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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em
Português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada
anteriormente em Português, AQUI.

Before addressing the essential points of this post, I propose a few words about what a symbol is and what it’s function is in our existence.

Human societies of Planet Earth have built and / or intuited symbols to express their culture. There is, in fact, an infinity of graphic, sonorous, gestural, dreamlike symbols that vary according to what they represent. The Symbology deals with such broad and complex subjects, that Science studies it deeply, in all it’s specificities.

A symbol carries within itself a powerful load of meanings, for it brings to the concrete world what is pure abstraction. Every symbol is the representation of something and contains the energy of this “something” that it represents. For example, they are symbols of a portion of humanity, the cross, the dove, the wedding ring, and these hold, in themselves, their respective meanings added to their respective energies.

In the dynamics of the movement of energies, a symbol related to a person enables the movement of elements that pass between the conscious and the unconscious of that person, establishing connections between these forces. We know that the energies of the conscious and the unconscious are in general disharmonious. Disharmony must be transmuted, and the alchemical process is authority in this matter. We can say that alchemy is a resource to perform the transmutation of energies and symbol is an alchemical tool that acts on the energies in transmutation.

Thus, alchemy is the means by which it is possible to turn bad things into good, dense things into subtle ones, heavy into light ones, sick into sane ones, just as the Middle Age alchemists intended to transmute heavy metals into gold.

Today, the transformation of metals into gold can be metaphorically interpreted as the transmutation of Being from a lower spiritual state to a higher state.

The processes and tools of alchemy have always been veiled, secretive, and the privilege of a few. And to keep its contents closed, alchemy has always acted for symbols. It’s said, then, that Symbology is strongly present in the alchemical world of transmutations, so that a person empowered in full use of his symbol will, of course, be practicing alchemy.

Thus, we infer that the P1 Note Number 245 referred to this when he stated: “Alchemists returning to Terran Plane!”

Closing this introductory part, I add that, for the moment, it suffices to understand that symbols are arrangements created to represent concrete things and situations. Specifically, the symbols I refer to are “codes” that represent “certain” energies, in this case, the energies of people. These codes, I have received them medially (channeling).

So, my dear ones, I bring you this beautiful gift that will make your journey here on this planet even more blessed! The “codes” are the Sacred Geometric Symbols. I will tell you how the process of knowing and bringing to this reality these symbols.

One night I had already gone to bed, when I began to see images in which I was drawing some symbols. Soon after, some of these traits began to appear on my well-defined, perfect, glowing mental screen in Light! As if they had life! The next day, just after lunch these symbols began to appear again and I felt an energy of Light to envelop my whole body! Immediately I began to draw them.

Initially, I was intuitively drawn to the Sacred Geometric Symbols of the 36 (thirty-six) administrators who directly compose the ‘Sementes da Estrelas’ team, and drew. The next day, the energy again enveloped me and I saw more symbols being brought to this reality! I drew, at that moment, another thirty-five Geometrics representing the phalanges called by the Pleiades 1. This whole process has occurred in recent weeks.

In recent days, I have been intuited to bring the Sacred Geometric Symbols of those who desire them.

These Sacred Geometrics represent the energy of the essence of each Being. They act as anchorers and empowerers of the personal energy of the Being in the Terran plane. They can be used as well as Reiki symbols, Healing Codes or other sacred symbols. They can be drawn on canvases, on clothes, on the skin (tattoo – if you like tattoos). They can be used for healing and to disintegrate negative currents or any low vibration energies! They can simply be drawn in the air (as Reiki-like gesture symbols) or on any surfaces they desire and so will bring their energy potently here in this Earth reality.

This is another beautiful and powerful tool delivered by the heavens to make our journey ever smoother and more fruitful! At every moment, more Light enters the planet and the opening in the hearts of all of us supports the delivery and reception of these gifts!

The Geometrics were cited by P1 in some recent notes:

Note 248: “Geometric enhancers delivered to A-D-M-P-V-S-E.”

Note 250: “Geometric enhancers delivered to PVSE GROUPS.” / “Pleiades 1 (Potentializing geometric delivered)”

Note 251: “Geometric boosters Reverberating!” / “Pleiades 1 (Boosting Geometric Delivered)”

Note 252: “Pleiades 1 (Boosting geometric delivered)”

Note 253: “P1 in Maximum Potentialization: Geometric.” / “Pleiades 1 (Boosting geometric delivered)”

* Note 255: “Zero i authorized by Elders of Sacred Geometry. Expand in Terran plane. Boosters ion activation. “

(* I, Gabriel, have received the information that Elders of the 13th Dimension have sent from there to Zero i the rays of AUTHORIZATION so that he may receive and make the symbols, and then have permission to do so. Beings of the 13th Dimension are the “responsible” for Sacred Geometry and for all quantum symbology. These rays are like a force for Zero i to proceed.

The Sacred Geometrics will be channeled by me – one more of my chores – and will be delivered to a professional of my team from ‘Sementes das Estrelas’ to make it digital and vectorized. If you want to know and have your personal symbol, see the information below, that I will be channeling it, so that it is ready. You will receive it by e-mail to use as you wish. Just send me a recent photo and your date of birth.

These symbols will be delivered to all those who wish upon a financial exchange of energy! A token fee of R $ 88.00 Reais will be charged for cost purposes.


Send an e-mail to:

With your full name, date of birth, and if possible an actual photo of you for the process of capturing your energy.

In the e-mail, attach the proof of financial energy exchange.

You can make the payment in the buttons of Paypal or Pagseguro or below:

Or one of the accounts below:

Sementes das Estrelas Ltda

Agência: 3707
Conta Corrente: 28663-3
CNPJ: 30.215.049/0001-22

If any additional data is required for transfers from abroad, please contact us on the same email above.

The delivery time is 1 to 30 days, due to the demand. When sending your request on email, you’ll probably receive an automatic response from a member of my team. Rest assured, your request has been registered. If you don’t receive this email response, certainly the daily limit of automatic responses has been reached and possibly stay for the other day, or went to your spam / junk box due to the demand for emails that come out every day. However, if within a maximum period of thirty (30) days you don’t receive your Token, please contact us again, that you will be placed on the urgency list.

IMPORTANT: I will not be receiving requests through Facebook, just by the email above.

And finally, here are two examples of channeled Symbols. This is the Official ‘Sementes das Estrelas’ Symbol:

And this is my Symbol (Gabriel RL):

My love, gratitude and blessings!

Gabriel RL

English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Leony Nogueira

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