SaLuSa – “Contemplating the departure of the old Selves / Experiences of time laps-es” – 11.17.2016 (English)

SaLuSa – “Contemplating the departure of the old Selves / Experiences of time laps-es” – 11.17.2016 (English)

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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Dear, the SaLuSa asked me to let that song below to be heard at the time of reading. I recommend you read the message aloud as the background music plays.


In fast apace, you can see how the new energies are affecting you to the point where you are potentializing all your innermost feelings to come out and be recognized. Although it is painful for many to recognize these innermost truths, it must be so, for it shows you many points which you have kept for ages, and these are coming forth, that you may be aware of and work upon them. Of course, not all points are something to work on, for many are also their abilities which, over the ages, have been suppressed by the weight of low vibrations. In general, the process in progress will make you aware of everything in your being and, consequently, around you on the astral and physical levels.

The Ascension is, in words already heard by you, to recognize yourselves in totality. And these new energies that fill the earth give many of you the clear feeling, as the saying goes, “You are being shaken like a sack with popcorn.” And the intention of this is so that you can see all that has been kept in you for so long, take knowledge, and release what no longer serves you. It is necessary that you have total control of yourselves so that you can advance towards the high vibrations. As you know, in the highest realms everything that you think and desire, consciously or unconsciously, is immediately manifested, and mastery is necessary for you to become total and purely conscious of your creations.

Do not worry about how you will reach this state, for, as we have already said, this has always been your natural state and the process in which you are immersed is only to re-mind you who you are, in fact, and there are a infinity of masters who are by your side to aid in this return. I can cite some very familiar to you: Lord Sanat Kumara, Sananda, Gau-tama, and some more recent ones – Sai Baba, Yogananda, Gandhi … And all your space family with their specialties. You have heard that there are Chambers of Light being pre-pared to help also in this process to leave you of this state of total amnesia of your true nature and stellar origin.

For some of you, the pace may be slower as the Forces of Light tend to soften the power-ful energies that come to you, so that you may have time to assimilate each new “Self” you recognize and release. Day by day you are observing you as in an intense metamorphosis, and a crucial point will come when you will no longer recognize yourselves as those who have been dominated by the intense emotions and low frequency energies which have been the test of fire in your experience. But just keep the wisdom of experience for you to share on systems where this process is beginning. When you give in to this process, you will see several “Selves” showing to you, and each one of them will demand, in a certain way, that you look like a desperate roulette trying to prove to you that a certain “Self” is your true self. Here is for you an opportunity to let all the old selves committed to the old energy go, so that you can incorporate your Authentic Self, the one who sees nothing but Unity.

Bear in mind that the Forces of Light are ensuring that you can go through this process safely, and that there is no more interference on the part of those who belong to the dark-ness. It is known to you that for many ages you were led to believe that you were alone in the universe, and you were quarantined. Now with the advancement of the Forces of Light you are having the opportunity to freely follow your ways and make your own decisions. Though some of the agents of darkness try to induce you to fail, you are so assured of what you desire, that you will no longer fall into the traps set by them. You are determined, and your souls know that this is a great opportunity for you to attain your ascension and not to waste it, as in the past. The memory of old Atlantis is still in your souls, and this time you will not falter.

The whole Universe is giving you the necessary support so that you can go through the stages that precede your quantum leap, and you also know that at the simple thought of your request for help you will receive it immediately. There is no doubt about that.

Be attentive and in the Now, so that you may be aware of all your “Selves'” who will march in front of you, trying to seduce you in order to cling to them. Watch them just as children wanting to get attention from a tutor who gave them so much assistance, but now it’s time for you to go your way. Bless all the old “Selves” who served you as true teachers, to show you and to help in the experience in all that you needed in the lower dimensions. The Gate to your Ascension is open and there is no longer a tug of war trying to drag you to one end. Now you are as observers visualizing the old energy to dissolve as it parades in front of you and is illuminated by your Authentic Self.

I am SaLuSa, from Sirius and, once again, I am witnessing to you how things on Mother Earth are accelerating. You may experience more phenomena called “lapses of time,” when you find yourself in quick moments accessing the past or the future, as if the present reality were dissolved and entered into another. Many of you are being called past timelines to set something unfinished behind, and go into the future to bring important information to your current timeline. Know that there is a complete merger between the lines, and you are responsible for completely restoring the history of the Earth, taking it to the Blue Diamond plateau of the Galaxy. To many of you this may seem too much to your linear minds, but believe that your Authentic Self is well aware of it.

I leave you our Love and Blessings from all of us of the Galactic Federation.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, always very honored and thankful!

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