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Silver fleet - "Update on the events" – 05.25.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Greetings, comrades!

We arrived once more with something to say! We were the "license" in the last days and came back with some information!

Recently, three large motherships crowded with entities that do not accept the new forces that reach the planet were taken to the Central Sun. It's a great win for us, we have worked for cleaning and reorganization of the planet long ago. Our "license" should be it. We were working and helping in coordinating this event.

We have heard very expressions that "it seems that everything is as usual," and we have to say that it is not so. There's a lot going on and we are also working to be exposed to all the surface. We must ensure that there is a "cavalry" riding awaiting a signal to ensure that we have told you all this time. Do not think that those "rioters" of the surface ready disorders and hinder our work are on the loose as it appears. In fact, they are very well monitored and do the least, because we have hindered their work as well. (Laughs). Do not think that will go unpunished, without take the consequences of the acts committed against humanity. Many of you think that before all that plagues the world of you, the causing of atrocities will be exempted? No, beloved! Everything is in order, and we'll guarantee it. They think they are free, and leave you to think so, because when they see our cavalry, they have the assurance that they would never have had a chance. (Laughter.) We will continue "poking lest the beasts come out of the woodwork" and we will be ready to act.

Be assured, friends, that there is an order of events and anything you are seeing is out of what we expected. Everything was foreseen. Some arrogant and boastful believe they can keep their status forever. Oh no! Do not go. We have to say that our cavalry is immense and is ready to act. Guaranteed. Let's say we want to get the bees and they are in your little house. In this case, we have to beat, do something for them to leave ... If you do understand us ... (laughs). The work of our allies, who are you, is to ensure that the siege was close to them, with your intense vibrations of love, thus forming a dome and preventing them from escaping the planet. Did you know you can do it? The love of you form a powerful shield. In this you can do two things: ensure that they do not escape and magnetize them with love. Who knows, they do not rethink in their actions? (Smiles). Love is always the way.

We have also ask that Lightworkers keep their lights are on on the path to illuminate the souls unbalanced. It is an extremely important moment and we need our allies on the surface keep the agreement, which is to support the forces of light outside the planet, so that together we can advance faster.
We have seen sometimes some Lightworkers feuding with each other to see who is the most important; We hasten to say that it does not help us at all, but only complicates the work and ends up putting overweight on the shoulders of other Lightworker. Why? Because each of you, the physical surface of the planet and the spiritual planes that compose the Earth, each has a responsibility at this time. The energy and tasks are divided among all and when either deviate from ego attractions, end up burdening another, understand? We ended it here, okay? Yes, we believe that you will understand what we mean here. Enough, dear, enough! Love is the way. Let's go ahead and stop “nitpicking"!

Another interesting point to inform this report is that the beloved inhabitants of inner Earth wish to contact you very soon. Yes, for those you discredit this "soon" we mean now, for this generation, right? (Smile). There is need for you to be receptive and loving ways for this purpose. Do not careless your hearts, for the first call will be there ... "Perfumem up" too, they are fragrant (loving Laughter …)

A great movement around the planet, is being done and starting to rapidly emerge in the media. They and all the others are being prepared for formal announcements about our existence. We told in another message that there is a potential for a European nation take the lead with this, and we root for it to be soon. We can not wait to be able to land on the surface without retaliation of rioters friends. Expect more informants to come to the mainstream media (still controlled by the dark agents) and especially Internet, bringing interesting information. Wait for more news on the Moon and Mars. Information that will shock many people. Many think that they already know it all, even those who understand our presence, but we have to say, comrades allies, has a lot more to come from under the carpet ... are busy times, these! Always look for alternative information. Out of the way of the TV for a moment and you will see that there are more things. There are many sites and interesting blogs on the network. Come in. Open your hearts and appreciate with discernment.

You have seen us daily in its skies to always give them signs that are present to reinforce the faith in their hearts, that you are not alone and that each luminous sign of our ships, consider a wink our eyes saying, "Let's go ahead. We are here doing our work. Do the part of you and together we will get there.." - We were very excited about it! At this time we are in three in our "scoutship" (ship patrol) and laughed happy with this opportunity!

Let's go ahead.. We have more to say next, but for now it's enough. Thanks to this young man who lent us his rich vocabulary so that we, through the power of laughter, some transmute disqualified energies that surround some of you sometimes. In other words, you have to laugh, laugh to get out of this dissatisfaction, which sometimes feel. Listen to good music. See funny videos. Get out in nature. Talk, play, have fun, attract this energy of joy. This is important in these times. Frowned and not funny face is not interesting to anyone. (Smile)

Let's get going. We love the Cordilleras of the Andes. Let's just pass by there!

See you soon!


Gabriel: Thankful, light comrades loved ones!

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales
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