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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

There are distorted information coming up about COBRA, Benjamin Fulford, Corey Goode and David Wilcock, whose names are included on my special tab for "Informants" on my Star Seeds blog, where I publish the articles they write. The four informants are working for the Light, and any information in the opposite direction is misinformation, it is untruth, it is the attempt of the dark forces to hinder their work and create confusion on people’s minds.

In the moment that you do not see me publishing their articles in the Star Seeds anymore, it will mean that they have "changed sides" and are serving the dark side (which I find very difficult). But for the present moment, the 4 (four) serve the LIGHT.

I DO NOT publish, in any way, in the Star Seeds, anything that I do not feel to be derived from the Light. I receive guidance from the beloved Archangel Gabriel on what to publish on the Blog.

If anyone tries to force you to believe that any of these four (4) I have mentioned here are not from the Light, it becomes very clear that it is an action of darkness, because the LIGHT, in truth, does not force, does not compel or threaten like ... "Look, if you believe them, you're going to screw yourself up" - or something.

I also leave here a short extract of a message sent by Jesus:

"Only you can identify your purpose. Others may be able to offer you guidance or advice, but beware of spontaneous advice or guidance because it is usually the result of another ego requiring your attention." (full message:

If someone is trying to force you to believe in something, this, definitely, is not an action of the LIGHT. The LIGHT sets you free to experience whatever you wish.

I myself do not ask you to simply believe me because I am saying so, but I ask you to feel it in your heart. I'm not here to play with information and misinformation. I am about to provide you serious information, based on the instructions of the Archangel Gabriel. I did not offer my life to play with consciences. I have come here to be a transmitter of Love and information, and I will do this by honoring each of my readers. If I feel that an informant has gone to the "other side," I will be the first to get him out of the Star Seeds. My "home" is a place of Light.

I recommend my lectures on discernment: 
And this article:

Now, feel it! Decide for yourself, based on your inner self and never on what someone else said. If this message of mine resonated with you, if you feel it to be true, then join me and we will spread this LIGHT. If you do not, I honor you it in the same way, and I want you to spread your LIGHT, in your own way.

Gabriel RL (In synchrony with Miguel and Gabriel Archangels

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Tradução: Sementes das Estrelas / Talita Rebello

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