SaLuSa - 05.24.2013 (English)

1 - A field of love of such magnitude, which wasn’t seen in the lower dimensions long ago, begins to open up right before your eyes, dear, that you can realize your capacity to forgive, understand and comprehend the actions of each other with less and less do judgment and criticism. Love is quickly taking up space in your hearts and there is no way to deny that when you have yourself being led to increasingly noble and harmonious feelings. The helix from your Galactic DNA are starting the process of awakening and it has brought you to a new state of being, experienced only before decreasing to the density at which where you are at this moment. Dear Ones, you are returning to your Uno state with the Source. You going out the dark quarantine in which you came in for millennia.

2 - This process will be ongoing and won’t stop until all DNA helix are fully activated. This may increasingly be felt by you, through constantly behavior change, this, in many cases, leads you to a state of ecstasy while misunderstanding of what is, indeed, happening. For those who are already aware of this reality, it’s  easier to adapt to the energies that you are constantly bombarded, but for many others, it comes to scaring and bring inner confusion. This confusion that many are experiencing at this time, even in the face of such noble sentiments, it’s normal because they have spent so much time wrapped up at the fog separation in which all the sublime energy was prevented from taking part in your nature in front of the honorable and respectful freedom of choice of remain separate from the Source for a while that only you could set.

3 - Dear brothers in Ascension, all souls are being affected by this sublime energy that has fallen to the Earth and there is no denying that. Youselves have been surprised by your own attitudes that before it could reach a unique roughness, but now, every day, you become more calm and peaceful. Great military leaders who have long been under cabal mental domain now find themselves facing an energy so sublime that has led them to unexpected testimony about what they saw in their tasks on individual governments around the world. Many of these beings that were previously considered as malicious and insensitive beings are now taking the opportunity to show their true nature, due to those sublime energies that have returned their inherent benevolent natural abilities in all beings of creation. These militaries who were constantly under the mental control of cabal are getting a slightly larger number of light flashes in their minds for their complete mental channels clearing. This has led to a sudden awakening to their peaceful nature, where truth pulsates in their hearts with burning desire to speak what they saw and how they worked for so long.

4 – You’ll see, dear ones, many of these militaries giving testimonies around the world, these testimonials that increasingly bring pressure on your leaders to definitely open the chests containing the entire true humanity story  and our presence throughout all this path. There is no wonder when you publicly and widely see, people connected to the  cabal summit, telling about the whole agenda that was planned for the end of the times, which should correspond only to their personal interests.

5 - That, my beloved, can be seen coming out little by little in the news (usually local) spread throughout the world, the world media are still under some control of the dark ones, but this is one of the last areas that they are losing, and very soon, but very very soon, will start  from the largest TV stations alerts for what is happening in the world that has been hidden from you, today with great difficulty.

6 - The process will be a bit tumultuous by the reason that many people are still disconnected from reality that has happened around them, even though inflows from the positive energies have constantly sent the call to "look into yourself more carefully", they find themselves in conflicting situations where the new reality (albeit imperceptible to the physical eyes) comes crumbling gradually what they always had to be true. The outside world is slowly cracking up and that is with light that has grown within all beings that make up life on Mother Earth, causing a change in exterior subtly and efficiently. When things become calmer for many people, they will feel amazed and begin to realize the blessings that have been bestowed upon them. Right now starts a great harmonious and loving job, because they will be happy to know that everything they thought was true is nothing compared to the vastness of the blessings that are meant for each of them in accordance with their receptivity.

7 - Peace will begin to be instituted within the people, and when it’s fully deployed in your hearts, more peace demonstrations won’t be needed, no longer needed - contradictory as this situation may seem – the wars for peace because your own inner collective desire will manifest peace around you.

8 – Until the end of this week you will begin to get more Christ bombings energies. To facilitate the anchoring of these powerful forces, allow yourself a time to a meditative state, a time for yourselves. Opportunities like these where you can express your collective power, which can bring into your reality what we yearn in your hearts, my beloved ones.

9 - I am SaLuSa from Sirius and the countdown starting at 10 ... Started until a series of events planned before the big world games is initiated. These events have no pre-determined date, for the time of certain events is in your account, because  aswe talk constantly, you are the ones that determine what wish to experience, and we, from the Galactic Federation, together with Higher Councils we start our tasks to be within the general context of collective creator thought.

10 - Dear, in this way of thinking, aren’t you that have to adapt to our way of seeing things, but we have to adapt yours and collective desires. If you open your hearts to the spiritual realms, we can work with you to help you manifest what you desire; if you close yourselves and give no opening to the spiritual realms, we must leave you free by our dual choices, because, in this case, we have to adapt your way of thinking that "there is nothing outside of the Earth" or "the material world is more important than the spiritual," and so we respect what you believe.

11 - In a whole, we hope that all souls be in connection with us, we are all desirous to meet you personally and to thank you for continuing efforts by keeping yourselves in Love and Light. The Supreme Creator is infinitely patient and wish all souls to choose the Light that is being offered.

Be in Peace

Be in the Light

Gabriel: Thank you, SaLuSa

Translation: Carolina Barisch