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Kryon - "The Story of John Mary - The Unified Consciousness" - 02.28.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Greetings, dear ones!

I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. 

There is a new openness here. There is love flowing from my young partner, and Kryon does not resist this love. It is an open door for me and I am here with a message, a message that we will can to title of: "The Story of John Mary - The Unified Consciousness." I will tell a story. It is a story that could be the story of many of you, if not, all of you. There is a character in this story and he will give the name of John Mary.

During all linear lives in some way, John Mary caught someone's attention. Somehow, the people who lived with John Mary perceived the that radiated of John Mary. John Mary was someone different. It was someone connected to something or something - so people around him thought. In some cases, John Mary even went to some people, in particular, to speak of this energy and invite them to be on the same connection. Many people could not understand. They could not understand: "How to be connected to something that is not linear?".

We saw it. We were present. We radiate love while John Mary went to the people. We inspire John Mary to bring love, to take just a radiation of love. Often, John Mary did not speak, he just was there.

John Mary sometimes verbalized. He spoke of love, understanding and light. He spoke of a better world, a place where peace would reign and everything would be fine. He spoke of the interior where all these things exist. Some people, of course, did not see this in a serious way. Many laughed at John Mary. Other reflected. Many thought well, but after a while, again, involved in the sameness of the old mental patterns. John Mary saw all this, and often was saddened ... But do not give up. He never gave up. He promised not to give up. He promised to whom? To yourself. John Mary found himself often surrounded by people. People liked to be close to him, even not understanding the being "different" it was John Mary. Even if, in some cases, did not understand the words of John Mary, they felt something. They felt something radiating from John Mary.

After many years of a long life, John Mary was taken. He returned to the All non-linear. He left the physical body! Here, on the other side of the veil, John Mary was greeted with celebration. John Mary was happy to see his family. Happy to be free of the pressures of being immersed in an extremely demanding reality. John Mary was in peace.

Much time has passed, considering its linearity and John Mary looked at the planet Earth. It was here, on this side of the veil and was happy, but he wanted more. He felt that something was missing. Yes, it lacked the humanity of surface that had "fallen behind". John Mary did not return, but he wanted. He felt he owed. So John Mary came again. Incarnated everywhere on the planet at the same time. John Mary was a multidimensional consciousness, was the collective.

John Mary is you, dear human! Are you the multidimensional human! The human who is able to be everywhere at the same time! How? Close your eyes ... Breathe. Come with me! ... Come. You are a unified consciousness and need to remember that. You need to get out of theory. Need to see this ...

Pause for meditation ... (Close your eyes a little and travel with the music ...)

You chose to come back. You chose to be here, dear human being, because he knew there was more to be done and you were able. You could and here! Every soul on this planet knows that. You know, at its deepest level, she can always do more, more and more. Never will you have a limit, because you expand together with the universe, which is infinite. So much for your linear minds?

Let me give you a little more. Did you know that this tiny fragment that is that your conscious part now read (or listen) this message is just a tiny speck of what you really are? Did you know that are able to leave this physical vessel and temporarily animate another body that your linear reality? Did you know that can change bodies with someone else? Ah ... !!! Someone says, "Kryon, you've been seeing a lot of film" ... Oh! Dear humans, are not so linear! Or you have not realized that many of his films, we who delivered the script for your writers? Not only are they (the dark), who have access to the big screen ... (loving Laughter)

You are multidimensional beings and what Kryon will try to explain is not anything that really you can do. It is only a small potential for something more powerful than you are. You do not need literally totally take your body consciousness. You can simply to project a ray of it and animate another body. Let me talk now more directly with doctors. There are doctors reading this message. There are heart specialist reading this message and I want to speak directly to you now. Yes, this is a multidimensional message and it is coming to you now and you say, "Oops, how is that possible !?”

Well, there's more you need to know and we are trying to explain the best way possible and my young partner finds it difficult to bring all this information. Yes, it also has a linear mind. Let me talk to you, heart doctor. You are an "X" patient who is not well. You recently had an operation on his heart and he is in the recovery phase, but late at night, your phone rings the hospital and someone on the other side of the line says, "Doctor, your patient is in trouble is an emergency.. "Well, of course, what do you do? you run, wear the closest clothes, get the car keys and go out into the hospital.

And it need not be so? And if there, that place, you projected in the body of someone who was close to the patient so you could make the first assistance right away? So much for your mind, dear human being? Oh! There are questions here ... "But this would not be a possession? As the person will take another body that way, without the spirit that inhabits the body recipient know?”.

Dear humans, are not afraid! You do not know that there is a universal law where no one enters without being invited? This law is effective and will be for eternity, believe it or not! You do not know that this side of the veil all know each other? You do not know that here we all work together in unity? This is a work of high souls, unified consciousness. That's what we are trying to deliver to you. Let the linearity and fears and listen to what we have to say: it is the awareness of being everywhere at the same time and work into one body. Where all individual physical bodies are a single individual body. It is too much to mind, right? My young partner (Gabriel), is confused. It is a lot of information for your linear mind decode - Slow down, buddy. I have more to give and you need to be very clear transmission. Relax, young man, let it flow …

My dear, a unified consciousness can simply ask for license to other unified consciousness that is animating a linear body. I could name a few personalities who worked and work in the linear field and, when needed, moved and moving in consciousness to another linear space and also did and do some work using another body. You are so used to seeing it, my dear! So accustomed ... It turns out that the linear pressure of this planet the suffocates, but that is changing. This is gonna change.

