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SaLuSa - "Update on the events - Some answers to your questions"- 06.27.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Amidst the so many incoming energies on the planet, you are beginning to realize the capacity to have experiences the spiritual level more easily. This is the result of increased awareness of the human collective, which no longer supports the old energies and is feeling the increasing need to seek contact with the Spirit through some action, it to be a walk in the park, hugging a tree, putting a song high frequency and letting yourself go for it, or doing prayers, going to places considered sacred and trying a greater connection to the Divine.

This is the result of increased awareness. You may see people who had never before seen exercising spiritual practices, expanding their consciousness and surprising many with his advances. Bear in mind that many noble souls have come to earth now and there is a right time to awaken and help awaken more souls around them. In many cases such as this, you, the Lightworkers of the first wave, you are those who will support and first aid for those who awaken now. It is starting a big snowball effect that can not be stopped.

Many of those who no longer support the old energy, still resist for fear of moving towards what they consider unknown. The energy of the New Age requires complete surrender and trust, because this is the base of support for all the advanced civilizations that are assisting at the moment terrestrial civilization in its quantum leap. Many in their family environment see your progress and, internally, would like to do the same. However, for still carry fears and uncertainties, choose to stay where they are, stifling the soul and hindering the entry of new energies.

About the new energies, by the way, I have something to say about it: Many Lightworkers have experienced various symptoms as a result of the current strong light that have entered on the planet. One of the most common complaints that we have heard from you are the constant dizziness and feeling that you are out of reality. There are those who feel like they are "falling without stopping." For many of you that while you make available to the forces of Light, experiencing such physical and even mental sensations due to the calibration of your DNA and increase the frequency of your bodies. It is being prepared as the first wave, as many of you will be those who will embark first on our ships when we land and prepare the other for it.

A lot is happening behind the scenes, where the forces of Light have advanced and started to negotiate with world leaders about the need to prepare the peoples of Earth for our mass sighting. For this reason, the forces of darkness seeing that we are advancing and gaining ground both on the physical plane as the Earth's astral where there is heavy areas that are illuminating, are appealing to the big movie screens trying, at all costs, introduce fear. We can say this about the movie Independence Day 2. The allies of the Galactic Federation - you, Lightworkers - you are well aware of these tricks and you will no longer be hoodwinked by such investees.

I have heard many Earth allies to question the reason for my apparent absence. In fact, apparently, because I am much more active now than ever. As I said, there has been a lot of activity and I have helped my fellow Galactic Federation in preparing the Planetary Crystalline Grid, as well as comings and goings between Sirius A and B, working on issues that soon you will know.

I get many questions telepathically. I selected some to answer this message:

1. Question: SaLuSa why it seems like nothing is changing? Whenever I look, everything seems to be as before: hunger, death, destruction ... I'm discouraged, discredited!

SaLuSa: Yes, there are a lot going on that you are not to know completely because you were programmed to look only for the suffering in your planet. I tell you that there is more light on the earth today than ever before, and we invite you to seek the happy things and keep you focused on them. The power of thought is great and when you attract to you the energy of joy, you are also helping the areas where there is still lack of love and light. The help you give us through positive thoughts is huge and provides the right to act more directly on the surface.

2. Question: You talk so much "soon, soon, soon" and it seems that this "soon" never comes! I'm tired of waiting, I do not know if it so worthwhile! I do not know if I'll see what you say in this era.

SaLuSa: Know that soon may be either tomorrow in its linearity as well as years from now. But we hasten to say that such things that we came announcing already at the door, and we say this in your linear time. You would be surprised if you could see the picture and see how you would jump for joy and gladness. Keep yourself calm and determined guarantees you beforehand experiencing the pleasure of being in the higher dimensions, and more, you will start to see the bigger picture as we see it, and so, you transmit to others with the same confidence and love the we transmit to you: YES, IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. The work of the Light can not stop, and how much more you strive to keep you in high vibration, the more you will access the energies that we of the Galactic Federation we access. Keep the work, so that the lack of faith and discouragement no longer have access to your hearts. The question here, beloved, it is not "when it's the soon," but rather, you are ready for the "soon"?

3. Question: SaLuSa ... Oh, SaLuSa, why do not you come to me, if you are really real? How can I believe it all if I ever saw and if I have information only through these messages?

SaLuSa: Just like you, we look forward to land on Mother Earth and have direct contact with you! There is a lot at stake, especially your security with respect to retaliation from the dark forces. We have worked to ensure our safe landing and, meanwhile, you are prepared for those you know as Ascended Masters for that contact. Saint Germain is the Master of the New Age and is helping to free the Mother Earth of the old energies, and is willing to help whoever wants. Just call him and ask for help you disentangle the old energies. Thus, increasing your frequency, you will facilitate our approach. Do not worry and do not feel that they do not want to show us to you on a physical level. We always hope for you in your holy sanctuary, your interior.

4. Question: I have not slept right ... is anyone there who could help me? You hear me now?

SaLuSa: Oh, yes, dear! We are all the time listening when the loving and sincere thoughts are directed to us. There are many forces to help calm the mind, especially in these times, where you are constantly being bombarded by a lot of energy in your new energy anchoring process. You can put some relaxing music and evocardes the Blue Ray, in these cases, it helps to stabilize energy. The Golden Ray is also of great help. You may also use the Chromatherapy, putting light in the Blue or Gold color into your resting place and leave it on until sleep, or even all night. In general, many workers have had trouble sleeping and simple exercises can help in the process.

We wish to also make a brief exhibition of our ships in an insular region on the water, in order to again give physical testimony of our presence. We hope to have the permission to do so, we do not want to cause alarm. Keep the high vibrations that you may bring that reality to you, who like you, we also will be happy.

So far, we reaffirm our position on a potential, so that a European nation to bring the key that will open the doors of the world and, inevitably, the snowball effect can not be stopped. Much that is coming, dear, is, in fact, just around the corner.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, always very honored to be the spokesman of the Galactic Federation and, as I said before, between the comings and goings of Sirius A and B, just increases my love for Mother Earth and all of you. Be sure that you are very loved and respected by all of us, and we assure you will not be allowed to any negative force to destroy or attempt to destroy Mother Earth through nuclear energy. To those who still fear it, please reassure your hearts, for we have the Supreme Creator's orders not to allow such a feat. Await possible new information from Silver Fleet through that same transmitter.

Be in Peace,

Be the Light.

Gabriel: Much gratitude always SaLuSa.

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