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Recently, by channeling, I began to receive from a section of the Pleiades, messages from a group of consciences called "Pleiades 1". It’s a group of beings that have no physical form, as previously reported on the link:

I've seen them on some occasions and they look more like bright, boiling blue suns. Beautiful beings of pure energy! In other channelings, on October 06, 2016 and November 11 ,2016, I received two more complementary messages from them. See links: and

Some time later, on February 20, 2017, in view of the difficulties of some readers in understanding the Notes and the many "rational" questions they ask about them, P1 asked us to reinforce clarifications. The purpose is to lead the reader to the understanding that the fact that an auxiliary glossary exists does’nt mean that it is to rationalize notes, rather "it is not to rationalize." See here:

In another recent channeling, on 10.06.2016, I received from them a complementary message. Follow the link:

Pleiades 1 are beings who work on potential and precise calculations. One must have the mind and heart open to receive this information, given that, first the heart must be free of fears and prejudices, as the message, as well as previously reported (see link 1 above), it is for the more Higher Self.

There is also need to abandon the rationalization of information not to fall into mental stress, since it will only decode the message, if you are mentally tranquil. The information is mostly coded and directed to awake on the surface and ethereal planes. When centered in the heart, they can understand the power of NOTES. Even if the rational / linear mind can not understand the meaning of some terms used, (those exemplified in the glossary), get the higher level, understand energy.

One must also understand that the encodings will be understood according to the level of consciousness. The more the level is high, the more accurate understanding. And there is no judgment in the sense of, "if you do not understand is why is not high." NO! That's not what I mean! But if they are, at first sight do not understand, I invite you to leave the rationality / linear and go to the heart. Everyone can understand, since they leave the heart to hear. Do not understand at first glance, does not mean that they can not. They just need to calm the mind and go for the heart.

There are many groups like this working simultaneously and bringing similar information to their groups on Earth. The example we have the codes provided by COBRA (see COBRA in:, one of the representatives of the Resistance Movement in the surface between an update textual and other, publishes specific codes, such as those for example: "Systems / Isidic red alert at 504" and / or "EXMOSS clear matter sequence in progress", which for many people may seem meaningless, but that, in fact, there a great sense. The COBRA is changing and releasing coded information to members of its staff, as well as getting this information directly from the Resistance Movement (MR see on here,

We also have the ÉirePort / Gaia Portal Group which brings coded messages, or as they themselves say: "Our place in this realm has been to communicate Gaia messages to those who can be called" Companions of the Gaia Consciousness 'and' Travellers from Gaia '... This group is composed of Light Bearers, more accurately, "Frequency Carriers" of various levels;. each, helping in their own realms, (some covering several vibrational arenas) Our role, as the group ÉirePort, it is to communicate with those with eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to understand the breadth and fullness of our messages. " See more about ÉirePort / Gaia Portal here:

The Pleiades 1, with the freedom that I have to report, say that it is a group bringing information not only to the Seeds of Stars, Warriors and Lightworkers, but to the globe itself, in all planes that make up this experience. Bring accurate information about what has happened on the surface, the etheric and higher Galactic plans. accurate information and potential advances of the forces of light in all areas, and behind the written and linear lines, bringing crystalline codes in Sacred Geometry format. They enter through the eyes and promote inner transformations, enabling the expansion of consciousness, so that each Lightworker be recognized as such. So, can help in this great process of planetary liberation from the dark forces and our reintegration in the galactic community. (Exit galactic quarantine).

Again, I reiterate the need to leave the heart to hear the information and thus integrating it in itself. Thus it becomes more of a Ally on the ground able to receive, decode and distribute information / light arriving constantly. They come through the Pleiades 1, COBRA, ÉirePort or any other group with the mission to bring accurate and light codes.

In conclusion, I leave here some terms used so that we can also understand evenly, mental, some concepts. And, as the information is coming, I hope to help bring the explanations in the best way, if needed, and be allowed me.

Always remember: I, Gabriel Raio Lunar, I am not the master of absolute truth, but just one that's open heart to serve, putting me the whole arrangement of the Light Forces. Read, and in your heart, feel end to examine information brought. Just feel. If resound, welcome, if not, be on your way in peace, knowing that I'm not right and neither you wrong, or you right and I wrong. We are just experiencing according to our levels of consciousness.


ADHAMANTINOS (PRONOUNCED ADAMANTINOS) = They are beings of a Crystalline System located in another universe. They entered this universe through an Interstellar Portal located in the Andromeda Galaxy. They are very loving beings and carry the Pink Energy of the Universal and Primal Love of the Creative Source of the Multiverse.

They came to this system called the force known as Pleiades 1 and the Magnetic Beings of the Magnetic Universe called Vitrol-X and Quadril 5 - the Magnetic Force of the Universe from which beings known as Zero i (0i) and IUD-IL also are the Attractors of these Crystal Beings to this Quadrant.

They are purely crystal-looking beings. Whoever looks at them sees them, really, as "walking" crystals. They have the triangular head as if it were an inverted pyramid, upside down, lean bodies, measuring, on average, two meters and twenty centimeters in height. In the center of their heads, or rather at the height of the third eye, they have a geometric form of light, which looks more like a star. In fact, they look like two stars, each of five (5) points, and they overlap. They are bright pink energy. In the center of your breasts you can see their hearts, which look more like two roses. Because they are transparent crystal beings, you can see them clearly. Some people may ask, "What about the other organs?" Of course, I don’t see organs. They are crystal clear but pure energy. Just in the center of the chest, they have a light that looks like a heart, a pulsating and bright pink sun. The other parts of the body, just bright energy, as if the whole "inside" of the body were of crystalline energy, between white and soft crystalline blue.

They came to the Earth System to assist in the purification process, especially of male chakras damaged throughout the ages, as well as the female chakras, especially the basic of women. They came to help unlock and balance these chakras. They formed a rosy Crystalline Grid all over the planet to aid in this work of purifying the damaged chakras of all beings on Earth. They last direct contact with the Humans was in the period of the second great war, when they tried to contact that known as Hitler, and help him to transform his heart chakra, in order to avoid what everyone already knows ... which, unfortunately, they didn’t have enough openness of that being to do so.

Now they return with full force to an army of about, believe, 300 (three hundred) billion Crystalline Consciousnesses to form, not only in the Earth plane, but also throughout the Galaxy, the Pink Grid of Universal Love, to envelop all beings in this Galaxy . They are beings of the 15th Dimension and are highly respected in all known universes. They asked the celestial forces responsible for this quadrant to allow them, for a period, to give Pink tint to the Local Sun in order to use it as a retransmitter of their energies. Those more sensitive will be able to perceive these energies in the Sun when they are completely anchored in this universe. It is an extremely loving force, and there is no barrier that prevents them from acting.

There is more coming, much more. For some people, this information, even if it may seem utopian and meaningless, I, Gabriel, believe in 100% of the information I receive, and I always like to emphasize: I swore by the truth, surrendering all my senses to Jesus and Heavenly Hosts, And that he would not lack the truth in any way. I would only be the transmitter of everything that was informed to me and that if I were ever to lack it, out of vanity or anything of the kind, I would be barred. Thank God, so far I have been authorized to bring this information to those who believe, or even to those who don’t believe. I'm just a postman. I deliver letters. What human beings will do with them is one's free will.

Thank you immensely for those Beings of Pink Love called Adhamantinos, for the opportunity to transmit their message.

And, finally, they are very attuned to the symphonies of Mozart, and indicate them to be in tune with them, since the own, in his higher expressions, is part of this grouping.

It was as far as Jesus allowed me to see and transmit.

A-D-M-P-V-S-E INTEGRATED = Secret code, still can not be informed.

AKASH-LOTUS = It is a being guardian of numerous guardians of the Akashic records. Originally came from a star system known as the Terran Taurus. He spent a number of other star systems, including Sirius, Vega, Andromeda, the Pleiades and other systems not yet known to the Terrans. Usually it has shifted to all of these systems during the physical body home where he currently lives. It is constantly called these places to help beings in their development and to teach them to have mastery over everything they hear and see. Teaching them not to speak what can not be spoken and say what needs to be talked about, teaching, so the balance in these matters. Incarnated at the time of Christ in Terrano Plan and was one of its evangelists. It was also part of Moses during the great crossing of the Red Sea. He guided and guided the Hebrew people out of Egypt. Its symbol is the lotus flower which, when connecting, falls into a deep state of meditation and contemplation. It is being called the Pleiades 1 to go to the Terran lower astral planes for "Planting Lotus" and guide with much love those who are there. When in its most harmonious state, walks and leaves a trail of Lotus and its perfume. It has strong connection with Apollonius of Tyana ... Also strong connection to the Lord Xangô and can connect with him at any time. Due to its unique ethics, is often called to be part of large cuts where there discuss destinations of planets and even entire systems - what should be done, how it should be done and at what time. It has easy to show, in assemblies, where the points seen beings and worked with precision. It is widely respected for where it goes. It also has a strong connection with the being who was known as Paul of Tarsus. (Sao Paulo). 

AKASHSSA = A beautiful being gentle nature as Prana. It has strong links with Andromeda, Poseidon and constellation Delphinus. During its many lives, he had the opportunity to share its magic and enchantment wherever he went. It has the telepathic ability to cetaceans, since this is also one of its origins. Communicates easily with princes and mermaids of the great oceans, both Terran and in other water systems worlds. Intense bond with the Whales of the great oceans of the Delphinus system and other aquatic worlds. Has teaching with the younger beings (children) and their magic in expressing themselves, enchants. It has a special ship with capacity for three crew members. One of them is already on your side, the current incarnation - There they have a height of about one meter and eighty two meters and twenty. It is a mystical being and has the ability to take humanoid form. And when in aquatic worlds, it becomes a beautiful radiant mermaid. It has one of its soul-ons currently living in an aquatic world in Delphinus, currently in the form of Dolphin. It is being called the Pleiades 1 to focus on the great oceans and telepathically call your oceanic family of cetaceans and exchange necessary information to help them in the implementation of the Crystalline Grid on the planet. They cetaceans are anchors the crystal and magnetic energy developers. Also it is called and help the large cetaceans to ensure the protection of the great records stored in their fields, and prevent evil forces will take possession of them. Also being called for, with its charm and vocal vibration, attract negative entities to be captured and taken to the recovery ships. (These entities are "hypnotized with its charm" and fall into the trap set by the forces of Light. That being blessed acts as a "bait Light"). It is also one of the responsible for the Goddess of energy anchoring on site planet, where he currently resides. And the Goddess is to listen to it at all called. 

AKUN-BI-AVIL = Information on the link:

ALFEUS = An angelic being, radius of Mikhael and Gabriel (Archangel). It is the perfect interaction between the two energies. It is a mixed-be warrior with announcer. It has beautiful white wings with heavenly blue tones. Tall, beautiful eyes that look like two galaxies with its trillions of stars. Sometimes, on some occasions, it becomes like a bird hawk. It is a being announcer, belonging to the legion of Mikhael and Gabriel and works in both legions simultaneously. In his galactic guise, is a member of the Ashtar Command staff, also with the role to announce the new guidelines. Receives instructions lovingly and passes. It is a reliever be in nature and, thus, when necessary acts as a psychologist in recovery mother ships, which are those mental disorder removed from the negative zone. His loving presence calms. He has his heart like a huge erupting volcano, ejecting flames in blue, white and pink. These flames directed by him reach the other being full, causing them to reflect on the real meaning of life, about the need to keep the Faith, Love and always be willing to serve with gestures of kindness. It is by nature an energetic conductor, serving as a "wire" to take Mikhael Gabriel and energies where it goes. It is also guardian of interdimensional portals, and, with its beautiful wings, close the entries for malicious beings. He also, by nature, has such a piercing gaze that no negative entity can look him in the eyes, feeling uncomfortable with so much light. On many occasions, negative forces tried to circumvent the security of certain astral regions when Alfeus arrived quickly in this place, and the brothers of darkness left in disarray, afraid, alone, his gaze. When he goes on hellish areas, as it descends, will closed eyes and flapping its wings gently, and when it arrives, open them completely and opens the beautiful big eyes, extends his palms, and each of them leaves a distance of light Blue and White. When you open your eyes, it's as if a light storm fell there. He always says: "I AM Alfeus, AND HONOR WHO I SERVE." And, immediately, is heard by Mikhael and Gabriel. Is being called the Pleiades 1 to fully anchor your energy on the physical and astral plane Terrano in order, like a trumpet, announce the come time and say that time is running out for those who still insist on resisting the Light. Announces that divina justice does not fail and is on the way. Flapping its wings on fire etheric to cause it to ignite and reach the largest possible number of souls, transmuting all the negative forces of all the astral and physical areas Terranas. Every time you get to a physical place where there there is any negative energy, mentally or verbally say "I AM ALFEUS, AND HONOR WHO I SERVE" immediately incorporate yours highest Self.  

ALKINA, THE FLOWER OF THE TIME = Alkina, The Flower of the Time is a beautiful being of devic energy, coming from a kingdom in the Andromeda Galaxy. She has recently incorporated the Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian energies into her being, so she can wear garments within these groupings, as and when she wants. By the way, she has a very special healing dress inside the Sirian fleet. She works by channeling the energies of Nature and transforming them into potions of healing. It also has a strong connection to the energies of Vanula, The Potions Fountain and Cinti (Shimmering), the Storytelling Fairy.

Alkina, The Flower of theTime, is a multidimensional energy and in all dimensions where it manifests, it has the appearance of a beautiful flower with seven petals, each of which is connected to seven specific points: Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, Potions, Shimmering, Devic Kingdom and all the magic of Ancient Egypt. It is a beautiful flower of white crystal light, (with two more tones ...), with the seven petals, radiating energies of all these points.

In her many incarnations on the Earth physical plane, she worked, for the most part, with the energies of nature. She was in Ancient Egypt when she was a Nefertiti Feminine Energetic Integrator. In Greater Atlantis, she was a priestess of great connection with the Cetaceans of the time. He was also in old Lemuria, where she was very close to that one known like Numu and, later, like Juno. In many of her other incarnations she was protective of mystical secrets, moving them away from evil black wizards, which, unfortunately, led her to death several times through persecution by these magicians.

Being of a pure and benevolent heart, every time she disembodied in the hands of violent black magicians, she looked them in the eyes, deeply, with so much love that, after that moment, these black magicians were converted to the Light. To have done it badly in some life, was able to continue in this way when it had contact with Alkina, The Flower of the Time. Alkina is a name coming from the Galaxy of Andromeda, of its kingdom of essence. It means "The seven petals that travel through time". This, because, it can also keep traveling between dimensions and remain conscious and simultaneously in at least seven of these dimensions. More specifically, in its highest state, it can be conscious in seven planes at the same time, in all of them, already mentioned above: Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda, Potions Source (in the Master dimension of Potions Source), Shimmering In the Master Shimmering Dimension), Devil's Kingdom and all of Ancient Egypt's magic.

Alkina also incarnated in the time of that known as Jesus, being also one of very close to that known like Mary Magdalene. It was one of those who continued preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom after the disincarnation of Jesus. It brings in your heart the remembrance of the personal encounter with Jesus, the Master of Love. When predicting the future, he told her ... "On a day that will seem like night, on a night that will seem like day (symbolizing it traveling through the dimensions of non-time), you will receive a call, a call from a being from another time He will give you part of what you are, the other part you will discover for yourself, this being you will recognize, you will recognize it by the numeral and by the vowel. "

It is a being of intense radiation, being able to see in him three shades of energy, simultaneously: crystal white, light pink and golden ruby. There is a master who has deep Love for her, because she was also close to him, when he took on the guise of a king. This Master is called El Morya, when he was in the dress of King Arthur. He is a master who is always at his disposal and will attend to any call, so it could be said that he is also a representative of the blue ray of divine strength and will, for it receives powerful projections from Master El Morya, as well as from the Archangel Mikael.

She has a special ability that is the "yeast movement". When she approaches some being, she quickly grows in him the Love that was hidden. Thus, their approximation of the phalanges of the PVSE Cluster will exponentially move the strength of these clusters. Simply, by its presence in these groupings, it will potentiate the action and the Light manifested there. Therefore, it is called to be present in all PVSE groupings!

Its flower connection with the devic realm is the bellis sylvestris, just as it is the flower that she likes to play when she is traveling between the dimensions, leaving her loving and perfumed trace.

She’s being called by the Pleiades 1 to bring all her inheritance to the Earth surface, summoning all those of her grouping to the specific work which is the anchoring of the Christ energy on the planetary surface. She, along with her grouping, are responsible for bringing the golden ruby colored grid to the planet. She is also called and send her projections to the T Zone and turn that region back into a paradise of Christic Energies. Being called to travel through the seven dimensions, when in its deepest meditative states and, when on the surface, go to the denser spaces, illuminate and perfume these regions. There are many beings in these denser realms that are part of their grouping, beings of Sirius, Pleiades, Andromeda who are trapped in time and space, for when they came to Earth on their specific missions, they ended up being lost in certain situations. It has the authority to go to these spaces and bring these beings back to the Unified Consciousness, the Source. It is also called to look deeply into the eyes of those hard-hearted beings, both in the astral and in the physical Terran, and who have the habit of practicing evil and in this look, transform them forever! Most of these beings transformed by it becomes part of its grouping. Also call to Unite Forces, especially Potions Source, Shimmering and all those of the Devic Kingdom within the PVSE Grouping for joint work and, of course, with all those who feel the call. And of course, not just those who feel called, but their strength must be manifested in all PVSE groupings.

Alkina, the seven dimensions are yours so that you are consciously connected to them, and can bring to the planetary surface all your enlightened transcendental inheritance. Your people are waiting for you. Jesus announced his arrival at this time. It's your time. Be aware of the seven dimensions, you will bring them back and forth and take them there simultaneously. What? Find out, you're ready, Jesus said you would. He never misses.

It is as far as Jesus allows me to transmit.

ALUN-BI-AVIL = Information on the link:

ALLIES LOCAL AND / OR ALLIES SYSTEMIC = "Local" indicates a cluster local (a specific region) beings confidence of light forces , able to receive permission to enter in high-level meetings where usually is discussed the situation of the Earth and Galaxy. Beings extremely ethical and facing light, inviolable, determined to serve the light, cost what cost, incorruptible. "Allies systemic" would be the same thing, and, they would be inspired by the allies locations. Let's say the allies local be the first to receive the projection and credentials to come into certain spaces meetings and / or authority before some situations, inspiring the systemic, as if they were spreading a "virus" light to all, as if to receive an opportunity divine to serve the forces of light through incorruptibility. When the P1 says something like "attention allies locations, reverb in allies systemic" would be something like "attention you who are already accredited, inspire through behaviors crísticos all around you, so that they also receive your credentials light and can get in certain spaces to collaborate also with the course of the activities in order to take the Earth and the whole system to high levels of light. 

Of course, the allies local as well as allies systemic, to be accredited will be representatives of the surface planetary in high advice / meetings in plans Astral and, according to the need and time, even in the physical plane. Be a representative of the light forces on the surface and the Astral is very seriously and honorable. Imagine you that, where you are the forces of darkness respect you . It's as if you had a sacred seal about you signed up" untouchable "and, as much as they don't like you, may not play it. It is also part of agreements made in several of these advice, where some forces of darkness (representatives of the forces of darkness) are part. Can deepen more in this subject advice, discussions, etc., in articles and videos of Corey Goode, (see tab" informants "in the upper left corner of the blog), where he reports several times meetings that participated, being them brothers benevolent and malevolent other planets where discussing a few things. One of them was on the disclosure total, and that the forces of light do not accept in any way, the disclosure partial. (suggestion forces of darkness, these claiming that humanity wouldn't be prepared to disclosure total. They are trying to the disclosure partial to give time escape out of the solar system before the humanity land learn everything that they did. 

The forces of light will not allow it in any way.) May seem strange for some people a meeting civilized, where are present aliens negative, but there are, and they in most cases, respect the environment where is having the meeting. The forces of light are always in larger number and unlike that some people might think, no, - the forces of light not would advance on them getting them by the neck and accusing them crimes. Representatives of the light forces are educated and peaceful, which does not mean that are fools and manipulable. Show at all times that the darkness do not have to where run, that the cycle is closing and their performances in this system reached the end. I, Gabriel, I was a few times in some of these meetings in the Astral plane, and I can say that there is much order. Despite some beings negative be really scary to reality of the Earth, they remain politely. There is always sometimes some peaks exaltation on the part of the dark, which are always reprimanded by elders that preside meetings. 

Finally, of course, the majority of meetings in which the allies of light participate are only with beings benevolent in order to discuss solutions to help the planet and the system. These, there are several representatives of various races positive that interact loving and peacefully, exchanging ideas and light.

ANCHOR = Receipt / Anchoring

ANTI-LOVE = Which somehow does not serve the Light. This term is associated with purely negative entities working more in the astral. They could be called draconian, reptilian, Archons...

AQUARIUS = It is a Being who came from a remote system, not necessarily that universe. He passed through the Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda. It is, by nature, Geneticist Galactic and integrated in the Pleiades new gifts. It is a Wayshower. He has the magnetic power of speech. It is known here that is a being with the power to radiate with voice, leading to meekness, love and passivity those still in darkness, grace to the singing ability of cetaceans. It is an expression of the Lord of the World, in alignment with the Universal Love. His voice, as it softens with meekness, shudders darkness by transmuting power. It's a Keeper of the Flame of numerous guardians of Zadkiel army. It has immense ease in communicating telepathically with cetaceans, as it is also one of its origins. It is called to definitely incorporate this ability with cetaceans to help in the harmonization of Earth's oceans, deconstructing negative bases and preventing the violation of ocean energy. 

ARKHADI-MI = Solar Master, unifier of nations. Specialist in projection of Abundance and Vegetation.

AR (Archons - In Greek: Rulers) = They are beings who came from the Andromeda Galaxy and wanted to experience the darkness. They refused to reconnect with the Source. Through millennia, they created the draconian and reptilian race through genetic engineering to use them as slave warriors to expand his dark empire. (For more information, see:

AVALON = Big Mother Ship under the Valiant Thor command (See: 

AZINU-AVALUR = Is the Mother ship who is the medical Center search - renovation cell where Nasha is. see link:

BALL SCALE = negative energy ball that has the function to shoot Lightworkers and Warriors of Light in order to disturb, confuse and minimize the positive effects perpetrated by allies of light on the surface. In some cases, they cause physical pain. Keeping always in loving state prevents scale attack. Dark forces see when a worker or Warrior of Light is radiating a lot of light and try to delete it by sending scalar projections, trying to induce pessimistic thoughts and the like. They expect a gap given by the Lightworker that, once again, invest in an attack. So "pray and watch" forever. They can not enter the field of Lightworker, unless it allows, lowering your vibration. 