Have you ever seen a linear personality give your body to inhabit another consciousness and convey some teaching, no? What is it that you see now? (Laughs ...) Well, you are just reading these lines, (or later listening). So they can say, "Oh, we're not" seeing "another conscience has occupied Gabriel's physical body to convey this message." Well, you are not seeing, but are feeling. You know it's real. It is a joint effort of consciousness. And you are here, reading or listening to this message. Something brought you here. Who? Its unified consciousness that when you are immersed in daily life, can not pay attention to it. But she continues to work, even if you linearly not understand.

There are no coincidences, my dear. You work for yourself at all times and are not, most of the time, aware of it. It turns out something wonderful in your life and you say "Oh, I'm lucky!" - No, that's not luck. This is work in the Light. (Laughter.) You're just not aware that you made it happen, but it did.

Incorporation. That would be the word for greater understanding of all, to explain when, through the pineal, a consciousness such as Kryon, is coupled to the physical vessel of linear consciousness. Here, now, I, Kryon, I'm using the intellectuality and love opening my young partner to deliver this message. I'm not completely in the area of your body, but if necessary would, because I would have allowed my young partner for this. And who was in his presence, in its linear physical presence, could see literally Kryon inhabiting a human body, while the spirit of my young partner puts himself completely to the side.

I love humanity, I love being human and get emotional about it. Always get emotional when I am literally the body of one of my partners beloved. I experience at this moment, what it is human and that's why I love them because I understand them because I know how you see the world. I feel your emotions. I feel you. It's a beautiful work and you see this a lot in various places, is not it? But here, my dear, what I mean is this. All this that I explained, but you will not be out of linearity. You will do as Kryon now as Gabriel, but only that Kryon is on the other side of the veil and you will do it yet this linear side, understand? Do not say you did not understand, because my young partner is endeavoring as much as possible to bring the information in their language, I'm giving you. (Laughs).

There will be need to be completely out of the linear body. You can do it, my dear! You can serve in love in this way. Do not worry. Nobody will out there dominating their physical bodies! Remember what Kryon said: "It is a work of reality with unified consciousness." There is always loving complacency because it is love. Because all and any need for determined action will be unified on the greater, not less. Linearity, my dear! Linearity prevents you from growing. Unhook it. You are multidimensional and accessing these things only when they understand it.

I want to explain a little more about it. Again, go slowly, dear Gabriel! The information must be understandable. We see everything. We see all the potential for everything. And you? You too, dear, because you are like us. When you are on this side of the veil, we show you the potential for certain things. In this case, the consciousness of groups that experience the same line of events, when they unified corroborate partnership. The potential is that the doctor will not be in the hospital when the patient "X" enter a state of emergency. The person closest to the patient is one of consciences that this side of the veil, noted that it would be in the same line of events, and unified, physician projection (consciousness 1) is accepted and received by the physical vessel of consciousness 2. This, in turn, away from the physician to input.

It's all interconnected, beloved humans! We are a huge grid of consciousness working together. Imagine a large grid ... There are points in this grid, "points- nodes" that hold each of the grid. We are each of these "points nodes." Imagine a square my dear! Visualise it. There are four points that square, four connection points. These connection points are we. Now multiply to infinity ... John Mary, my dear, is this unified consciousness. John Mary is you, dear human being. John Mary is everywhere at the same time, because it is a unified consciousness working with other unified consciousness. Are you, beloved Lightworkers.

John Mary came to Earth with various other unified consciousness and when he came from this side of the veil, decided to return to work with the other unified consciousness, linearly. John Mary wanted to be on earth and everywhere in the world at the same time. John Mary wants to break the linearity because you know it is an illusion. John Mary could be her, him, both ... This information them sound familiar? Have seen something similar on TV this Kryon information? The letters and numbers S.E.N.S.E.8 remind you of something? (Laughs...). As I said, not only are they (dark) using the films to pass them some information in the case, fear, despair, pain ... We also use, but to bring to you a message of what actually you are able.

John Mary continues on earth and he will return as many times as he feels it should, because John Mary wants to make clear to everyone what all are. John Mary wants to continue radiating the unified consciousness. John Mary wants to continue living everywhere in the world. John Mary to unify with more souls and the entire galactic community. We will be here to ensure that this happens. I am Kryon, a multidimensional consciousness of hip magnetic 5. I'm everywhere. I wish to unite myself to all and be in their hearts. I do not go without permission because Kryon is compliant, love and respect each of you, beloved multidimensional consciousness. I come with love, because I love humanity. I am in love for the humanity and will never be different.

I will return this linear consciousness (Gabriel) or anyone who open their hearts to me because Kryon is for everyone. In all who are ready to receive me, hug me, love me equally, because Kryon is not and will never be patented. (Laughs). Kryon vibrates love equal to every being of God's creation. Love is and always will be irresistible.

And so it is.

(Gabriel: after the end of this channeling, I felt a lot of dizziness, many magnetic discharges in my solar plexus. I looked out my office window and it was raining ... I have seen me every drop of rain falling. I was every drop of that .... . You, dear reader, is every drop of that. We are unified. I am thrilled and happy for the opportunity to bring this message, to get, somehow translate some of that much that is this being of love and an incredible loving energy . Grateful, beloved Kryon, very grateful! …

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales

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