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SaLuSa - "The dogs bark, but the caravan does not stop" - 10.28.2016 (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Dear, the SaLuSa asked me to let that song below to be heard at the time of reading. I recommend you read the message aloud as the background music plays.


As might be expected, things behind the scenes are warm. A frenzy on the part of the dark Ones have kept without the ability to dictate the rules, as in the past. Are eyedropper looking his power fade to drop the drop, the last bottle of breath. One sees a lot of excitement and, on the surface, the allied forces of Light have ensured that their plans will not succeed.

Recently, our fleet prevented a nonphysical nuclear explosion in the ionosphere, an attempt to keep the negative plasmic grid operation and generate an imbalance in communications between the forces of Light and the telepathic allies surface. They were prevented thanks to agile ability of the fleet of the Ashtar Command, which used the Stardust technology and neutralized the action of nuclear triggers.

As you can see, the dark Ones have no authority and some of their actions on you are still allowed because of karma involved and in this case, we can not intervene directly. But keep in mind that as far as we can go to prevent their actions will do, not only to protect our family on the surface but also Gaia, the heart of the galaxy.

There are a huge number of warriors and Lightworker involved in the restoration of your planet. Trust that we are moving forward and that everything that the dark Ones plan to do, we're two steps ahead, ensuring that not be successful. They are stampede and seeking to cling to the last thread, these - gold - still believe they have under control. However, this does not guarantee the success of their operations, as the forces of light, entering the hiding places where it is stored, have taken all tons and are taking them to a "safe-deposit box”. Saint Germain has ensured that these operations are successful. Kuan Yin has also been the guardian of this treasure, when with his team ensures not only gold, but the precious diamonds, as pilfered by the dark Ones.

Look back and see how far you've come. Look at how you are to ensure that Mother Earth lift up into the higher vibrations. You are, dear, ensuring, thanks to your work surface, more light reaches the Galaxy and be directed to your solar system. Recently, a fleet beings come from a Ice System reached the Solar System through the Solar Portal. Beings are many loving and feel at home, thanks to the love in your reception. They are coming to the Solar System in order to ensure the climate balance and perfuming the planet, as are lovers of flowers and want their aromas reach all inhabitants of Mother Earth. They plan to adjust the poles. Do not fear if your science begin to report any unexpected defrost or any area being cooled suddenly! Trust that these beings are experts at what they do and were called the Celestial forces for this purpose. The Master who know as Jesus, is very happy with the progress and with the loving coming of these beings.

Those who belong to the darkness once again tried to stop the arrival of these loving Ice Beings, trying to close the Solar Portal through nuclear explosions, which again was blocked, this time by Arcturian Fleet. They know they can not act at will, and however they know it, their arrogance make them believe that still hold the power to change your future. We have to say that, as the saying enunciates the Law of Attraction: "how much more you deny and focus on something, you will have more of that something." They know this, and are so muddled that continue focusing and fearing the advance of the forces of Light! This, in turn, grows exponentially going to all sectors of the galaxy and, as a huge golden army, will illuminating even the most distant recesses.

Beloved, there is plenty to say and we hope you always keep in mind that Love what you are anchored on the surface has ensured that all wartime lines and pain are undone. We are unifying the lines in one: A UNIVERSAL PEACE. We have to say that we have seen many systems in the ascension process, but we have never seen so much support like that you are having now. There is nothing to fear beloved, when you have a whole army of Light around you, when you yourselves are members of this army and all have creative power in the hands to change your destiny forever. The Creator has decreed your freedom and you, in communion with him, you are ensuring that this is so.

Again, beloved, look with mercy for those who usurped your freedom. There are hundreds of small ships out constantly the solar system bound for the center of the Galaxy, leading beings who do not want the light. They can no longer intervene in the fate of the galaxy and are being taken to where they can not put their manipulative hands. The Illuminati, still on the surface, are with their physical days. Most of them, those at the top of power, are with their bodies rapidly deteriorating since abuse transplants and migrations cloned bodies, which no longer have the longevity of before, as lost every day that passes, "tools" to clone perfect bodies.

Beloved, there is no doubt that the power seats illuminati are shaken, as they can no longer support their masters in the etheric and galactic plane. In the same way that they use their weapons to try to prevent the contact of telepathic with our fleet, we also have our means to stop them completely, and always be two or more steps ahead of your communications with your group. We love them the same way as you, but we have to ensure, often harshly, not to abuse of their free will.We do not have any fear because we are bearing the universal Love, which we want for everyone, without exception. We are assured by the decree of the Supreme Creator, that not only Mother Earth, but the Galaxy should ascend to higher dimensions. As the saying goes: "The dogs bark, but the caravan does not stop." Do not fear those who threaten you through your choices in the light, because we are also moving in the darkness, but assured the Universal Love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, ensuring again that important information reaches to you through one of our beloved channels on the surface. Again reminding you that there is none of you that can not get our attention. Assure first, that you may have open heart free of prejudice and old beliefs so we can deliver to you the necessary information, it always in agreement with your Higher Self, for your progress. Have no doubt that you will be listened to lower opening of your heart. We welcome all of our Mothership located a few kilometers from the beloved Earth. Receive our embrace at this time. The embrace of your family.

Be in Peace,

Be the Light.

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa always very honored and grateful!

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales 
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