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Yuthi, the Adorable Snowman, visiting the Terrans - 05.12.2016 - Channeling Gabriel RL

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

(Approximate Appearance - Art: Vashta Narada's Galactic Art)


. It is recommended to consult the entry "IZUSHS" in the Glossary of P1, before reading this message. See here: http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2016/10/o-pleiades-1-informacoes-e-glossario.html

. To preserve the identity of the three participants of this meeting, we chose to use the abbreviations SdE 1, SdE 2 and SdE 3 to refer to them in the transcription of the dialogue.

. To ensure the accuracy of the records, the interview was recorded on a cell phone, which was held close to the mouth of the medium Gabriel, due to Yuthi's very low voice. 


On 05.12.2016,  By mediunic incorporation of Gabriel Raio Lunar, Yuthi manifested itself during a physical meeting, to three members of the administration of the group Seeds of Stars. Yuthi is a being of the category "The Glacials", belonging to the group of "Izushs", that informed to be cousins of the "Yetis". These are those known by the Terrans as "The Abominable Snowman". They all come from the same system.

Yuthi was already in telepathic contact with the medium Gabriel, when he reported that "he has a special affection for the Earth. He and his group have already been here, in other times ... They said they will still incorporate in Gabriel to talk to us. "(See glossary indicated.)

Yuthi,  he came to fulfill the promised visitation at the time of this telepathic contact. It was a very enjoyable visit. Yuthi talked to the "Terranos" present, always speaking very softly, with elegance and sweetness. His voice resembles a blast. It brings in itself the energy of calm, serenity, joy. He is a docile being. Being in his presence raises the vibratory pattern and dispels any fears that a person may have of Beings from other orbs.

To confirm this brief description, we transcribe the dialogue as accurately as possible. (See more in the Glossary, in the entry "Izushs").


The three members of the Star Seeds Group were meeting with Gabriel Raio Lunar for the afternoon lunch. Gabriel commented, "It's cold here." After a few more minutes, he reported, "I'm feeling the energies of Yuthi." Immediately someone in the group remembered that this visitation had already been announced in the P1 Notes. (See Note 66 of P1, at http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2016/11/a-fast-nota-on-situation-66.html).

They also remembered that in Note 77 published exactly on 05.12.2016, the information came out, "YUTHI in a new approach to 0i (Zero i) ..." They all looked at each other in bewilderment, thinking and commenting, "How accurate are the informations from P1! ... "(See here: http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2016/12/a-fast-nota-on-situation-77.html).

And the conversation began.

Gabriel: - He (Yuthi) is saying, "Sorry for the inconvenience." (Here Gabriel was suddenly interrupted in what he was talking about.) The people present laughed, realizing what was happening.

SDE 1:  It's all right!

Yuthi: I'm very excited , because there are few Terrans, humans, that I have the opportunity to communicate in this way. And many times I've been here, a long time ago, I've always tried to approach some Terrano. Well, I particularly do not like that term 'Terrano'. I will use 'human'. I approached some humans, the ones you call "medium" and they did not like it very much. Most of the areas I went to meet them were warmer areas. My approach naturally causes a certain temperature variation. Some of them wanted to know more about me. Where I was from, where I was going, and what my message was. But in general, I can say that not everyone has accepted. Most did not. And, really, I'm very happy for him (Gabriel), to have opened in that way and allowed me to come. I'm, let's say, a little bit away from the original group, not because we fought (laughs), but because I do a slightly different job on the surface.

SdE 1:  You should already know how we feel. We see them as a family. Are you at home!

Yuthi: Yes! Someone here made a joke about our arrival through the sun.

SdE 1:  "They are from an ice planet, they will pass through the sun and will melt"! (Laughs).

Yuthi: We're accustumad to it, (laughs).

SdE 2: With the jokes or with the sun?

Yuthi: With both things! (Laughs). This is not the first system we enter and we have to cross the sun, (laughs). We know endless civilizations. And there are many, many like this one of you here. I could say, ... identical.

