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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear, read the tune of the song below. I particularly recommend to place the music into a pleasant volume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies.


Greetings, family!

There is a cycle closure at the moment and of course the opening of a new one. As blessed members of the Forces of Light on the planetary surface, you have shown, in this coming year, just how powerful you are. Of course, this was always obvious to all of us who watched you, but to some of yourselves, that was not so obvious. How difficult it is for most of you to look at yourself and have the same impressions we have: THAT ARE POWERFUL! And this message is for you, who have overcome all the barriers that pre-vented you from moving forward.

Many of you have overcome the barrier of self-punishment, self-denial, low self-esteem ... You have passed and you have begun to see your true potential. This year - 2016 - that ends for you, in your timeline, was a transformative year. A year which, in the face of all that you have experienced, has helped you to look more to yourselves as potentials that are for planetary change. You, the Confederates on the surface - the ones I, Ashtar, I am very proud to always mention in all the advice to which I am going - I say here again: you are a pride to me. Wherever I go, I always make a point of saying, "They - the people of the Earth - are undoubtedly the greatest example of overcoming that we have had since the creation of this local universe.”

The year 2016 brought you everything you needed to go to 2017 more self-confident, more determined, and less and less internal limitations - those acquired throughout your many lives on the planetary surface - those that have passed from generation to genera-tion. And you, this past year, have gone beyond all the limits that the old energy imposed upon you. Rejoice! Get calm and enjoy the impulse of change, both planetary and your-self. Some of you have wondered ... "What will it be tomorrow? How will it be? What am I going to do ...?" I know who's there. I know who questions that way. I know how many ask themselves this way! Let me say: you have heard that there is something very great com-ing. This does not mean that they do not have to do anything and sit around waiting. What I mean is that you just enjoy the moment with what you have, right now! (Smile…)

My beloved Family on Earth, let the year be over and be open to receive all that you have planted this year that has ended. Open yourself to the portal 2017, which comes to you bringing everything that is rightfully yours. Many of you this past year have received many things, lots of information from various parts, many lights came from various systems. His family is around the Earth and no inhabitant of the Planet is helpless at this time. As I said, you have exceeded your own limits and, still more, those limits that have been placed upon you by forces of the surface and the exterior of the planet. Still do not believe in their potentials? Oh Gosh! See what you have done, my dears! Look! Rejoice! Will not lack absolutely nothing in the way of you, because what you have done will guarantee this for all eternity without end!

We have seen a lot of upheaval in the whole world this coming year by almost all the in-habitants of the planet and in many cases because of the political system and the old Babylonian energy. There has been much excitement recently over who would be the new "leader" of the United States of America. Many have even "kicked the bucket" - if I may say so - when you saw that the candidate you judged best did not "win" the election. Oh, my dear ones, do not hold still that old energy! Know that all those who are within a corrupt system are being monitored and that no action of the darkness goes unnoticed by us. "Oh, Ashtar, then the darkness seems to dominate the world and you tell us that it is all right !?" Yes, dear ones, there is so much Light on the planet! The room is with the light on and you worry about the burning tip of a phosphorus? (Smile).

We have ensured that all those who have seriously violated the universal laws will take the consequences of their acts and we again ask the help of our surface allies to stay on their guard. In guardian of Light. Serene and confident. What's more, we ask that you always be in this tune of Light because at any moment any of you can be called by our fleets to act in a more direct way in some situations ... In that matter, that's all we can say, for hour.

Again, I wish to emphasize the need for unity among all Lightworkers on the planetary surface in order to secure the egregore of Light throughout the planet. I recently gave a message to this dear channeling and ask him to give it to you here so that you can reread and reflect again. (Follow the link that he requested: http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2016/12/ashtar-letter-to-confederates-on-earth.html) I do not mean that you have to hold each other when you do not want to, you have to agree with what the other says when you do not agree! I want you to know that respect, above all, is what keeps the energy active and en-ables the Forces of Light to advance on the surface. Do you think that in the various councils in which I participate there is always agreement in everything? No! There are many who disagree with what others think, from their point of view, and all this is discussed harmoniously. And what I ask of you is the least: respect them.

My dear ones, in this new year that as an interstellar portal opens up for you, be with your open hearts and receptive to all the energies that will come continuously, even more than in this year that is ending. Many of you are raising your frequencies to such an extent that you have enabled your union with your sacred twin flames on the planetary surface. Although many of its flames are in different spaces, those that are in the same planetary space at this moment, are receiving so much Light that, of course, it has made them plunge into the deepest of their beings and pluck from there everything that, for ages, pre-vented them from uniting with their beloved complements. The old energy is dissolving and, of course, the Light is gaining space and reconnecting all of you, both the twin flames and soul-like and sister souls to Oneness. This coming new year will potentialize the gathering of souls. It is a year of meetings and re-encounters. A year of unification. 2017 is the year to reconnect all fragments to the whole. It's a year of defragmentation.

Finally, my beloved family, I ask that, once again, deliver this message to all those who, in some way, are attuned to our energy, always respecting the free will of all of them. Know that I, Ashtar, and all my group of brothers who work with me aboard the Ashtar Command ships and all the other commands that make up the endless fleet of the United Confederation of Planets, honor and respect all without exception. Do not worry if you see someone insulting me and criticizing my messages. Know that I do not care about it, beloved ones! I honor you in all your expressions. Do not waste your energies fighting to defend me. There is no need of this, my beloved ones! I ask you to just love everyone, without distinction, as did the dear Master Jesus who walked among you. Do the same. - That's what I'm asking.

I wish to open a 2017 portal in this Gregorian calendar full of many blessings to all. We hope that our Love will reach everyone who is attuned to our energy, or not. May our en-ergy reach all those who still think they are powerless, unloved, wronged, persecuted, rejected ... We want them to receive our Love in union with the Love of all of you who now read or hear those words of mine .

That in this new year, you can definitely illuminate all doubts and fears about yourself and your potentials, so you can safely say: I AM THAT I AM, and only in this, to dispel the darkness that complicit whit them. And so it is.


His brother,


Gabriel: Very grateful, beloved Ashtar.

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Source: http://sementesdasestrelas.blogspot.com.br/
English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales

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