BASE 23T (9 SECTORS - REFERRED TO AS 1/9, 2/9, ...) = Lunar base of Zeta reticuli type a (negative). This base has nine sectors / departments. The forces of light are moving and taking the basis that is on the side hidden moon terrane . In note 108 of the Pleiades 1, they said:" sector 3/9 of the base 23t void. Zetas invited to remove. The light celebrates! next >>>> 4/9 "- The first two had already been uninhabited for some time and already in power of forces of light, so cautious and harmonic, have advanced and taken all the basis. They wore / use this basis to develop experiments genetic. Led on several occasions animals and humans to the moon, until this base and made merges of DNAs ... many of the abduction of cows and other animals were made by them. At the base there is a specific sector of technology, where they try to develop weapons war and apparatus able to do transfer of souls of a body to another. (I believe that the same process that is used in cloning). Some races already have this technology, and this group specific location has no total domain yet. When I see now in my mental screen , there are about 1500/1700 of these beings on this basis. Some of them well violent, and others with hyper hypnotic capacity . The basis is located specifically in a large hole in the dark side of the moon. NASA already identified based on their photos and of course, hid the public. 

BELT KUIPER = Recently they heard Kanuuu from the Kani Army (, as well as Notes from the Pleiades 1 (, who also mentioned about the Kuiper Belt. Here are some explanations.

The Kuiper Belt (also known as the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt) is a region of the Solar System in addition to the eight largest planets, extending from the orbit of Neptune (at 30 AU) to about 50 AU away from the Sun. Is an astronomical unit equivalent to approximately 150 million kilometers, which represents the average distance between the Earth and the Sun.

Kuiper is similar to the asteroid belt, in that it contains many small bodies remaining from the formation of the Solar System, but is much larger (20 times wider and 20 to 200 times more massive).

Vast and unexplored, the Kuiper Belt is also the source of many comets. Scientists believe that everyone with an orbit that lasts 200 years or less comes from there. The most famous originator of Kuiper is the Halley Comet, active over the last 16,000 to 200,000 years.

More in Portuguese:

BINARY = There is no precise information about "binary", yet, but I believe it is a reference to two new stars or two large ships mothers to be seen with the naked eye. 

BIRDS (in high box) = Refers to Blue avians (poultry Blues) mentioned by Corey Goode. more information see: 

Birds (Low box ) = Aircraft helicopters, drones, some aircraft ...


BURN OUT GASES = Purification of the Terran atmosphere. Cleaning poisons in the air, chemtrails and other impurities. 

CADHI, SOLAR PRINCE = In its highest expression, he is a creator of worlds, in deep connection with the Elohim, in particular, the Elohim Tranquillitas. It is in connection, also deep connection with Solar Helios and Vesta. Helios - Lord of the Dawn; Vesta - Mother of the Eternal Cycles.

It is a direct ray of these consciousnesses. Has a strong connection to the Pleiadian system where, when experience in this cluster, saw some galactic wars, being one of those who tried to help the system peacemaking. In one of these wars, he met two beings already mentioned by Pleiades 1, Midunus and 0i (i Zero) in its galactic clothing, forming a barrier to prevent the entry of a negative group in a particular sector of the Pleiades star cluster. It has its currently calls the system the Pleiades to radiate while his loved one is in Terrana surface. There's another aspect of himself in Terrana surface, which already had the grace of reunion.

Once, at a meeting in a huge sun, it was called to visit a cluster of planets, on the edge of a galaxy and, with some regret silent, not wanting to leave his kingdom of light, knowing that the system which visit was loaded with low power. It was called directly by the Lords Helios and Vesta - who lovingly asked him to take up such a system, the Light of the Solar Heart. They also come to the same system and said ... "We will be looking at you, just to lift your eyes and see us ...". He opened a beautiful smile and stood ready.

It is a being very beautiful in its two meters high (seen in a Terran garb), all gold, with eyes on a light yellow tone.

Incorporated next to a beautiful be called Krishna many gifts that were stored inside. One of these gifts is the enchantment with the vocal cords. Krishna taught to use the vibration of the voice to the enchantment. While training, sitting amid beautiful green forests, attracted around how many animals of all kinds could fit where he was. Even the elementals in their ethereal forms, materialized to hear him sing and delight. He can easily incorporate the devic energies due to already have also incorporated one Elfo way. (At the time, with vibrational name "Ithi" or "Ith). Because of this ease of contact with the kingdoms of nature, whenever they requested help, this comes right away.

It was one of the direct disciples of Krishna. And it was one of those who was in the village when Magic, the Pied Piper, charmed and enlightened ... After seeing the beautiful Magic, decided to join her and her Master, becoming one of his disciples. also incorporated the gift of "Cupid" may, through its vibration, uniting couples only with your vibration. When certain couples are in a fight, only intending, he can restore the peace and love between them, dispelling the disagreements and enhancing the admirable strengths of couples. He, with the look, can intuit one to look at all the good that the other is and does, and vice versa, putting them back in a state of love and loving exchange. It is also a plumber sounds, and may bring to the surface, or even the densest planes of the lower astral, celestial sounds.

In one of its many stocks in more water plans, he experienced the ocean floor when he was at the court of the princes of Lord Poseidon. It was also found with Magic, the Pied Piper, when the occasion she wore a beautiful mermaid garb of the oceans, still enchanted with her singing through the flute Magic ...

It is being called by Pleiades 1 to bring the energy from passivity to Terrana surface and the lower astral planes through enchantment produced by his vocal cords. Dons further enhanced when experienced the depths of the oceans, learning as mermaids one intone vibrate and powerful energies through the vocal cords. He is called the energy of Lords Helios and Vesta  to the hearts of Terran, making the Terrans remember your Divine nature. He is called the brokenhearted, to unite couples who once passionate, plunged in low vibration. Called to raise awareness of the surface of the importance of keeping nature intact, he is that keeps the energy needed for the Terran bodies work to its fullest. It has the power to bless the water with the touch of the hands, and, just touch it, aquatic beings acknowledge their energetic signature and greet. So is called to ask him for help to continue radiating all love and light to surface dwellers, to become aware of the value of unity with all of creation. 

CADI-IL Old Master in the group "IL", beings that coming from the Blue Galaxy - to this moment , galaxy unknwon of the Terran. It's a beautiful Blue Galaxy which has not spiral shape and has a beautiful sun blue at its center. The Family "IL" specializes in DNA. It is approaching the Terrano plan to assist in DNA restore, bringing it to its original form. They have some members of the family "IL" embodied in the Terran surface, including our dear IUD-IL, with function to dismantle etheric sectors of the lower astral who make negative genetic experiments, such as cloning, violation of the original DNA ,blends of experience and like. 

CADI-IL is the Master Councilor of the grouping. It is the mentor of the group, with their sum of years lived countless for the linear mind. He is one of the Masters who helped shape the galaxy living. It is also one of those responsible for the creation of Humanoid from the Pleiades system. 

CAPÁLIA, THE MOON GRACEFUL = It is a beautiful being of Moon energy, member of a group of Moon Priestesses. They came to Earth thousands of years ago to anchor the energy of the Mother Goddess on the Earth Surface. It has passes through several systems of this galaxy, (Milky Way), Pleiades, Sirius, Aldebaran and also passed by the system of Rigel. She was also present in the aquatic kingdom, when she experienced a few times, the mermaid dress. She also visited other galaxies along with her grouping. It is very loving, very peaceful and is currently 100% connected with the Moon energy - force which it represents on the surface.

In her expression Capalia, as a member of a powerful group of Moon priestesses, she is about six feet tall, white, with large blue eyes, very delicate hands and feet, blond hair and bright. It is very similar to Galadriel, from The Lord of the Rings movie. There is something interesting about her: she always keeps her left hand glued to the chest, the palm of her hand in the heart, always staying this way while doing everything with her right hand. Because? You will know in the following paragraphs ...

She has a very special ability that she uses whenever necessary, when she goes out "alone", sometimes in rescue and enlightenment missions. Each phase of the Moon gives you a specific power. Are they:

New Moon: Can easily renew any environment quickly, bringing you to a new cycle, new experiences, new opportunities, new relationships. In the Village, (paragraphs below), it was always sought by many people who had their particular questions locked and without movement. She summoned the forces and was able to clear all the negative barriers that prevented the person from being able to move to new movements.

Crescent Moon: Whenever it was or is in this projection, it was (when on the Earth surface), called to large fields to help farmers with their plantations. Just passing through the plantations, she could accelerate the process, incredible as it may seem, and help make the production 100% profitable. On one occasion, a child was brought to her to help her, as she had a bone problem that prevented her from growing. She raised her right hand to the Moon, holding her left hand as always, and invoked her forces. And from that moment on, the child was healed. It had great power at this time and many gathered around it so that it could instruct all in Love, quickly promoting the awakening of consciousness of those people, making them grow as human beings. Great villages developed rapidly when, at this time, it was present with its songs and evocations.

Full Moon: At this point she has a very special ability: she simply changes her form from a beautiful priestess to a very old lady at times when she enters spiritual caves where black wizards interact and architect against the inhabitants of Earth. There in that expression of "poor old lady," she always hears ... "What is this old woman doing here? ... Answer, old woman, what are you doing here !?" ... To which she usually answers ... "I have come that your life may be full ..." - With this, immediately they lose their etheric bodies movements, remaining only the present consciousness. It is as if they have entered a cataleptic state. - Then she completes: "... of Light!". With the total paralysis of all present there, the other priestesses in ransom of those entities plunged in the hatred present themselves. They do a beautiful work of doctrine and elevation of those heavy vibrations. Of course, after this work, some of them do not accept going to higher spheres and remain as before. However, the vast majority accept and follow their evolutionary paths seeking to repair their failures, serving with Love and Light and always very grateful to Capália ...

Waning Moon: The Moon Graceful, in its movements, enters the darkest valleys with such a beautiful and enchanting aspect that not even the grossest being can ignore its beauty and sweetness, being totally paralyzed in the face of so much beauty and Light. To these dense realms in this beautiful and enchanting dress she sings among those dense and violent entities. They, as if by charm, are approaching her listening to her as if they were hypnotized. When they approach a distance of about a meter they are surprised with the other priestesses who, as if by charm, leave behind her and capture them with magnetic energies. It's a beautiful rescue job. Although it may seem a violation of free will, this work is authorized by the Higher Self of those entities present there. Again, some accept to go to the Light after feeling in themselves the relief of their pains and sufferings; Others choose to remain in their pains.

Once, on a Earth kingdom, a beautiful girl named Lia, the daughter of a noble king, was incarnated. She was 18 years old, very rich, but desirous of knowing the Earth and all its wonders. He decided to leave the castle and follow his dream, of course, without anyone in his family knowing. She left in the dead of night alone, riding a mare, whom she loved. He went out with no destination to ... God knows! ... She arrived at dawn, very tired, in a village, ... far from his kingdom. Her arrival was viewed with suspicion by all who were there. A lady came out of one of the tents and said ... "Come on, my girl, do not fear, nobody's going to hurt you, you're too young to look so dejected, come on in, was waiting for you ". And she said, "Wait for me?" Because? The lady just smiled ...

After a while, Lia began to receive spiritual instructions from the lady named Makani (or Ma-Ka-Ni), who was the spiritual leader of that village and other surrounding villages. Already very old, you knew your destiny, but you needed someone to continue the anchoring and sustenance of the energy of the Du-Ka-Ni ... "She instructed for a long time, about four years, the girl named Lia ... He gave her directions and showed him things he had never imagined ... Makani, when in his bed of disincarnation, when already all of the neighboring villages and villages were present to see his passage to the kingdom of "Du-Ka -Ni ", (name that meant = The force that comes from the Moon, or The Goddess of the Moon), called to near you, Lia, the beautiful girl ... already in his 22 years old. Lia approached and said, "Say, my dear Ma-Ka." (As she affectionately called her.) ... Makani took the girl's hands, kissed them, and then took Lia's left hand and Put it in the heart of the house saying ... "Girl ... whenever you hear your heart beat, you'll know you're still a supporter of Du-Ka-Ni ... Never forget that. Every beat of her heart says that Du-Ka-Ni is Alive on Earth ... and through you. "- To which Lia replied with tears in her eyes," Yes, Ma-Ka ... yes! ... " . And then, Lia never again took her left hand from her chest (heart chakra) to never forget ...

The Old Lady wore a white cloak encased in brilliance that had been delivered to her personally by Du-Ka-Ni when she materialized in front of her when she was 22 years old and said ... "It will pass from generation to generation. I will give you the last physical breath, without first consecrating it to my other daughter. "

Ma-Ka-Ni asked Lia to remove the cloak immediately (as soon as she realized she was leaving the body) and Lia did so carefully. Ma-Ka-Ni said, "Behold, I will consecrate you the strength of Du-Ka-Ni and give you all that I have received from you. Wear the cape! " Immediately all Ma-Ka-Ni's strength, all baggage and spiritual strength passed to Lia. Lia stayed with the Cloak for some time, about 7 (seven) Moons. During this period, some children from the Village were playing ... "Cape, Lia, Cape!" They wanted to see the cape close, to which Lia always lovingly showed carefully, pointing out every detail of the cape. And, as they realized ... "Cape ...", "Lia ..." >>>> CAPÁLIA. And it was known in all the other villages like Capália, The Moon Graceful.

And today, this young woman is being called by the Pleiades 1 to incorporate the Capália force on the surface and bring all her transcendental baggage to the Surface. Being called to invoke the Moon Force and its companions Priestesses for the movement of Moon energies on the Surface. Call to go in the astral and even physical zones of the Earth Plan and move the forces of the four (4) Moons. The moment you receive this information, you will have all the strengths of your entire inheritance in the process of downloading. A cover will be placed on it, the cover that made it CAPALIA. It may have some "collateral" effect, as if a feeling of warmth in the back, especially at the nape of the neck. (Gabriel: It's something that can happen, not necessarily going to happen, but if it happens stay calm). You will have the look of Du-Ka-Ni on you and you can move powerful forces on the surface. She is mentored by the old Ma-Ka-Ni, who was always present in her incarnations, where the most recent one was when they incarnated together again in Salem, where they were tried in the year 1692. Ma-Ka-Ni has a name in the Catholic Church, which will not be mentioned here. He is being called also to open up more to his channel of clairvoyance, where he will help many souls on the planetary surface and in the astral. She has a deep connection with the so-called Archangel Mikael and with the so-called Nefertiti, and she can call them whenever she wishes and she will be answered promptly. Being also called to form its grouping on the surface, where through meditations following the forces of the 4 moons will bring powerful currents of Light to Earth. There are some Priestesses just waiting for the call to work ...

It was as far as Jesus allowed me to see ...

CIGARS = Ships extraterrestrials in cylindrical format / usually silver colored.

CINTAMANIS = The Cintamani is a sacred stone from the Sirius star system. There are millions of years ago, during a super-wave Galactic, a planet orbiting Sirius A exploded. Fragments traveled in all directions, with some of them coming to Earth after a long journey through interstellar space. (For more, see: 

CLONES = The name already says, clone. Most of the notes when they refer, they do indicate the clones created in the laboratory, with negative intentions.

CRANU-INDINI = It is a being from the Andromeda galaxy. He has been in several other systems taking their energy and joy your healers gifts. It has the innate ability to dismantle "webs" negative, only to move his hands. Easily dominates the magnetism and can if he want, create a "web" (spider web type) of light to protect certain environments. In many of his galactic missions, he was called by the Light Guerreias forces and their skills, create webs of light to capture negative entities and carry them to the Recovery Naves. When in Andromeda, measures about one meter and twenty one meter and a half - but others in their civilization, come to measure two meters by two and a half meters. It has a special ship with capacity for three crew members. One of them is already at his side in the current incarnation. Incarnated several times on Earth and had an incarnation, in particular that is very dear to him when he was among the disciples of the Magus Merlin. Improved, with it, its magnetic gift. His presence in misaligned environments is requested by Father / Mother God to bring physical, emotional and mental balance to all present. Is being called and issue its strength in the lower astral regions of the planet where it is embodied, to create webs captures negative entities and assist in cleaning the planet, which precedes the quantum leap. Will be getting strong updates in their DNA and begin to have percentages of their Akashic released as it opens inwardly, freeing up the Terran negative webs. (That he can do very well). The Being who was known as Merlin is in this guise the beaming and showing some things ...  

CRYSTAL, THE MAGNETIC FAIRY OF THE THOUSAND AND ONE FACES = Crystal, The Magnetic Fairy of the Thousand and One Faces is a beautiful being of a magnetic kingdom of fairies and it can be said that she is a fairy different from the usual ones. It could also be said that she is a warrior fairy. It is very attached to those known as Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Mikael. Her Kingdom is not known by the humans, but has passed in so many others that they are! He was in the Pleiades assuming the dress of a Pleiadian at the height of  5 feet 11 inches tall (1.80 m) and in Sirius as part of a crew of crystalline magnetization. He also experimented with clothing around the star Rigel. Also, in a significant opportunity, he was in the star Rigel and tried to help in a certain complicated situation, that was unfolding there.

It’s a very loving being and, as the name says, it’s a fairy and is a bit more "high" than normal among the fairies. He measures, in his dress, about six feet, and has the eyes that look like two white diamonds that radiate to the eye. She is always joined by her group of six more fairies, adding a small grouping of seven. They, from this total grouping of magnetic fairies, always walk in groups of seven. Some of them even have bright swords "polished" by Mikael himself. Crystal is one of those carriers. They are also part of the grouping of Angels of the Mikael Legions.

Your main function is to print loving magnetism on the hardest hearts. They descend to the dark caves, where densified beings remain wrapped in the densest chains. The interesting thing about these fairies is that they don’t have wands. Their Crystal Gaze does the corresponding work. They also wear a crystalline veil over their heads, and these veils protect them when they descend to the densest areas of any region. These veils also give them the ability to change size quickly. When they completely drop the veil on themselves, they disappear and reappear wherever they mentalize. Always in seven, when they reach the dense caves, those from there who already know them often say: "Here come the seven crystals!" - They say that in an ironic tone.

The magnetism is so intense that no being that vibrates in dense waves can stay close to them without quickly being involved in the Love and Compassion that radiates from their eyes. They can quickly print all this radiation of Love and crystallization in the hearts of those beings. There was no time for them to descend into these dense areas, which didn’t carry with them, crystallized, all those who approached them, within a distance of two meters. So much so that many of these densified entities fear their approach because they know they will be magnetized quickly. But those who allow themselves to approach have the relief of their pains at once, and may feel as if there is a fresh breeze flooding their hearts and considerably relieving those dense burdens.

As mentioned, they are very powerful fairies and assume the dress they desire, in the face of each situation. They can both take on the fairest costume of the Fairies, as they become Warriors with Swords of Light. In some guise, Crystal works as a Guardian of Portals. Even when in the dress of Magnetic Fairy measuring one meter and fifty, when empowered, those beings enveloped in darkness see it more than two meters high, only in their sights.

She often incarnated on the physical plane, especially in times of slavery in Europe, America, and South America. She was incarnate both as a black slave and a slave or lord of slaves, and in all these incarnations she maintained a fraternal attitude. He bought slaves to free them. You have done this many times. When he was in America, he was part of the slavery abolition movement with Abraham Lincoln.

She is much loved in the upper spheres for her strength and courage. He is a truly noble soul and a strong and courageous heart, so much that he was among those known as the Amazons. It’s of those beings who takes the mantle to spread over the mud for another person to pass, but also of those who, with a shout, makes the darkness tremble. This is what enchants this beautiful, sweet-looking creature of Fairy, but with the look of the Amazonian Warrior, subtle as a feather, strong as a rock, delicate as the morning breeze, but impetuous against the density of darkness, becoming a Hurricane Of Light and clearing all the darkness, only with its passage. Not by chance, it’s also connected to the energy of the Midunus cluster.

Of all his faces of Light, it also has the dress of a grandmother healer in the spiritual planes, holder of the healing wisdom of the old elders of the nature. Know the magic of nature's herbs and every movement of Mother Earth. When in this dress, it is always called to go to astral spaces to give lectures on the magic of nature. Not by chance, it also has a strong connection with the Devic Kingdom. This beautiful Fairy could also be called "The Fairy of the Thousand and One Faces", since there are several other garments that she assumes in the spiritual realms, that would not fit in this Cosmic biography.

Pleiades 1 requested that his Phalange name be "Crystal, the Magnetic Fairy," by the specific moment, where several other Magnetic Fairy souls must awaken to the call. In the astral zones, before being informed by Zero i of Mikael's called, Crystal was in a Warrior's outfit (which she most often uses on astral planes) wielding her Sword of Light Blue Crystal Light, when the Forces of Light They said ... "On the Earth physical plane, they need a representative in the PVSE Grouping of the Magnetic Fairy energy, where beings from this grouping, both in the terrestrial and physical astral, need to awaken through a calling. Energy for everyone in the group to see. "She looked with her penetrating magnetic look and said ..." I CAN RAISE ANY FLAG "She said it with the sweetness of a Fairy and a Warrior look. It was announced on the Terran physical plane that it would represent that force on the surface, and would be the Magnetic Attractor of all of this phalange.

It is seen that in this cosmic biography there is a mixture of spiritual garments that may seem confusing to the reader, but the idea is precisely to show the multi-faces of this incredible being that adapts to any situation, and energizes only with an 'I CAN'.

Crystal can take any position she wants, and some say, "Oh, but how are you going to assume something you don’t know?" It simply studies what needs to be studied, incorporates the force into it and integrates within itself what it needs to integrate. It’s, for example, an English teacher who failed to give the class, but to replace it, only has the Portuguese ... She goes, studies everything, connects, brings the energy of that English teacher incorporating it, and it will teach! ... - She can do it brilliantly. It can connect to any function on this planet, and outside it. You can assume anything. In an interesting analogy, Crystal closely resembles the character Rey, from the movie Star Wars - The Awakening of the Force.

It’s being called by the Pleiades 1 precisely because of its magnetic potential, and everything it represents. This soul can be "substitute" for any energy within this PVSE, among those called. It is authorized by the Pleiades 1.

Called by P1 to awaken the souls of the Magnetic Fairy Cluster and bring them back to their innate power. Greater explanations are dispensed here with all that this "being" can do. HE IS, HE CAN EVERYTHING. 

It is as far as Jesus allows me to see.

DINORIS, THE GUARDIAN OF THE NILE = The Guardian of the Nile is a Star Being who came to Earth thousands of years ago. He was active in Devic Worlds. By the nature of his Guardian energy he was often requested by the Galactic Forces to secure certain áreas many times. At one point in time, in a very distant system, it was a Guardian Wolf. He has always been a keeper of Magic and, with this power, only with his presence can he bless and bring abundance, whatever it is, especially food, positive energies and rainfall in dry areas.

He was in ancient Egypt and, as a carrier of magic, he was much sought after by the great pharaohs. Incarnated several times in the same region. He had the power (and still has) to bless the Nile River (and any other) and make it a source of energy, by which abundance would come in Egypt, and beyond. It made drylands green and fertile. He was connected (and still is) with the god Aton. He can mentalize areas where there is hunger, and energize these areas, until they are fertile and abundant. He has great power with Aton, if he wishes. Being connected is one thing, using that power is something else.

With his millennial wisdom and Christ's Eye Bearer (you'll know the reason below), he can easily disintegrate negative forces that are involving someone, just with a look or laying on of hands on the person's head, especially on the coronary chakra. It is very loving and no entity around in darkness, resists for a long time near him, moving away desperate, due to the intense radiation of Love emitted by this being of Golden Ray mixed with the Rose.

