Archangel Raphael - "Give a little attention to yourselves." - August 12, 2013 – (English)

Good night, dear ones, how are you today? How do you feel?

Sometimes you feel sad, tired, happy, confused, euphoric and all sorts of feelings, isn’t true? Well, the question is: are you with yourselves in these moments? Do you pay attention to yourselves in these moments? Celebrate your happiness with yourselves? Support yourselves when you are sad?

This would be the moment now, children, to you begin to look a little closer to you, I'm not saying that you must abandon your brother help, the support to all who are around you, but I ask you to take care of you a little . Realize that there are thousands of living beings in your Being who would love to make a toast to your happiness with you, or thousands waiting to hear you unburden, and at this moment, as being beings that compose your being, give every help? All this in yourselves, all of this is the universe that composes your essence.

You are self sufficient beings. God created all people carriers of all spiritual gifts. of all faculties, therefore, able to solve any external situation that began internally. If you believe it, if you walk a bit with yourselves, you will feel and know that I'm telling the truth, not mine, but that which is within you, what I say here will sound just like a small bell in your inside.

Don’t seek outside you; give a little attention to yourselves. Have you already been in front of the mirror today and talked to yourselves how beautiful and perfect you are? Already embraced you today? Already talked to yourselves, "Hey, I'm here, always with you!" - Try to do it every day. Soon, I will come to know how has been the experience of taking care of yourself.

I love you and I wish you to be in peace.


Gabriel: Thank you, my beloved Archangel.

Translation: Carolina Barisch