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Kryon - "The answers to all questions - A reminder of the promise" - 04.12.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. There is an opportunity here. The consciousness of my young partner expands and I merge me to your heart to bring this message. Not that I'm not fused full time, because you know that I'm always with you. But I mean that there is an opening of feelings that enables him to notice me more easily and can bring to the linearity information that I will begin to deliver. He opened the door, and I went through. He let me in. Whenever he opens the door, I go. And while writing these words on your computer, he asks "What will be the end of this message? What title will have this message? What is the general context of this message?" - He wonders now. Well, I answer him: "Young man, let it flow, just let it flow …"

This will not be a long message, but know that will be loaded with family love as always. I asked my young partner to put a song that expresses what this message means. I will inspire find. He will find. (Audio above)

My dear human beings, my angels, you have many questions to ask lot of doubts to be resolved, many restlessness to be reassured. You have spent many lives between coming and going. You experienced everything and here you are again, tired and saying "Well, that's enough! I can't take it anymore!" - Oh! That's nice! (Smile ...) That's good, because when you get to that point, you begin to really hear the voice of the spirit. You will begin to notice the silent voice of the spirit in you. "What do you mean, Kryon? What are you talking about? I'm tired, exhausted and you say that now I will hear the spirit? You say that I'm so is good?" - Yes, my dear! This is the time of surrender. You have realized that most of the time, their insights occur when you give up? You see, my dear … I mean that when you unleash what we are clinging, you just relax, can breathe normally and then you can perceive things ... understand? When you give up what is not important, you begin to realize what is important. So we were happy when you give up something that for so long we blew: "Give up, is not there …"

As I said, you have many questions, lot of doubts, but some of you are still holding the reins of the old pattern. You want the new, want the answers, but you do not release the old pattern. Why, my dear, why? Who are you afraid? What are you afraid? There is nothing bad coming. Note that you see, feel something new coming, but you, "for security", are still clinging the old pattern ... "Well, I'm not sure what's coming, then by guarantee, I'll hold here until I make sure! "... Oh, just how linear! (Laughs…) My dear, I tell you again, there is nothing wrong coming, okay? It's all right. Often you ask something to the Spirit and intensify their powerful intentions and it begins to manifest. When it begins, many of you are still afraid of what they've always wanted! Oh, my beloved human beings ... Do not be so insecure. You have heard of the Master: "Ask, and it will be granted." I say more, my dear: Trust and drop, all your questions will be answered.

The answers are hanging over you, my dear, and until you relax until you breathe freely, they will not clear. Imagine yourself now holding a rope. It is a thick rope. You are holding it. Pulling, indeed! Pulling to his side, while at the other end there is another force pulling. Then it becomes a tug of war. You can no longer breathe, but you do more strength to pull your side, because you are sure to need to keep on your side ... The other side continues to force, and you too. You're red now ... Almost without air, so hard that you do to keep it on your side, and all that's left to you now, my dear, is drop ... Unleash! Relax ... Let go ... At first you may feel disappointment, frustration, discouragement because "you could not endure.” That's good, my dear! That's what their souls wanted! Do not you would bear, you let go, you released it ... That's what you have done for so long, my dear. You clung to fear, insecurity, and doubt …

When you unleash, you breathe. When you breathe, you are silent. When silence, you hear the Spirit. When listening, you enter the flow and when the flow, you have all the answers. Very simple, no? Yes it is. It so happens, my dear! And that is the answer to all your questions. And there's a good title for this message. Yes: the answer to all your questions! You only need to drop. There's nothing out there, my dear! You only need to look inside.

There is a lot of energy coming into the planet now. Where are you Lightworker? What are you doing? This is your moment. That's why you came. For this moment. Do not be afraid of what is coming, because that's why you waited so. Do not be afraid to drop the old world, because it was for this that also came. For at this time, loosen and show others how to do. Did you know that thousands of souls waiting for a gesture his, dear Lightworker? Did you know that there are many people close to you who expect their attitude to go ahead and do what they always wanted to do? Yes, dear Wayshower! You are the pioneers on this planet! As the Pleiadians also were. They went through it, and they started this with you. And now you are going as they were and will leave a legacy, just as they did. What are you waiting Lightworker?

There are more here. Many of you will come back to this planet. Some who will follow his legacy, Lightworker, still look to heaven and say "we want to go with you ..." And you beside him say "I'm here. I did not go anywhere my brother" …

Oh, my dear, (I feel that Kryon is thrilled and happy and say that I am too), this is what is happening now, and will happen more often. You look at the sky now and say the same: "I would like to go with you, I would like to get out of here." Sometimes this is what you do, is not it? The Pleiadians and all their star family respond immediately ... "We did not go anywhere, we're here with you" - "Kryon, but I do not listen" ... Oh! You only hear with his two hands! With only one hand,is not possible. (Smile ...) That's a good metaphor! - Get out of here? You came to sow on this planet and you will not leave here until you have done so. This is not Kryon who says, nor his entourage, nor their guides and mentors. Are you yourself have said.

Here is a part of his speech, beloved Lightworker, before you went to sow:.. 

"There is a planet, a distant planet where there is life. There, exist also darkness, and this must be dissipated. I want to go, I wish to sow, I wish to put my heart in the heart of this planet. I want to integrate myself completely. I know that this integration, lose the memory of who I am, I know that I will be mistreated, I will be hostilized, I know ... but even so, I want to go because it is MY WAY. There will be pain that will make me think of giving up. I feel alone, abandoned, but I also know that when I'm about to fall, a force will make to lift me, and it is this force that will sustain me, is this force that I'll know that is THE WAY. The darkness will dissipating. The Love will reign and will not leave this planet, even see this be consummated. I promise ... “

We hear this. We are there and we were thrilled. We have said this before to you.

My dear, we're with you every step of the way. There's nothing to be afraid, there is no what to look for, as well as yourself. The adjustment process of your DNA is advancing. We're working on it and 40% is a very good number! ... Trust that are good. There is no reason to be afraid really. Only need to release the tug of war. We know you will not give up until you see what you promised to fulfill. Leave this planet now? Now that everything is showing? Now that so much you dreamed is manifesting? Oh... no! I know you will not.

Enjoy the moment. Listen to us, hear your family. 

It's a good message for the moment. It's a good energy and a good reinforcement to trust and drop. Here is a good answer to all your questions: "GOD IS WITH ME, ALL OK, ALWAYS GOOD.”

There is more. So much more ... I'll be back. 

I am Kryon. For me it is an honor to represent each of you and have each of you representing my energy. Because it is so because so is it. 

Gabriel: Thankful, beloved Kryon! Thrilled and happy.

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales

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