Still in ancient Egypt, in many of his incarnations, it seems that it was Rameses III. (I did not receive the precise information, I just saw Ramses III on my mental screen. I don’t know if he was with him, or if he was him).

In another incarnation of his, in the time of that known as Jesus, the Master of Love, he had an experience that he still has in his heart. Dinoris, had already been crucified on the mountain a short time ago, when he saw Jesus approaching with his cross ... The Master of Love, already quite downcast, approached slowly towards that point where he would be "his." In the passage, he exchanged glances with Dinoris, and in a few seconds looked deeply and tenderly at Love for the man who was already on the cross, for having picked up a loaf of bread that had fallen from the chariot of a noble and influential Roman, and then fled , to give his daughter who was suffering from hunger. At that time, his daughter was the one known today by Pleiades 1 as Cinti, The Fairy-storyteller. In those brief seconds, Dinoris with a look of Love and asking for pity, said ... "Lord, have mercy on me ...". Jesus, in those seconds of loving gaze, whispered, "My Son, I tell you in Truth, that today, after the ninth hour, you will be with me still above Nirvana." - Then, soon after, the Master of Love received a whip from a Roman soldier, looking away from Dinoris and following his already known destination...

After this, the heart of Dinoris was filled with Love and no suffering that passed there distressed him more. He was awash with Love and serenity, the same ones emitted by the look of the Master of Love. Since then, bearer of the Christ's Eye, because his eyes, at that moment, received that powerful projection and, as if by mirroring, they became an identical "copy" of the loving look of Jesus. Who ever sees it, is sure that it is looking to see that it was of the Christ, full of Love and Tenderness. After the ninth hour, the Master of Love detached himself from the body and, secondarily, Dinoris was literally ripped from the body by a "pull", which was the "ascent" of Jesus as he disengaged himself from the body. And he followed along, as the Master of Love had promised ... After this time, he returned to incarnate in the Earth Planet in a setting of Crystallization, next to the entourage of that known as St. “Francisco de Assis”. (The same Tutankhamun, Tutankhamun is the same spirit that animated the personality of St. “Francisco de Assis” and the Apostle of Love known as John the Evangelist, the one Jesus delivered to Mary, saying ... "Woman, behold, your son ... Son, behold, your mother "). He was always at the side of these beings, aiding in his missions of Love, or even when he was a missionary sending from the Forces of Light.

That is why he is being called by the Pleiades 1 to become aware of his power, to bring to the Earth surface all the Love of that Christic look and to involve everyone in this peaceful and transforming energy, as it was at that moment that Jesus looked at him. He has changed forever.

Being called to cast his look upon the infertile lands and make them fertile. Called to bring the Light of Aton to the Earth surface and astral zones that surround the Earth Plan. Being called, together with his group, to revive the "dead" rivers, bringing them back to their fullness, through joint meditations.
It was as far as Jesus allowed me to see ...

DRANO-APORIS, THE NIGTH VISION = It is a Being who came from Aldebaran system. He came to Earth thousands of years ago by putting willing to help in whatever way they need the experience. It is a being who has the ability to look with love, where there is darkness. Easily puts himself available to go to worlds where there is no day and there it sits like a sun to illuminate and to teach about the solar glare. Especially, he often speaks of his star, Aldebaran. He came to Earth along with others of the same origin and will meet with them in the near future linear. It bears the Universal Love Reliever, and is being called to look at some darkness there is in the heart of the Terran, ask permission to sit and there and talk about your sun ... It is being called upon to take their power conscious and go in the lower astral areas of the Earth and be the night vision of those who do not see the sun. It has a light stick in his right hand and hit the ground, is made light. 

ETÂNIO = It is a Solar being, an individualization of the Pleiades 1 (to what is called Pleiades 2). I felt his energy for days and I, Gabriel, had not understood if i was going to write something. On 12.01.2017, the grouping, which is very similar to the image that you can see in the link below, approached me. As if in whispers, they began to dictate information to me. They are serious and loving beings and very accurate in their information. I was involved in a very affectionate energy and in a climate of respectability they transmitted security about the solar activities, as if they wanted to inform that "everything is well, everything under control". That the energy that enveloped me may involve everyone during reading, and beyond. For more, see the link:

ETNYA SOLARIS = Is a solar being, purely energizer and conductor of joy. It is a being ceremonial. Responsible for preparing major events on the spiritual planes. It is known in the Great Central Sun, as Etnya, Solar Brightness. Its energy signature is known wherever it goes, it radiates pure solar energy and no being let to know it.

In many meetings, which is going to the very serious side, Etnya arrives bringing the energy of lightness and joy, softening the "tensions" and making them smile only at her arrival. It is a being, when in big mothers ships, as a crew member of the Arcturian army, has height of one meter and sixty, when in a meditative state, rises to more than three meters.

Incarnated several times on the physical plane Terrano, Atlantis, Mu, Egypt, and at the time of the descent of the Ascended Jesus Christ. It is, by nature, a member of mônoda of the Master Jesus. It is very requested in the spiritual plans to give lessons to children of various stellar races, where many of them to call Nya.

It is much loved by the Essenes, where in one of her enlightened lives, was present in the sacred consecration rituals. She devoted many beings, bringing the power of Aton to their hearts, and unifying them to the God Sun . It has intense connection with Aton and can call it whenever she want. She is one of his own rays Terrana surface.

It is being called by Pleiades 1 to definitely incorporate a solar energy in Terrana surface, as well as to go in the lower astral areas and bring the energy of joy. Especially to go to points where depressive and suicidal souls is , and there take her brightness solar energy. And anchor the Aton energy . When She say "I AM ETNYA, CARRIER OF LIFE SUN AND HONOR WHO HE REPRESENT" - come down upon her an intense direct energy from the Central Sun Galactic, which will reach the Local Sun and come through her Crown Chakra, stopping at Heart . And from there, leaving rays as a fan, and each radius of this fan is the endless opportunities to be happy and thank life. It is a solar master, the sun itself in body Terrano. 

As soon as his name was announced on the Notes of Pleiades 1, Etnya received a message from * Helios and Vesta through Gabriel's channeling. In the message, they explained that THE SUN IS THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING, IS THE SOURCE OF LIFE. And they have provided guidance on what Etnya, as THE BEARER OF THE SUN OF LIFE, DOES: "In the function of being, you are an attractor with the function of teaching people and attracting them to make their core revolve around Of THE FOUNTAIN OF ALL LIFE.”

The SUN is the central point of attraction, a magnetizer, an organizer, a booster - and that's what you are. That’s what you have to do: to be, to radiate, to teach people to trust in the center of the SOURCE OF LIFE by putting them around and safe in this center, which is the SUN OF LIFE. Because this is Etnya. And we only ask that you do it. Keep being this simple and powerful expression! To put people back spinning around the Sun, in perfect balance, for the Sun rules all things with Unconditional Love and this should be done with all, without distinction because, as the Beloved Master Sirian said: “God makes it rain on those who are good or bad, fair or unfair”.

Etnya was also incarnated in other times when Gabriel, in mediunic trance, sees her in a huge hall, described by him as follows: "There they are all dressed almost alike. The place looks like an Egyptian palace. Or, perhaps, an Essene temple. Everyone is wearing white clothes with gold belts around their waist. Some people look like they may be part of the court, while others look as if they were to be initiated into some sort of ritual. People will enter this great hall in groups of 7. A hood is placed on their heads, covering their whole face. They are directed by someone from the court to another room. In that room there is someone dressed on a similar fashion, but with some different details.

It is a lady wearing a sun symbol on her breast with rays coming out of it. A golden symbol. So golden, that it seems alive. And this lady is radiant! There is a golden ray reaching its coronary, descending to the chest and radiating from there. Each of these 7 people is brought to her and bow down in sign of reverence. She puts both hands on the person's head, says a few words in an unknown language, invokes the Sun God. She says some specific words to the person, takes the hood out of her own head and asks the person to look into her eyes.

When the person looks at her, the lady opens her eyes and two suns can be seen. The person then gets emotional and the lady lowers her head and closes her eyes again. Then, another person will come in, and then another, and another. This process is repeated for each of the 7 persons in the group, for all groups being initiated. They are initiated in this small room. There is a strong scent of roses in the place. In the end, everyone has a drink. The lady is lively and happy. Everyone is very happy. Everyone respects her a lot. They love her very much. And you can feel Aton’s energy in the environment.”

A few days after this revelation, still by the mediumship of Gabriel, Archangel Michael pre-announced what the Pleiades 1 would soon report: "Etnya Solaris recognizing origin."

* Helios and his twin flame Vesta are the highest hierarchy of the Sun of our Solar System, and the representatives of God the Father-Mother to our Galaxy, focusing for us the Divine Light in the spiritual sun behind our physical sun.

ELIAR-FLOURS, THE ARTIST = It is a being Creator. It can be said that is a master Architect and Engineer, both, and more. It has connection with the Elohim, especially the Elohin of Grace. Connection with all the elementals of the world systems where experienced . There are countless systems which he experienced. It also has connection with the lineage of beings known as Equitumans.

When in creations of entire systems  and planets, he and his group to gather together the elementals, giving the beauty necessary that planet. Then there are separations of dried portions (separating continents, countries, etc ...). Work to the mountains, waterfalls, quarries and other systems of nature occupy their harmonic positions. These beings are powerful energies and have fully developed creative capacity, thanks to its primary connections with the Elohim and the Solar Lords.

They can easily get a space and begin to visualize something and soon manifests itself. When the higher planes, arrive in systems being created and, as if making a drawing on a light table, begin to materialize what "drawing on board." Each fingertips can be seen as paintbrushes light, each a bright tone. He is a great celeste artist and, with his group, beautified many worlds systems. His Grouping is the one responsible for aesthetically harmonize the Inner Earth. It is a Universal Artist, architect, Celeste engineer  and all other synonyms.

It also, of course, has the ability to "delete" as goes scribbles on a blackboard, the intentions of darkness. His hands are pure energy with 4 specific tones highlighted: Green, Pink, Yellow and Blue and you can easily undo any dark intention. Once in dense worlds, he has led to negative astral areas, largely dominated by black magicians. When that , with his arrival, sat on top of a mountain, he extended a light frame, said a prayer invoking the Elohim and the presence of all universal elementals, calling the Solar Lords, shook both hands as if drying them (and this time, they were colored with radiant light), and he began to erase all that negative scenario. Just as if erased with an eraser scribbles on a blackboard.

The forces of darkness, in that environment, were furious and began to cast spells against him, that erased before they reach to him. Finally, he created a garden with beautiful colored roses, ponds, beautiful trees colorful leaves and opened a beautiful glow as if the sun lowered there. He saw that all beings who before tried to attack him, lying on the grass and breathing softly, as if enchanted and pure peace. He dressed in white robes, and from there its light frame, put their celestial names in his clothes, it immediately appeared written in robes.

When in the big motherships, is always called to decorate the rooms with their multicolored energy. Beyond the ability to "hands", you can hear him singing universal songs, and see if the air out of his mouth in the form of radiant colors and, likewise, create beautiful and fragrant environments.

It is being called by Pleiades 1 to anchor the lower astral areas and the surface energy of artistic creation, radiating the energy of beauty and love everywhere. Called to go in the dark valleys where the shadow and the imbalance form sad and devastated landscapes, so there enter the Universal Artist and recreate the picture, giving cheerful, bright color schemes. On the surface, it is called for , when in places where the density is evident, there anchor your artistic energy and transform that environment in a beautiful green field with beautiful colorful flowers. If there are sentient beings in this environment may even feel the breeze and florere smell , even if still in the three-dimensional environment seems nothing has changed. It is a being who naturally exudes the smell of jasmine.

It is far Jesus allowed me to see. 

ETTINA-UI-TA (OR ETTIUITA) The MORNING BREEZE = Member of Team Seeds of Stars. I'm not allowed to mention her name straight. It is a being of Celtic Energy, it looks more like a gentle breeze. Almost no one ever saw her in her complete spiritual form (Say a humanoid form, physical, physical form), not even on the spiritual planes. When there appears, usually only see her eyes, beautiful green eyes that Rachel open and close change color, alternating between green plant and sky blue. Or, if she extends her hands, it's like only hands to materialize, leaving the rest of the fluidic astral body, as a colored smoke. When she walk, you can see barefoot, that only "materialized" every step on the "floor". While a foot touches the "floor" gently, the other remains fluid, without touching the ground. When it touche, materializes and, automatically, the other becomes fluid, and so is all the way ... It could also be called multicolor nature Fairy.

It is a being from a system not known by Terran yet. You could say it came from a similar world to the one shown in the movie "Avatar." It is a being Devic, with immense capacity to manipulate the climate of any system. She and her group of beings, are those who, when in their highest expressions, create the soft breezes of the morning. It is they who give the fresh air, coupled with the scent of flowers, bring soft invigorating energy that also comes with the dawning of the sun. They are the very expression "Breeze + Flowers + Sun". It has its currently flame the Devic kingdom and is one of the guardians of the energy generated by thunderstorms. She, her flame , is like one of Devic grouping beings responsible for thunder.

In her world system , where she came from, she is very loved, as in the Terran deva realms, where she usually goes when it leaves her current Terran physical form. Indeed, it is the only way to be seen, at least one fragment of it - is when a thread of her red energy in a physical body.

Long time ago, when in a battle between large villages, she was a guardian of one of the villages - the peaceful. The village attacker was extremely ambitious and wanted to get in the peaceful village and steal the precious jewels they had, as well as stealing magic potions they had to fertilize the soil and keep the air fresh and pleasant. The peaceful village every evening gathered for songs of praise to nature, where anchored powerful deva energies. These were those that ensured plenty, good weather, natural perfumes and perfect interaction with the animals in the neighborhood, where even the fiercest, approaching the village, was gentle as a morning breeze. The invaders wanted all these powers and they began to approach the village of peaceful, they were frightened and all rushed to Ettiuita tent , for help. She slept, and when she heard, she opened her eyes gently, with great serenity, stood up and, equally and went to the middle of the village. All they watched and as the invaders approached, she began to sing a song still not heard by any of the village. She began dancing softly, evoking the devic beings and can see form there around her a small vortex of blue and green energy. The trees began to swing heavily, but there was no wind at the time. The ground began to shake. The Sun, which was to illuminate the village, hid behind thick clouds. Thunders began to be heard and great beasts of nature came in the peaceful village and were surrounding her.

When the invaders came over, they saw only lightning and intense brightness in the peaceful village and began to be frightened, thinking about giving up in. But their leader insisted and was overcome with fear when he saw Ettiuita surrounded by lightnings. And when she opened her eyes, beautiful green eyes, the leader shuddered completely, making him back and back with all his tribe. Everything returned to normal. And the night was like all the others, With songs and invocations of Light.

She is being called by Pleiades 1 to evoke her forces in the astral and Terrana surface in order to assist in air purification, and removal of toxic gases such as chemtrails and others. We are called to bring the hearts of Terran humans feeling the gentle breezes of morning , scent of flowers and shining sun. Also called to encourage magnetically the hearts of all those disconnected from nature, to give their hearts to Mother Earth. Call to soften the big storms in the most fragile areas, and strengthen where there is greater need. It is internally in constant connection with her flame - guardian of thunder - and can connect with it whenever she want. It is far Jesus allowed me to see. 

EX, MOBY AND ANTHA GATES = These are places of entry and exit of certain areas of the plasma, etheric and astral planes of the Terrano Plan. This Army (Rigel Specific) of beings from the star Rigel (they are positive Reptilians. Most of this small army is composed of female entities) tried to prevent another army of negative reptilians from entering the Solar System to try to rescue other negative reptilians trapped in that System. P1 prevented this feat and subsequently authorized the Positive Army (Rigel Specific) to enter some areas of the System in quarantine, to assist in capturing some negative entities, who have been trying to hide from the Forces of Light. The "EX" gate is in Tibet astral," MoBy " is in Africa, especially in South Africa and "Antha" is in Japan. They are like little escape gates of certain negative entities. Of course, these gates are now well monitored by the Light Forces. The arrival of the reptilian female army POSITIVE will only reinforce these escape routes. The MiD, who are leaving the Terrano plan, are trying to hide inside these gates, as if "behind the door" and looking out of the corner of their eye, to see if there is a gap or an oversight of the Light Forces, so that Escape. They think in vain! They will not be able to escape. There is a massive search for the Forces of Light in all the zones / hiding places of these entities that try to escape, and the siege has been closed, more and more. There is no hiding place that the Forces of Light do not have access to. So, I, Zero i, recommend to these entities: give up and surrender! I am also moving my army and none of you will be able to escape. Join us, my dear ones! There is always a new opportunity. The Central Sun does not have to be your final destination. We can help you in your redemption processes. We're here to ensure that too.

FIRST CLARISSA = Clara of Assis. See:

FLASH CENTRAL SUN = Ray of Light that will leave the GALACTIC CENTRAL SUN and reach the heart of Mother Earth and all its inhabitants, thus promoting an awakening to the true self UNO. It is an advertised event for ages. Christ and many other Masters the announced. For more, see:

FLORENCE = It is an Air Elemental, a Silfo. See:

GAS NEUTRALIZATION = Purification of atmosphere Terrana. Cleaning poisons in the air, chemtrails and other impurities.

GIANTS = Can be two things:

1 - Refers to sleeping giants in hibernation chambers for millennia that would be waking up again. They scheduled their wake thousands of years. The hibernation chambers as originally built by an ancient race of builders ("Ancient Builder Race"). This race used crystal technology to create bubbles of time that the flow time inside is much slower than abroad. Thirty minutes can elapse time inside the bubble as 30,000 years happens outside, according to Goode. He said that these hibernation chambers with giant perfectly preserved within them, had been found around the world. (See more information and videos with images of some giants in their hibernating chambers:  

 2 - And/or powerful embodied beings awakening to their true divine purposes. 

GROUP ASHORIS3 = Chimera and his subordinates. 

GUARANNYS = They are a grouping of beings Warriors of the Light. They are defenders of the Nature. They have golden bows and arrows and when they shoot their arrows, they look like rays of Light. They are very loving and smiling until they see someone deforesting, mistreating the beings of nature. When they see someone doing anything that is harmful to the environment, they close their expressions and appear to be "another person," so brave they are. They measure around 1.70 to 1.80 meters (feet tall). Tanned skin, it seems they have the body carved in the bronze itself. They are from a system far from Earth, but have volunteered for thousands of years to come to Earth's plan to help in the process. There are several others who are aboard the great mother ships supporting those who are on the physical and astral plane on Earth. Yes, there are some incarnated on the physical plane and, of course, they are unaware of this, the consciousness of who they are. Here, this message is to trigger an "alertness" on the surface so that they awaken to their divine natures and warriors of the Light. Many who read this message will soon be attuned and attuned to that force. They are also known as "The Warriors of Eden". If the Humans have a sacred place to protect, just call for them, they form a circle around the point and, with their bow and arrow of Light, protect the place. They are, of course, individualized P1 expressions (P2). They are also Fairy lovers, they love the fairies and whenever they see them, they are enchanted. It's the only thing that makes them smile again after they "get angry" when they see someone harming nature. They "close their faces" when this happens, but when they see a fairy, they soon smile again.

It’s as far as Jesus allows me to transmit. 

GUARDIAN OF THE AKASHIC RECORDS, LOCAL UNIVERSE = It is a Magnetic Being and, at first, its mission on the physical plane, would not be bound to this task of being able to access and bring Akashic Records of this Local Universe. This access was given to him due to his commitment in the Physical Plan, with his already known mission SEEDS OF THE STARS, where he has the task of Gathering the Seeds. (See more at: This being has the support of the Ancients of Time and Akashic Records, as well as Cetaceans, in this mission. In tune with these forces, he can bring any Akashic of this Local Universe (and also of other Universes) only by projecting his consciousness into the specific frame, provided it has a higher purpose. It has a deep connection with the Guardian of Time, where they work together from the very outset. Its purpose is to harmonize and illuminate the past time lines needed, as well as bring the new of the future lines and integrate it into the present timeline. This being is of an extremely expressive spiritual baggage, and to him it is being entrusted, within the PVSE Group, this responsibility of Guard and Honor of this Universal Power. This being is already known by many, and despite having several names, Pleiades 1 calls it ZERO I. (See more about Zero i in the Specific Glossary, in the letter "Z":

HEAVENLY SPICES = divine opportunities to surrender to Luz.

HIGHER VISION , WHITE WIZARD = Member of Team Seeds of Stars. I'm not allowed to mention her name straight. It is a beautiful being of Venusian energy, which has a direct link with Mariana Fleet. He has been in several systems Local galaxy and other galaxies. The Lord Sanat Kumara assists constantly. It's a beautiful professor of white magic in the enlightened plans.

It has a powerful ability to observe all situations of superior vision, finding any solution that she need to solve the problem it is. Arises often in a position of inferiority and pain for mercy to those around him, to feel every one of those emotions and gain more wisdom and love. When she absorb this wisdom arises again in a position of observer and starts to help through guidance, pointing the way to go.

Get to know the potential of every way, thanks to its ability to observe the timelines in a superior manner and understand all potential related to each line. In many of your lives she worked with Magic and was also humiliated and persecuted by the forces of darkness due to the immense ability in knowing the future and make light potions that completely disintegrated the negative plans.

She was persecuted in witch hunts, and almost all her incarnations, from the XV, XVI and XVIII centuries, when leading a group of powerful souls and magic holders on the surface. She was a leader of her group, and when she was in those times, was visited by hundreds of people to listen to yours advice and guidance. It is a being extremely loving and serious. Do not do something without being sure of what you are doing. Do not tell anyone something if really do not know what you're saying. Do because she knows and can.

When in its highest expressions, has a light eye in the middle of her forehead, when  connecting with another being, merges. There are made quantum calculations and she is able to know the potential for each timeline for each way the other being can choose to tread. You could say it's a beautiful White Witch, and can if she want, take the garment she want.

It is often called by the forces of Light to make beautiful mission "espionage" when  dresses to be dark and enters the great meetings where the dark arquitetam against the plans of Light. Infiltrate and easily discover the plans, and many times takes the word among the black magicians. There, as one of their own, speaks as if to agree with them, but in the midst of words, with great wisdom, it turns light over all. Often go out there walking in the middle of all while they are in deep sleep due to radiation left by the White Witch. When they wake up from that sleep, can no longer remember the plans that they architected.

She is highly respected in all systems where it goes, and is much loved by children of all spheres. They admire her and have as a Father / Mother. It is also known as Higher Vision.

Is being called the Pleiades 1 precisely for this purpose: to enter the densest planes of the caves of darkness, the Terrano astral planes and infiltrate, and when the word, speaking about the Light, using parables that will be fed into the consciences of brothers tenebrous. On the surface, it is being called to remain calm and to observe all the conditions of a higher level, so that through this example, inspire all those around her.

(You can see that in the text there is a mix of energies, male and female. That's right, she / he has two very intense expressions and this is clearly shown in the text.) 

