SaLuSa – “An Ocean of endless Love” – 09.15.2016 (English)

SaLuSa – “An Ocean of endless Love” – 09.15.2016 (English)

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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Dear, the SaLuSa asked me to let that song below to be heard at the time of reading. I recommend you read the message aloud as the background music plays.


No soul on Earth can say that the effects of the intense onslaughts of the Forces of Light are meaningless. It is like an ocean of Love and endless blessings, in which you are diving. The effects of these waves have opened opportunities for you to go forward without fear, uncertainty and guilt. Beloved ones, the old way of being is crumbling and you have observed in yourself the result of the Light that has arrived … Do not you recognize yourself anymore? Oh no! … You are no longer the same, dear ones! Let there be no doubt about it.

The new energy is changing you. In fact, it is causing you to emerge from the dark box that you have been imprisoned for long periods of time. When you leave this box, you are rediscovering yourself, recognizing yourself as you truly are. The old patterns have not had more power over you. You are choosing to rise, you are choosing to immerse yourself in this ocean of endless Love that has been constantly showing itself to you. Oh, beloved, if you could see … If you could see how beloved you are and how much we have to share with you, as you open yourselves to the new energies.

As might be expected, there are also many movements of those still trying to maintain the old status quo. They, through low frequency radio waves, try to intimidate you by trying to inspire you with thoughts and ideas that can no longer be sustained in the new world. How many of you have experienced the divine energy and some time later you are tormented by thoughts and ideas that do not fit your true state of being? Yes, beloved! Those who belong to the darkness know of the innate power in each one of you and will do what they can to prevent you from advancing. It is up to you to decide what you want for your journey.

Bear in mind that the Light you are anchoring is infinitely more powerful than anything on Earth, or outside it. We are here, beloved, to constantly ensure that you succeed in your ways. We are here to remind you that thoughts of pain, fear, anguish, and anything else of the old status will have no power in the new energy. We have given evidence on this.

We see those who try to sustain the old pattern crumble before the eyes of the world through alternative news, since the mainstream media is still controlled by the dark cabal. You are seeing how everything we have said has unfolded right before you. We have said repeatedly that governments based on greed, war and arrogance could not keep up. We said that whistleblowers would come more and more to the public, bringing their dossiers with precious information. We said that the borders of the world would begin to fall; we said we would increase the exhibits of our ships; We said that there would be a potential for a European nation to bring the key to opening the doors of the world, generating a snowball effect that could no longer be stopped; We said that the human with crystalline magnetism was being born. We said that and so many other things within the potentials we saw! And now, dear family, those who are still trying to deny so much evidence are seeing all their options of staying in the old ruin, because they can not stand it and have nothing, or no one, to do it for them.

(*) Beloved Family, we have recently shown signs of how much you are loved. We show ourselves to you and, as a loving nod, we say, “we are here.” We are glad to have seen and understood that we are indeed here, not as one or a dominant civilization, but as brothers who desire ardently embrace you again. We saw your joy to our gesture, we saw how much we are loved … (feel SaLuSa thrilled …), how much we are loved and we want you to know that we love them equally.

This is a shorter message than I usually give. I’m attending to Gabriel’s request when he threw his thought at me and asked if I had something to say. I always have something to say, although some, for their own particular issues, can not hear me. Bear in mind that I always hear every thought of you and I reciprocate with all the Love of my heart. Do not hesitate to send your loving intentions to me or any other member of the Galactic Federation. We will do our best to reciprocate the sign, so that you perceive that you have been heard.

I ask Gabriel to use this song he is listening and put it as an option so that you can receive this message from me in the waves of that song. She, I believe, dear ones, is a song that exactly symbolizes our feeling at this time.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and, as a spokesperson for the Galactic Federation, I speak on behalf of all who make up this Family. We are grateful and deeply moved by the power of God in action on Earth, and by the ability each of you has to emerge from the dark boxes and indulge in the ocean of endless Love. Trust, dear ones, that this ocean is the same as we constantly bathe and, like your family, we could not desire anything different for you. I also convey a special embrace of Saint Germain, who, at my side, at this moment, transmits all Love and blessings to each one of you.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

Gabriel: Very grateful, my dear SaLuSa …

SaLuSa: We thank you. There is a lot of love here …

Gabriel: Yes, I can feel … (tears …) Thank you …

SaLuSa: (Smile …)


(*) He speaks of the sightings of the ships on the Pousada Betânia, where the IV Meeting of Seeds of Stars took place on September 9, 10 and 11 – Curitiba / PR.

Genuine images made by a Seed as soon as it arrived at Pousada Betânia (Curitiba / PR), Venue of the Fourth Seed of Stars Meeting. Further information on the sightings and everything that happened in our meeting will be published soon here.

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales 
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