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Silver fleet - "About Carnival" – 01.31.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Greetings, comrades! 

There is an excitement in the air! A holiday season comes to you, is not it? Where many have fun and fall, literally, in the revelry. Well, we want to handle it gently and of course without judgments. 

We know how much this party that you call "Carnival" is something quite expected by many. We know that many will not like it one bit, but that's not the issue we want to discuss - on those who like and who does not. What we talk about is the importance of their well-being in the midst of it. The importance of respect for others.

How do you feel, loved ones? How do you feel when you are involved in these celebrations? Many of you no longer resonate with it, while others, of course, wait impatiently. Are beings, each in their level of consciousness, experiencing what they think right, and ... stop! No room for judgment in this message. The important thing is you who are not involved understand those who are and those who are understand and respect those who are not. Simple, right? The new energy that we have seen come and illuminate the body of Gaia is the energy of the expansion of consciousness, my dear. There is no reason to enter conflicts.

Expansion of consciousness is, first, the RESPECT FOR THE LIKE. GIVE EACH OTHER THE RIGHT TO BE, GO AND COME, as you have it. Each being, each of us is free to try whatever they want and there are no judges here that will point and judge anyone. At least we are not these. The only judge is yourself in front of your own actions. And to this must be loving and understanding. We know that much of the old energy to be clean, and this is a work of each one of us involved.

On the surface of Mother Earth, inside or space around her, called to the service of Light, long, is laid, dear comrades! And nobody of your star family will compel them to do the job. Each one chooses to do what your level of consciousness allows. It is honorable for us and always will be. They do not realize that when you criticize those who participate in celebrations, nothing increase their light vibrations? Also those who mock those who chose not to participate calling them "boring", likewise, do not help to expand your field of consciousness.

My beloved comrades, brothers, whom we spotted constantly, not perpetuate the conflict! Let each one try whatever they want and remember, each of you is accompanied by a legion of guides and mentors and each one has experienced what you want to experience. So be on your particular sacred space and let the other is in his space, whatever it is. It being understood that neither you nor anyone else has the right to shape each other's space in their own way.

The level of consciousness on the planet has increased and this is perfectly understood by all those who are opening up to this new energy. Of course, we know that there are those who wish to stay in the old and new, is none of our business, nor any of you account meddle in this, dear comrades. You like to leave their homes free, light and loose, yes? You like to do what you like, what you think right thing to do, yes? Well! That your neighbor has the same freedom of choice, whatever it may be.

If your desire is to celebrate the carnival in its own way, in a bed, watching a good movie, do it and send blessings to those who are partying otherwise. Send Light so that they further expand their consciences, so that they receive all the blessings of heaven, always, constantly. As well as your Sun rises every day for all without distinction, send blessings in the same way for everyone. If you want to try jumping like a kangaroo, (Gabriel: I hear laughter relaxed and loving), do it. And send blessings and good memories to those who wished to experience the days off in their own way.It is very simple not? See it as a barrier is broken there? See as the tension is decreased? It seems we hear some saying "but what the negative energy involved in some celebrations?" - Well, what do you have it? Do not you realize that when you connect with this energy you become part of it? What do you, dear comrades, really want to try? What kind of energy? Focus on what you wish to experience. Remember that the "Hell and Heaven" are inside, in your level of consciousness. 

Remember else! When you are with your heart full, happy and bliss, where you go, they leave a trail of light. Do you understand us? See what we mean? Oh, yes, we believe that yes, you understand ... (Laughter loving …).

We wish all these celebrations that are happy, really happy. Wherever you are, doing what you are doing, to feel peace. We wish that there is love in the hearts of all those involved, there is awareness, there is an understanding with each other. There is respect, kindness and benevolence. That's what we wish all these parties.

One thing we all know: what you emit through your thoughts, you will be changing your reality. The energy with which you wish to tune up is free and spontaneous your responsibility. How do you want to use your time again, it's free and full responsibility of you. Always be aware that you are COMPLETELY responsible for their actions. Whatever they may be.

We are coming and going! It's so good to feel them as well! Animated. How will experience your carnival? Well, we will be here, as always. (Laughs ...) There is plenty to do. We will not be slack, but it's a pleasure working with you! Each one can use the word Carnival, or the phrase, my CARNIVAL DAY and adapt it your way. So how will your carnival? Doing what? Yes, indeed you feel you have to do. And that our message is that ... that's it for now. See you soon!

We are your brothers, comrades in the service of Light! We are the Silver Fleet and we are very close, very close ... We could say," right under your feet ... "(Laughter loving ...). We go to Tibet! Aloha!

Gabriel: Grateful beloved Light comrades! 

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales
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