INFRASSOM C3 = One of the mental control systems of the surface population. Weapon used by "ar" and MiD, always for purposes of mind control, to keep the Terran masses in control and acting according to their wills. It attempts to suppress free will by inducing people to think that they make all decisions based on their own wills, being that in many cases they are only being influenced by infrasound and ultrasonic waves subliminally. Try to lower the frequency of the vibration, in particular, the emotional vibrations. It tries to suppress the will of the people to fight (not to surrender easily to the control of the darkness). It tries to suppress the will of people to create their own destinies.

The expression 1/7 means that there are, at least in Zone T, seven (7) systems operating in that region and, in a NOTE from Pleiades 1, they mention "Infrassom C3 1/7 successfully deactivated over Zone T" - meaning Here the "part one" of this system was deactivated / dismantled by the Light Forces.

There are ways to avoid the onslaughts of these negative technologies by also using technology. I quote here the Pleiadian technology "Tachyonis". (See some information about the following links:

But keep in mind that keeping your vibrations high through loving and aligned behaviors in the Christ Light, no negative technology is capable of affecting you. LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL "WEAPON" YOU CAN USE against any negative attack. Just as physical illnesses do not survive in alkaline environments, just as the high vibrations of Love impede the development of diseases and negative technology actions on any being. 

Here is an excerpt from a Kryon message:

"Get out of the vibration of fear, and the shadow will walk in the opposite direction of you." Wherever you walk, negativity will run in the other direction. With it, better health comes in. Some of you who would like to change some things in your bodies, you Which tried a few things, and did not work Give your body a chance to talk to you Talking to your cells will raise the vibration of your DNA What happens to this elevation . Do you realize that diseases are low vibrations? What happens when you raise your vibration? Healing Old diseases look for lower vibrations, out of fear ... Raise your vibrations and disease can not reach you. Do you want to have more energy in your life? Then stop to be afraid!

Raise up your Light and the darkness is gone. Stop fighting the darkness and ascend your Light; This is the only thing that will work." (Full message:

INITIATIVE NÊUTRON = Do not confuse with the neutron of physics, nor confuse with the veil mentioned by COBRA, - the negative plasma layer. In the initiatory language, Neutron is the name of the force - an energy that divides the Vibrational Plans - separating them as if they were the walls that separate the dependences of a house. The Initiatic neutron is active until the consciousness is high enough to cohabit with the parallel realities / other vibrational planes. Such a barrier is maintained until the being reaches a certain level of consciousness to be able to interact with the other realities without "bursting." 

NORMUM, THE HUNTER ARCHER = Normum, The Hunter Archer is a fantastic being of Devic nature, with beautiful passages in Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus and near the Pleiades. First of all, you can’t confuse "The Hunter" with the one who hunts to kill, the one who hunts to do some harm; this case is completely different. Normum is a very loving being and an excellent strategist. It can also be considered a Logistics Master. His outfit really looks like a hunter's, with boots, clothes like vests, and carries a little bag on the side of his waist (you'll know the usefulness of the bag in the next paragraphs). Only, these clothes are pure Light! Nothing compared to the clothes of a hunter who goes out to slaughter. He's different, very different! ... He's a Soul Hunter! A Hunter of Souls for Light !!!

He has a golden bow and arrow and uses it whenever necessary. How? Of course it isn’t a weapon like that of the Humans; is a "weapon" of Light, and when it shoots its arrows, there are bundles of Light straight to the target, which may be a brother who was acting violently in the lower astral zones or even a ferocious extraterrestrial, as some draconians or reptilians I say some because not all draconians and reptilians are negative, some are positive). Often, it goes to the lower astral zones (called “umbrais”, negative caves or, in a language also known, "hell", where the souls are immersed in their own pains and bitternesses. Situation and begin to supplicate on their knees, purely, with all their heart and surrendering to the Divine Love, to which some more ferocious approach and try to torture that soul mocking her, because she is opening towards the Light. In this, the Hunter Archer Throws his arrow of Light at those fierce ones pushing them away and, approaching that open soul to the Light, takes it to a ready service in the upper astral zones.

He is, as the name says, a hunter of souls! ... Usually he walks in the lower astral zones quietly seeking in "every corner" some soul that is helpless and fleeing from more fierce entities or souls that have lost their vital forces and suffer Immersed in the mud of low vibrations. He looks for each of them in every corner also of the physical plane. Look for these souls called "wandering souls," the ones who disembodied and remain wandering on the physical plane, aimlessly. He searches for them, finds them and instructs them to follow the path of Light. When he finds one of these souls, he shoots with his bow and arrow upwards, signaling first responders to come down and rescue that soul. It's a gorgeous job that this loved one does !!!

It does this not only in the Earth plane; In galactic zones as well. He's a hunter.

In most cases, it also looks for celestial bodies that will collide with other bodies and cause some "problem". Since nothing in the Universe is disordered, everything has a reason. If he is targeting an asteroid that would come crashing into the Earth, it is precisely the Divine Order in action through this beautiful Light Archer and Soul Hunter. Often their grouping prevented celestial bodies from colliding with the Earth plane by firing their arrows and disintegrating the physical bodies of those celestial objects. On another occasion, when this beautiful being was out of the physical plane, it helped in the process that led to the end of World War II, next to its grouping. Several dark beings "suffered" at the hands of Normum's Archers, as they fired their arrows of Light toward these entities, and these fell paralyzed. Of course, the arrows don’t cause pain, at least not in the way the Humans imagine; they cause the impulse to awaken the soul. They are powerful discharges of Light in the spiritual bodies of those entities that receive them. Discharges that, yes, can be painful in a certain way, if this can be said for better understanding, of those beings of great density. Discharges act as a potent antibiotic "killing" the invading agents, or they function as a bitter medicine that heals someone from some serious illness, or even as if the body of the one receiving the arrow was turning inside out to throw away all that negativity accumulated.

It can also be said that the fire of the arrow is an etheric fire that, the more the being is shrouded in darkness, the more it will feel to burn strongly a powerful burn when it’s shot and there, yes, it can feel a tremendous force sweeping its body . The arrows act according to the need of each situation. They are conscious arrows and not all have the same effect, because they always act according to the need of the soul. For example, a soul is immersed in deep, depressive sadness, the arrow acts to inspire joy; A soul is deeply restless and angry, it acts to inspire peace and tranquility; A soul is afraid, acts to bring Faith, Love and Inner Peace. The arrow always acts in accordance with necessity. And of course, if a soul is vibrant with Light, it will increase the splendor of that Light.

Normum, this beautiful being, has been on the Earth plane for thousands of years and was very close to that known as Enoch (from the Bible). He’s very dear in the Fairy realms and they all love him very much. Always very welcome also among all Devic beings, even because it’s a being of Devic energy. He has a special affection for the Fairies and one of them, by the way, is his twin flame. This being is not on the Earth physical plane, but on the higher planes and is always sending him projections with much Love. She, this fairy, her twin flame, is a beautiful dream-inspiring fairy that comes close to the person who has had trouble sleeping and blows good dreams and, besides the person sleeping fast, still dreams of wonderful things. In fact, it disconnects the person from the body and takes it to beautiful places in the Devic Realms. Not by chance, this is another peculiarity of Normum, because it has the same ability that she. He often uses it in the lower astral zones or even some of his incarnations in the Earth physical plane and in other systems of this Galaxy and the Local Universe, when in a situation where there are many negative entities nearby. And, to avoid a direct conflict, he picks up a powder of diamonds from the bag hanging from his waist, guess who? By Nihki, his fairy, his twin flame, and blows all those ferocious beings. They sleep deeply as babies. Go to them, shoot an arrow with the ransom signal. "The Cavalry" arrives and takes those entities into treatment and, of course, they are not forced to stay in the higher planes; can go back to their "old routine" if they wish, but most will not return. On one of these occasions when he called the Knights of Light, first responders and other beings responsible for bringing these souls to the mother-hospitals / ships of treatment, he met the one known as The Key Carrier, who also has great energetic affinity. In one of these, he insisted on going along with a group of beings being rescued, and made a point of accompanying himself to the great mother ship of treatment. Arriving there, he came upon a handsome, silvery-haired man with his hair back, Big Eyes and a strong, penetrating look. His eyes blended between blue and silver. A posture elegant, serious and very sweet. Normum saw him thrilled with the arrival of the multitude of souls who were unconscious, and in deep gratitude that elegant being strode to Normum and kissed his hands in Gratitude. That silver-blue-eyed being said ... "I wish I had you in my group if that's what you want." - To which Normum replied: "I have always been in your grouping, your soul resounds in my soul, your mission is my mission, my beloved being." This being was Zero i. This meeting took place billions of years ago. Yes, for billions of years, Normum was already a hunter of souls...

He’s being called by the Pleiades 1 to cast his sleeping potion into all negativity of the Earth plane so that every evil sleeps forever, and never wakes up again, in this world. Being called to fire and fire his Arrows of Light into the heart of all the Humans in order to awaken them to Unconditional Love. Called to hunt every lost soul of itself and make it meet. Called to seek out the best shortcuts and guide the souls to these better ways through their Love and Light, firing an Arrow of Light high above, so that all souls, especially those of their grouping, can see that Light reaches the top and to have as a north. Called to connect completely to all the Devic Kingdom and to tune in to his twin flame. Many of the souls in their grouping remain disembodied and many lost in the lower astral plane. Normum, go hunt them!

It is as far as Jesus allows me to see.

IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH AND / OR IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH = personally present in / on local referred to.

IONI-BI-AVIL = Information on the link:

IUD-IL (Blue Galaxy) = IUD-IL is a Geneticist Starfire. Specialists in this area. Belonging to a very veteran and wise race. Was present in the Pleiades thousands of years ago when they were still in development. Helped (or not), created themselves the physical bodies of Pleiadians, at the time. Similarly they helped in the creation of the Earth Experience. The race, it is known is a galaxy that has spiral shape and no knowledge of Terran. It has a beautiful sun blue at its center. Usually measuring between two meters and twenty-three meters high, (as far as I could see). It is being called the Pleiades 1 to dismantle the lower astral etheric sectors that are negative genetic experiments, such as cloning, violation of DNA Original Blends experiences and the like. 

IZUSHS (Glaciers) = They are beings of an Ice system that reached the local system through the Solar Portal. They measure around three meters high. They are ice white and has big blue eyes. Reasonably thin, wear overalls glued to the body in ice white color and two blue diamonds bracelets, one in each handle arm . The third eye is noticeably activated, like a small blue sun in the middle of the forehead. They are extremely loving and peaceful and always with a gentle smile on the face. They were called the Celestial Forces to come to Local System (Solar System Terrano) and assist in cooling and climate balance of the planet, going to overheated areas to cool them and to the super cold to balance them, and that their primary function. Their ships look more like space diamonds, so beautiful, alternating between transparent white diamond and blue diamond transparent. They said they are setting up their PRIMARY BASE on the African continent. The "Yeti" (or Abominable Snowman) descend from them. Izushs and Yetis are beings from the same system, but not necessarily identical in form, as Izushs have less hair covering the body, while Yetis are more hairy. The Izushs, however, are the highest expressions of Yetis. Basic information here:

Gabriel had telepathic contact with a glacial be of this group called YUTHI, and saw that these beings are a beautiful sweetness. They love the flowers. In Communication, YUTHI gets emotional to speak of flowers, so great is his love for them! He said that in other planets systems there is also very beautiful flowers. He has seen flowers in other systems, but loves the Earth. He said he has a special affection for the Earth. He and his group have been here at other times. Their planet - a Ice Cluster - is an entire crystal planet . They said they will also incorporate in Gabriel to talk to us. YUTHI added information about their activities. He said a first fleet that came from the Ice System passed the Solar Portal and is composed of a number of 6 billion beings. Two other fleets still come. Nearby fleets are even greater. They will make their base here on Earth, but will not work only on the physical plane. Will serve also in other Earth plans. Will attend the Solar System, in fact, but the earth is the priority right now. 

JERUSALÉM = Third mothership triangulation.

JPM = JP Morgam (Bank).  

KAKUNUIA-TA = Mayan Mother Ship with about ten (10) billion consciences. About the size of the State of São Paulo (Brazil). Will be parked in camouflage in Mexico City (Mexico). Three projections (smaller ships) that will leave this larger ship - Kakunuia-ta - toward three more specific points: Chichén Itzá, Cobá and Palenque. Of these three, there will be a projection of each one for: Uxmal, Tulum and Calakmul. And finally, of the last three will leave three more projections for: Bonampak, Comalcalco and Edzná. There will be demonstrations in these regions and telepathic contacts with those regions. Kakunuia-ta will remain as a retransmitter point to the other small ships, without forecast of withdrawal. It is a confederate Mother Ship and at the service of the Light.

There may be sightings of both Kakunuia-ta and other small ships in the regions mentioned. Those who tune in to the Mayan Culture, get in tune with Kakunuia-ta. They will receive projections and will be taken aboard, at first in astral, and will have released akashic records, and receive astronomical information concerning the new times.


LEADER ISLAND K = North Korean leader.

LEADER LOCAL Archon = negative Head of region "X" or "Y" usually etheric.

LOCAL CHANNEL 0I (ZERO I) = Apparently refers to the Brazilian plumber codenamed Gabriel Raio Lunar (or Gabriel RL).

LOCAL SUN = Sun in our solar system.

LONE RIDER / BLACK RIDER = The Black Knight Satellite. View picture:

LUNAR, THE ATTRACTOR POTENTIATOR = A galactic traveler. A being of a group of beings responsible for stabilizing moons planets. In his group, it is one of those responsible for putting the moons around the planets in solar systems. I did not receive accurate information about a planet of origin, but was also connected to Arcturus, Sirius and Orion (could not see more than that). When I could see has a planet, lives in the mother ships. Also works in the Sidereal Engineering sector, organizing and mapping entire systems, such as the Solar System. Adjust the moons so that magnetically, they become a harmonic distance to the planet and provide what he, the planet needs. It is also a magnetic being, a potentiator of intent. It acts as an attractor, if he approaches things with negative thoughts attract negative things, he, not out of malice, but simply be its nature, will enhance what being is vibrating. If being is thinking negative, it will leverage; one is thinking positive also potentiate. It is not evil, just is IT. It is being called the Pleiades 1 to go to the lower astral areas to show those who are there what can happen to them if they continue with that kind of thinking / vibration. And also show what they have, if they accept the Light and its benefits. It is also being called in the areas of Terran surface. When it comes down to the astral spheres, sometimes camouflages with a silver layer of energy to avoid being very attractor and enhancer in those regions - divine mercy. Very loving and peaceful. It is a Unified Consciousness to Action and Reaction Law. (As if it were an expression of this consciousness / power / action and reaction). It is connected to the Universal Energy of Love and Divine Justice Act.

LUNIA / A VORTEX CREATOR = It is a being from a distant star system. It incorporated the Sirian energy, Pleiadian, Arcturian and had quick passage through the Martian System, where he specialized in certain points. It is a being with innate power to create positive vortex. Through dance and joy, quickly creates powerful vortex that can dispel the darkness. There is a mix in your being positive agitation, where through it, moves that is stationary, giving life and transmuting softness. Through the smile and look, reassures the thoughts of those restless and bored. Has by nature the softness of Eastern, where he was also taking love, passivity, transmutation and movement. Has a strong connection with a soul sister called Kuan Yin to connect with her, together, create the most powerful vortex still able to dispel the negativity generated by thousands of negative thoughts Terran collective. Also help in opening Light portals, it has by nature the gift of creating vortex of Light. They help while the Portal opens with centrifugal force, create a vortex in the centripetal force balancing magic. It is being called the Pleiades 1 to balance the forces in the lower astral areas and also to come to systems where darkness still prevails. And there, create the vortex necessary to transmute and balance whatever is out of balance. It is the very centripetal vortex in Terrana expression. 

MAGIC, THE PIED PIPER = It is a being of a System of Gold Worlds . Each world is like a golden sun radiating everything and everyone. He is a magnetizing in nature. Harmonizes everything and everyone with the look, whose eyes look more like two golden suns, having little green risks on the globe. His hair is pure energy, golden light wires, merged into the white snow.

When traveling through the universe, it does in a big mothership of his golden people. The big mothership is so colorful and beautiful, that can not be described linearly with accuracy. The great ship, when traveling through the cosmos, does releasing beautiful universal songs that are heard in the low vibration, relieving tension and pain of those who are there.

She / he has the right balance inside and can take the shape he want. In some civilizations he visited, took the form of beautiful golden elephants, delighting the native civilizations.

Incarnated several times in the Plan Terrano, from ancient Atlantis and Mu. Was alongside masters like Buddha, Antulio, Amphion, Numu, Krishna ... You could say that is a ray of light that known as Krishna.

It is a being of wonderful power and has his energy fields as harmonized, those that they see spiritually, see it as a huge dance energy, making beautiful energetic movements. It is the Terran dance energy form. When in his highest expressions, has a beautiful golden flute of pure Light ,that enchants when he plays. Most of the time, is from this flute that come out the sounds , magnified by the large mothers ship colorful , who are heard where the ship passes. Each note of the flute is a specific energy that heals both physical and mentals deseasis.

Once when next to Krishna, there was a huge confusion in a village. Krishna himself called and said ... "Go, dance and charm! Take your flute." And she said, "But I have no flute!" And he: "Yes, you have... Go!" She went to where there was confusion. She was barefoot, with a simple dress, but The look ... ah ... The look! ... It was so penetrating, so radiant as a multicolor sun. When she arrived, everyone, without exception, they all stopped and looked at her ... She lowered her head a little frightened, fear of being chased her away from there. She heard softly in her mind: "Take your flute." And she, when she saw there was a golden flute that was stuck next to her waist while, like a magic! She took it and, even though she never played  anything in that life , began to blow. Came out a wonderful sound that was penetrating the hearts of all present there. While she played the flute turned into pure energy that involved completely everyone ... everyone could see the energy showering! She was taken by a celestial force and began to express themselves in dance form for all , as a beautiful flower when it receives a gentle breeze, swaying their petals gently. That was how she danced and delighted, as asked the master.

All present watched and, like a magic, they drop their tools of war and ,as drunk of energi , they sat around The Magic of the Pied Piper as she danced. The Master watched in mental screen everything that happened there, and happy, he  radiated her to continue until the heart more brutish amansasse. When she finished her dance, she sat on the floor, bowed her head in reverence, with both hands glued to each other in a typical gesture of gratitude and wept. All around her were moved and even the most hardened that there was, fell in emotion. From this day forward, all commented ... "The young lady looked like a Magic ... A Living Magic . We saw! Where she came !?" While others said: "Yes It seemed a Living Magic She was holding a flute ... I've never seen it before ....!" - And since then, began to be called "Magic, the girl's Flute" or " magic, the Pied Piper. "

In another situation, when in a low vibration world and widely in the field of their spiritual faculties, became a great fierce elephant and dispelled a group of evil beings who wanted to invade a village and sexually abusing girls as the companions had left to search for food. It is a being of unimaginable power. She can also design her consciousness anywhere and be seen by those who are in that place.

In one of her guises, belonged to the beautiful court of Poseidon ,like a beautiful mermaid and enchanted with the magic of her flute ,which at the time was with a being called Cadhi, Solar Prince.

It is being called by Pleiades 1 to incorporate the gift of Flute and bring the sound of Magnetic Cure. Being called to go in the inferior astral areas of the Terrano plan and take her dancing that looks like a flower to receive the morning breeze. Being called to dance and delight wherever he go, also incorporating the energy of Oshun, be beautiful, which is also representative in Terrana surface. He is called, when across physical and nonphysical where there are disharmony, close his eyes and bring up his right hand to his magnetic flute and start playing to harmonize the environment. There is no being in this universe that is able to resist his charm, the more subtle the most hardened be. Therefore, his importance in this time of quantum increase in Terrana species. He is in deep contact with Mother Gaia, and just by touching his hands on the floor, it absorbs all the energy he need for his Terran days and, likewise, can pass this energy to other beings. 

MAGNETIC SOLAR 1 = Energy capable of attracting people to the Solar Field of Light, helping them to reflect on everything, on the importance of life, on the preservation of life as a whole ... Energy able to help quickly in the creation of the Personal Merkaba , Or better, it helps to accelerate the process of this creation. If a soul is well advanced in this creation or not, the "Magnetic Solar 1" energy speeds up the process. There is a force that is sent by Aton to the surface and is called the "Solar Magnetic" and those of open heart when they receive it, mix it with their personal energy and transform it into "Solar Magnetic 1" which is the junction of the energy of Aton with his energy. A = Energy A + B = C "In summary," A = Energy Sent by Aton B = Personal Energy of the Person / Native C = Joint of these two forces / Perfect Mix that gives Solar Magnetic 1 " Is the energy that the person acquires for himself and serves as raw material for the construction of his Personal Merkaba, which is the interdimensional vehicle necessary to transit through the parallel realities after the removal of the veil and deactivation of the Initiatic Neutron.

MEDICAL TEAM UNIVERSAL = Experts in biological and etheric medicine - (Possible members of the Mother Ship Avalon - I do not have confirmation on that, yet).

MIDUNUS He is a Warrior of the Light by nature, of masculine polarity. In many of his incarnations in the Earth Plan he was known to have the strength of ten (10) men. In its “dress”, Midunus measures about four (4) meters in height (13 ft 1.480315 inches), is very strong and of penetrating look. He usually "dresses up" as a warrior. His eyes are more like two fireballs, and he has a golden sword where only the forces of darkness bow in honor of the power of this mighty Warrior of the Light. On a certain occasion, when he descended into the black valleys, he heard somber entities in greetings "Hail Midunus, the warrior! " - in deep respect for this magnificent being.

He witnessed Pleiadian development and helped end some of the galactic wars. It was in Andromeda and has, one might say, a specific home in the Constellation of Lira. Originally, it came from a race where it’s not yet fully enlightened, but has moved away from there for thousands of years, connecting to the Supreme Source. Today he has the mission to help those of his race to rise in the Light. He has integrated new gifts in ancient Atlantis and Mu.

He was initiated into various sacred rites in his various incarnations on Earth, where he drew for himself the energy of the Cure, which is naturally radiated with his presence. The Warrior-Healing mix forms the perfect potion for enlightenment of all those around you. It has direct connection with the Tibetan Portals, as well as the Master Healers and Magnetizers.

Incarnated several times in the Earth Plan, and in one of them was a known General of the Earth history, (they did’nt inform me the name of the General). Incarnated also among the great pharaohs, often being of the security guard and servant of greater confidence. In one of these incarnations, he was with Tutankhamun, as one of his protectors. On occasion, he met the one known by the forces of the Pleiades 1 as Vithor, the Angel of Mikhael. When Pharaoh was one of the pioneers of the process of mummification, wishing ardently to be Eternal. He studied these mysteries of life beyond the death of the body and often participated in rituals to achieve this. He acquired deep respect from the one known as Anubis. She also incarnated with a feminine aspect when, on one such occasion, she was a well-known Catholic Mother Superior in Italy. He was also among those known as Poor Clares, whose leader was Clara of Assis.