SdE 2: On other systems?! ...

Yuthi: Other systems, which your science does not know yet, but will come to know. Hopefully, soon. (The cell phone vibrates and Yuthi reacts as if analyzing that.)

Yuthi: Interesting device! (Laughs).

SdE 2: Jurassic! (Laughs).

Yuthi: We use a similar one, but it's not physical.

SdE 2: Ah! How cool!

Yuthi: Can I show you? You must have seen it already. It's just plasma. (Yuthi takes his right hand forward as if holding something). And we have access through it to billions of "bytes" information.

SdE 2: Is it? One day we'll have some of those, too.

Yuthi: Actually, you already have ... But they do not cover me, because it's not me that will deliver, no. (Laughs).

SdE 2: I'm wanting my share of this! (Laughs).

Yuthi: You know, ... (A plane passes by with its deafening noise and Yuthino reacts.) - How can you do it? It's a lot of noise!

SdE 2: Agree!

SdS 1: We are in transition to shift from this combustion engine to an electric motor, and then a more modern one. Heheheheh ...

SdE 2: The plane is also Jurassic, just like the phone I'm using to record our conversation.

Yuthi: It's part of evolution. It's part of evolution! ... Do you know that I'm in love with flowers?

SdE 2:  We know!

Yuthi: Yes! I love violets, daisies, ... I love it! (Her eyes grew hot and her voice filled with emotion as she spoke in flowers.)

SdE 2: Hydrangeas?

Yuthi: Yes! But especially these two ... (He sighs deeply.) - Even sigh! (Laughs).

SdE 2:  How are you? Can you describe?

Yuthi: If I can describe myself? (Laughs). Well, I'll try ... (pause). An ice ball! (Guffaws). I am, in his human garb, let's put it this way, I am tall, reasonably thin. I've already passed this information on to him (Gabriel) another time. And I think I'm cute. (Laughs).

SDE 2: It sure is.

SDE 1:  I would like to ask a few questions. The first, - I know that this is not linear, but in what dimension is your system in relation to the Terrena physicality?

Yuthi: From 8th to 9th dimension.

SDE 1:  Is there anything we can do, is there any hint, to assist, somehow, in working together with you?

Yuthi: Yes! The meditations. Simply visualizing, working with us on our crystal bases. "I'm going to keep his body (Gabriel) upright at the moment so my energy can flow faster ..." (Gabriel's body now stands in a posture where his spine is erect). We are always very happy when you are willing, when you voluntarily open to any job.

Sd 1: It is a great happiness for us to be the protagonist in all this.

Yuthi: How would your minds react if I said that you are being, at this moment, protagonists in more than one system? (Everyone laughs).

SDE 2: What an honor!

Yuthi: Well, this, - one of you already said! (Laughs). Is it still too much for your head?

SdE 2: It's great! It's giant!

Yuthi: Yes, I'm great, I'm giant! (He said laughing, everyone laughs). At this moment, I am in a private dress, I can say that I have 2.70 m. Is it good for you?

SdE 1:  It's high!

SdE 2: It's a good size. It's giant!

Yuthi: do you like to joke about feet? my is very big (the abominable man Neves is also known as "big foot").

SDE 1:  my too. for my size, it is also a little big.

Yuthi: let's say your would be a finger my ...

SDE 2: the abominable snow man?

Yuthi: I don't have so many hair as them. but they are my cousins.

SDE 2: they are still here?

Yuthi: Yes! exist. some of them - (yuthi if touches when trying to tell what happens to the abominable snow men , who live in poles, and couldn't speak. the voice embargoed and he would cry). - some of them just in ... - I could not talk about it?

SDE 2: Yes! take your time! if does well, not need to talk.

Yuthi: when I walk in your system ... I allow that all these emotions that you feel take me ... because I want to feel all.

