sexta-feira, 2 de junho de 2017


Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui


You can visualize online in english on this link:

Video in Portuguese here: 

About the Misuk Base:

MISUK BASE = Negative force base installed in Japan, with extensions in South Korea and North, and with representatives in China and Taiwan. The negative forces - the main responsible for this base - are the etheric archons and some other entities called "sexus". This basis had the function of accommodating sexual depraved where rituals were done with children, where they were sexually abused, in front of others. The people involved in this physical and etheric base had the intention of satisfying their imbalances in these rituals. It also opens up portals for the entry of extremely negative and sexually addictive entities into the physical plane, and also occupy human bodies and use it as an opportunity to feed on the energies generated by rape. Many rapes carried out and known publicly have been inspired by these entities, for when they can’t directly occupy the body, "completely expelling" the spirit inhabitant, they magnetize the mind of the occupant, obstructing it and making him sex addicted. Obviously, not everyone who has this problem of sexual addiction is properly influenced by these entities, but there is a need to, as quickly as possible, those who are in these conditions, to seek help, not to serve as a portal for these entities of the fourth dimension Lower, who wish to enter 3D physics. This base is being dismantled by the Light Forces. All PVSE Phalanges are being immediately called for immediate dismantling of this base, as well as its extensions. In particular, at the request of P1, 7 (seven) phalanges are being called the front line: The Flame of Contemplation, IUD-IL, Shenion - The Analyst, Alfeus, Etnya Solaris, Cranu Idini, and Akash-Lotus. The other phalanges, with all their Christic powers, are being called to give support to the front line. It’s as far as Jesus allows me to see. 

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