He learned White Magic in his many incarnations in Ancient Egypt and the ability to extract healing energy from the herbs. He is also a healer by nature.

When in the great galactic battles, he was often seen beside the beloved being of the humans know as Ashtar Sheran. He was always at his side, on the many missions to the cosmos. Often, he led the army of Warriors of Light into dark spaces in search of ransom souls swallowed by anti-love darkness. In this he also acquired great ability, both to enter and to leave, of dark surroundings, being able to easily go to the deepest "holes" of the darkness and return unharmed and without any shadow.

In whatever invocation he makes, he is immediately heard by his army, which is round the Earth, in Honor and Guard, on his Earth mission. It’s infinitely assisted by Anubis, Osiris and Isis, as well as Ascended Masters, especially Djwhal Khul, being able to invoke them at all times. Dear Kuan Yin has a deep affection for Midunus, because, on a certain occasion, at a certain time ... she and a group of beings (I believe incarnate, at least what I see now is a physical environment ... ) Were as if in danger when she, Kuan Yin, invoked the Light Protecting Forces and was immediately attended by the Midunus Army.

He’s being called by the Pleiades 1 to the balance between two forces - Authority and Healing - to go to the lower astral plans and, with a haughty voice, to utter words of healing. He’s a born leader and healer by excellence. Being called to invoke the forces of Anubis, Osiris, Isis, Djwhal Khul and Kuan Yin to the surface of Earth in order to bring spiritual balance and consciousness to all inhabitants of the Earth physical plane, that life continues out of matter. Call and anchor in Italian soil all these forces and plant the Pillar of Light within the Basilica of St. Peter.

It's as far as Jesus allowed me to see ...

MiD = As "Minions in Distress" - stressed minions, disturbed, restless, in imminent danger .... The henchmen of the negative bosses, or something. 

MIKANU-AVUL (OR MIVU), THE MEDIATOR = It is a be of a green worlds system . It is a specialist in medicine and food through the most subtle energies. Know each property of plants and fruits, he know take very good care of physical, always giving vitality through the potions that make using what nature has to offer. In one of the green worlds ,of the many worlds of his system, it is also a wise counselor and mediator. In their civilization, when there were conflicts, it was called for by his wisdom, hear the parties involved and thought there the best solution. Often he used the extracted energy of the local nature and fueled parties with them in order to reassure their systems and turn them into balance.

It is a loving by nature. The race itself usually has three to four meters high and carry the energy of joy. Joy's kind of falling on the floor, laughing with happiness. Usually they have "outbreaks" of joy and laughter fall. These energies that generate are used for the benefit of those suffering and who have not found this beautiful cheerful energy.

They have huge motherships and all of them, as if they were huge cities ,largely wooded and full of all kind Of fruit . Many of these fruits found in Terrano plan came from this system of green worlds. He is well respected in both the cluster of worlds as the mother ships that frequent. When in one of its more subtle guises, works as a beautiful guardian in the Army Mariano (Fleet of Mother Mary). In his many lives on Earth was next to great philosophers such as Pythagoras.

It is being called by Pleiades 1 to anchor completely in the astral planes and Terrana surface energy balance, bringing harmony to those conflicts. Called to cast his gaze in the great courts of justice, leading to a radiation so that there there is harmonization, and that the best happens. It is called to absorb the energy of nature, plants and fruits and light create potions and throw them everywhere, in the physical and astral planes, where there are poor souls loving nutrition. His joy is needed in the dark valleys where there is pain and sorrow.

When it comes down to these valleys, uses a beautiful light green jumpsuit with white tones, extended throughout the body, to the neck. A beautiful transparent green cover can be seen on his back and in his wrists, two thin bracelets of white energy. When he hits those two bracelets in one another, adding the two pulses, opens a green portal, where he leads the souls who have accepted their joy, advice and energy that will nourish them until they can generate energy by itself. It has beautiful large, green eyes, with an emerald on his forehead that connects all the time with the green cluster.

It has strong links with the beloved Mother Mary and can call her whenever he want. Mikhael and Rafael (Archangels) are constantly feeding it with powerful energy and can also call them into their tunings. It is a healing master, mediator and magnetic feeder by nature. It is far Jesus allowed me to see.

MN = Negative Military and / or secret or not secret agencies that support anti-love. 

MU GODDESS = The emergence of the DOU MU Goddess on the planet's surface a few years ago was the first sign of the return of the Light Forces after 26,000 years of exile. This was the first step towards Agartha's return to the Surface. It is the DOU MU Goddess who is now engaged in more active work with portals on the surface of the planet in the new phase of preparations for Compression and Rupture that began in July. Dragon Sources told COBRA that * Jetsun Pema, the Queen of Bhutan is one of the main public personifications of the DOU MU archetype on the surface of the planet. Dragon Sources also said DOU MU is looking for more active contact with the Surface population.

To be aware that, throughout the world, many caves have been sacred places for various Light Surface groups and many of them contain vortices of the MU (Goddess Shrine) Goddess that will be activated during the Event. To this end, COBRA has announced that it is actively seeking people who are guardians of such caves or know its location, to contact at the electronic address:

All of this is part of the larger reconnection plan of the Agartha Network with the Surface population, after the Event.

* There are several links from the sources and more details about this in this COBRA article:

NASHA = Member of the Ship Azinu-Avalur, and belonging to the Siriano Group. She is specializes in Cellular Renewal. As you know, the energy Pleiades 1 is in the process of individualization, and she is an individualization of P1 >>> Pleiades 2. Further information on the link:

NEBADON = Big Mother Ship from the star system of Antares. Forces of Light. 

NILUN, THE COLLECTOR OF FRAGMENTS = It is a Being of a Kingdom Devic , highly developed telepathically and very loving. He have all the affection throughout the Deva Kingdom. His kingdom is from the galaxy of Andromeda, a cluster of eight (8) small planets, three of which are to illuminate this system. It had passages in several other systems, Sirius, Vega, Orion and a longer time was in the System of the Pleiades, from where it went to Terrano System, thousands of years ago. Thousands of years ago it was also in the oceans, wearing the dress of a prince of the seas, (like the Mermaids).

In one of his robes, it is a Beautiful Elf that works with other beautiful Elves and Fairies in a work of collection and defragmentation. Collection and defragmentation of Fragments of Souls!

For thousands of years, in many stellar systems there have been many nuclear explosions. These explosions affect not only a physical realm, as it did with the Terran system in its world wars, but affect a whole system. Nuclear explosions are not only dangerous for destroying the physical, but also severely aggravate the astral realms. When there is a nuclear explosion and a physical being dies, it also has its soul damaged. In the explosion, besides the destroyed physical, the soul ends up being fragmented in the explosion, as if they were thousands of pieces, a "rain of glitter". Is very sad. That is why the high spheres are very rigid when certain non-spiritually advanced civilizations begin to develop this weapon. This is what happened to the Terrano System when they discovered the bomb. The humans were immediately warned not to use this weapon. "Of course, terrestrial humanity had no maturity at all. (A little more information on the fragmentation of the soul through a nuclear explosion here:

Not only do nuclear explosions affect souls by making them fragmented, but also the relationships between beings. When you enter into dramatic relationships, where there are disputes and sufferings and your bodies of pain interact, where there are loving relationships in which partners constantly fight and only unite for sexual intercourse, know that there is soul exchange, Fragments. If you give your partner parts of you, and he is not worthy to have parts of you honoring, dignifying and giving parts of it to you in a loving way and in a loving exchange, there is a problem. Relationship is a constant "love exchange," it is a "give love," it is "the other receives and gives back love." If not, there is problem, there is fragmentation. This is something that happens naturally, especially in sexual intercourse. There is an energy exchange, because pieces of you go to the other. And if it is an unworthy relationship, there is suffering and fragmentation.

Many Terrans are afflicted by being shattered when they end a loving relationship, or even a friendship, or break ties with a loved one. The feeling is that your pieces have gone away. That's because you gave parts of yourself allowing them to go, in an unworthy way.

Everyone knows that you should give love without expecting anything in return, but you should not confuse this with allowing yourself to be vampirized. A vampire is also a process that fragments your soul, steals your energy, as in "blocks," making your soul fragmented because the vampirized energy of you is yours, not the other. How many people have already vampirized you! And, know: there are thousands of pieces of you scattered around. Take them back. Empower yourself and decree that you want to take back all the energy that has been taken from you and that you want everything to come back to you again

Giving love without waiting in return has nothing to do with allowing yourself to be drained. When you are completely defragmented, in a loving and harmonious state, you give love to the other and this donated love "does not need you," because from its inner source flows a river of endless love. But when you are, in a way, disconnected from your inner strength, your inner love, your self-love, (which happens in most Terran relationships, when one wants the other to complete and nourish it) -there, Yes, there is room for fragmentation. You give up waiting to receive because you think it will only be complete if the other also gives you. Then all the problems begin. When there is complete love interaction between beings, there is no risk of vampirehood. They both really love each other; Both, by themselves, are complete; They do not need to steal energy from each other. They exchange each other and equally give and receive energies in a beautiful way, so that their fragments become one. While a fragment travels to meet the being, in the middle of the path it merges with the fragment that comes from the other being. They merge, become one, and divide again as they continue the journey to the other being in an exchange activity. It's a beautiful thing to see. (That's what I, Gabriel, now see with the spiritual vision that God gave me at the moment). There is no theft there. It is love interaction, the most intense. (See a little more about it here:

Accidents, childhood traumas and many other issues also end up fragmenting the soul, making it incomplete of itself. (See here:

Further explanations were needed here to better enlighten readers about the magnificent work of this loving Being and his Dévic Grouping. This Being has as primary function to help in the collection of these fragments of scattered souls and to return them to their owners, promoting the complete defragmentation of the Soul. When a Terrano decrees that he wishes to have all of his fragments back in the tone of Divine Authority and Love, this group of collectors quickly works in harmony, collecting all the fragments, whether they be on the Terran Plane or any other system, To give back to your due Being. It is a beautiful work done throughout the Galaxy, and beyond.

In its highest expression, this beloved Being of Dévic Nature not only collects fragments of Terran and Galactic souls, but systems of whole worlds. When there are natural explosions in certain systems, and there is a great fragmentation of matter, it meets with its grouping to organize all the fragments, in a harmonious way.

This particular group is responsible for keeping the beautiful rings around Saturn in a harmonic way. Not only of Saturn, but of most of the planets of the local Solar System containing rings. But, they have a special affection for Saturn, where some of them have had some lives.

This beloved Being is in constant contact with the beings of nature, consciously or unconsciously, being able, when in consciousness, to call them at any moment. He is so loved by them that he is often given surprises ... He has recently received a few surprises and will continue to receive. For the skeptical Terranos, it may seem "silly," but deep down in their soul, they know where they come from.

Often your devic friends honor he with fragments of little things of nature, for example, small balls that may, surprisingly, fall from a tree when you pass through that place. They do this and laugh lovingly, honoring them.

Nilun has a strong magnetic connection with that call from Cinti, The Storyteller. Just as it also has a magnetic connection with that known as Eliar-Flours, having been found for thousands of years in the Andromedan System. He met with 0i (Zero i) the first time in a meeting, when the Terrano Plan was forming, and Nilun was informed that one day they would meet again on the surface of that Planet. When he was in the seas, he also met with Cadhi, Magic, The Flautist and Akashssa.

In his usual deviant garb, when he is in the astral zones he wears a garment that looks like a green overcoat darker and brighter, with buttons as if they were pearls of the sea. It has very pointed ears, a penetrating and greenish look. Hair in a dark tone, but when in contact with solar energy they become lighter, platinum blond. There is a particular gesture that I will describe as follows: when you are observing something carefully, you let the head fall slightly to the right in a movement that shows attention and curiosity . He likes to walk barefoot and his feet are always beautiful and bright. He's reasonably tall, with his six feet. It has the ability to turn counterclockwise and disappear into a bright green cloud. It has more special abilities, among them, is hypnosis. Use it only when needed, and always to protect some environment of not very loving visitors. He looks deep into the eyes of the invader and paralyzes him with his gaze, shows the palm of his right hand to him, and he becomes paralyzed. It has a very particular perfume too, which when it arrives in some environments is quickly known. If it is an environment where darkness prevails, all who are there, fall asleep.

It is being called by Pleiades 1 to assist in the complete defragmentation of the Terran System at this final moment, which precedes the leap from Terran reality to high vibrations. Called both in the astral and in the physical plane to help beings defragment their souls, lovingly returning to them their lost parts in spacetime. Called to gather in the astral and physical all those of his group that for some reason are lost of themselves. He is receiving powers of invocation from P1, which will quickly bring any lost soul fragment. He will be receiving in his telepathic channel the powerful invocations that, when made, will move a power coming from his kingdom. Called to reassure the Terran hearts, from the astral and physical, giving them the tranquility that NOTHING IS LOST. This is your motto, Nilun.

It was as far as Jesus allowed me to see ...

NEUTRON INITIATIVE = Not to be confused with the Neutron Physics. In initiative language, Neutron is the name of the force that divides the Vibrational Plans.

NT = Notes 


OPENING OF THE SEVENTH LAYER (OR OTHER LAYERS OF THAT ORDER) - Negative veil layers = Negative plasma layers that prevent or attempt to prevent the purest entry of sunlight and / or Light of the forces of Light, or even telepathic thoughts of Mentors of the Light of the Higher Spheres. It is a negative energy that prevents interaction, or at least tries to stop human beings from awakening. When the Negative Plasma Layers (the veil) are removed, people's consciousness will expand and the Initiation Neutron will dissolve and the interaction between the other realities will naturally occur.

ORION IMMIGRANTS = Apparently, are the reptilians / Draconian. - Negative beings that came from the constellation of Orion and are now leaving Earth for free will or are being taken by the forces of light (or any other races that region). 

POINT 1 = Antarctica

POINT ATTRACTOR = Is a kind of quantum device, a kind of attractor of negative forces. I saw in my mind's eye, as a small open black hole in the center of the solar system, and saw tiny dense particles being sucked into. It is as if that attractor was a sink, cleaning the solar system of impurities (negative forces). A large magnetic vacuum attracting to itself, all that is not vibrating at a certain frequency.

P1 = Pleiades 1 

P3 (PLIADES 3) = It is an energetic summation of the Pleiades 1 and 2 in the astral + P2 incarnated. The anchoring of Astral forces P1 and P2 by the incarnated P2 on the terrane surface creates a hyperpowerful Vortex that can be called P3. Force P1 and P2 astral + Force P2 incarnate = P3. Astral Force P1 and P2 + P2 incarnated under Terrana Native Force = Merge and P3 Vortex. Those who enter into this attunement and harmonization anchoring the forces of Astral P1 and P2 on the surface need to be aware that they are an individualization of P1 on the surface = P2, so according to their attunement they will be the creators of the P3 Force. This is one of the reasons why P1 is calling Terranos for Origin Recognition ("P1 calling Terranos for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!"), also so that P3 Force is created in the interaction of the Terrans With the Astral forces of P1 and P2. 

PALADINES = People with special abilities. They live more hidden because they have "powers" that others can not even imagine. They can materialize and dematerialize easily. They dominate physics. They can create portals with circular movements of the hands - portals that take them to anywhere in the world they wish. They can levitate, hypnotize and take the form of other people. Most of them are positive. They are physical beings like us and interact easily with any other human being without realizing that they have such abilities. Unless the more positive see unfair actions and violence, they can not control themselves and often expose themselves by letting everyone see their abilities.

On the internet we find several videos where Paladins are caught exposing their abilities. They could be called mediums of physical effect, but let's say they are a little more than that. Many of the Paladins were captured by secret agencies to be studied; Most of them got away easily then. Some negative secret agencies have agents around the world, where they try, at all costs, to capture the Paladins to use them as weapons.

"A Paladin is a chivalrous, wandering and fearless hero of unquestionable character who always follows the path of truth, law and order, always willing to protect the weak and fight for just causes.

The word Paladin comes from the Latin palatinus (relative to the palace) which, in turn, is derived from Palatine, one of the seven hills of Rome."( Perhaps, the first Paladins were seen in this region.

Here are three videos from the internet that can show you approximately how they are. Perhaps some of the images here are not genuine, others are, in fact, sane. But you can get an idea of what they can do.

In the film Jumper can have a real idea of what they are like:

But in this film, "The Paladins" are portrayed as Negatives and Jumpers as Positives. If you go see the movie, just recognize The Jumpers as Paladins.

It is as far as Jesus allows me to convey the information. 


PORTAL X = New portal opened by the Aghartians for direct access to the Terran surface. It is part of the new contact protocols.

PORT RANGER (PATROLMAN OF THE PORT) = Member of Team Sementes das Estrelas. I'm not allowed to mention his linear name. The Trooper Port is task organizer and member of Star Group of Accurate calculations. It interprets codes and galactic languages. It can also be called for "Eye of Horus". Is directly linked to this Being and to close his eyes and visualize it, he can look through his eyes and know what happens to thousands of kilometers. It is a Trooper and observer by nature. 

PRIESTESSES OF THE OLD DAYS = A group of souls, not necessarily female-looking on the physical plane, but mostly, yes. This energy is not restricted to only a select group, but it is a comprehensive force that either a female presence in the Within the PVSE Group there is a specific movement of this force, where souls who have been together in Delphi (Greece), Venice, Rome, Milan, and Lived in the vicinity of the Great Vesuvius in the Gulf of Naples, Italy, they performed great healing works through white magic.They walked in groups in villages and where they carried the millennial wisdom contained in their veteran souls on this planet.A lot of them, at that time Of great volcanic activity, near Vesuvius, died when it erupted. At the time, many of them were nearby, doing work on the alignments of farms with many people from that region.

They are assisted by the First Clarissa (see glossary) and, not by chance, many of them incarnated next to the godmother of this group of souls when this one was on mission in Assis, Italy. They are very noble souls and an incredible Love. Each carries a special ability. Some have great attunement to the Lunar Forces and are able to make great spiritual and physical healings when in the time of great peaks of Lunar Energies. Others have great attunement to the Deva Kingdom, being able to work with the energies of this kingdom easily. So much so that many of them, on their pilgrimages to the world, were able to move their forces and make it rain where it needed and, in the same way, to stop raining. Others have the great ability to channel Solar Energy and use it as an extra force in the alignment of the chakras of those who seek it, as well as assist in activating Kundalini, which is only one of their abilities. There's a lot of power here. Bring your spiritual heritage. Move your strength.

Most of the times that this specific grouping of the PVSE decided to incarnate on the physical plane, there was the encounter. The priestesses are bound by the old heritage, united by common power: to bring Love, Wisdom, Peace and Healing to all who seek them. In all their incarnations, they recognize themselves by looking, and when together, they perform works unimaginable to the Terran eyes. Yes, they can stop a war without engaging a weapon or dropping a bomb. They can simply unite and move the forces so that the war stops. God the Father / Mother entrusts to them the power of Unification. Therefore, dear Priestess who reads and refines with this calling energy, you know, you are a direct representative of Peace on this planet. For you there can come no violence. For you, only peace and wisdom. That's what you are, and that's what you came for. Unite in Love.

Pleiades 1 called  for the creation of a comprehensive space so that all those who are attuned to this energy come into contact. Those or who arrive now must respect the "older" in the grouping, following their guidelines, in order to continue with the anchoring works. The one who created the group is, from the outset, the first reverberant, followed by the second, third, and so on. In this, the first leader (s), but on a higher level all are in the same tune and in a position of leadership.

It is as far as I get in information. 

Priestess Maria, the "oldest" in the phalanx, has explained about the group: “Every ancient soul that has long ago chosen to walk in the light, have brought their ancestral wisdom. It walks, breathes and lives for Unconditional Love. The old soul has already learned through tortuous paths the virtue contained in humility, contemplation, faith, love and forgiveness. Priestesses from ancient times have returned in their full strength to Gaia. Through their different powers, they are helping to heal ages of pain that humanity and this beautiful planet have suffered and are still suffering. Now, these priestesses bring back the Sacred Feminine Energy to the planet. Awake, ancient souls of love, peace and light! Awake, noble and ENLIGHTED souls, souls which used to walk around this planet healing, blessing, pacifying and enveloping everything with their veils, hands and the smile of light! I am Priestess Maria and many others have already dedicated themselves daily with me to the Service of Light. Each with their noble and ancient gifts.  
Gratitude. Salom-Abi-Aya ". 

IMPORTANT: We inform you that pages on Facebook and contact email / reception of the new Priestesses are available available in the Blog, at this link:

PRO-LOVE = awake Beings: Lightworker, Warriors of Light, the Light Bearers, Wayshowers. WHOSOEVER SERVE THE LIGHT.

PVSE = Portal Vortex Seeds of Stars. 

QUADRETA-SPECTRUM = Negative grid installed over Congo by negative forces thousands of years ago, which reverberated from there to every African continent. It’s a sub-grid of the largest negative grid deployed on the entire planet, (which is also already in dismantling). It acted as a "sucker" of energy, keeping everyone in that region in a state of constant energy weakening, to later use those people as guinea pigs for the plan of the grid developers, negative beings from the Andromeda Galaxy. It also worked, in a way, to steal the pineal portals of those people, trying to redirect them to their deeds. The grid constantly emitted signals for the whole region, such as "Keep it up, it's fine." And the people, as if they were hypnotized, guaranteed the anchoring of the discharges coming from the grid in that place. Few managed to transcend the grid in that region. One of them is known as Master Afra. With the dismantling of this grid, many people there will have their TRINA FLAME burning again, at all potential. One of the functions of this grid was to suppress the TRINA FLAME and block the entry of the FEMININE LOVE SIGNS (Goddess) in that region. A great collapse of the grid was achieved, thanks to the union of determined Humans.



SCOUT GALACTIC = Secret code still cannot be informed.

SdE = Star Seeds. 

SECTOR 66STIL = Sector in the lower astral of the Terran plane and bases / naves where energy manipulations, experiments and attempts to induce Terran negative behavior through infrasonic and ultrasonic waves are performed. This negative basis is one of those responsible for trying to destabilize the emotional fields of the Terrans, always trying to induce constant irritability and stress. It is also one of those responsible for high-voltage scalar attacks, especially Workers and Warriors of Light. This sector is, say, an extension of the other sector known as Infrassom C3, which operates specifically in Zone T. The Sector 66Stil is as it were The upper base of this type of actuation and the Infrassom C3 is subordinated to its central commands. 66Stil is commanded by an "ar" which in turn is subordinated to the command ashoris3. An intensive and massive force of Light Forces at this location is happening at this time and IUD-IL and related are called for the complete dismantling of this Sector. There are reptile warriors in the vicinity of these extremely violent bases, not by chance, they are also under the influence of Stil. This base is also responsible for creating the "super soldiers" both reptiles and Terrans for their particular ends. Some secret agencies in the Terran plane have complete knowledge of these bases, so much so that on the physical plane there are also physical representatives of Stil: Adolph Nicolas, Joseph Ratzinger, Hans Peter Kolvenbach (Hans is the brain behind Sept. 11 - twin towers - As well as false flag attacks March 11 - Fukushima - and the main engineering force behind the Syrian conflict. Conveniently, it lives in Lebanon, very close to the Syrian border). Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler were also one of the representatives of the Stil. Obviously, there are other representatives, but they all already know that their time of domination is coming to an end. Lord IUD-IL, you are being given the movement of that energy within the PVSE cluster, joining with all others for the complete dismantling of that network.