Yuthi: I like the Sun here as well. if you have one thing also, I find interesting on the planet of you ... (he laughs) - i'm trying to bring the information for his mind, precisely. I am giving images to it. ("Gabriel" don't stop laughing while the yuthi brought images).

Yuthi: him (Gabriel) that is laughing, it's not me!

SDE 2: but you can laugh also if you want!

Yuthi: we are laughing together (laughs). did matter of let him conscious. [at this point] i'm showing for him an image of a person - (laughs intense) - nothing personal, (more laughs). how you oscillate daily in various emotions. it's amazing!

SDE 1:  is a beam vibrating very large!

Yuthi: it's amazing how you experience many emotions quickly in short periods of time.

SDE 2: is a rises and descends endless!

Yuthi: something sounds familiar? (laughs). I think very interesting as you deal with it. gradually i'm coming 100% in it (in Gabriel). can take off the plaid, he will no longer feel cold. (the plaid who was protecting the body of the Gabriel of low temperature brought by yuthi is removed).

Yuthi: and these many emotions, ... - i'm watching, seeing you, because I can see all the movement energy around you, - and you need to be a master to get experience so many emotions, so many vibrations, so many types of energy for short periods of time. and get extract of all these energies, all these feelings, of all these emotions, the best in drops, while these drops are played that be what you call higher self, - what are you, there at the corner. (all laugh).

Yuthi: you is called ... (driving to the SDE 1)? and you (driving to the SDE 2)? SDE 2: (SDE 2 speaks your name). pleasure, yuthi! SDE 3: (SDE 3 speaks your name).

Yuthi: is this, SDE 1, SDE 3 and SDE 2. (here it pronounced slowly the name of each.) I think amazing! I often ... - made this very few times - I took a human body in stature of 1,80 meters and walked in some regions. I like much of Egypt. is hot.

Yuthi: there is an energy around US all. an energy Blue, which is around, which protects of certain radiation. I don't want to leave here the idea that the planet of you is dangerous, but there are certain vibrations here, which are harmful also to certain "beings" ... - and you are in this work to purify this environment for more beings can come here. and that's what is happening.

SDE 1:  that too! is a very big  honor  have you here.

Yuthi: i'm happy to hear this.

SDE 1:  an honor also for US. when knew that we came , we were very happy. in fact, that we came once again. as I said, i've been here other times, in some ages ... you are also amazing in communication, in move the energy of communication, dialogue. you can this very easily. There are some civilizations I personally I (laughs). There are some beings that are difficult to communicate.

SDE 1:  So, already heard a little about the introduction of the work of you here on the surface.

Yuthi: Yes, Yes.

SDE 1:  what else is being developed at that time? about the North and South poles, change magnetism Earth (second kryon), among other things? know that there are several beings working on it. if you can add something else, it would be very good.

Yuthi: we're in a stage initial on Earth. We are still riding our bases. Yes, they have been assembled. but let's say we're still riding, preparing all, the ground, at first, we are anchoring energies. We are in touch with that you know as a mother divine. We're here to request it. We are doing the anchorages necessary and of course, some groups are going to take some areas to start the process of cooling and heating some areas, but all at first, nothing very intense, yet. We can not act still with intensity, because there are still also "those forces" that ... you know ... and we need to have caution. they tried a few times, prevent our arrival and tried to prevent we  settled our bases, our systems protection in guaranteed our safety. We are going with great caution, very subtlety. Some, for example, like me, we're going contacting some beings on the surface so that these beings take our message, so that they say that we are here, so that humans, or most of them, become aware of our presence. and, at first, is what we came to do. We intend to do a lot of things. We have a technology able to clean quickly the toxic gases. Why we don't do it immediately, so abrupt?

