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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Art: Valéria Albuquerque

Gabriel: Hello, dear ones, I come to bring information that was asked me, with much love, for a being from the group Pleiades 1 who introduced herself to me this morning, under the name of IONI-BI-AVIL. I was almost asleep when I distinctly heard a female voice saying ... "Hello ..."

It follows integrally:
- Hello, I'm IONI-BI-AVIL. It's a pleasure talking to you.

- Gabriel: Hello! It's my pleasure. Are you the one I now see on the mental screen?

- Yes it's me! (She gave a smile ...) I am an individualized Feminine Consciousness of the Grouping Pleiades 1, and I wish to present myself in that way as you see me on your mental screen.
Gabriel: You are very beautiful ... You have a very sweet energy! (Excited, this time). She smiled and continued.

- My name may seem a bit strange to some Terran consciousnesses, but my name is a code, and the best way to make this code vibrate is in this way that I'm showing, and asking you to write (IONI-BI-AVIL). I am getting closer to the Terran surface and intend to materialize a body on the surface. I am here to assist in the anchoring of the Feminine Energy on the planet, the energy of the Universal Goddess, SACRED MOTHER UNIVERSAL. I have been in contact with some beings familiar to you, among them Kuan Yin, Mother Tereza of Calcutta, Princess Diana and some other blessed beings. I have a name in your Catholic Church, but I believe this is not the time to say which.

I'm bringing you more female love. I am very happy with the opportunity that is being given to me to be able to manifest myself in a more individualized way as a feminine expression of the UNIVERSAL MOTHER GODDNES . I came to invite everyone AGAIN to get into this line.

Gabriel: Who are these two other beings who are by your side?

-They are part of the Pleiades 1 group of consciences (which can also be called Pleiades 2, when individualized), and are also taking on individuals to contact Terran beings, just as I am now doing. The two have their special abilities. One of them is a Nuclear Energy Specialist and is coming to contact some of his leaders who still have a warlike heart in order to instruct them to leave the idea of war aside and, of course, disarm nuclear warheads. The other is a great artistic motivator, in every way, and has inspired many Terran artists and other systems. Among them are Michelangelo di Lodovico. He is a profound lover of art and is coming to contact and inspire on the Terran surface all those who have their artistic gifts guarded and / or suppressed.

- Gabriel: Wow ... they look like ... they look like robots! (I saw them smiling when I said that).

- "Do not forget that this is just one of the ways we want to introduce ourselves to you. We can introduce ourselves anyway. (At this moment I saw them both - the two who were on her side and who looked like robots, - changed their shape and became like her).

"- I am so grateful that you have received me into your conscience. I know you're tired. Go rest. Tomorrow we continue. ...

The following day, 11.11.2016, at 2:00 p.m.:
- Gabriel: Hello! Are you there? We can continue?

 - Yes I am!

- I hope at the end of our conversation your headache has passed ... (Smile).

Gabriel: I hope so too. (Smile).

- I am bringing you this message so that you take it to your readers and invite all the Feminine Consciences to unite and mentalize the MOTHER GODDESS arriving completely on your planet. Of course, the Masculine Energy can not be left out of it. Here I ask that the Masculine connect with the Feminine Divinity within itself and attach itself to the Feminine expressions of the surface in this anchorage. It is the moment for the Masculine to recognize the Feminine in itself, and for the Feminine to potentialize its energy. It is the moment of the balance between the two forces within each Being on the surface. The time of imbalance between the two energies comes to an end. They are all being called by the forces of the Pleiades 1, (in their individualized expressions, Pleiades 2). For this, the Feminine as the Masculine recognize their androgynous expressions. The Sacred Masculine dignifying the Feminine in itself and the Sacred Feminine dignifying the Sacred Masculine in itself.

Sit down comfortably. Close your eyes. Visualize a soft blue energy coming down over your head, until you completely take your being. This energy is the energy of the MOTHER GODDESS. Tell her that you are happy to collaborate with the Greater Surface Unification and Anchoring Plan and how much you want to balance. You will feel subtle waves running through your body. You will feel your heart chakra inflate and appear to be pumping energy. Some of you may feel your body starting to tingle, or even falling asleep. Do not be scared, stay calm.

Say: I AM THE SACRED FEMALE EXPRESSION ON THE SURFACE, I AM THE REPRESENTATION OF THE UNIVERSAL MOTHER'S GODDESS. (It does not matter if you are a Male or Female looking being on the surface.They both can say the same.This is the intention, so that the FEMALE potentiate and the MALE eliminate the blockages that prevent them from accessing their Sacred Feminine side.)

Stay for a few moments in deep silence, feeling all the currents of energy that will descend over your head, will pass through your body and will land in the heart of your Earth. Stay in this state, in anchoring, as long as you wish. At this point, you can ask questions to Mother Goddess and she will respond to you if necessary. But even with some question, keep your awareness in the flow that runs through your body and landing. The energy that comes to you will come from the heart of the UNIVERSAL MOTHER GODDESS. You will also unite to the heart of your Galaxy, to the Central Sun of your Galaxy.

After daily making this anchor (if possible, starting at the same time, for example: 03h03, 16h16, 12h12 ... not being at these times, there is no problem, as long as they connect with all their heart and bring that force to the surface) they will be Guaranteeing the balance of their beings and also enabling some GODDESSES ARRIVED FASTER to the surface with their materialized bodies.

Some of them have already arrived and are on the Inner Earth. I plan to get there as soon as possible, too. I finish this message hoping with all my heart that it can touch the hearts of its readers and that they, all in their Feminine potential, can help us spread this Light on the Terran surface. There are many FEMININE GODS assuming their human forms, materializing on the planetary surface and when it is my turn, I hope to meet you, Gabriel, and all who desire it personally. WILL KNOW WHO I AM.

I, IONI-BI-AVIL, Unified Energy to the UNIVERSAL MOTHER GODDESS, expressing myself through Gabriel Radius Lunar and calling on all Terrans to surrender in balance through the anchoring of the energy of the MOTHER UNIVERSAL GODDESS. Honoring those at my side, AKUN-BI-AVIL (Nuclear Specialist) and ALUN-BI-AVIL (Artistic Motivator), in their balanced expressions of the UNIVERSAL MOTHER GODDNESS AND UNIVERSAL FATHER GODDNESS bid me farewell waiting for a new opportunity for contact.


Temporarily end transmission.

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Channel: Gabriel Raio Lunar

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