SECTOR 9 = Financial System. 

SECTOR GATE B12 (OR SECTOR B12, or similar) = is a kind of input negative forces on the planet. As a negative portal, similar to the Congo Portal mentioned by COBRA. See: and

SECTOR S3T = Sector in lower Astral where crazy scientists / negative develop (or try to develop) nanotechnology for purposes the negative to send to the surface, those who tune with Machiavellian ideas. This sector also extends beyond the technology, having spaces where there is an attempt to beings negative create micro-organisms that may infect so hyper-damaging the biological bodies of terranos, as well as the fauna. 

SECTORS 0B9 AND 0B10 = are points in the upper Terran astral where the forces of Light work. There are areas as like they were bases, where the ships of the Forces of Light land. These sectors, specifically, are like embarkation and landing zones in mass.

SECTORS B19 and 20/1 = lower astral etheric sectors that are negative genetic experiments, such as cloning, violation of DNA Original Blends experiences and the like.  

SEEDREAACK 0I (ZERO I) - (GABRIEL RL) - See "ZERO i" in the letter "Z" = It’s a Magnetic Being, of Overflowing and Universal Love. It came from a Magnetic Universe not yet known by the Humans. Its name SeeDreaack 0i (Zero i) is a celestial code: 0 = Unit within the Command. i = Represents expelling energy. Representative of the primary energy of Creation. Energy Action - Mikhael's Legion Blue Primary Force. Especially "Zero i" - when its name only being verbalized in the lower astral planes and on the surface, it disintegrates negative currents. The code also identifies it in the multiverses. "Zero i, this Magnetic being, recently received an upgrade in his energy field, known as ULT (Universal Love Transmitter). He spent 170 (one hundred and seventy) Earth days receiving direct energy discharges from his Magnetic Universe, which Allowed to be updated on the Earth surface and to become one of the direct transmitters of this Magnetic energy of its Magnetic Universe.

More recently, in yet another profusion of information, more information about Zero i has come, asserting that he is also the GUARDIAN OF THE AKASHIC RECORDS, LOCAL UNIVERSE. This means that he, being the Magnetic Being who is at first his mission on the physical plane, would not be bound to this task of being able to access and bring Akashic Records of this Local Universe. This access was given to him, due to his commitment in the Physical Plan, with his well-known mission  STAR SEEDS, where he has the task of Gathering the Seeds. (See more at: This being has the support of the Ancients of Time and Akashic Records, as well as Cetaceans, in this mission. In tune with these forces, he can bring any Akashic of this Local Universe (and also of other Universes) only by projecting his consciousness into the specific frame, provided it has a higher purpose. It has a deep connection with the Guardian of Time, where they work together from the very outset. Its purpose is to harmonize and illuminate the past time lines needed, as well as bring the new of the future lines and integrate it into the present timeline. This being is of an extremely expressive spiritual baggage, and to him it is being entrusted, within the PVSE Group, this responsibility of Guard and Honor of this Universal Power. This being is already known by many and, despite having several names, the Pleiades 1 calls it ZERO i.

Zero i has various clothing on the highest planes, among them an Elder. This Old Man's outfit is, let's say, a universal garment of his. He can assume it in whatever dimension he is, and present himself thus. In another, he is in a fifth-dimensional dress and is a stellar commander working on the 5th / 6th Dimension Ashtar Command.

In the dress of Zero i, is active from the 7th to the 13th dimension. It is the dress of Commander of the Star Seed Mission in the Astral Plane, Galactic and Earth Physical. Zero i has a humanoid appearance, being fairly tall at about 1.80m / 2.00m (that's what I can see in my vision). His appearance is masculine, masculine traits. When they approach him, androgenia can be seen: the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. The hair is silver and combed back. He has large eyes that blend between blue and silver, and a strong and penetrating look. His overalls also blend between silver and blue. He has a posture elegant, serious and very sweet.

From the 14th dimension onwards, it is most often seen as a silver energy ball, blending between three shades: Silver, Blue and Pink. When in the Magnetic Universe, universe from where it came, it could be said that it is an Angel.

It had passage in the local universe by the Pleiades, Cocheiro (Auriga), Sirius and other systems not yet known by the Humans. He had great influence in the creation of the Earth. Helped in what it can in the Earth project. Incarnated in several points of Planet Earth. In Egypt, for example, when he received from God the opportunity to lead a people of a certain dynasty. By all means - Amenhotep III.

He was in great Human battles: he was a Medjai warrior; Was in Sparta (Greece); Also was leader of an army that tried to save Jerusalem from the destruction; Then, in the Earth astral planes, helped in the protection of the Holy Grail; Was also alongside Alan Kardec. And, more recently, as a general who tried to bar Hitler.

In the current Local Universe, he usually resides in a large Mother Ship. At this time, he works simultaneously on three points: Earth Plane, Astral Plane and Mother Ship. It now acts as a window on the Terran physical plane for this energy coming directly from the Magnetic Universe , From where its essence belongs. In this, it was opened to greater contact with the kingdoms of Earth nature, water, fire, earth and air, because of this update.

He is a very loving and humble being. He does not accept praise easily and, when he accepts it, he is serene in the soul because he knows that he is just another one to serve the Light. His loving magnetism is like a powerful attractor: he attracts many around him because of the intense positive attraction that his heart exercises.

He is a being who holds great universal secrets and, in many of his lives, suffered at the hands of darkness for trying to wrest powerful codes from him, which he gave his life many times to honor high places. He is also an interstellar guardian protecting the portals and wormholes of incoming negative entities in certain universes. He recently barred a huge draconian army from entering a certain universe ... In one of his universal personalities, he works at the Ashtar Command and in another, he is an Elder Counselor, where he inspires people to have Faith.

Belonging also to the Monad of the one who on earth was known as St. Francis of Assis and, with much Love, placed himself at the disposal of this loving being to serve and help wherever possible the enlightenment of the Humans, showing them the power of the Faith and inciting The divine inspiration in the heart of every Human.

This time he was called by Prince Mikhael to gather thousands of Star Seeds on the Earth surface. It is one of the many dials of the way that came the Earth in the service of the Light and to the call of Mikhael. When in the spiritual zones, in a large gathering of thousands of universal groupings that were ready to come to the Earth zone, it was unanimously chosen within their grouping as being the one who, when incarnate, would help them to remember who they Were. Very moved, he knelt down in front of everyone (he was in his robe now), and he cried. Those in the hall saw drops of Light fall from their heavenly eyes and these Drops of Light were seen falling to Earth. He was applauded by his grouping, and then he got up and went to each one there, one by one, and kissed them on the forehead saying "So be it!"

It is a being extremely sensitive to energies. Next to it, it is necessary that the highest possible vibration is maintained because it manages to capture any negative fraction and that, somehow, when in the Earth plane, it ends up making it sad. He does’nt consider himself better than any other being, but he wants to show with all his heart what each being represents in creation. When very happy, it shakes the darkness and dissipates it quickly. When sad, it looks like a beautiful sunny day that is suddenly covered by thick dark clouds, and everyone around them feels the intense change of energy.

No being outside of a loving alignment can stay very close to it unless it is in the same tune. The radiation emitted is so tremendous that either the being enters into the same tune or moves away, because it can not withstand the vibration. And, likewise, it may be so simple that it is confused with the flowers of the field, especially Zantedeschia aethiopica. "

He is surrounded by an army of Light who has stood ready to assist him in the work of gathering the seeds. It has direct connection with Mikhael, being one of its rays in the Earth physical plane. It is also one of the rays of the one that in the Earth plan was called of Akhenaton. She is also currently working on the energy of the Ascended Master Rowena and Master Nada. He has the constant protection and guidance of Archangel Gabriel, who inspires him in the selection of materials that will air on his Star Seeds website. It is currently one of the channels of the spokesperson for the Galactic Federation, SaLuSa of Sirius. It has its flame incarnated at present on the physical plane.

Due to its nature, I would not like to expose this information, but relented at the request of its team on Earth and P1. As already mentioned, it is one of many Paths on the Earth surface. Its total grouping has about 100 (one hundred) million souls, in which about 55% of these souls are on the Earth surface and the others are in the astral zones, both lower and higher, and in the ships around the Planet. The souls closest to him, those who have quickly understood his call to awaken, are those that help him to awaken the others from the same grouping. He is a very simple being in the gaze, but he shudders anyone when empowered in the Light he brings from his Magnetic Universe.

It is always in constant updating, being able to be talking with some Human and, for some seconds, to take his gaze to the horizon ... In these moments, it is working in one of the other two planes: Astral or Mother Ship.

It was also called by the Pleiades 1, thanks to the seriousness with which it conducts its work in the physical plane, and thanks to the simplicity in its heart that maintains the energy anchored, allowing the entrance of more Light - in this case, the P1.

SELUS-KU-MA-RA = Being from Venus, specialist in Telepathy.

SEVENTH OPENING LAYER (OR OTHER LAYERS OF THAT ORDER) = Layers of the negative veil = negative plasma layers that prevent / or try to prevent pure entry of sunlight and / or the light of the forces of Light. Or even telepathic thoughts of mentors of Light of Supreme spheres.  

SHENION, THE ANALYST = Sirian member of the 6th, 7th, and 8th group, who is composed of highly developed beings with a high level of concentration. Being a technical analyst of biological micro-organisms and nanotechnology, he is a specialist in this area. Together with its grouping, it has created a technology that is used in many mother ships and in Worlds systems : micro-organic cleaning and analysis technology and negative nanotechnology. This technological system is made in a kind of tube through which those beings who need to descend to certain more "contaminated" areas pass. There the beings are analyzed by the system created by the Analyst and its grouping, and in the analysis, Shenion concentrates minutely to verify each tiny part of the being and can perceive a single point "out of place" or disharmonious.

Shenion has been passing through various local systems, especially in the galaxy known as the Milky Way. He was also in Órion, when he developed with his group a nanotechnological system able to paralyze actions of negative entities, who worked ferociously in that region. Not for the purpose of taking away your free will, but to prevent extremely negative actions. He was with the Pleiadians, where he also has passage. He lives in this cluster, a very beloved soul who awaits him with much love. He was one of those responsible for creating the technology called "Stardust."

In a humanoid expression is very tall and is about 3 meters tall, lean body, big green eyes. There is a light in the middle of your forehead at the height of the third eye. This light, normally seen, looks like a small ball of light or a small white sun, a lighthouse, which is approximately one centimeter away from his forehead and, although not connected to the body, moves simultaneously with him, accompanying his movements. To be well understood, the light is not glued to the body; It simply floats at the height of the forehead, but moves along with it. An image that could portray well, would be a miner's helmet, which has a light well at the forehead height. He uses it as a flashlight or a spotlight. When Shenion analyzes some data, microorganisms, nanotechnology, or is simply focused on something, this light gets bigger, bigger and bigger, according to its concentration. In one of his robes, he is also an Insectoid of Light, with an intense green radiation, which can act in the 5th and 4th dimensions.

An adorable, extremely close, is a genius in the field of biological micro-organisms and nanotechnology. He created a protection system for planets, " clothe/ covering" the entire planet with the technology of protection against dangerous microorganisms for certain bodies and ecosystems, as well as against negative nanotechnology. These are most often intended to control people's brains and / or cause sudden death. As for empathy, it has been revealed that Shenion can sense every microorganism, as well as every nanotechnology. Let's say he can also feel what a "computer feels."

He is an expert analyst of cosmic data, where his highest expression acts with the Pleiades 1, as well as Captain Dhodi. He perfected himself in this area next to the Arcturians. In several moments of learning, he met several members who are currently incarnated in the Terrano plan, Captain Dhodi, Atruz-zzz , Cinti - The Fairy of Stories , The Bearer of the Mantle, Alfeus ... He had the opportunity to meet Oi (Zero i) in a cosmic event in the Star System of the Pleiades, at which time they celebrated a quantum leap in that cluster.

On another occasion, in works with IUD-IL , The Analyst "tested" certain creations of Mr. IUD-IL. Shenion and IUD-IL are very close stellar friends. On that occasion, together with the Analytical Grouping and the beings of the Blue Galaxy, a micro-bacterium was created nano-technologically capable of improving the physical vision of a certain sector of the galaxy Via Láctica, where almost all the inhabitants had been infected by a bacterium Which affected the eyes. This happened in a certain region of World Systems, located in Ursa Major.

He was in other works with IUD-IL analyzing a means of ending a microorganism and nanotechnological infection that affected a certain system of whole worlds, with certain of 29 planets, almost bringing the system entirely to biological extinction. This was a failed attempt to exterminate that sector, which came from a group of beings not yet known by the Terrans.

It is being called by the Pleiades 1 to incorporate its analytical energy to analyze the energies around the planet and calling its grouping to create systems of micro-organic protection and nanotechnology for the new Terrana phase that began on December 21, Called to invoke the forces of Nature, where it also has great affinity, so that together, create the best environment for physical life in the Terrano plan, free of harmful micro-organisms and harmful nanotechnology. Also called to join forces with the beings of the Blue Galaxy to form the protective grid around the Terrano system. Called to go in the lower astral zones Terrana to rescue about 29 thousand beings of Insectoid origin of the Light that more than 1 million years ago incarnated in the planet, and no longer they were able to leave the density Terrana.

He is directly assisted by the legions of the Archangel Michael and the Blacks eldres of Light, especially the Angolans, who are keen to aid in their mission, for a reason not yet revealed. Called to pull these forces and follow his mission with his grouping in the Physical and Astral Plane Terrano.

It's as far as Jesus allowed me to see.

SHIMMERING (CINTILANTE OR CINTI), THE STORYTELLING FAIRY = It is a beautiful devic being , with passages in several Star Systems, especially Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, Pleiades and has been present on planet Earth since its creation billions of years ago. It is a natural of a System of Deva Worlds located near the Ursa Major. In her devic garb, it is a beautiful fairy of about fifty (50) centimeters and is known in this Kingdom as Cintilante (Shimmering) (or Cinti).

She is an extremely loving, peaceful, and extraordinarily sensitive being. For many times, in various experiences, when there were some fight and discussion around her, she would sit with her knees bent and begin to cry. Everyone stopped because her crying was touching and they saw drops of Light that looked like little diamonds falling from her eyes. Everyone rushed over to her to apologize, and she only stopped crying when everyone hugged.

It is a being who, despite her devic garb being is only fifty centimeters, naturally has the ability to take the size she wants. She, in particular, likes her size because she uses her delicacy to touch the hearts of many. She is extremely beautiful, with gorgeous blond hair on her shoulders, gorgeous eyes, green and blue. Yes, because In one time is one color and another time they are another color, depending on her state of mind. There is a beautiful wand that, in fact, is not a wand properly, but a feather . A beautiful white feather that won from a great cacique in a village of a world in a distant system, similar to the world of the movie Avatar! ...

It is a being that makes many friends very quickly! When she was in this system of devious worlds, she once knew a being ... A beautiful guardian being, big black eyes, black hair and an expression of authority. He was a guardian of that place. She was sitting on a rock as he approached and howled right over her. She got scared and ran. She looked back and saw the guardian with a smile.... She was angry and ran after him. And he, pretending to be frightened, "ran for fear of her! ..." - Which she had not yet realized, that she was fifty centimeters and he was a Wolf, ... a little bigger that she.

When she realized this, she tried to swing her wand (which is a feather) to do some magic, to which the wolf "laughed" at her with good humor. And she asked, "What the heck, the beast !?" And he: "From his wand! ..." She: "What about her ?!" He: "Me? Anything. I'm touched! "They both started laughing and started a beautiful friendship between the two of them.After a long time of friendship, she learned that she would go to a very distant system to help with a project. (Mother Mary) She would come to the Milky Way in the Solar System ... Planet Earth. He, knowing that, was also willing to help with the project, promising her that one day they would meet again to continue theyer true friendship. This being, this Wolf, is mentioned in the Notes of the Pleiades 1 as "The Guardian of the Nile

On another occasion, she met the one called by Pleiades 1 of 0i (Zero i), when he was visiting the Terrano System and also placing himself at the disposal of the Light. He, incorporated into the Blue energy on his cosmic side, looked at her and jokingly With her for being so small, said: "Hmmm, we have small things to solve! ..." - She looked at him and smartly replied: "Hmmm, I already had big problems and I solved all of them! ..." Referring to him, for he is very big! They both laughed a lot and looked back at the Earth, at the time was formed... She also met in the Star System of Sirius the one known as Atruz-zzz and The Mantle Bearer.

She is a beautiful storyteller, and has this innate ability. On many occasions where there were conflicts, she was called. And even though the quarrel between the beings was truly "running loose," she began to tell stories, ... beautiful stories of systems she'd gone through. She sought a high, clear, and safe place to avoid being dragged into the midst of the confusion and with her "wand", increased the tone of her voice to be heard by all. And it began. At first, one listened and cursed her, but she, in a good mood, said, "Wait there's more, do not look at me!" She smiled, because she is a very cheerful being. And she continued. Gradually, two, three, four, ... everyone was looking at her and sitting around her to hear Cinti's tales. And in this, she managed to stop many confusions, many of them extremely trefoilous in combat. She could, with her magic, sweetness and joy work around the situation and keep everyone's attention on herself.

She has another incredible ability: stopping time - done that she learned from the old cacique who gave her the feather / magic wand. When it is in its highest expressions, it can stop the time to correct some things and even stop an entire war. Of course, it uses this ability only when it is fully authorized by the higher forces so that it would in no way interfere with Free Will. It takes a great deal of urgency to be allowed to use that power. When in the lower dimensions, it does not stop for time, but can easily delay or advance the time and give the clear feeling to those around you that time is going too fast, or too slow. For many times she did this as a joke and took a "scolding" from his superiors. She specialized in this ability with a beautiful being from the Andromeda Galaxy called "Alfin".

She is being called by the Pleiades 1 to incorporate her Shimmering Magic in the astral zones and, with permission, use her gift of stopping time to relieve the pains of those who weep and moan of pain in the dense regions. At the same time, bring these awareness to pay attention to it, when it tells the greatest story of the Galaxy: that of the transformation of the Terrano Plan into a Jewel of the Galaxy. It will tell beautiful stories and help in relief, while beautiful Beings of Light cleanse the astral zones, for it has stopped only the "time of suffering" and all movements except the consciences of all those present there. Being called to enchant with her joy and magic, both in the astral and in the physical plane, and to invoke the devic energies. For restoration of Fauna and Flora of the Terrano Plan. And she is being cheerfully warned by Pleiades 1 to "Not abuse her gift of stopping time, or even to advance or delay, when on the surface ...". And she continues to be the beautiful, always merry fairy and extremely faithful to the Light. It was as far as Jesus allowed me to see.

SHONAR-ASTRONOMER = It is a magnificent being of indescribable energy. It is an intergalactic traveler. Travels between worlds systems leading to his light energy and healing. It is a magnetic be in nature and attracts all arround him when is nearby . Incarnated at the time of Christ and was among his disciples. It was one of those who heard when the Master Christ-said "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Rejoice, for I am with you!" - And he did and is doing. 

It is an angelic being who has direct connection to the beloved Archangel Raphael and the Divine Mother, and is a beautiful bridge to these energies in Terrana surface and in any system of worlds that is. May, at the mental level, see any star system he want, just closing his eyes and intending. It has a deep connection with those who, in Terrana surface, were known as "The Maya". It was an inspiring those of the Seven Mayans Prophecies. It is a sidereal astronomer. 

It is also an organizer Master of Star Clusters. In his highest expression, from his monadic group, it is one that activates the supernovae and is the one that comes with the "birth and death" of a star, getting there on their side. He and his group oversee these celestial events in order to maintain harmony and direct the forces generated in supernovae. And after the major energy peaks of the stars, help in its reorganization. It regulates how far the brightness of a supernova can go and, with his monadic group, smoothes the explosion. Help in the process of defragmentation material generated by supernovas. 

In the 90s, the forces of darkness were trying to blow up our sun location. This was prevented by the action of your Higher Self and monadic group, together with the galactic forces of Light who oversee the Solar System Local. 

There are billions of years ago , in a not necessarily natural event, a group of low vibration of consciousness (similar to the Sith, Star Wars), decided to go to a System of Worlds and there to do experiment. In that system, there were three great suns , exactly the same size and these beings have desired to explode these suns and technologically absorb the energy generated by supernovas. They began the process by injecting an incalculable amount of plasmic energy in the core of stars and other means. (These, despite receiving information on my mental screen, I can not describe linearly.) Automatically, the agglomerate planets around the stars began to feel the effects, and many of the inhabitants of these worlds had to leave their homes quickly before the blasts it would, of course, swallow all the planets of that cluster. The Shonar felt in their being the energy change in the universe. As they always know, internally, when celestial events will happen naturally, "were surprised" because they had nothing planned in their "agendas", there was no natural solar blast expected. Or, worse: three blasts happen that would form a hyper-supernova unbalancing whole system and beyond. Immediately moved to the location and when the stars were about to come into supernovas, technologically reversed the process, leaving "The Sith" well boring. They could not fight back because, besides the armies of Shonar also reached a huge Arcturian fleet to support the Shonar. The whole process was undone and the habitants of the Worlds clusters around the stars were able to return to their homes. 

It is being called by Pleiades 1 to defragment the Earthen minds, bringing them back into balance and harmony. His presence, wherever he go, it is essential to harmonize the environment. He's like a force center, as a huge sun that magnetically attracts all things to his loving orbit. It is being called to heal which for many seems incurable, thanks to its connection with the Archangel Raphael. It is also being called to radiate in the Terrans hearts Love of the Divine Mother, because, as a bridge that is, he can do this just by looking into the eyes of beings, without saying a word. It has a strong magnetism throughout the body and can play and to shock people, magnetic shock, discharges healing and that's also being called: that through the loving touch, defragment being, putting it back in Divine alignment and in full peace, bright as a supernova and harmonious as a System of Worlds Spinning around The Suns. 

SILANIS VEUSTUS-AMORATIS, THE FLAME OF CONTEMPLATION It is a Being that came from a system not yet known by the Terran.  Of Celtic nature, it passed through several other systems, Pleiades, Sirius and, before its arrival in the Terrestrial Plan, it was among the Kumaras, in Venus. It has arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. It is a being who works directly with the Elohim.

During its many lives on Earth, it used its contemplation power to recreate areas devastated by war, plague, and terror. It contemplated in Love everything it saw, and mentally recreated those spaces. It brought down a magic that came directly from the Elohim, and quickly these areas began to take on the air of peace, health and Love. It never saw anything but the Love of God in all things, and in this contemplation, automatically created only perfection and Love, where there was none. It holds the power of benevolent creation and can easily obtain the energy of Flowers.

