domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012

Silver Squadron/Ashtar Command 27/12/2012

We are seeing that the doubt still abate some of the workers of the light, and this appoints that a lot of work still need to be achieved in your inner self to dissolve entirely the uncertainness about our presence and our pacific plans planned to your world. We do not joke in service and we are accomplishing orders from the Almighty of the Universe (God).

Your world have been receiving lots of energy and each one of your light representatives on earth tend to anchor this light and permit so, the complete breakage of the system that maintained all of you prisoner of the illusory idea of separation times ago.

We are working in benefit of your freedom from this oppressive regime and we have obtained satisfactory results in the breakage of the big dimensional that evolves the Earth and still permit some to live at the Matrix. It’s an arduous job that needs a lot of effort of our part and from the part of your Allies in Earth. The process of ascension of your world is in progress and the complete liberation of the dark regime is for a wire. We have been working constantly, caring away the dark reminiscent that persist in your world even after several warnings to leave and permit the conclusion of the inevitable: the vibrational change of your world, decreeted by the Creator.

We have been flying in the ethereal camps of your world doing the cleanness that was trusted to us and so permitting the light to advance for all corners.

Millions of these beings of the dark side are being retired by us and put in deep sleep till a destiny is give to them according to their vibrations.
Know that the Creator don’t desire in any way the suffering of his sons, but first give the opportunity of choose and always a loveable hand manifested in a change of redemption.

Our fleets are responsible for the patrol and “capture” of these beings; we have been working tireless for the complete freedom of your world from their claws.

We represent the Silver Squadron and we are in here to bring the order and the discipline.

Don’t think that our lightened armies are like some of your military defenses (we stand out our respect for them), but we work in harmony and in any way we would aggress or defame the being that after being captured stayed under our tutelage. We have love for all of them and a sincere respect for our One Essence.

Some of these beings knowing about the inevitable fall have been searching for focal points to install there the disharmony and the disbelief. There are those who ask us, why these being are still present in your world, even after the elevated extent of energy that arrived in Earth in the Magical date of 11.11.12, 12.12 e 21.12 – Be aware that these energies reach even them and we are running “against the time” to secure that they make their passage outside the space-time-Earth before they get disintegrated by this force that is acting already in Earth.

The Creator  don’t want any of his sons mishandled or suffering by their indiscipline but he desire that every hearth think and turn back to the light without the necessity of suffering.

God does not judge the souls and neither hurt them with medieval punishments, but he desires all of them to awake themselves to the light and its magnificence.

This does not mean they won’t assume the crimes they have done against the humanity, but that they are receiving the bless of God and will think again about their acts and with it, by their free will, desire to serve the light and with humbleness to all they have made suffer with their attitudes. (Here we make a sentence: some of you, Father and Mother, would you mishandle your sons because they’ve made a prank? Would some of you desire them to feel physical or psychological pains for this prank?

Therefore, God does not seek the suffering of his sons, but discipline them through their own ego that is part of the proof of the souls in the way of evolution, giving us the idea of suffering, till then for their own they will learn that we are one and there is no suffering, that what we do to the others reflects on ourselves.

The comprehension that doing something bad to someone will bring to us the same we provoked in the beginning.

It’s just a game of mirrors made to the improvement of all the souls, bringing the truth that “We Are One”.

Millions of these beings are board of our prison-ships and are being captive because of their conscientious negativity. They will be accompanied to the center of light(the big central sun of the galaxy) and there it will be decided their future…

Dear soul brothers of Earth, Now the moment is yours to generates in a whole the powerful force that it will give to them the opportunity of their souls to turn back to the light before it’s too late.

As you can feel within your bodies, the energies have been growing graduatively, causing discomfort in your bodies. Some of you who are already aware of how could you act to better anchor this light. Now, try to imagine these beings that are in the darkness of their acts? They are helpless and we of the superior commands ask your sincere vibrations of love for each one of them. We repeat here: God in anyway would desire the torture of his sons, but to awake them to the Supreme Truth.

And according to the teachings of Master Jesus “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”.

Do not care about your welfare, he is being programated according to your vibrations, If you keep yourselves firmed into your proposes, be right that all of you will reach the Triumph.

Our flight above your cities will become more constant and you all we know we are here to give a hand. As you know, it is your duty to clean the Earth from the negativity generated against her. We will give our hands as a family that we are and together we will work to take from her the responsible for the confusion created, permitting so that the light establish itself completely in this space-time. We work in concerted action, and like your military armies, we apprehend the beings who caused discord, but we do it with respect and love and with no aggressions, because we know that the Oneness is with us. Everything is always at the regency of the Supreme Creator.

We want to say that we are ready for the contact with you, but we wait for your part in this contract: elevate your vibrations permitting yourselves being the anchors of light that arrived in earth in the opening of the dimensional portals. We can say the vibrational camp of Earth is being elevated fast and is possibilitating the visualization of our ships that are above your cities, in most of the cases temporary hidden in the clouds… We don’t want to cause panic, in any way. 

Understand, beloveds workers of light that the patience will be rewarded and that your faith  in God is the force that move all the events awaited by all of you – You are creating a new world and all of you are moving to him with your pure vibrations. Feel the energies in your inner self and visualize the reality that you all desire to live from now and beyond.

A white book was placed in your hands to write what you desire to experiment and feel from now and beyond. Those who maintained the power thanks to the vibrations of incarnated mans, that used to give them this possibility are being retired of their environment and, after million of years, you now will be able to write your history without their interference. Unless all of you consider this possibility unreal.

The ascension is to be manifested, friends of Earth, and we desire success to each o you. We are in your world and manifested to the eyes of those who pacifically which our presence. Be aware to the Skies, we are here and we can show ourselves through white flames in your skies.

We are the Silver Squadron of the Ashtar  Command, the Supreme Commander of live, in service of Master Jesus and in the name of the Supreme Creator.

Be in glory!

Peace, friends.

See you soon


Meditation In Group

Today it will be done a meditation in group following the wish of the Silver Squadron:
1)     Appeals to the Violet Fire
In these appeals focus yourself into the forgiveness

“I now forgive all of those who provoked bad things into my life/journey in this Earth. I forgive them for have diverged us of the way of the Light, imposing me fear, and doubt, and sadness and a lot of times putting me against the persons that I love.
I forgive them now and I declare they are free of their fault by these actions”

2)   Appeals to the Trine flame
In these appeals focus yourself into the Return to the light of these beings

“I invoke now the Trine Flame to the Hearths of the Spirits who are being escorted by the Silver Squadron. I ask now for the Trine flames in their hearths to shine again, turning them back in the tune of the Creator and with the divine forces. That these lights defend them and bring them mercy to them in the Higher councils of light.”

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Translation: Gabryel Leão Caldas