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Kryon - "The phonetic origin of 'L' and 'A' and 12 years of liberation" - 06.27.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service.

Once again there is a chance here, and I come when there is a tune for it. I'm always present because I am, like you, energy, pure energy. It's what you are. When I say that I am what you are, exactly I mean it, you're just like me. Some even turn up their nose to this statement. Oh ... The old programming inferiority! It will end, my dear, and it's already over. I'll show them that.

You remember before 2012, before you pass the sacred marker, let's be more precise, 2007, just before 12/21/2012? Do you remember how you were? Yes? No? Let me remind you: many of you, Lightworker, were steeped in pain and discontent. And constantly asked "What am I doing here !?". This question is familiar? You made it so many times! ... And why specifically in this period? Because it was precisely there, in that time, you began to be activated for what would follow.

Dear Lightworker, you already understand the meaning of this title: LIGHT WORKER? Do you have any idea what you represent? We have already tried to explain several times, but we will, again: YOU ARE A MASTER. And we began insistently trying to remind you that in the period cited above. Lightworkers you decide something big, courageous and unique: you wished to transmute all at once, in a period of twelve years! Oh, how courageous! I will say more, do the math: 2007 to 2017 = ten years right? For twelve? 2019. Something sounds familiar it? Lightworker, you are at the end of what you came to believe, before 2007, which could never: decide what you need to solve!

My dear, yes, you are in the human body living all human experiences, all that, throughout their incarnations, you got "extra weight" that supercharged you. I will not put here as karma, only "extra weight", you need to let go and will release! And, as I said, you decide to do it at a single time, in a single period of twelve years. So have a little patience, Lightworker!

There's a lot on your back, a lot! Release, dear Pleiadian master, release dear Venusian Master. Show a bit of who you are: you hear and see a lot about Masters, Guides, Angels, Guardians ... you are one of them, in a human body on Earth. Pleiadian, you having the letter "A" in the name, listen to what your Pleiadian family says: IT IS TIME FOR RECONCILIATION. The new energies invite you to this, dear Being. So you will be accelerating the time of twelve years. Yes, you can even accelerate it. Twelve years was the time that you asked, but you can be faster than that, no? I'm sure can! Letter "A" in the name ... Oh, you think their names are only information that identifies who you are in linearity? Oh no! Each letter of your name is a receiving antenna, my dear! Just like your hair are antennas pickups of energy, the letters that make up your name as well. They are like digits that, when pronounced in the sequence that comes to your name, activate something you more. - What do you mean, Kryon? What are you talking about?

Before you incarnate, Lightworker, you knew what would your name and consecrated and programmed each letter of your name with an energy. Programmed so that when you were called, especially by a particular person, something was activated in you. How many times his father or his mother called his name, angry about something you have done? How many times they repeated "John, where are you? John! John! John !?" Oh ... thank them, my dear ... (laughs …).

The letters also identify you with your star family. The "A" for example, is a frequency that identifies many Pleadian on earth. There is much information here, and I ask my young partner (Gabriel) to relax ... so that he can convey what I mean in the best way. Go quietly, young .... Let the words flow …

The phonetics of "A" magnified when there are two "As" in the first name indicates the perfect alignment between Pleiadian forces, where you can be an incarnated Pleiadian or have a strong connection with them in the past. When you have seven "A's" in the full name, the chances are 90% you are a legitimate Pleiadian ambassador on the planet.

Consider that are new information and have gone slowly not to overload the mind of my young partner. Be patient and keep an open mind. You have a lot of Pleiadian energy and you can say you are representatives of plediadian Love, having "A's" or not in their names!

My dear Lightworker who came to the planet as sustainer of the energy of the New Age! You came to this, and the time, the linearity is crumbling.

You who has the letter "L"! His Venusian family says it's time GRATEFULNESS. You lost a lot of time waiting for that they thank all you have done and left to move a lot of energy, dear Human Angel, because of waiting for the outside thanks. But now you hear your family's application for GRATITUDE. You need not wait any longer, it is not your function here! Be impatient, go ahead and say before, you are grateful. GIVE THANKS! You who likewise, have on their names the potential phonetic of "L" are receiving power and are potentially activated. There is a lot of energy coming, you know. It is time for you to teach the GRATITUDE.

You're tired, I know, but are happy, I know also. I see them, I feel them and understand them. You are renewing itself, renewing the world and restoring it completely. In twelve years you have done a lot, you can not even imagine how you did. Released baggage of ages, my dear ... Today, nine years after the beginning of the great internal transformation, you still feel a bit of weight that you carried, but it is only slight impression, because this is no longer on his shoulders. It's just an impression, and we will show what it is: you're part of a court, Lightworker. An expert in three-dimensional systems. So please, do not despair when you go through something where you need to be an example of serenity. Here is your time, and I've said this before. I have spoken this to my young partner on the morning of your day. Be The Master that I know you are. Use the phonetics of your name, enable these frequencies and call your family. You will know who is your family.

LIGHTWORKER, where are you? What are you doing? We know, we're watching you, because whenever someone calls you by your name, we know where you are.

I am Kryon, I have said so many times that I love humanity, I feel like a human being, sometimes, with all its emotions. I know what is a human being, and I can say this, because I feel you in full. I will return as I always do, because I'm everywhere. Just call me by my name that I will answer immediately. Do you believe that? Try to call, and you will see.

And so it is.

Gabriel: Thankful, beloved Kryon! Thrilled and happy.

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales

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