On one of the occasions, in the Terrestrial Physical Plan, she was among the Poor Clares, when she was very close to that known as Clare of Assisi. Clare, the Catholic Saint, the Twin Soul of Francis of Assisi, has her as dearly beloved and is, at every moment, projecting the energy of Love on her, radiating the most sweet perfume of the Love of the Pink Flame. She has also incarnated in the time of Christ, being very close to that known as Magdalene. She saw, very closely, the Crucifixion and the disincarnating of that Kind Being. She cried, and from that moment forward, she promised herself that she would take his message everywhere, as if it was her own.

The systems of worlds from which she came are beautiful, all of them covered with beautiful small flowers and many of them, of various species, were brought to the Terrestrial physical plan by her grouping billions of years ago. The group "Flame of Contemplation" was heard saying ... "We will take what we have, to that world where we will be born. We will teach and we will love, as this is what we have and this is what we can do." Through the universe, there was a road of Flowers where the Flames have passed, leaving a trail of flowers along the way. The Harps of Angels could be heard playing and the Elohim was seen on front, clearing the way. It is one of the most beautiful scenes of the Akashic of the Galaxy, and one day, she, the beloved Silanis Veustus-Amoratis, will be able to revive. By the way, her name means "The Flower that descends from the Universe."

There are some members of her group incarnated on the Terrestrial surface, both male and female, and some of them have already met her and recognized each other. One of them is the one known as Snatam Kaur. The other being belonging to this grouping is that known as Deva Premal, and another, such as Enya. Among the masculine aspects that also represent this force, one became known as Michael Jackson. Another masculine aspect is that known as Emmanuel Dagher. Zero i is not a direct representative of this force, but is one of its guardians. He has also assumed the mission to protect this grouping on the Terrestrial surface.

It is a meek being who is being called by the Pleiades to look at the areas where there is war, plague and terror and there launch its magic. It has direct connection with Elohim Vista and can easily transmute any negative current, in any environment. The Elohim always looks forward to being called to work together.

She is also being called to look especially at Zone T, and there radiate all the Love of the heart. In that region there are beings of her group who are immersed and lost and in desperate need of help. Archangel Samuel also makes himself available for loving projections whenever he is called, as does Archangel Mikhael with his sword of Blue Light. Zero i, also on this occasion, is called upon to enter with his shield of Blue Light as a protector, so that the Flames of Contemplation enter the astral zones of Zone T and disintegrate the negative currents present there. She is also being called, together with her grouping, to reactivate the Goddess Vortex in that region and eradicate, for ever, the dark forces of that zone.

It was as far as Jesus allowed me to see. 

SILVESTRA, THE MOON PRIESTESS AND MULTIDIMENSIONAL WARRIOR = It is a very enlightened soul and a giant force. She is a stellar traveler and walks through the systems with a court of powerful priestesses, each carrying a spear of Light that looks more like spears made of diamonds. She has long been in the Pleiades, also in Sirius A and B. She is one of the sustainers of the Goddess energy at this moment on the planetary surface, and her connection to the Moon energies keeps her in close tune with the Goddess, especially in the phases of Full Moon and New Moon. It has deep energetic connection with Capália, the Moon Graceful and should join her, in works of anchorings.

She was incarnated in various parts of the planet and always in great connection, also with the Goddess of Prosperity. Once, when she took an influential position in France, she abdicated much of his wealth to starve and care for needy patients at a given time. She joined them, took care of the sick himself, and gave food to those who needed it. She was also incarnated next to the one known as Jesus, and was one of her assiduous listeners. At the time, she was the wife of an influential Roman senator, and did not much accept the power of Rome over the people. It was deeply touched by Jesus' message, but it was still attached to a context which, in a way, trapped her and kept her from fully following the Master. It was not body, but it was spirit. Whenever he could, he was present when the Master preached. She was disguised, so that others who knew her would not see her and say ... "Look, it's her, the Senator's wife ..."

He was also in Ancient Egypt, near the Akhenaton, and was one of the disseminators of the message of the One God. It was also an anchor of the Goddess energy in that region. It has its magnetic participation in the sphinx Sesheps. Incarnated several times in Brazil and North America, always endowed with much power and influence. She was also present in Greece, next to Pítia, in the temple of Apolo, in Delphi. When in Delphi, Pythia (the Chief Priestess), she chose young men whose husbands were in wars, to assist her in her mission. They were the Yuricys - Flowers of the Field, in the indigenous language - that aided families torn from their tribes, and the fighters in the Macedonian and Peloponese plains. Silvestra, was one of those who aided Pythia directly, being one of her most trusted. Not by chance, she was also at the side of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, who is the same spirit who animated the personality of Pythia.

It was also in the Golden Age of Ancient Atlantis and Lemuria, with great magnetic interactions with the Pleiadians. On the occasion of her passage through Lemuria, she traveled constantly with the Pleiadians, from Lemuria to the Pleiades, on special missions. She saw with great sadness the "end" of these continents and promised to the celestial forces that she would be present in the Earth plan until the return of these continents. As far as is known, they will emerge completely again. Hawaii and Easter Island are their Force points on the planet, followed by Bahia in Brazil and Sedona, Arizona in the United States. It can, through meditation, bring the energy of your points of strength to where your physical body is currently, the city or home where you live, and also make a point of strength there. One can not fail to mention that when in Lemuria, he was part of a Brotherhood called "SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSY CRYSTAL ", which is again on the Earth surface, interacting and moving the forces of this special grouping. It is the direct responsible for the sustentation of this energy in the Earth surface. Árcade, the Lemurian Master who was present with her is helping her in this support.

She is a warrior soul and defender of Truth and Honor. Not by chance, one could also call it Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons ... It is also called the Multidimensional Warrior, by its force between the dimensions. She goes with her court of Priestesses entering the black valleys like thunder, dragging the negative chains into the Light, quickly. As it enters these areas, negative entities run desperately seeking "shelter" because they know it will move such a force, as if it were a Hurricane of Light, which will drag them into it. This hurricane has the function of disintegrating negative currents. In the case of these entities, they stay inside as if they are "liquefied" and come out as bright as the Sun! It is a beautiful work, and few beings are able to descend to the more dense areas like Silvestra.

In its highest expression, it is a magnetic being coming from the magnetic universe, called Hip 5. It has great magnetic integration with those known as Lee Carroll, Zero i and IUD-IL and, of course, that being called Kryon. Its multidimensional force is yet to be fully felt as it anchors all of its transcendental heritage in its present personality, on the planetary surface. The Goddess looks at her and is constantly inspiring her to help as many as possible, as in the old days. Most of those, currently around him on the Earth physical plane, are part of his story, especially when he was in Delphi.

It is being called by the Pleiades 1 to definitively incorporate the force of the Moon Priestess and Multidimensional Warrior. Call to anchor definitively on the Earth surface the strength of the SISTERHOOD OF THE ROSY CRYSTAL. Called to gather all her "Amazons" and Priestesses of Light to continue the work on the earthly and astral surface of the planet. Called to invoke the Pleiadians so that they can continue the work and special missions by the cosmos, now completely conscious on the Terran surface of who is, and what it represents. Called to go to the zones of the lower astral, to move its tornado of Light and to stone the souls brutalized by hatred and rancor. She has a special energy that dispels rancor and hatred easily. Call on simplicity so that more energy is delivered to them, so that you can incorporate 100% into your MULTIDIMENSIONAL EU. It is constantly assisted by that known as Pythia and by that known as Akhenaten. The Apollo God honors and welcomes her by projecting her energies to her in all her incarnations. The Goddess of Fortune is always directing her in her ways and asking her to remain loving and humble, so that she may continue to prosper and bring prosperity to all those around her.


It is as far as Jesus allows me to see.

SONILA-VA, THE GUIDE OF MEMORIES = Member of Team Seeds of Stars. I'm not allowed to mention her name straight. It is a very loving be from the Pleiades cluster. Went through several systems, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda and some galaxies not known yet of the Terrans. When the cluster, Pleiadian, has a guise of about two and a half meters tall, thin, delicate limbs and big eyes in a bright sapphire blue. Have skin reasonably in  cream tone, white to yellowish. She wears a overall well tight , also in the same tone. It has a beautiful white crystal on the forehead, that helps you connect with other beings.

It's a Memory Guide ... She, when requested, very lovingly directs the memories of beings into the right place. It has the power to disintegrate the painful memories and that are no longer needed in the way of some being. Usually disintegrate memories implanted by malevolent beings, which aims to actually violate the free will and get in the way of being. Some of these malevolent beings create false memories and deploy, (when they can) in some beings. For example: deploy someone a memory, a reminder that they were abandoned by the Creator, the Creator at any given time abhorred them. They, according to their degree of consciousness or not accept that memory and start to suffer with this rejection of memory.

She goes to many systems and large assemblies. Teaches all she can about all our memories stored in our being. It is like a super-mega-hyper computer and whenever it connects to a being, stores in itself the memories of another being, and keep a record. She has stored in it, trillions of beings memories, but, more than that. She uses these stored memories to somehow explain certain things, when in their assemblies. She can materialize the memory in her hands and show everyone, show in detail what each memory energy is, what types of energy have in memory, how powerful, important, or it can be unhealthy, etc ...

I see in her hands now, mental screen, it, at a assemblies, showing in her hand a rejection of memory, and looks more like a ball of the dark, giving a small spasms and small bursts of dark energy. On the other hand, it shows the memory of a love that looks like a bright pink sun ...

Many beings, especially those who are in the densest experiences like Terrana, for example, keep many memories of suffering, sorrow, unhappy moments, etc ... And she can approach and, with much love, help in the process of being dissolution of those memories, giving them a final destination, so that they are dissolved in the light. It's not that be go forgetting something, but only he no longer suffer the influence of those memories, so that will get in your way. It is a kind of guide for the memories, taking them where they need to go and stay. She, when connect with another being , through its crystal light in the middle of her forehead, can take the memories "with hands" and give direction to them so that they no longer interfere in the evolutionary process of being, if so you have to. Respecting the free will of every being.

It works by helping many beings who lost their memories due to certain traumas. She can quickly restore. It is always in recovery rooms beings who have suffered the trauma of a nuclear explosion or the like, and just losing theirs memories and soul fragments. She can assemble / rearrange everything quickly with much love. It is also very present in the magnetic prisons, which concentrate the ferocious beings who do not take the head the idea of destruction. It unlocks all that prevents them from seeing where they came from (the source). It shows them that are Divine and Beautiful beings and can leave that vibration and rise to the highest, when they want. She and her group will be one of the forces that will help in cleansing the etheric body of humanity Terrana. She has done this kind of restoration in other systems, including the Pleiades, helping to restore the etheric galactic postwar bodies.

It is being called by Pleiades 1, just to start completely anchor this power in Terrana surface and in the astral areas. Each being GUIDE MEMORIES has a group around them of seven beings who can be physical (incarnated) or spiritual. They just walk in seven. So it is being called the tune with the other six of its current, and then with the other seven other current and so on. Each being is like of seven. A being subdivided into seven. And when connected to other clusters of seven, become so powerful, able to completely restore not only local systems, such as the solar system, the Earth, but as an entire galaxy. Call chanting vibration "Iaa-aummmm - Iaa-aummmm - Iaa-aummm", it begins to activate the crystal in the middle of the forehead and connect with the other six fragments conscious of himself, and with the other groups Seven.

It is far Jesus allowed me to see.

STARDUST 2 (or STARDUST) = Operation Stardust was conducted by Pleiadean Fleet from the Earth's orbit. Stardust is the code for a special advanced nanotechnology. It is a powder made of nano-particles were sprayed inside the physical bodies of members of the cabal and their lackeys (think "cosmic chemtrails"). This nano powder can not be removed by any technology known in the Earth. Their activation has two phases. The first phase immediately blocks the central nervous system and the person can not move. The second phase kills the person. They will be activated in the event time to block any evil that the cabal try. In most cases activation of Step 1 will suffice. The purpose of Operation Stardust is to undo the negative effects of Doom33 that cabal might want to use these heights. In combination with the action of the Positive Military is a checkmate in the power of the cabala. (For more, see:

STARGATE = Portal/Gate/Input/Output 

TAU (Initials of UNIVERSAL LOVE TRANSMITTER) = cognomen given to a being that came from a Magnetic Universe called Hip 5. It is the same universe from which Kryon and IUD-IL came. In the current timeline it is known as Zero i (SeeDreaack Zero i).

THE BEARER OF KEY = It is a being that has no physical form; It presents only as energy. Almost never wears a physical or ethereal form to submit. But when it does, it is presented with beautiful white robes and holding two golden keys, one in each hand. It has connection with Andromeda. It is a being magnetic, carrier light switches and special codes of magnetic locks and openings. It is a be fair, upholder of order energy and loving union.

It is responsible for opening Light portals in every system. Supervises the entry of all beings in different systems. Notes that the energy "A" is compatible with the environment, "B" and vice versa. It takes many souls who need psychological recovery and other recoveries due to the sectors that will help them in their recovery. It has the "key" of various magnetic spaces where dark beings are recovering and can not get out until your vibrations are more subtle. They are like caged beasts. It is a designer magnetic rooms for this purpose, and other purposes.

One can also say it is a Portal Guardian or Portals Scheduler, since he program to open certain gates at certain times and spaces. It is a being of serious and very peaceful nature. Do not be intimidated by the threats of the tenebrous when they are in their magnetic prisons. Observes them serenely. Has in his hands, when presented in this way, two white flames, in the presence of dark, become like crystal balls, where they can see everything they have done and the consequences, and what they can do good and its positive consequences. It is also a conductor, a magnetic security. When large mothers ships  go out of the densest planes carrying dense souls to recovery, or even the Central Sun, going together as a policeman ensuring transport and security. It is impossible to the forces of darkness "arming an ambush" to "release" those who are magnetically trapped when he is present. It is also impossible a brother of darkness get any made in his presence. When presented in its more human / humanoid on the spiritual planes, it always keeps the most closed eyes, almost closed, and when in a situation where the dark forces try to intimidate him, it definitely opens the two big beautiful eyes. These are like two white torches radiant light and ultimately paralyze completely any action them. Grab them lovingly and takes them to treatment or protected rooms with their light bars.

It is one of magnetic beings being called by Pleiades 1 to break the negativity on the surface and in the lower astral planes of the Terrano plan. It is being called to also open the borders of the world, dismantling the negative grid that separates the Terran each other. It is called to radiate the governments and Terran to make everyone aware that we are all One, that there is no separation and that ,Together we  are all stronger. There is no risk of come together as one race, one people:  The Terrano people.

It is called to show in both ,the physical and the subtle and denser astral planes through the flames in his hands, everything that has been done and its consequences. It is called the OPEN EYES LIGHT and bar any action of darkness AT ALL LEVELS, TIME AND DIMENSIONS.

It was to where Jesus allowed me to see.

THE GUIDE = It is a beautiful being of silver energy from the Star Sirius system. It is a magnetic guide to Love and Truth. It is connected with Sirius A and B, and, B incarnated sometimes as a Dolphin, with name-vibration that can be verbalized in the Terran system thus: "Atruz-zzz" - was also in Delphinus system and other systems some still not known by Terran. One can also say that it is an angelic being, having great connection with large and loving archangels. It is an energetic son of a beautiful archangel ...

It is a being, by nature, very happy and contagious and has lightness to show the light with subtle and gentle gestures. It is very requested in the higher astral planes to deliver light lectures, where the happyhnes and spontaneity are anchored forces. It is a being who radiates a beautiful silver light, able to engage any being, from the subtlest to densest. It has a beautiful telepathic communication skills with plants of any system, and cetaceans.

It is a being that has a great intelligence, that it's brilliant. He participated in several experiences in Sirian plans, and one of them, along with sidereal scientists ,tried to bring an ethereal system for physical to help some souls to have their experiences in physical plans, which did not work and took the planet explosion . He was very sad about what happened, but his happyhnes and divine energy quickly transmuted any sadness feelings.

It is a being who by nature has an intense desire to see the densest systems and a lot of dry land, more water than solid. So much so that in many meetings where is deciding such things, often beating requesting "more water in the environment." You can say that he is a purely water being. He had a few experiences in physical environments (physical and humanoids Incarnations)

Incarnated several times in Terrano plan, among them, in Atlantis, when also incarnated as dolphin. Then, in the same Atlantean incarnated on the surface as humanoid. It was also in Egypt, in the reign of Ramses II. He was a counselor at the time.

Due to his immense inner joy, it is easy to show beings the paths in a simple way. While some beings find it difficult to understand some things, what paths to follow, he, with his energy of joy, creates a silver energy vortex, of course, points the way to the person and she, with her free will, decides if she will follow. When dolphin, most of the time who played this way, used to be the leader of his group, pointing out the best channels.

It is also, by nature, a guardian of the planetary Akashic records, whether that system is. It has a vast collection of records inside of all systems by which passed. It has strong links with all Sirian beings , can call them at any time he wish, which will be attended immediately. It has a tiny light crystal in the center of his head, which serves as a direct communication with any device be ocean or in the Sirius system, simply intend. It is a kind of quantum device, which serves to increase the telepathic ability.

To today, also keeps a light crystal in his heart , that saved before Atlantis succumbed in darkness. It is a crystal that enabled the opening of portals, linking several vibrational plans, and linked to the Inner Earth. The dark forces wanted to find this crystal, at least one of them (were many and each one is specific to your guardian). He was one of them and managed to make it ethereal and save it on his heart light, preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. Even today, some black magicians seek to take it the crystal, but it is widely protected by Sirian around.

He is being called by Pleiades 1 to focus on the great oceans and telepathically call your oceanic family of cetaceans, and exchange necessary information to help them in the implementation of the Crystalline Grid on the planet. They, the cetaceans , are anchors the crystal and magnetic energy developers. It is also being called upon to help the big cetaceans to ensure protection of the great records stored in their fields, and prevent evil forces to take possession of them. Being called for also, with his joy, open paths breaking negativity where he goes, and showing the light channels open waiting for all and, pointing the way with joy and lightness. Also called to teach beings to keep them pearls in their hearts, with much love, avoiding to throw them to the wind and trying, somehow, to show that everything has its time, and that what needs to be revealed is the moment right. Finally, he has the ability to bless the waters at the touch of fingers. It is far Jesus allowed me to see.

THE MANTLE BEARER, Guardian of 76 Sirian Crystals = It is a charming be , of Sirian origin , and influential passages in the systems of the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda and other beautiful systems. Sirius, in one of his guise, is head of a small fleet of 7 Sirian Spaceships. In this guise is a commander. Works with "The GUIDE (ATRUZ-ZZZ)" from there. Also, on the same system in dimensions slightly higher, he have a female guise and interacts directly with the Mariana Fleet and beloved Master Sananda. In its guise of 13th dimension, it is a loved one of the Legion of Mikhael, being one of those emissaries of the words of the Prince of Angels, in the lower spheres. Easily works in many dimensions simultaneously and can be as Angel of the Legion of Mikhael, Female Sirius expression, Commander of the Syrian fleet, recognition and anchor of Sirian light all at the same time. It is much loved in the star system of Sirius and is always greeted with party when it comes to his small fleet. 

He is a being a bearer of a beautiful skill: leads the invisibility mantle of Mikhael. Use it whenever necessary, decreeing "I AM THAT THE DARKNESS NOT SEE." He can design in any being and make the decree and immediately the Forces of Light protect that mentioned, putting on him the mantle of invisibility. (Of course, always within a larger plan and respecting the free will). In his highest expression, have a sacred code that can activate in any being, "giving him" the immediate activation ability of the Invisibility mantle. It is responsible for, in many Sirian missions, putting the mantle of invisibility on the ships when they descend to the low vibrations, making them invisible to the dark Ones. 

Their phalanx of bearers Invisibility beings and Higher Self helped Mary, Joseph and Jesus on the flight into Egypt, playing on the three the mantle of invisibility, and on many other occasions, preventing the power of Rome to find them. Followed Maria in her ministry after the disembodiment of the Master Jesus and Joseph, helping her as he can. In several missions of Mary, many people wanted to see her and get her love, many, ... even the Romans, the wives of many of the Roman soldiers and even members of the Senate itself.

The Invisibility mantle bearer cast upon them the holy Mantle and prevented the Roman power saw them next to Mary, or spreading the Gospel, lest they be tortured and killed. The bearar of the Invisibility mantle, in deep connection with your Higher Self, saw the whole path of the Master in his climb up the hill of crucifixion, and said to the Lord ... "I can help you, Lord, I can make that Rome not see you ... "- what the Master said ..." Beloved of my heart, it must be so But I ask you to do something more important: make people to see no evil one in the others! but only Love. " - And he, the mantle bearer , knelt and wept copiously, being escorted, by a Roman soldier. 

He incarnated hundreds of times on Terrano's physical plane in order to help anchor Sirian energy on the surface. Often it was to open powerful portals of Light that would bring Sirian forces to the surface and was hindered and hunted by the forces of darkness. In one particular incarnation, he was a very dear person for the one who, on the Terran surface, became known as Galileo Galilei. He was present in the French revolution and, at the time, was already using his invisibility ability. In Egypt, he was among the great initiates and was a powerful anchor of the Sirian energies. He incarnated more than once in Ancient Egypt. He was present in Atlantis, where he again interacted with "THE GUIDE (ATRUZ-ZZZ)". At the time, was a priestess responsible for storing the Sirian records of Light and was a kind of oracle, bringing Sirian forces and information to the inhabitants of the Great Island. Received from the Sirian beings, powerful crystals of Light that were buried in the heart of Mother Earth, as she received the guidelines. One of these crystals, in etheric form, is connected directly to her heart. It has a deep connection with those who, on the Terran surface, were known as "The Mayans." And it has deep connection with the Seven Mayan Prophecies. It helped build some of the Mayan pyramids. 

He participated in various experiments on the Sirians planes, and in one of them, along with sidereal scientists, he tried to bring an ethereal system to the physical to help some souls to have their experiences on physical planes, which ultimately did not work - and led the planet to the explosion. 

By his consecrated ability he helped several times to "hide" Lightworkers in sacred missions in several eras, making them disappear from the view of the darkness, only enacting a few words and invoking their strength. In sacred missions, centuries ago, he entered with groups of Lightworkers inside the Vatican in order to seek hidden information from humanity. Of course, nobody saw them, the Mantle was on them ... 

He is a Sacred Guardian of 76 Sirian Light Crystals. He and his group have the beautiful mission of storing these crystals and ensuring that they are not stolen and misrepresented by the forces of darkness. These crystals are in the astral plane of the Earth, secured by a Mantle of Invisibility, and only those who have a high vibration can see them and even touch them. They contain all of Sirius' historical record and incredible power to restore all the cells of human bodies. They are like the Fountain of Youth to those who touch them and are safe and guarded, until the moment they will be brought to the Terran surface, when the moment is activated. 

Thousands of years ago, in an experiment in the Galaxy of Andromeda, his cluster of Ships entered a system still unknown by the visiting fleet. The Mantle Bearer, when he saw it, saw another fleet of unfriendly creatures surrounding his group, which he immediately took into the hands of all his ship's crew, telepathically connecting with all the other ships and crew of His fleet and made it descend from the 13th dimension Sacred Codes that left every fleet invisible. He had not "known" that he could do this, and had since been called upon to go on special missions where there were certain risks of reprisal. 