SDE 1:  The father John of Aruanda (in Portuguese: Pai João de Aruanda ) already said that our bodies not would support. (Note: father John said: "... if you were taken to a planet also biological, with a structure completely pure, you will die. Our biological bodies  not  would hold the new structure. therefore, we are also working with all these legions to bring the energies slowly, slow to our physical bodies  tolerate the complete polarity change. Exit the carbon for the crystalline an hour to another only pressing a button, you would fall all hard! a little that is the release of the great current source passing through the great Masters, passing for their mentors and comes down, because the great energy source comes to the great Starfleet, comes to the Masters ascended, down to the seventh plan land for the sixth, for the fifth until you reach in you, there needs to be a filtering, because you don't tolarete receive direct source, yet!". See here: http://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2016/08/pai-joao-de-aruanda-voce-sabe-diferenca.html).

Yuthi: Perfect! exactly! then we'll "working" gradually. Their physical bodies need to adapt slowly , new energy, the new air. understand? Then, in addition to US, other groups are here, as you know. There is a plethora of beings of all Galaxy here, each with their specialty, paying a service to the mother Supreme, with lots of love ... (yuthi gives a just and loving sigh). Oh my flowers! (laughs). feel the aroma of them.

SDE 2: I too! (all remain a time in silence and realize the sound of the barking dogs).

Yuthi: dogs! (laughs).

SDE 1:  In your system there are interaction with the animals?

SdE 3: There are several species (pet)?

Yuthi: Our Worlds system it consists of 17 (Seventeen) clusters, each has its eco [system]. in my, in particular, we have two species, a similar to those that you call Wolf, with hair White and Blue eyes. another species is that you put in finger ... I believe that [is] macaw, parrot, are also whites.

Yuthi: Also these worlds there are beings beautiful, water, too, as you know, mermaids, many mermaids beautiful. Ah! I can see them! am friend of one that call Anissha.

Yuthi: when we came, we knew that we would have this contact , this boy (Gabriel), in delivered a report (laughs). "who is one lad"? " well, it's 'it', is working with [...], doing the work [...]". (yuthi cut deliberately his speech in places marked by the last two keys). All of US that we approach, we received this type of report. When beings that approach this planet, who have the opportunity to contact this boy, need a report (laughs). So we can, as you say here, there is a joke that you do, "don't take the train walking." (laughs). So we update in familiarize with all that context, and then Yes, we have seen. - in not passing shame, (laughs). You must have noticed that I like humor, right?

SDE 2: Yes! you are well-tempered, like US.

Yuthi: Yes! but there are others in my grouping that are as follows: (shows an expression Stern and all fall in laughter).

Yuthi: they don't smile a lot. Not with the mouth, but laugh with the heart, and I am so.

SdE 2: more outgoing!

Yuthi: Some people here's in your world usually say that people high, very high, or  a little chubby are funny, ... usually funny. - well, i'm high! (in this time, the group strove to the noise of a vacuum cleaner in the neighborhood).

SdE 2: Over one of our technologies jurássicas.

Yuthi: Very high. we have the hearing very sensitive.

SdE 2: For sure! by volume that you talk ...

SdE 3: Stopped [sound]!

Yuthi: Oh what a relief!

SdE 2: My voice when you hear, must be a shout , excuse ... (SDE 2 was close to mouth and heard of yuthi holding the recorder).

Yuthi: we have protection! (laughs).

SdE 1:  Oh, a question: out the "yetis" (see glossary indicated), there is some other represents the group of you here on Earth, Incarnate or not, which does not necessarily are doing some work at that time?

Yuthi: need to see if I understand your inquiry. you want to know if any of US, spirit, is embodied between humans?

SdE 1:  Yes.

Yuthi: Yes, there are few. About a thousand, for the [present] amount of humans on the surface: 7,527,785,527 (Seven billion, five hundred twenty-seven million, seven hundred and eighty-five thousand, five hundred and twenty-seven).

