sexta-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2014

SaLuSa - "You are walking to the unveiling of the veil" - January 23, 2014 - (English)

Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original do SaLuSa, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Gabriel: SaLuSa why do I feel that you are choosing to stay silent more than normal , in my opinion?

SaLuSa: There are many things that are going on at this time on Mother Earth and beyond her. We are at a critical moment, where very serious and important decisions are being taken. Mankind has reached its most important moment during all this path and it asks a little more of our attention.

Many souls,  at these time, are ready for the big jump forward, and they know they can't  take with them nothing more but their momentum conquered in Mother Earth , which is patience and love. They are showing the way for other souls who begin their path back home . It is a blessed path and the momentum generated by the missionary has enabled us to get closer to all.

Every being that vibrates in Light and Love opens an  unquestionable powerful vibrational field that attracts and raises the souls around them, as even changes the landscape around, giving an air of gentleness and peace. Dear ones, to remain in a state of love and inner peace you enable that other souls achieve your way, you show them the door to be opened in the midst of so many others that are shown as true and that they are nothing more than illusions.

Many of you  are now particularly being brought into a reflection state of where all you have stored inside you is becoming increasingly clear to you. Even if it causes you any pain, trust that it's for your good, and you are being cleansed and freed completely.

How you are accustomed to say, one small dirt under the carpet doesn't  hurt but nowadays , nothing will stay hidden, everything will be exposed and everyone will know. The law is very clear and the New Age will bring the truth in  a  hoisted  flag on a tall mast and the new energies are caring to take away and expose the dirt under the carpet so it be viewed and cleaned, even if those responsible for it are struggling to try to prevent it to become exposed.

During this process it's not given to us much to interfere. Yes, we are connected with you at all times by a thousandth of thought, but we look at you and cheer for you can lovingly understand what 's going on with you now. Not only  you who are experiencing this new pulsating energy in the universe. We here in the position we 're also are going through a process, each within their framework.

The population of Earth is safe in internal level and 70% of people already accept us as their family and that we come in peace. But this is still something to be worked with care. Many who believe they are ready to contact us yet need to cauterize some interior issues for the idea of contact be purely implanted and this doesn't bring fear at the opportune moment.

In these times, everyone goes through hard times and even those already experienced with these energies feel the vibrate and rattle inside. It 's common to see many beings that were apparently balanced jumping forward in an uncontrolled frenzy. Consider that each one is in their special time and that no soul will stop being affected by the wave of change that is sweeping all at internal level and calling them to a state of liberation from the old ways.

The security we have that everything is going well is what animates us and makes us very happy at this crucial moment which you are all going through. Although your mind all the time tries to prove that nothing is happening, you are  sure that there is something very big to be moved and the curtains are about to be raised. During this process it's inevitable to encounter an internal conflict in which your Divine Self, like a butterfly going out of the cocoon to fly, is showing that it's stronger and that is to win the battle. Naturally breaking the rind can be painful, but nothing compared to the feeling of freedom that you are beginning to experience.

Many of you, as Lightworkers, are in fact frightened by the energy movement and how they are shaping the new reality. It is indeed essential to to take care of your wellbeing and take a rest as possible, reflecting and greeting the new energy that is constantly bathe you, taking you to a new world that is being born underneath the curtains. When they are lifted, you shall be amazed and grateful that we alerted you all about everything that was being prepared.

The news that you are seeing are just the beginning of changes in Mother Earth who is preparing for the population for the new that will rises. Her children need to be ready for that when they are called to take action, be secure and confident. So please remain calm and allow this energy wave do the cleaning that has to be taken, even if it's a bit painful for you. In the end, everything is for your highest good.

Harmonize yourself, dear ones. Feel the new that is emerging and that is to lift those that have been determined so far, sustaining Faith in the Creator and supporting what you SELF  was dictating internally, secure and peaceful, knowing that the love of God is certainly moving you to a new sphere, this one that can already be felt and even touched by those who are more connected with their Higher SELF, because love is so present on Earth today that can be even  touched.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and very touched by this moment, I am giving my hug in each of this now, as a spokesman of the Galactic Federation, I greet you all and I confess that I am very, very pleased with the possibility of a brief exhibition.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

Gabriel: I am very grateful, dear SaLuSa.

Translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Carolina Barisch