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Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Dear, the SaLuSa asked me to let that song below to be heard at the time of reading. I recommend you read the message aloud as the background music plays.


As might be expected, your New Year on the Gregorian calendar entered promisingly. A flood of Light has swept the Earth, leaving room for more Lightworkers to come to the front line with their projects for raising Planetary Consciousness. One can notice, the most sensitive, a "breeze in the air" that is giving tranquility and the feeling that something great is to come. Expressions like "Ah-ah!" Or "Wow!" Will be very common among the Lightworkers, ever more confident and certain that the time they have waited, was worth every second. You will have the tangible samples of everything that we have told you for so long, and you will definitely begin to see those who belong to the darkness begin to leave the scene, right before you. You have already seen the disclosure begin to give the first signs in a gentle way. Although some fear partial disclosure, we hasten to say that the Creator's desire is for it to occur in its entirety, for it considers the souls on Earth ready for Awakening.

There may be some "bamboo in the wind" effect among some Lightworkers when con-fronted with their own fears and uncertainties. Bear in mind that you are at a stage where you must follow your heart by assuring yourself in your intuition and if you open yourself to it, you will not repent of the steps you are being given to give. You may sway in the midst of the storm of your turbulent feelings at the precise moments of your lives, but I will stand. You know, deep down in your being, that you are always taking the next step guided by the Forces of Light that are constantly supporting you, wherever you go. It has always been so, beloved, although many of you think that you walk blindly, at no time do you give up our support to inspire you and try to show you your true potential.

In the course of your days, you will increasingly be faced with wonderful situations that will give you more courage to move forward. In fact, all your days are going through wonderful things. Even if you do not see them, keep in mind that they are taking place right before you. Some behind the scenes - one of them is the preparations for the crystalline chambers that will soon be presented to humanity to help heal diseases and accelerate your expansion of consciousness. The enlightened peoples of the Inner Earth are animated with the possibility of coming to the surface, even with little fanfare, this year. They hope to contact the Lightworkers personally, so they will be prepared for the wonderful times at your corner, and be the primary witnesses of the blessings the heavens prepare for you.

Be emotionally ready, dear ones, for you are truly at the blink of an eye announcing our presence. Keep searching in your alternative media and you will see that all those devoted to the Light are bringing you precious information, and the time will come when the TRUTH can no longer be concealed. Even if your traditional media insists on not bringing any information about us, the pressure on them is unbearable, and there is no other way, but surrender to the undeniable truth.

Another thing that has shaken the souls on Earth, in addition to every experienced move-ment of energies in the past year, is the acceleration of time more and more intense. Eve-rything has happened quickly, although it does not seem to some of you accustomed to linear time. Some may realize that the days are shorter than before, but they can not fully understand what is happening. Others understand and open themselves to the process, which has no other function but to help you to make the Jump, as soon as possible.

Either way, all the souls involved in this Earth experience will have the opportunity to as-cend to the high vibrations. Although some take longer, and others less, all are immersed in the energy movement that is propitiating the advance. The acceleration of time, in gen-eral, has as one of the main functions to bring you all the unfinished subjects in the time-lines, in order to experience the necessary confrontation so that you can finish this cycle, free of any remnants of the old energy. Do not be frightened when the past reappears in your lives, whether in the form of a personal and physical presence, or even in memories. Keep in mind that in one way or another you have to transmute everything and align yourself with the new energy, unifying the timelines and finalizing anything that you have not yet finished. Your Higher Self is making sure that everything comes to light, and that there is not even a comma of the old energy in you that is not transmuted and elevated.

You may meet many who are experiencing the same thing as you, in every way, and you can "lend a hand" to souls who "come now" to the awareness of the ongoing process. Know that you, the front line, are those who went to Earth precisely so that at this time you would be the headlights and a helping hand to receive all those who, in the distance, "wave" and expect to be welcomed by you. You, the Light Bearers, will not save them from your unfinished private affairs, but with your loving gaze, you will convey the confidence necessary for them to pass their experiences courageously and determinedly, just like you. You will give your hands and walk together.

All the experiences you spent together have helped you in some way to realize the im-portance of unity, whatever it may be expressed: through a hug, a smile of encourage-ment, a touch on the back with a "very good", applause, or any way to show support for your fellow men. All these gestures have always been powerful booster energies raising you to each other, which in time strengthened you in the terrestrial environment, even in the great majority of the dramatic situations to which they were imposed, you were able to rise in mutual support. Keep in mind that among all supports, the embrace - be it physical or spiritual - is one of the most powerful movements to unite beings. The transmitted ener-gy in a loving and sincere embrace quickly raises your vibration and can, like a snowball effect, radiate and lift everyone around.

On board our ships, we have moments where we connect in hugs. We sat facing each other, connected each other with our eyes, and then hugged each other. We get "hours" in hugs where the exchange of energy is elevating and, in this way, we can fully access the other being and all its nature and history. It is a loving exchange of records, where we come to respect even more the being in front of us.

There are also healing spaces aboard our ships, where beings are brought with their en-ergy fields unbalanced. Teams, like those of the Arcturians, promote with them the therapy of the embrace and, in this, restore all field of the Beings. Experiment, my beloved, to close your eyes at this moment, and though it is difficult at first for you, try to embrace those who have somehow hurt you. Or even the cabala who did so much to annihilate the human race. Try to convey all the Love of your hearts with a pure and humble gesture. You will be giving them an impulse to rise, and though it may at first appear to have no effect, keep in mind that the loving record of your embrace will remain for eternity in the receiving soul. At a certain moment, the Light that you sent through the embrace will trigger your awakening.

I am SaLuSa of Sirius and, at the moment, next to a beloved Siriana named Nasha, we greet everyone on the planetary surface. We now watch your sun bathe part of your plan-et, while the other part remains illuminated by the stars. On board our Mother Ship, we now turn to embrace therapy in our space and our intention at this moment is to embrace all of you, those of whom we are proud.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, always very honored and thankful!

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