(Note: The world population was already at 7.469.203.430 on 06.12.2016 at 01:35 am (Brasília time), a very close and coherent amount of information from Yuthi, from that moment.This conference was made by Gabriel Less than two days after the interview, and the accuracy of the information, which is very close to the actual number indicated by Yuthi, is striking, and can be followed by the dynamic variation of population numbers in real time here: http://www.worldometers.info/br/). Gabriel, telepathically asked Yuthi why the difference between his information and that of the site, to which he replied with good humor: "The calculation of you is not correct").

Yuthi: But it is not possible to calculate (Keep the same calculation even for a second, since it changes every second.). That's a fast number! It is no longer [that]. As I spoke each of the numbers, the others increased. This is how I see it from here.

Yuthi: Chair! (He looked at the chair in which he was sitting, examining it in its parts, as if it were a novelty.) "We do not have it that way. [Ours] is just a plasma, a kind of plasma, for you to understand. It's just a record, a 'spinning' record. We sit when we need to.

SdE 2: When in humanoid form, right? If you do not sit down, because an ice ball does not sit, you're already seated! (Laughs). Sorry, I'm a frolic too! (More laughter).

Yuthi: I really appreciate it! Do not want to come with me? (He invited SdE 2 to go with him). (Laughs).

SdE 2: I would, yes! Take me for a ride on your ship. I can?

Yuthi: Our ships are parked. Became sad? (Yes, SdE2 was momentarily sad to understand that it was not going to do the ship ride).

SdE 2: I did ... (Laughter).

Yuthi: I could see your energy. (Laughs).

SdE 2: Good, but I get better already! As you said, we change our vibration fast. Come on in a moment.

Yuthi: And it's awesome!

Yuthi remarks: "You're thinking a lot, are not you, SdE 1"?

SDE 1:  Yes. I'm trying to visualize your interaction with us, which I know is not linear. But I can not visualize it with my mind.

Yuthi: I understand. (Yuthi started to observe and touch Gabriel's body) - Beautiful body! (And it was touching to feel the hands, the arms ...)

SdE 2: He will like to know you said it! (Referring to Gabriel). (Laughs).

Yuthi: We do not have that fur (eyebrow).

SdS 1: I believe the time will come when we will not have them any more.

SdE 2: Hair on the face! (Laughs).

Yuthi: It's beautiful! (Yuthi continues to watch and touch Gabriel's body, noticing the hairs on his legs and arms and beard, and he touches himself ...).

SdE 2: In the eyes also have. Interesting you examine the human body feeling by the touch.

Yuthi: Good thing he leaves! (Laughs).

SdE 2: That's it! Examine well (laughs). (He ran his hand through various parts of Gabriel's body, showing curiosity and admiration.)

SdE 1:  Very fantastic! It is a garment that is commanded only with intention. There is no need to do anything else. It's very cool.

Yuthi: You know that much! From the human body! I can see, SdE 1. (He carefully observed the body of SdE 1).

Yuthi: Well, I'll take care of my flowers.

SdE 2: Will you visit us again?

Yuthi: There are potentials for that.

SdE 2: You're very nice! Very much. A pleasant presence!

Yuthi: Thank you so much! Sorry for my language.

SdE 2: Your language is perfect!

Yuthi: I'm trying to adapt.

SdE 2: You have already adapted!

Yuthi: I confess I wish I did not go ...

SdE 3:  Ah ...

SdE 2: Like us, liked it here ... How nice!

SdE 1:  Very enjoyable your visit!

SdE 3: Ownnnn! ... (And he reaches out to respond to Yuthi's greeting, who has just reached out to say good-bye to him).

Yuthi: You do this, and I see a lot. (Referring to handshake).

SdE 1: It is the fulfillment.

Yuthi: I see you doing this. (And he reaches out to say goodbye to every person there).

SdE 2: We do it!

Yuthi: Peace ...

SdE 2: Thank you ... Thank you very much!

After this farewell, Yuthi leaves Gabriel's body. There was a sense of deep peace and joy in the environment and in the hearts of those present, and a great desire for him to return. There is much love there, in that being. Beloved Yuth.

Channel: Gabriel Raio Lunar

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