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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please dear, read in tune of the song below. I particularly recommend you put the music in a nice height and then read the message aloud. Can feel wonderful vibrations of light in their bodies:


May the blessings of Love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

Discoveries, children! You are in an era of discoveries about your true nature as beings endowed with an immeasurable Love that transcends the barriers of time and space. Love that shows your greater abilities, that lifts you to the work and daily activities, with spirit and lightness. Love that heals your souls and bodies, for it imbibes you of the purest energies running through your veins replacing the physical blood and making your bodies a crystalline spectacle. Here is love in manifestation; behold truly who you are.

Look, too, for the old times and take ... take, beloved, this feeling of discovery of what the new brings you. Return in mind, soul and spirit to the old timelines to illuminate what was left behind. Come back and show your discoveries. Behold, many await you, trapped in the old concepts, prejudices and doubts about what a future could bring. It shows that there is nothing to fear, for the new, when establishing itself, always brings the sensation of joy and ecstasy, because it is a discovery, a rediscovery of who you really are. These souls, beloved, who are bound in old lines, need you, your broad smile, your expressed well-being, your luminous eyes to illuminate. Show, then, what you discovered when you gave yourselves to the new. Show, beloved, show and be the living example of what Love can do, of the transformations it brings.

Don’t be in doubt, my beloved, as to my words now and for ever, for I tell you the truth: none of you are forsaken of me and hearing something that is not true. Dear children, I saw you descend into the deepest darkness of the abyss, I saw you inconsolate, insecure, bitter, fearful ... I saw you raise your eyes to the heavens, in supplications, by mercy, by supplications of Love. Behold the heavens have heard you and sent angels into your lives, angels to show you their discoveries of the Divine Kingdom, and there you are now complete, secure and replicating what you have learned from those pioneers. You entered the fifth movement (5th Race), and now it is you, the pioneers, the dials of the way, the discoverers of the wonders of the new, and it is up to you in this "Eureka!" You will bring to all of you the certainties through your eyes, smile, sweetness, meiguice, Faith! The incontestable certainties for those who long for an immersion in the new, but, uncertain, seek the point of safety ... It is you, this security, it is you who will tell them through your eyes ... "Come, there is no What to fear. "

Don’t deceive yourself with time, which tells you that it is not possible to go back and to advance in something. Beloved ones! Oh, beloved! ... You have heard in the last days of your ability to go before and after time. You have heard that you are those travelers of time and space. It is there, beloved ones, that you are most requested. You need to take into the past what you see today. You need to go to the future to bring to this moment what is there. You need to supply you with security and Faith and show to those who fear how to take the next step. You are the pioneers, beloved, those who have decided to be the headlights, those who have decided to experience all the changes in a short time, so that you could be on the front line to light the way.

As you walk, you will become more confident and confident, enfolding you in my embrace of Mother. I will be showing you all that you need, to go forward with more confidence. In all the timelines, I am assuring you that your journey to the new will not be covered by thick clouds, but I will dispel them, so that you may walk and give your example. Trust in my Love and I will welcome you back, through those around you, who will express gratitude, simply for having you in your life. How many of you have heard "I am so grateful to simply have you in my life ...". Oh, beloved! ... These are signs that you, the pioneers, are acting, in fact, as beacons.

To you all, I say: IT IS TIME TO ALLOW THE NEW TO BE MANIFESTED. It is time to open yourselves to this. Continue your walk, dear ones, in the certainty that I, your Mother, will be ahead, dissipating any fog of the old energy that will try to persuade you to return to the old. If you feel this, that something is trying to drag you to the old man, call me, call me and I will manifest myself. Call your nearest beloved or beloved, and look into his or her eyes. I will manifest myself there.

Finally, know that all will be involved in the waves of the new and will again experience the eternal joy and infinite Love. Many of you are already experiencing the first glimpses of this boundless Love ... I know that you are listening to me. I know that I speak to you ... I know that you think it is already great what you feel. Try to dive deeper, and I will be astonished, for the more you delve into Love, the more of it you will have in its fullness.

Beloved, I leave you now, pouring out on you all my blessings and enfolding all in my protection cloak, because I am Mary, your Mother.

Gabriel RL: Gratitude always, beloved Mother!

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Leony Nogueira 

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