying to alert them to where they are forwarding and, of course, show that there is a better way.

When they do not act as saviors, but as replicators of God's love. Because that's what you are. Is that what each of us, here in the spiritual realms, we are. You need not force any-one to read our messages, or force them to come into their sanctuaries, but can continue sending their hearts and replicating the love of God.

With very much love


Gabriel: Grateful, my beloved, Saul.

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