SaLuSa - "The Power Of the People" - 06.21.2013 - (English)

Dear Ones, it's  reached the moment during the manifestations around the world to you, Lightworkers,  to give you portion of help in these movements. Consider that the souls that are there in a great struggle for freedom, are for Love to Mother Earth and to her rights. Such souls have taken on a huge responsibility before the Masters and even pledged to give their lifes for the liberation of the planet. Many of them will leave the Earth ground and will join us on the spiritual planes to continue the task of raise the Mother Earth from lower vibrations. Dear Lightworkers, you are part of this movement that acts internally, we would say so, and in this case should send Love and Light to all souls who decided - for reasons of soul contracts - go up, "head to head" with your governors, Brave souls, we would say so.

Stand also aware that many of these souls are there as a unique opportunity to review past failures and redeem themselves with Mother Earth, giving their share of help, donating even their life to the raising of the Earth from lower dimensions, as you well know nothing in the Universe is unfair and God gives all souls all opportunity possible for growth within their field of action. All beings at these times on Earth are having wonderful opportunities to give their help to liberate your planet from the negative moorings, all you, each of you in your place and the way that you are fit to act to help. As we always speak, it's the feeling of Unity  what would bring you freedom.

BeLoved Lightworkers, begin your manifest internally, begin to exclaim inside your liberation from the moorings that have left you down for so long. Shout, fight, require the libertation, my beLoved ones, do it inside. Do not allow any more that low energies dominate you  emotionally any more  and in no other way. Do not allow any more that  negative thoughts dictate the course of your lifes! Give the shout for freedom and breathe relieved. That, dear ones, should be your share of help this time because when shouting inside for your freedom, turns bigger the mass power of Love who are in direct confrontations with militias, so there will be only the wishing for peace and for justice. Each soul is where it has to be all united by the heart and the desire to bring the Earth into the higher dimensions again, its proper place.

The power has grown considerably and the result is what you are seeing around the world. You are now entering into a new space where the new  is not join any more with the old and every thing will be in place, according to its vibration. Is time that choices will be made ​​and you must be well immersed within you so that you may be aware of the best choice. Although you are constantly bathed by high energies and of course you are pushed into the path of Light and the work that you have is just let yourself go with the genuine flow of  Love. Let yourselves go with this flow and when you are bathed in it, multiply it, and distribute it to everyone.

Send, dear ones, your Light energies to all protesters souls  who walk the streets of the world to give their 'face to slap' for the goodness and freedom, such souls like you, deserve a round of applause (please , make it this time, clap in the name of freedom). It is an exciting time in which you are living now, my beLoved ones, each giving your share of help, each according to your soul contracts, but all united by a common sentiment: FREEDOM.

The Homeland will not  be a small space where the boundaries dictates the limits, but it will be the Mother Earth in a whole where even the Universe won't be the limit, because when you'd reach your freedom, your full consciousness, you will be connected to All tha is, tha is beyond the Universe itself as you know, you won't have the illusory limits that were imposed.

The manifestations worldwide have also shown that the unique desire of humnity is now genuine peace and freedom. World leaders are seeing the power of the people is growing and they have to change their way of dealing with people, going to give them the respect that every human being deserves. There is concrete evidence that the manifestations by the world are for peace and fair rights and information are being adulterated by the communication media to let people panicked and in favor of their leaders, but this is far from being credible because the lie can no longer be sustained before the Light that has come on Earth. The shout for freedom has grown in every heart and it is a process that will continue for all countries, will be a snowball that can no longer be stopped. Many journalists around the world will begin to resign for not agreeing to have to spend more false news, some will join the protest and bring their dossiers containing all the tricks used by the communications media to keep them under control. Others will hide themselves because they do not have the courage to admit they were deceived or forced to deceive. The major TV stations already have noticed that won't have no  longer their pillars to support them, because the forces of Light has swept from the Earth those pillars that support these big TV stations.

There will be no way to cheat people for much longer when they are falling on themselves and taking possession of their inner power. It is the liberation of humanity and these beautiful souls have taken the reins of the situation to prevent the move their last letter, the martial law. Martial law as envisioned by the dark ones can not be activated when the desire of humnity is only peace and Love, the consciousness of the people is to make more high energies come down to Earth, canceling the plans of the dark ones. The cabal knows that, with the action of the people, they no longer have how to put their plans into practice due to the massive power of humanity to unite as a huge ball of energy going forward and sweeping injustice and fear.

BeLoved ones, divine beings, the Freedom is already yours, dear ones, just have to believe it. In actions for freedom around the world, you, Lightworkers, who are working behind the scenes of the situation, send all your Love and desire for peace. Do not  foccus in their newscasts that tend to show the violence and disorder, consider that there is much more to the Light than the opposite. Consider also that the dark ones can only have control over you if you give power to them by your attention at negative topics that they try to give as true. You are powerful, dear ones, do not let yourselves believe that.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I give my testimony that things are going very well, as the importance of the mass awakening that is occurring worldwide. It is what humanity needed to you could receive more direct help from us, which does not tend to take. You will see our ships around the world to bear witness that we are with you and your shout for freedom is the same shout that we give for thousands of years, and that, ultimately, is being heard by you.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light !

Gabriel: Thank you, SaLuSa!

Translation: Carolina Barisch