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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of the Magnetic Service.

My young partner called me and I'm here. I'm here because I never really left here.

There are always many things that I would like to give you, but always, all of them are already within you. And what is Kryon's role here? It's to remind them of that. Well, I am here, as I always said I would be, when any of you called me. My young partner still does not "believe" that I answered so quickly! Oh, (laughs), why would not I?

There is always the idea that the Spirit is far, far away, and for you to be heard by it, there is a need for a petition ... Oh, my dear human beings ... Here is something that I will give to you: The Spirit does not need petition. He does not need you to pray on your knees and beg for your to be heard. Oh, I know! This may annoy some, I know, but I will go if my young partner permits.

My young partner is fearful of what I'm going to say about it, but I ask him to open it so I can speak without the interference of his mind's worries. Young man, open space for me!

Throughout their lives, or almost all of them, you have learned that praying was synonymous with supplication, repeated appeals, so that the Spirit could somehow hear you and serve you. My dear ones, let me be clearer: YOU DO NOT NEED TO SUPPLY! Spirit knows who you are. He knows what you need; He always knew! "But Kryon, then you tell us not to pray !?" Oh, no! ... Do not be so human, my dears! Yes, pray, but understand that prayer is your connection to the Spirit. It is an act of empowerment. It is an act of connecting to the Spirit in you and wisely moving everything you need! Why? Because, again, you do not have to beg for nothing, as if you were someone who does not! You already have, beloved human beings! ... You already have.

Prayer, my dears, need not be painful. Empowering yourself in prayer does not have to be painful. And let me speak a little more: pray on your knees, if you will. No matter what physical position you are in; Matter is the intention that is leading the Spirit. To be on your knees as someone who is afraid of a God who can punish you if you do not it? Oh! ... That's old energy, my dears! There is no such God, and I will say more: - He never wanted you to kneel before him. Are you on your knees because you somehow feel that this is a place where you can honor the Spirit and yourself? Is it a position that says about your own empowerment? Do it, but inside, within you there must be the "I Am that I Am." Let there be no fear, for the Spirit, God does not need his fear.

Some who read this Kryon message may not like what I'm saying, but what keeps them from liking it? The old rooted belief, my dear ones! ... Give yourself the opportunity to re-evaluate the concepts within you, dear human beings, because the new world, the new energy is here and it will tell you what Kryon says, and much more . It will take away the masks, it will take away the fears, it will deify what really needs to be divinized, it will show what is hidden, and it will take away what needs to go. Movements, my dear ones, the movements of the new energy and the empowered way of praying - that is a good title for my message today.

You will begin to feel naturally, that there is no need to plead, beg, make a petition for the Spirit. You will see this, not only because Kryon is saying, but because, deep down, you have always known this. Many of you here read (or hear) this message from Kryon and say, "Ah-ha! Yes, I always felt it was just as you say, Kryon! " "Well, I said at the beginning of my message, which you already knew. And my job here is just to remind you that you already know.

My dear ones, pray in empowerment! "Dear Spirit, here I am, uniting You! Show me what I need to know, take me where I need to go, take me through my own Innate Love. Dear Spirit, "I", I am here, I am ready. I am Spirit expressing himself. “

Here's a good start to a prayer, my dears! An act of unification, of empowerment. Try this. Try to express this, then close your eyes, ... or even with your eyes open, and say so. You will see the power over you. The force of Love, which is innate in you, comes up. Yes, because it is kept in you. You, dear human beings, have kept it for a long time. Because? You have been induced to this my dear ones ... and we have talked about this before. I gave a message to my young partner in 2015 (Human Angels - Closing the door again.) See here: Oh, the old low self-esteem of the old soul! ... You have always doubted your potentials, my dear ones, and were easily induced to diminish. Decrease yourself before a hangman God who "If you do not do as he says, he will punish you!" Oh, how linear ... how linear and human, my dear ones! God, the Spirit, would never do that! How could He do this to Himself !? (Laughter.)

My dear ones, let me speak a little more, taking advantage of the fact that my young partner has definitively set aside: much has happened and, as we have already said, you have already felt all this. You have seen what we have said. Your lives are changing, the way you see the world is changing, the way you see yourself is changing, and you knew it would be so. Let me talk some more. Many of you want to follow these new movements in life, you want to make a leap forward, but Kryon now asks: would you trust, my dear human being, to make a leap, to make a move, not knowing what would be the next step? Oh! I hear some humans say, "Oh, this is crazy Kryon! It's insane!" Oh, my dears! More insanity than not accepting one's own deity ?! (Love laughs ...). You want to take a step, you want something, but just go to pick up the new one, if you are sure you will have the new one. We've talked about this before. (See here:

Let go of the rope, my dears! There is no way to know what the movement of the next step is like if you do not release the old movement definitively. No need to stand in a "tug of war" holding both ends. You just need to move on and trust. I know who's here ... I know who's reading this message. I know you know I'm talking to you.

Begin, my dear ones, by empowering yourself to pray, connecting to the Spirit, as you truly know. Bring out the real you, empowered, unified to Source. Follow the next moves without fear. Leave the ancients. Trust me! Trust that by taking the next step there will be someone to hold your hand on the other side. That someone is you. The one that knows the innate potential that it has. The one who knows that there is a God of Pure Love. A God who does not punish. A compassionate God, how are you, dear human being. A God who is always listening to you, a God who does not require or punish you for not loving him. God knows your love. He knows that every time you've been angry, dear human being, he knows it was just homesickness, the embrace of the Family, the warmth of unconditional Love. Come, dear human being!

Take the next step. We will be here as we have always been. There is a bridge ... a bridge and a great abyss below. You're on one side of the bridge, dear human being, and in the middle of the bridge there's a mist ... You can not see what's on the other side, you do not know what's in there. It's a forest. It's dark. The cloud is dark. You can only see the first two meters of the bridge; The rest is covered by the dark cloud. What are you going to do, dear human being? What is behind you is the old, the old energy, and this old energy is coming after you too, like a dark mist. You look forward: there is only you, the mist of the old energy behind you, the bridge, the mist in the middle of the bridge and the other side of the bridge you can not see ... What's on the other side?

Do you trust what we've been telling you all this time? Do you trust and believe in the Love you feel when you call for us, as did my young partner minutes ago, before I delivered this message to him? My young partner felt the Love of the Family. He said, "Kryon, are you there? I'd like you to come and give me a message, I miss you." Oh! ... He reminds me here that those words did not go well, but I wanted to simplify it a bit (laughs ...). Do you trust, dear human being, that you are not alone, and that we would say nothing to you that is not in agreement with your own self? Well ... cross the bridge. We guarantee that you will like what you will have on the other side. That's what we have to say right now.

I am Kryon, and I have already said that I am not far from you. You do not have to petition me to come. I'm here, I've always been here. Just breathe and call for me to show you that I am here. I will show you, as I have now shown to my young partner. There is no "there", my dear ones. It's all here. I am not "there", the Masters you know are not "there", God is not "there", the Pleiadians and the whole family are not "there!". We are here. Do you really think we would miss the opportunity to be with you, seeing everything you have done, and continue to do? You are the Angels we enjoy watching the flapping of wings. You are the Angels who excite us as we see you dissipate the darkness with the Light itself. All attention is upon you. It would be no different. Never was!

And so it is.

Gabriel: Thankful, beloved Kryon! Thrilled and happy.

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Melk Sales

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