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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

(Approximate Appearance - Art: Vashta Narada's Galactic Art)

NASHA, PLÊIADES 2 - Part 1 (on 18.12.2016, in the afternoon) and part 2 (on 19.12.2016, at dawn) - Channeling by Gabriel RL

Nasha introduces herself to my mediumship channel through telepathy and flashes of images. In the first message, she introduced herself through telepathy when I was normally working on the computer. She said:

"Hi, I'm Nasha. I, in particular, am reasonably tall, in a humanoid body, not unlike you. Only the tint of my skin is a little different from yours. My hair is long and black, very similar to the humanoids on your planet. I am a member of the Sirian body, a specialist in Cellular Renewal. As you know, the Pleiades 1 energy is in the process of individualization. You can consider me a P2 (Pleiades 2) if you prefer.

I am contacting you so that, through your Portal, (referring to our web pages, especially the Star Seeds Blog), you can ask everyone as much as possible to get in tune with Our Nave Azinu-Avalur. This ship is our medical research center. We are making ourselves available to everyone on the Terrana surface so that we can help wherever possible. Many of you on the surface have great affinity with this area of action and we are open to receiving "volunteers" in our teams. It will be a great joy to increase our body and allied terms on the surface.

We have long worked to assist in your complete cellular restoration where, for a long period of time, you suffered for having all your freedoms violated and physical and mental health impaired, so as to lose your full capacity for cellular regeneration. Most of these harmful agents come from their state of mind which, on many occasions, has also been induced by forces that do not act with the higher purposes of LIFE. We were very active in its ancient Atlantis and Lemuria, where we were able to land our little ships on the surface and perform blessed tasks. On one of these occasions we have been personally with the one you know as Adama, who now resides in your Inner Earth. We work with him in a few moments. It's a lovely being!

We know of their potentials as beings highly capable of overcoming obstacles. We know that they have already faced harsh battles on the surface and even in the astral zones of their planet and we see them as brave beings. We saw many of our group entering the Terran densities and no longer return to their fullness, and many others, who also came down to assist in the rescue of those who remained. I could also cite some of your PVSE bundling ... But we'll leave it for another opportunity. Let's talk now about how magnificent their biological bodies are, and how much potential they still have. So much more than you can imagine.

Their bodies are amazing vehicles! It is a complex and simple system at the same time, a true Organic God. But over time, with all that you have faced in this garment, much of its potential has been suppressed. Yes, it is true that their bodies still have this great ancestral memory of self-regeneration, but none of this still compares to their full capacity. Thousands of years ago, physical life on the surface was more durable and, in a way, this is kept in the Records. Generally speaking, the contamination on your planet is so great that it's still a lot when you go past 100 years of physical life. It also shows the strength of regeneration, however impaired, of their bodies, - these divine creations so beautiful and perfect! At the very least, their bodies would have to maintain a youthful appearance of about 30 years for at least 500 or 1000 years without modification, when by choice you would leave it to a new experience.

There are many beings on the Terrana surface that are part of our body of work, or at least they were great teachers for us and are currently fragmented on the surface. They chose this way to help the Terrans in their elevation and also to serve as "Scouts," to give us updated information on how the situation of the Terran physical bodies and their self-regeneration go. Not just the bodies of "men and women," but the fauna as a whole.

(**) One of these kind beings on the surface is Dr. Todd Ovokaitys. Another one that we could cite is the one known in the particular region of this plumber - Dr. Lair Ribeiro. This, in particular, is a direct member of the Siriano surface treatment group. (We would like this message to be delivered if possible). Another of this PVSE grouping that we can cite is Lord IUD-IL, Lord Shenion and so many thousands of our body and / or direct assistants of LIFE forces. It is not possible to give all the names to this plumber, but we will give each one of the readers of our message ...

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to come and make ourselves available for work and assistance at this time in your Terrana trajectory. We will be parking our Ship at a strategic point (*) 32 Degrees to the North Star. We leave our support and love to each and every one of you, whom we love and honor.

I am Nasha, spokeswoman for the Azinu-Avalur ship, in contact with Terrans. We all salute you now!"


The same day, I had already gone to bed. It was late, close to two o'clock in the morning, so it was no longer the same day. Nasha came back to add more information about the work she and her team are developing in our Orb. I feel she has noticed the interest and willingness of some Terrans to volunteer to help in this great work. She said:

"Connect with your Mother Earth, the one you call Gaia. It has with it all the original record of its biological bodies and can easily help them bring back all that potential by asking them to release the download into their system so that you can return to your original potential. Whenever you do that, with that intention, you may begin to feel something different in your bodies. Do not be frightened by it.

Another thing I would add is that some Terrans may ask how to volunteer to work with us. The answer is very simple, as you know: only by placing yourself at the disposal of the energy of life, of the wonderful being who created all life, the Creator of all things. And from that moment you open up, you will begin to receive subtle yet accurate information on how to improve your body's health more and more. In this, you will be more attentive to what your body asks of you, from a simple request to rest, to a specific diet.

You will also become one of the scouts of our surface teams, directly transmitting information to our database, simply with your physical look. Regardless of this, do not worry, it will be a very natural and spontaneous process. You do not have to do anything else but just keep being yourself. The information received in our database will be analyzed, and then we will know which regions need a particular energy and differentiated attention or not. In general, it will help us to help them more precisely. We could never do this without your help. It's your planet, it's your life, it's your bodies. The final decision will always be yours, always yours. We just want to be collaborators. "

After that, she gave a special thank-you to one of the people who has been most helpful to me and extended her gratitude by saying "thank you to all of the staff who assist and assist this dear being who lends his faculties at this time, so that I can communicate. I apologize for the time. I'll be leaving you now for your well-deserved rest, as will yours too. "

So was the communication with this lovely being of Light coming from distant galaxies to give assists to humanity and to the rising Planet Earth at that time. Thank you very much on behalf of the collective and on behalf of individuals who are volunteering and, in particular, receiving help.

And I, Gabriel RL, thank you on my behalf, on behalf of my team and on behalf of all humanity and the Planet as a Whole, for this kindly presence and support received.

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL

(*) Near the star MIMOSA, at the height of Beta Crucis, in the Constellation of the Southern Cross: Ascension. Straight - 12h 47m 43.3s [1]; Declination -59 ° 41 '19.6' [1] Apparent magnitude 1,25 [2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Becrux)

(**) For more information on IUD-IL and Shenion (The Analyst) see GLOSSARY in Portuguese here: http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2016/10/o-pleiades-1-informacoes-e-glossario.html,  or in English here: http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2016/10/the-pleiades-1-information-and-glossary.html

Channel: Gabriel Raio Lunar

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Source: http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/
English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Cintia Liborio

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