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Jeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) - "Family Situations - The Similarity of the Ways" - 05.08.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Simulação de imagem a partir do original "Santo Sudário." 
É assim que eu, Gabriel RL, o vejo.

Although there is pain, conflict, uncertainty, resist for love to me, my brothers, and of course, for love to yourselves as being the image of God, our loving Father. He never wanted to see them under the veil of disenchantment. There is nothing more noble in a soul than abdicate your life, of that which you have as a fact, to surrender to something deeper for love, something until the unknown moment for you, with pure trust and love of the Father. Abdicating concepts, standards imposed by their societies - those that under the leadership of persons acting in their own interest, have created laws and ideas that only benefit themselves. Abdicate that life, these concepts, these ideas for something bigger. For something that was always pulsing inside. Because in such a way it was also me, when in Jeshua personality I also had my conflicts, my fears, uncertainties, until give myself completely to my heart. Surrender me to what vibrated in my heart and longed to see equally in the hearts of my brothers. It was there that began my ministry …

During my way on Earth, my brothers, I faced all the challenges you face and have faced. I was accused of blasphemy, liar, deceiver - was put to the test by my own brothers, because not go to the ideas of others. I just did not fit me in that system, strangely for them, there was too much love in me. That, for me, those ideas, concepts, patterns, was not at all what my soul had for me. It never was. Similarly, it is not what your soul wants for you. I had the distrust of my closest, my disciples, many who have followed my ministry on earth. Because? Because they were afraid. Fear of the new, new ideas that I brought, fear of love that was inside me and ready to emerge and enlighten all. But their fear made them insecure, doubtful, suspicious. How many times I heard "Do not do that, it's dangerous" or "You are going mad ..." and these echoes I leaned so often cry and seek solace in my soul. My dear, there is something similar to what you pass?

I observe you as you do the same way I did, my brothers, I see your efforts to continue in your paths taking the love that I took. I see your pain when your closest affront you and disrespect for failing to see the beauty of love that is blossoming in your hearts. Understand them, dear, I also understand. I also faced this, but something in me has always been stronger: the love in my heart. And that is what is most powerful in you, are there to be a difference in transition, one that both myself and my emissaries announced. You are the manifestation of the sacred prophecies that announced a new time in which young people brought the Light kingdom messages to Earth - this young man (Gabriel) is an example of the movement of noble souls on the planet, and each of you that  read me now.

When you decided to incarnate on Earth, I even talked to you about the challenges that you would face. As I went down into specific points where there was lack of light, and where there is a lack of light, find resistance of darkness. Again, love is strength. So, my brothers, do not fear nor be discouraged in the face of challenges, I trust each of you, I see you like me and go back to the time when I was incarnated as you. I see myself in each of you, without any difference. Believe it.

When you incarnate in a family environment willing to serve as proof in his way, left to you to keep the flame of love burning in your heart and make sure that it is not blotted out, obscured by the investees those who do not want to advance in their light . That, my dear, understand that it is not a conscious malice, even unconscious, but only a momentary spiritual immaturity, supported by mental patterns that comes from generation to generation keeping fed by unconscious hosts of their true natures. Oh, my siblings, how many times I heard "He does not care about his family ..."; "When you need him, he is not around, is always busy"; and heard from closest yet: "This can not be something of God…”.

The energy of the old pattern, of the old ideas, concepts and prejudices is a conscious energy, you know where you want to act, and you know what are your potential targets. Of course, the targets are those who maintain the Light of the New Age. Because the old energy knows that these bring to you a great magnetism and if they can wrest them will use this magnetism in his favor, as one more powerful irradiator to anchor and serve the old patterns. Thus, my beloved, was tried that against me when I was in the heart of the earth, wearing the sacred clothing of the flesh. Those who knew of my arrival in the middle of humanity architected several plans to misrepresent my teaching, and confuse me and deceive me, so I gave in to such pressures and give up of that which my soul claimed so much.

This, my beloved, has nothing to do with fighting, with discussions with wars, does not mean that you have to be irritated by the affronts you receive, it has to do with your inner strength. How strong you are to say "I AM that I AM" without constraints? How strong you are to say "Father, forgive them, Father, They dont know what they do"? I know how you are, I saw you before incarnating, I see you for ages, I see you now and say: Yes, you are strong and tough, and you can do what I did and more. You will heard from me, "Because I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And then, a man's enemies will be your family”. For, my beloved, understand the meaning of my words once, especially in a family environment will find resistance from their families. Many who do not will accept the Light is being brought into the Home, and how many times I've seen and followed some of you being expelled from their homes by simply being who you are. My legitimate representatives. Again, my dear, some similar to my way? You're just like me, without difference, my beloved.