He is being called by Pleiades 1 to keep the mantle on the 76 Sirian Crystals. Being called to make people not see evil in each other, but only Love, through their powerful vibrations of Sirius Light. Called to begin anchoring on the surface the energy of the 76 Sacred Crystals. Called to cast the mantle over all Lightworkers so that they will not be hampered by the forces of darkness. Called to connect with its grouping of 76,000 Sirian beings, some on the physical plane, others on the Terrestrial Astral, and others on the ships that surround the Terrano plan, to ensure the safety of the Lightworkers on the surface through their deep connection with Mikhael, Sananda and Maria. It's as far as Jesus allowed me to see. 

THE REPROGRAMMER = In the area of Computer science, "reprogramming" is an indispensable operation to obtain the best performance of a computer and is the ideal resource to be used after the operation "defragmentation" of the machine. The P1, in his loving and precise work, brought these two operations together, also for humanity. First he provided the "defragmentation" of the Terrans, (see details in the entry "Nilun", in the glossary of P1 and message of Ashtar here:, to then display the "The Reprogrammer" package.

As with a computer that has fragmented data in the machine, people are having parts of their US fragmented by the inclemencies of life in duality. And this is what humanity is receiving, at this moment, by our Creator's Love: a reprogramming energy to optimize what has been previously successfully defragmented. It is necessary that the Terrans open themselves to the process, to receive these blessings that are offered to us.

It is not a being, but an energetic package which IUD-IL and its grouping will sustain it for as long as it takes. This energy is the representation of a level of consciousness of humanity. An example of a reprogrammer here can be quoted is the beloved ascended master Saint Germain.

The Being that is under this energy (through a certain level of consciousness) becomes a retransmitter of the same, and emits reprogramming signals of DNA. The Being that is under this radiation has as its main signal emitting port, the eyes. That is why in many stories some people reported that they could not look into the eyes of those considered "saints" because they emitted a reprogramming signal to which the consciousnesses immersed in the domains of the ego felt fearful and did not face.

The IUD-IL cluster is responsible for bringing all this potential for reprogramming again. This force comes to the earth plane always with an awakened being, but now it is being "thrown" for all mankind in order to cause a reverberating effect, as a result, they will see humans looking more into their eyes. It is a sign, somehow unconscious, that the essences will be sending each other that the moment has arrived for the final reprogramming, the great definitive leap. And IUD-IL and its grouping will ensure this.

TIME KEEPER = The Time Keeper has the function of unifying the ages, the generations together and help in lighting the timelines. "The Time Keeper is one that holds the magic of time, which can visualize and bring any eons of energy to the present and illuminate what still needs to Light. He is not upper or lower. He is just one of the representatives of the magic of the unification of timelines. He can, if he want, and are harmonized, access the Akashic and illuminate old energies. There have to be a lot of humility and love for it. 

T.SET OR SET TUNNELS = Set Tunnels or "T.Set" mentioned by Pleiades 1 are plasma networks of implants connected to one another and mined with strangelets pumps and toplets. This network of implants was slowly built over millions of years through this quadrant of the Galaxy by mad scientists of the chimera group, who were the master strategic planners of the orion / draco / reptilian Military Complex. (See: It has been found that the membrane of the outer / Tachyonic barrier is to a certain extent permeable to the plasma anomaly and, under certain conditions, plasma negative entities can cross the membrane through the Set Tunnels in both directions, inside and outside the Solar system. Plasma outside our Solar System is still not completely free of the primary anomaly, in particular, the plasma filament that extends along the Orion arm. In an interview with Cobra was asked about underground bases and was also asked for explanations about Set Tunnels, when they were made, what they are, how deep they are and what is happening there. Cobra replied that the Set Tunnels are not physical Tunnels. They are not underground structures. They are structures on the plasma plane at the quantum level. It was also asked whether these structures are part of the Plasma Scalar Field Network or if they are only part of the Arconte Network in high negative extraterrestrial dimension where they exist. In response, COBRA explained that this is part of the anomaly in the plasma plane and the T.Set are quantum singularities that contain darkness and this is being cleaned now. It's in the process of being clean at the moment. 


VANULA, THE SOURCE OF POTIONS = Potions source is a Star Being with mission to go in dense astral and physical spaces and heal those who are there through the eyes. He has the ancient wisdom of the elders and healers holds internally the knowledge of all the body's healing potions, mind and spirit. It has the innate ability to balance all the bodies and tune them in the light. It is the very white magic in motion. It integrates easily with all beings of nature, and brings away all the energy he needs.

VIRUS 1/7 MAGNUM = Virus 1 of 7 in the fraudulent banking system - Function: Causing damage to the system and prevent transactions via SWIFT ("Society for Interbank Financial Telecommunication Codes / Society Codes for Financial Telecommunications and Interbank" ( and other fraudulent means of the dark cabal. A computer virus inserted by the forces of Light to gradually bring down the old system and prevent cabal of dark actions to continue using world's money to their plans.

Virus "NEFELIM1" = it's a light code implanted on negative matrix in order to knock down some specific system sectors. A little more specifically, to dismantle negative amoebas input sectors, which has the function of inducing and confusing and let Light Warriors and Light Workers into doubt and extreme tiredness, implanting the idea of "To work for the Light doesn't worth". I saw these "Virus", as little quantum light balls, in shapes of sacred geometry. The vision that I had was like a rip on the matrix and trough this rip (Sector Gate B12), or rather, specific entrance, where amoebas come in to sustain the "Ball/Planet" whole. It's like the Earth was a blowing ball, and through the neb the air get in there. But it's not the air what gets in! I saw the "Virus" closing that entrance of "air", like when we suffered a cut, and the antibodies "run" to heal the incision. So, it's here " Virus Nefelim1" = "LightAntibodies".

VIRUS SINUS = is a light source inserted in the negative matrix. In this case, for cutting up specifically negative plasma layers that prevent or try to prevent pure entry of sunlight and / or Light of the Light forces. Or even prevent the entry of telepathic thoughts of the Light of Supreme sphere mentors. The word "virus" is used because, in this case, it causes an "infection" (positive) in the negative matrix and begins to cause collapse. This code (Sacred Geometries microscopic) Light is designed to Sirius A.

VISIONS = Spies 

VITHOR - THE MIKHAEL ANGEL = A beautiful being of Mikhael legions. Of disciplining vibration, it was called by the Prince of Angels to come to known galaxy by Terran by the Milky Way and next to Light legions already present in the environment, anchor the energy of the 13th Dimension and beyond. He belongs to this dimension, having free access to several others. It has a stamp "authorized" to access up to the 17th dimension where, when he go, does it gather information with the Elders Holy Universal and bring them to the lower dimensions. 

He saw the whole process that led to Atlantis to succumb, and was next to a great pharaoh known as Tutankhamen, as one of his guardians. He saw the beloved pharaoh was dying and could not get in the time. He was present in many wars in Terrana surface. Because of his impetus for justice, he was captured and tortured many times for wanting to reveal secrets that discovered from those who wished evil of humanity. He was known in the Crusades and in Rome at the time of Christ. 

He is the bearer of Mikhael law seal. He and his phalanx are billions of angels who are always present in the whole Solar System formations in order to ensure order and that no negative force will intervene in the process. He was present at the creation of several galaxies, including the Milky Way Galaxy, which decided to try the materiality and the lower dimensions. 

In many of his tasks also resembles the Top View, the White Wizard, dressing like black angel and into the spaces where denizens plot against good. He comes among them and start talking casually, leading them to laughter, where they themselves, out of darkness, can understand why laugh. But laugh delightfully. Vithor has a special ability to look and, for more serious that is, there is in his eyes an extremely joyful energy and no being, the subtlest to densest, can resist his serious look and at the same time, loving and playful. When he want it activates the energy of joy and leads beings in these spaces Machiavellian meetings to laughter, transmuting with the Blue Fire all the ideas there. 

Once, in one of those meetings where Vithor was called by Mikhael to part, Vithor did not know how to get there. The present Magicians were extremely intelligent and smart, cognizant of various spells and already knew Vithor and his abilities. This happened in the star system of Orion, billions of years ago. Vithor decided to go and, through the meeting, dressed as a child of 1 year, with beautiful blue eyes. 

The black magicians, tall, with his black hoods and red eyes, with half of their faces like skulls, and the other half as a dark smoke, they saw the child that appeared in the middle of the room. They stopped and looked and one of them said, "Do not fall for it! We know who it is!". The baby smiled lovingly and, with her big blue eyes, charmed the grosser heart present there. The black magicians had reached the Andromeda Galaxy and recruited there in the system, beings that come with them to a "service". In fact, they wanted to capture some of that cluster beings to be their slaves in a invasion that they wanted to do in a certain system ... (Solar System Location ...). All of them in that room were enchanted with Vithor, the beautiful child of bright blue eyes, but one of them fell not easy. That being, is one of the "air" mentioned in the Pleiades 1 Glossary . One of the "air" more powerful. In Terrana surface it is known as Hitler. (This be is already in the process of recovery and the forces of Light already working for his elevation and reintegration in the Light community. Send all Light you can to this be, that he enlighten his conscience). Vithor, kept smiling and the head of that group of magicians approached him with suspicious eyes, while the other smiled delighted with Vithor. This began to look into his eyes and meanwhile, hypnotized of much love, to that when the head of the black magicians realized what was happening, he threw his stick to the side and said "No one can seduce me, no !!!" And this time, an army of Light Blue Angels entered the magnetic space where they were ,and captured all other black magicians råere present , less one. The head of them managed to escape by a black vortex created by himself when he threw his stick to the ground, returning to the Andromeda Galaxy again, where he promised to return with more force to what he wanted to do. 

Vithor, was a bit "sad" for failing to capture their leader, but again smiled and return to have his usual seriousness. Most of these black magicians captured at the time, were embodied in the Terran physical plane and some of them already in the process of returning to the Light, incarnate as desired Jews persecuted by Hitler. One of the Blue Light Angels of Vithors Army, was incarnated in Germany and tried to take Hitler scene. This angel became known on the surface as Colonel Stauffenberg. He promised Vithor to help capture the head of that group of black magicians, it Vithor said: "There are many ways we may collect these emissaries of darkness, Lionar (name of Stauffenberg Angel, in high vibrations). And the most effective is the time. Everyone wants to experience the time because they crave to have control of everything, and the time in the low vibration is required. There we meet because I will not settle down until see the last emissary of darkness again enveloped in light, nor do I even have to make me darkness. "They smiled, hugged and were magnetic prison where the Key Holder assured the guard the other emissaries of darkness. One of these emissaries, also decided to incarnate on Terran surface and restore his vibrancy to light. Turned out to be involved again by the magnetism of Sinorrh (head of black magicians = Hitler). This is known as Eva Braun. Its primary intent was to prevent the Sinorrh do what he intended to do, but unfortunately failed, succumbing to the magnetism of this master of the dark forces. 

Vithor, The loved being of Mikhael Legion, is a being imposing and loving. When in his high vibrations, it is so beloved that none be resisted, wanting to be at his side. In Terran surface, incarnated several times, always with his powerful magnetism and somehow a source of inspiration for the beings around him. Has his flame embodied in the system of the Pleiades, which also has a beautiful passage that cluster when it was one of the leaders of an army that helped protect the Pleiades when the galactic wars were at their peak. There, also met 0i (Zero i) again in his galactic clothing, created a magnetic grid to prevent the advance of the forces of darkness in that section. On this occasion, 0i (Zero i) met Cranu-Idini and also saw the great army of Blue Galaxy reach that cluster, among them, someone very familiar (IUD-IL). 

Vithor has deep connection with Mikhael ,can connect with him at any time. Has at his disposal a legion of angels friends, who stood with much love at their disposal whenever he want and feel tired of low Terran vibrations. Vithor is still highly respected by the dark forces because, as they are arrogant, know and honor the strength and Vithor Love and his Legion of Light. It is an expression of the Creator's Law on Terran surface and wherever he go. 

It is being called by Pleiades 1 to paste the Law seal on the hearts of all inhabitants of the surface and Terrans astral planes. He is called to go in the lower astral zones and make known, leading to his seriousness and discipline at all that there are. It is called to rescue the lower astral Terran some of his legion of angels that ,when together to him, decided to try the low vibrations, eventually succumbing, failing to return to them original state. Vithor is also by nature a rescuer and the Pleiades 1 calls to rescue all souls who want a return to the Light. Being called to radiate his magnetism of love everywhere he is, as of course can attract to near him all, when he place his attention or even when he not put his attention. His magnetism is so intense that it can attract the densest heart and there is a chance to show that there is light, straight from the heart of the Creator.

VP RUSSO = Vladmir Putin 

X-28 = Sectors in the negative astral that control the time in order to use it for its negative ends. Example: Storms created, tremors, heat and extensive cold, change of course in rivers, etc ... 

"X" (ARMY "X" OR "X" INTERNAL) = Planet X, base of the and

YALDABAOTH = the negative plasmatic Octopus connected to the Earth. (Similar to: - It's a plasmatic energy being. One of the fallen angels mentioned on scriptures. It's some kind of leader to archons. He's controlling them, because he manipulates a large amount to plasma, in this Solar System. This entity came from a certain sector of Andromeda Galaxy, passed in Orion and, finally, stopped in the Solar System. This plasmatic being, I would say, the plasmatic body of this entity is turning, slowly, into pure light, as the Light Forces are moving forward. (A little more about the subject, on:  e 

ZERO I  or SEEDREAACK 0I (ZERO I) - (GABRIEL RL) - See "SEEDREAACK  0 I"  in the letter "S" = It’s a Magnetic Being, of Overflowing and Universal Love. It came from a Magnetic Universe not yet known by the Humans. Its name SeeDreaack 0i (Zero i) is a celestial code: 0 = Unit within the Command. i = Represents expelling energy. Representative of the primary energy of Creation. Energy Action - Mikhael's Legion Blue Primary Force. Especially "Zero i" - when its name only being verbalized in the lower astral planes and on the surface, it disintegrates negative currents. The code also identifies it in the multiverses. "Zero i, this Magnetic being, recently received an upgrade in his energy field, known as ULT (Universal Love Transmitter). He spent 170 (one hundred and seventy) Earth days receiving direct energy discharges from his Magnetic Universe, which Allowed to be updated on the Earth surface and to become one of the direct transmitters of this Magnetic energy of its Magnetic Universe.

More recently, in yet another profusion of information, more information about Zero i has come, asserting that he is also the GUARDIAN OF THE AKASHIC RECORDS, LOCAL UNIVERSE. This means that he, being the Magnetic Being who is at first his mission on the physical plane, would not be bound to this task of being able to access and bring Akashic Records of this Local Universe. This access was given to him, due to his commitment in the Physical Plan, with his well-known mission  STAR SEEDS, where he has the task of Gathering the Seeds. (See more at: This being has the support of the Ancients of Time and Akashic Records, as well as Cetaceans, in this mission. In tune with these forces, he can bring any Akashic of this Local Universe (and also of other Universes) only by projecting his consciousness into the specific frame, provided it has a higher purpose. It has a deep connection with the Guardian of Time, where they work together from the very outset. Its purpose is to harmonize and illuminate the past time lines needed, as well as bring the new of the future lines and integrate it into the present timeline. This being is of an extremely expressive spiritual baggage, and to him it is being entrusted, within the PVSE Group, this responsibility of Guard and Honor of this Universal Power. This being is already known by many and, despite having several names, the Pleiades 1 calls it ZERO i.

Zero i has various clothing on the highest planes, among them an Elder. This Old Man's outfit is, let's say, a universal garment of his. He can assume it in whatever dimension he is, and present himself thus. In another, he is in a fifth-dimensional dress and is a stellar commander working on the 5th / 6th Dimension Ashtar Command.

In the dress of Zero i, is active from the 7th to the 13th dimension. It is the dress of Commander of the Star Seed Mission in the Astral Plane, Galactic and Earth Physical. Zero i has a humanoid appearance, being fairly tall at about 1.80m / 2.00m (that's what I can see in my vision). His appearance is masculine, masculine traits. When they approach him, androgenia can be seen: the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. The hair is silver and combed back. He has large eyes that blend between blue and silver, and a strong and penetrating look. His overalls also blend between silver and blue. He has a posture elegant, serious and very sweet.

From the 14th dimension onwards, it is most often seen as a silver energy ball, blending between three shades: Silver, Blue and Pink. When in the Magnetic Universe, universe from where it came, it could be said that it is an Angel.

It had passage in the local universe by the Pleiades, Cocheiro (Auriga), Sirius and other systems not yet known by the Humans. He had great influence in the creation of the Earth. Helped in what it can in the Earth project. Incarnated in several points of Planet Earth. In Egypt, for example, when he received from God the opportunity to lead a people of a certain dynasty. By all means - Amenhotep III.

He was in great Human battles: he was a Medjai warrior; Was in Sparta (Greece); Also was leader of an army that tried to save Jerusalem from the destruction; Then, in the Earth astral planes, helped in the protection of the Holy Grail; Was also alongside Alan Kardec. And, more recently, as a general who tried to bar Hitler.

In the current Local Universe, he usually resides in a large Mother Ship. At this time, he works simultaneously on three points: Earth Plane, Astral Plane and Mother Ship. It now acts as a window on the Terran physical plane for this energy coming directly from the Magnetic Universe , From where its essence belongs. In this, it was opened to greater contact with the kingdoms of Earth nature, water, fire, earth and air, because of this update.

He is a very loving and humble being. He does not accept praise easily and, when he accepts it, he is serene in the soul because he knows that he is just another one to serve the Light. His loving magnetism is like a powerful attractor: he attracts many around him because of the intense positive attraction that his heart exercises.

He is a being who holds great universal secrets and, in many of his lives, suffered at the hands of darkness for trying to wrest powerful codes from him, which he gave his life many times to honor high places. He is also an interstellar guardian protecting the portals and wormholes of incoming negative entities in certain universes. He recently barred a huge draconian army from entering a certain universe ... In one of his universal personalities, he works at the Ashtar Command and in another, he is an Elder Counselor, where he inspires people to have Faith.

Belonging also to the Monad of the one who on earth was known as St. Francis of Assis and, with much Love, placed himself at the disposal of this loving being to serve and help wherever possible the enlightenment of the Humans, showing them the power of the Faith and inciting The divine inspiration in the heart of every Human.

This time he was called by Prince Mikhael to gather thousands of Star Seeds on the Earth surface. It is one of the many dials of the way that came the Earth in the service of the Light and to the call of Mikhael. When in the spiritual zones, in a large gathering of thousands of universal groupings that were ready to come to the Earth zone, it was unanimously chosen within their grouping as being the one who, when incarnate, would help them to remember who they Were. Very moved, he knelt down in front of everyone (he was in his robe now), and he cried. Those in the hall saw drops of Light fall from their heavenly eyes and these Drops of Light were seen falling to Earth. He was applauded by his grouping, and then he got up and went to each one there, one by one, and kissed them on the forehead saying "So be it!"

It is a being extremely sensitive to energies. Next to it, it is necessary that the highest possible vibration is maintained because it manages to capture any negative fraction and that, somehow, when in the Earth plane, it ends up making it sad. He does’nt consider himself better than any other being, but he wants to show with all his heart what each being represents in creation. When very happy, it shakes the darkness and dissipates it quickly. When sad, it looks like a beautiful sunny day that is suddenly covered by thick dark clouds, and everyone around them feels the intense change of energy.

No being outside of a loving alignment can stay very close to it unless it is in the same tune. The radiation emitted is so tremendous that either the being enters into the same tune or moves away, because it can not withstand the vibration. And, likewise, it may be so simple that it is confused with the flowers of the field, especially Zantedeschia aethiopica. "

He is surrounded by an army of Light who has stood ready to assist him in the work of gathering the seeds. It has direct connection with Mikhael, being one of its rays in the Earth physical plane. It is also one of the rays of the one that in the Earth plan was called of Akhenaton. She is also currently working on the energy of the Ascended Master Rowena and Master Nada. He has the constant protection and guidance of Archangel Gabriel, who inspires him in the selection of materials that will air on his Star Seeds website. It is currently one of the channels of the spokesperson for the Galactic Federation, SaLuSa of Sirius. It has its flame incarnated at present on the physical plane.

Due to its nature, I would not like to expose this information, but relented at the request of its team on Earth and P1. As already mentioned, it is one of many Paths on the Earth surface. Its total grouping has about 100 (one hundred) million souls, in which about 55% of these souls are on the Earth surface and the others are in the astral zones, both lower and higher, and in the ships around the Planet. The souls closest to him, those who have quickly understood his call to awaken, are those that help him to awaken the others from the same grouping. He is a very simple being in the gaze, but he shudders anyone when empowered in the Light he brings from his Magnetic Universe.

It is always in constant updating, being able to be talking with some Human and, for some seconds, to take his gaze to the horizon ... In these moments, it is working in one of the other two planes: Astral or Mother Ship.

It was also called by the Pleiades 1, thanks to the seriousness with which it conducts its work in the physical plane, and thanks to the simplicity in its heart that maintains the energy anchored, allowing the entrance of more Light - in this case, the P1.

ZONE T = Astral Space of Israel. 

4TD*U&L= Fourth Dimension, Upper and Lower

444-Local = Media Communication Sectors controlled by MiD and "air".

The others used terms on Pleiades 1, are intuitively understood by linear mind, dismissing, therefore, major explanations here.


I hope, in some way, I could bring to you elucidations about the messages on serie "A QUICK NOTE ABOUT THE SITUATION"- from our friends of spheric energy Pleiades 1.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

IMPORTANT: Before ending this exhibition, it's convenient explain that I've already had the information about the existence of "consciousness spheres". During the course that I canalized, "Initiation/Course: The path of Multidimensionality - taking consciousness of parallel realities", El Morya, the inspiring Master of this course, dispose the student in meditation and leads him to meeting these consciousness spheres, proving, that way, the accuracy of the information. It's recorded on course CD, between 00:30:00 and 00:31:20 of the counter. Here the transcription of excerpt:

"... The Love pulses in your heart. Quickly, you're taken to a place, a place unique limitless, with no walls, no ceiling, which emits only intense white radiation. And, in that place, you can notice others physical. Only energy. There's thousands of them!... Thousands of consciences. Billions of consciences. Trillions of consciences!... Until the Infinity. And you, completely in peace, feeling all the Love that compounds yourself. You unify yourself to all of them. All of you now, are just ONE CONSCIENCE!..." (About the course, get more information here:


To Candido Pedro Jorge and Pablo Felini, members of my beloved team Sementes das Estrelas, by previous elaboration of TERMS AND EXPRESSIONS USED on Pleiades 1.

To Tânia Zanelatto de Campos e Solange Yabushita by textual revision.

To Davi Aguiar, by contribution on searches.

To Luís Fernando Rostworowski by the prodution of the sample video.

In love, blessing and Light,

Gabriel RL

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English translation: by Sementes das Estrelas / Cintia Liborio / Candido Pedro Jorge / Daniela Carvalho / Filipe Novais / Flávia Grimaldi / Leony Nogueira / Pablo Felini 


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