terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2012

Important Message About 12/10/2012 (English)

Today I had a strong headache that seemed like a pressure on both ends of the skull. While I was busy with my tasks at home, I received a council of My Father Michael Archangel, who told me, that when I feel these pains, I should direct the energy I'm getting at the moment, to somewhere who might be in need of Light: prisons, hospitals, or places on the planet, like the Middle East. These headaches are the result of strong energies that we have received, and it behooves us to distribute them.

By sending energy to the Middle East, imagining that a strong light blessed the hearts of those who are in conflict, immediately I felt like a tingling in my body and then the pain disappeared. I told what I had heard from Archangel MICHAEL to a friend who was feeling a severe headache. She also did the exercise and soon felt relief.

I hope this information can help other light workers who are experiencing similar symptoms. Meditating every day is also essential, many people do not feel any symptoms simply because they have the habit of meditating and distribute the Light

Thank you,


Tradução: Ana Brandão