This is precious time where your soul has been crying for your attention. And you who read my words are now knowing that the time is the awakening. You will see more and more people like you abdicating the old life, the old patterns, so do not be afraid to follow the impulse of the soul that is to call them to freedom. We said, for eons, that this time would come ... and that time is right in front of you. There are those still resist how can to my words, that resist to my love, but it will not be long, because my love is becoming stronger in the earth, because you, my beloved disciples, are sustaining bravely to my message.

You are recognizing yourself and, like butterflies still struggling in the cocoon to fly, you begin to sigh the smell of freedom. You can still stay, can choose to stay in the old patterns, and I will always bless you in your choices, always. Because that's my function as a brother of you who experienced everything what you experience, who knows the difficulties of being in a dimension where your love is suffocated. I know the difficulties in making their choices when these relate to his closest family, friends, loves ... I know that you, in particular, often cried and regretted having to take certain actions, where, at a first moment it seemed to you something bad to be said or done, but your souls assured the exemption from guilt, because above all, when you act in certain ways to preserve the flame burning in your hearts, you act for love. For the love to yourself and love to all.

There is no blame for choosing you, my brothers, there is no guilt for choosing their souls for choosing the calls of their souls. Many times you refused to make such choices for thinking that you would be hurting someone else, but first of all, they hurt themselves. Although, at a first moment, abdicate your soul on the other, in a second moment you will find yourself desolate. When you do something that takes your happiness and peace to see the other happy, such action will show fruitless, because the exchange between souls should be without charges or forced. When you open your hearts to help your neighbor, you should not open a hole in your being of sadness, for you have felt obliged to act in a way that would not like. Many dear souls are lost for thinking that they should abdicate themselves, not giving to yourself what give to others. By not doing what the old pattern indicates, fear the guilt and the remorse. Abdicate yes, the old patterns, to go to meet the love in your hearts, because when you find it, and it dive, there will be no space for blame, fears, uncertainties and insecurities. In it, you will realize that everything you do will be for love, TRUE LOVE - love for yourself, and to other men.

What I did, my siblings, when I was among you, that was it. I did not give me humanity to be killed, even though he knew my destiny on the tree, that was not my point of attention. My point of attention was always trying to show them that they are like me. There has never been and never will be anything that separates us, that makes us different, that  put us distant each other, because we are children of the same loving Father. I will not allow happen what happened for judge it was the right thing to do because it was not for me to judge the situation, but simply put myself at the disposal of the Father for Him to do His work through me, knowing the risks of incarnate in such density. And you have done the same - putting at the disposal of the Loving Father for Him to do, through you, His Work. We are One, my dear, as I said the Father and I were one, so are we all, and to take full possession of it represents, you have to abdicate of the old, without fear and uncertainty.

All you face today as beloved human beings, all the pain and suffering, is the answer for having denied their souls for so long. No longer deny your souls, listen to them, and, if you have a lot of difficulty in his moment of Gethsemane, remember that I was also there, and there gave me to the Father, and in him trust. At the moment I felt lonely, anguished, terrified, I just gave myself to Him. You, my brothers, have my full support in the way of you. I'm proud of each of you. Look deep within you, when you feel alone, abandoned, lost, because that is when the old man is going away, and the new come next, because you will turn into the only place where you will find what you have always sought .

I leave you in the silence of your soul - I'll be watching you, you will feel me, as I know you feel now, but the final decision is yours, always will be. The decision to come with me, or continue as long as necessary to find experiencing the old energy. Anyway, I will always be present, always, for all eternity.

Though some do not believe that I am to express myself here, some hearts say yes, because they know that me. As many have denied me for ages, those who loved me were not disappointed. Those who understood the words that I have given them, will become like torches in the night. Are they like the flowers to bloom, exhaling their perfume. Are they the serene look in turbulent times. And I'll be there beside every time ensuring that the light remains on. There is nothing to fear, my brothers, dear, when the only thing to do is to be the instruments of creation of our loving Father. I did not have imposed or ever will impose such a thing. You're just listening to a call, and is not a call mine itself, it is a call of the soul, of your soul. Called that which is beyond the written words. Besides the mediumship that my beloved young writer, who, also, for example, gave his life for love to me (tears …)

All you will hear my voice, even those most resistant will hear one day my voice. My voice is the voice of the Father, my voice is the voice of the Unified truth, the truth that beats within every man and woman on earth and being of creation, my voice can not be resisted for much longer, because the my way where I am is where you also need to be beside the Loving Father. 

I told you in the past, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men," rephrase that sentence with all my love "Come, and I will show you that you're just like me.”

With all my love, his most proud brother,

Jeshua Ben Joseph

Gabriel: My love and deepest gratitude, my beloved brother ...

Note: "Jeshua ben Joseph" is the original Aramaic name of Jesus, the embodiment of Christ energy on Earth.

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