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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Please, dear ones, read in tune with the song below. I particularly recommend to put the music in a pleasantvolume and then read the message aloud. You may feel wonderful vibrations of light in your bodies. 


Greetings, Comrades! We have some information and joy here! 

We arrived again with some information! You must have realized that we are taking some pauses in bringing our messages. Don’t worry! We're fine (laughs ...)! This is only due to the immense activity at the moment, and we are focused on helping to accelerate the legal processes, which will bring to this reality the balance so awaited by the Heavens and their immense commissions! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The Light is expanding!

It’s a time of deep catharsis, especially for some Lightworkers, who are entering new cycles of experience. It’s normal for some to feel tired and even hopeless, but that too will pass, because you are those Bearers of Light and those breakers of paradigms! They are like great trees and these are like unshakable rocks in the midst of storms! It’s evident the great transformation you are all feeling, and however much some deny the evidence of it, you can’t ignore the transforming feelings that come along with the transforming wave!

Recently, you were informed that a group of mischievous boys from old Lemuria have been dropping firecrackers out there and they have ended up heating up and overheating a few headlights of Light, which ended up making some of those headlights, turning off their Lights, for a while. Sure, obvious, obvious! Everything follows a higher plane and it is up to the headlamps that remain lit at the time to shine further to temporarily "cover" the headlamps that were apparently damaged. But, they actually were not. They just needed to withdraw for some adjustments and then they will shine brighter! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The Heavens are celebrating more this advance of the Light with regard to the removal of these Lemurian mischief! These unscrupulous saplings have been gently removed from the plane of the Earth and are, at this time, in their personal catharsis.

Dear allies comrades, we need to have a lot of "waist game" to deal with some situations that may seem difficult, we know that very well because we deal with these "face to face" bumblers and we know how they are mischievous. Crosses, to the point of passing through someone who needs help, just to manipulate their energies. And how to discern it? Well, Comrades, you are already very old and you are masters of energy: discernment. Don’t let your ego take over when you see some in your moments of catharsis and consequently want to act as "saviors." The bumblers, without a physical body, love to use their relatives and friends to drain them. Obviously, not everyone falls into these traps, but some others, yes. Phrases like "you are the only one able to help me" or "I am nothing without you" are clearly manipulation games where the end is you completely drained and completely disempowered. The bumblers, when they can not reach you in a way, try other means, and one of them is using people close to you, who are in low vibration, so that they can infiltrate certain ideas. These, as people you love, will surely have more of your attention. When you give them your attention, you can use some of these phrases, and if you do, you now know. Don’t allow to drain.

That's enough for now! There is more information coming. Be ready! We’ll inform you more and more, as our old masters authorize! We continue with our important reports about certain moves! This time, we allowed the speech of our dear Ermilah, member of the Venusian Body of Psychology. It will be accompanying some of you in your process of transformational catharsis and will aid in the higher understandings of all that you have been through. It’s certainly a great help, since she is an expert on emotions! Oh, we can even hear someone say "Oops! That's for me!" (Laughs!). And let it be clear, Comrades, when we said "accompanying some of you ..." we don’t want to exclude others, but certainly not all will open their doors to this aid, since in some cases, when in deep catharsis, simply being Prefers to sink to humbly reach out and ask for help. Surely you are powerful enough to rise from the depths alone, but it does not have to be this way. You are a collaborative soul, and surely, if you join hands, you will quickly reach your triumphant goals! Hallelujah!

Each day, a new domino falls and pushes another to the next move! We say this, always based on the assurance of Heaven! We see the broad picture and it inspires us to speak with such certainty! The transformations are so evident, that they allow us to see, clearly, waves of Light come out of the Earth towards the whole Galaxy bathing it whole with a white Light with shades of gold. It's beautiful to see! And this Light comes from your dedication and commitment to the higher planes of SUPERIOR CONSCIOUSNESS. Hosanna! Hosanna! The Heavens truly are in celebration!

At this moment, we are flying over Machu Picchu, the old city of the Incas! Someone in Urubamba ready for a Selfie? (Laughs!). It's an auspicious time for that! We are on three small ships! From here we will go to Mont Blanc, where we have one of our bases! 

The borders are being cut! Unification is coming! Love will prevail! The heavens have decreed, and so it shall be! This is not a simple will of ours. This is a DECREE! "Know that, Comrades! 

Oh, dear ones! Know that the countless Fountains and the endless Prosperity of the Heavens, in fact, are yours! 

We will return when appropriate! It's good to talk to you again! Always is! See you around! 


Gabriel: Grateful, beloved comrades of Light!

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Leony Nogueira

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