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A QUICK NOTE (and extraordinary) about the Pleiades 1

*A QUICK NOTE (and extraordinary) about the Pleiades 1.

Hello, my dear ones, a quick (and extraordinary) note about the Pleiades 1.

Gabriel: I have recently seen some people irritated with the codifications of the messages of the Pleiades 1. To understand them further, it is necessary to consult the Glossary, but, as they have already said, they are messages to the Higher Self. (See here the Glossary with their information on the importance and seriousness of these messages). I asked them:

Dear ones, there are angry people with the codings, asking you to speak simply and without the codes. What do you say? Well, they smiled lovingly and said:

P1: It is also our intention that these messages come through something that you still can not see, neither with the physical eye and, sometimes, nor with the eye of the soul (extremely subtle codes that only in deep meditation is able to see Their forms and performances), and unlock your intellect. These messages, as we have said, are full of codes that enter through your physical eyes, go to the soul and begin a process of unblocking your intellect, activating your intelligence and logic even more. Do you know that you use only 3% of the total capacity of your brain?

Gabriel: You said 3% ... Maybe this information gives a problem, since Terran science claims 10% ...

P1: Some on the Terran surface use (or have already used) 10%. You have heard from your science that you use 10% ... we say only 3%. Know that the calculations they make do not compare with ours. With all our respect. 10% of your calculations, it's 3% for us, or even less. We do not want to belittle you, but, let's say, encourage you to accept that you are match more than 3% and / or 10%. Maybe if some of you get angry about it and say, "I am more than that!", Even that irritation will activate an energy that will empower you, in a way. Know, you are more than any % and that is why we are here.

Gabriel: Oh! (Astonished!)

P1: Our intention is to help. And for those who are angry with our intention, we say again: come to the 10% and beyond. You are more than that and can understand, if you get out of linearity, and look for something that is beyond the five senses. With each message you read, more codes of Light enter through your eyes, they activate your intelligence and brilliant logic even more. There is no need to rationalize; It is only necessary to feel. When you feel deeply, the rationalization will be simple, and you will not have to "break your head" to understand, because your spirit has already understood. Some are not even in the meditative state they can understand, because they will meditate anxiously and ask thousands of questions at the same time, and without giving the necessary time for the SELF to express and explain. It takes more than meditation. It takes deep meditation and deep surrender. Sitting to meditate is one thing, meditating deeply and connecting with the true "you" is something else. And we are calling you to take possession of your innate intelligence. That's it, right now.

Temporarily end transmission.

Channel: Gabriel Raio Lunar

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Cintia Liborio


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