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Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Dear, the SaLuSa asked me to let that song below to be heard at the time of reading. I recommend you read the message aloud as the background music plays.


We are announcing, throughout the time we have delivered messages to this dear channeler, as well as to so many other dear ones, that the boundaries of the world would be dismantled. Bear in mind that this time is at your door and you will be graced for significant changes from there. An era in which you will see all nations united by one goal: World Peace and collaboration among peoples. You will be given full support for your Galactic Family, since our presence here was always to ensure that you arrived at that point of time, where everyone would see the importance of the union between the peoples. And this can no longer be denied: World Peace is a choice of collective consciousness and no one will change that.

Among all the nations of the world, only a few do not desire peace, and these will be quickly influenced by the more enlightened nations of the Planet. You have seen how people are increasingly united and facing those who try to maintain the old status quo. Those who try to keep the old energy in motion are precisely the ones who held the barbarism in old Rome. Here, beloved, we ask for your powerful prayers in order to illuminate this timeline in which the old Colosseum was used for “macabre feasts.” It has been said to you that many of you have been being called to past timelines to set something unfinished, and go into the future to bring important information to your current timeline. Enter into this timeline, beloved ones, and enlighten it with your Love and Light and you will feel reverberate in your current timeline.

The work you are doing has also ensured that our allies infiltrating the secret agencies of the world are able to move forward with so-called “technical disarmament”, which is committed to positively influencing the negative minds of these environments. We have shown to their leaders what their unthinking attitudes might lead to, and if they collaborate with the forces of Light, they would do better. Some of them, as planned, insist on keeping the old energy, refusing to abstain from power. We are quick to say that nothing they do will change the future of the Earth: World Peace.

Our ships have been more visible more often. Now you can easily see us in your skies, in the form of camouflage. Know that in every city of yours there is a great mother ship parked and usually at the end of the day, she allows herself to be shown, albeit in the form of a lenticular or volcanic cloud. This has given, even if unconsciously, more power to all of you on the surface, because you feel the support of the Family to give you support.

You are ensuring that the borders of the world are dismantled and you will see where this will go: guaranteeing a union, as never before on the planet. And those few powerful ones will have no choice but to retreat and surrender to the power of the masses, which they have always known to be their danger.

We also said recently that there would be a potential for a European nation to bring the key that would open the doors of the world and therefore the snowball effect can not be stopped. (BREXIT?). This movement has already begun and that more and more nations will follow the flag of freedom. That is, in fact, only the principle of the dismantling of borders. The people of Earth will see that they have never needed to protect one another, and that together they can cleanse the Earth and bring the Ultimate Peace.

You are beginning to enter a field where you yourselves will be your leaders. Those who are chosen to represent your nations will be chosen by your energy and placed in power in a just way, and who, in truth, will represent the will of the people. You will no longer be induced by greedy leaders who have followed only your particular interests. Each one is responsible for his own path and supreme ruler of his own life, and you will no longer hold or even have as a source of inspiration those of power, for these will now be like you, and will work for the whole.

You will also come to see those whom you call “your idols” as ordinary people just like any of you, and deserving of love, respect and affection as much as you, and you will no longer project your dreams into them. You will be aware that every soul is equal and made in the image of God. You will see that there is no difference between you. You will come to realize that honor and idolatry are completely different things. When you honor those whom you admire, you honor yourselves and the force which you represent. When you idolatry, you give up your power by asking yourself to ask for crumbs when, in fact, you are already fed up.

Look forward and know that all these things are right before you, and there is no denying it, for the evidence is based on facts, and even your egos can not deny it. As the saying goes: “Against facts there is no argument”. We have ensured that the information we bring to you is perfectly aligned with your timeline, so as not to give you margins of doubt and disenchantment. Bear in mind that even for us it is difficult to make predictions since you are constantly jumping from timelines every thousandth of a second through your vibrations. So we are happy to give you potential so that you know more clearly that everything that happens is according to your vibration, the basis for our calculation about the future.

The layers that divide the vibrational planes are rapidly disintegrating and do not be frightened also when you encounter what was previously invisible to your physical eyes. This is another sign that we give you, that the times predicted are at your doorstep, and again, we hasten to say: this is not only a potential; This is a fact already consummated. This timeline has already ascended and we are speaking to you about the future, where you are all celebrating this moment. Do you believe that? Well, you’ll see next …

I am SaLuSa of Sirius and, again, as the spokesman of the Galactic Federation, I leave our Love and Blessings to all of you, time travelers, who have chosen to return to rescue those who failed at first sight to Jump. You are indeed brave souls, and you have done what few have set out to do. And therefore whatever you need, you will be assured, because you have enough “balance” for all ages to “pay” what you need.

Be in peace,

Be in the Light.

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, always very honored and grateful!

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales 
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