Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Dear ones, SaLuSa asked me to leave this song down to be heard at the time you read. I recommend that you read the message aloud while the background music plays.


I recently gave you a message about a movie that would come to your movie screens. This is one more that the Light Forces have offered you with the intention of awakening more souls to the truth, for a long time, hidden from you. I’m honored to give you some of my story. Even though in traditional terms you are given a lot of information with the legend "fiction", it’s becoming more and more obvious what your old saying says: "There is more between Heaven and Earth than your vain philosophy supposes."

Although many choose to turn a blind eye to life outside Earth, it’s well known that there are more souls on Earth who are already well aware of our presence and that what is said by your traditional media and governments no longer convinces people, as in the past. The unveiling is evident, and all the souls on earth will know of their past and of what the future holds. The veteran souls of this planet already feel a tremor within themselves, for the signs that great movements are at the door are clear. This generation will not pass without you being sure of everything we have told you, so that even the most unbelieving can not withstand the emotion that this wave of revelations will bring.

As we have constantly told you, there are more things behind the scenes than you can imagine and through the movie screens in some cases we have been able to instruct you about many things that your governments will hide from you. Our presence in your skies has been constant and more and more of our ships will be hovering in the heavens so as to make it clear that we are here in a peaceful and non-warlike way, as most of your governments are trying to convey to you.

With things moving behind the scenes, it will be clear that the truths about us can no longer be hidden for long, since with the masses demanding that governments talk about our presence, they will have no choice, to be open "the closets" containing hundreds of hidden information. Courageous souls who know a lot are taking leadership positions in order to push these truths to the surface. These souls are increasingly protected and ensured that nothing will happen to them unless this agreement is in their life plan.

Each of you who you have decided to incarnate in these times, did it knowing the great movements that would be present in this. And now you are the most demanded, in regard to keeping yourself strongly connected to your real essence, so that you don’t stray from the plans drawn before your reincarnation. You are surely supported by a huge team of helpers and no "commas" in your lives go unnoticed by your mentors. You are right there now, and we know that this really implies that you have a lot of harmony so that you can help in what you have proposed.

One of the first things you promised yourself before you incarnated was that no matter what happened, you would remain focused on the most sublimated feelings, so as not to give rise to infiltrations that would try to depart from the original purpose. Another thing was that you would spread the universal truth of our presence, still in a simple way, so as not to shock those more "rigid" ones. This you do, sometimes subtly, with answers or affirmations such as "I think we are not alone in the universe ..." or even "They are already among us, and are our family." Simple phrases like these, spoken in a loving way to those who are more skeptical, end up unleashing within them a simple question: "What if he is right?" Although many are resistant to this, as you open yourselves in this way, You end up allowing more Light to enter, and soon you will be more together in the work of the awakening of humanity to reality of our presence.

You might say that "The fishing net" was launched and the treasures are being found. Don’t belittle those so-called "ignorant" about certain matters, for you will be surprised by very wise souls about the Universal Laws and who are now awakening to this moment. They have chosen so and many of you have helped them in their awakening. As we have already said, phrases like "We are not alone in the universe" can be an activating trigger that a certain soul has chosen to awaken. Other ways that the Forces of Light activate the awakening is through signs like 11:11 and other similar codes, as well as through a specific sound, or even a hug from a very dear soul. In general, the awakening that is taking place is unstoppable and those of the old system can no longer stand.

I’m SaLuSa from Sirius, and though I have only reminded you of some of the above things, you consider the possibility that new souls have just awakened, and that information for them at this time can be very important. Dear Ones, keep yourselves in simplicity and open-hearted to receive all the souls that now awaken guarantees you more security and strength to follow in your purposes. What for you may be unimportant, for another soul can be very precious. Here is an opportunity to hold yourselves in an energy of loving humility.

I am very happy that, once again, I can come to you with a little more, even if it is to say "Remember what we have already told you". The more we contact you through souls like Gabriel, we at the same time wish to assure you that not only is he able to communicate with us, but you also can. For in these gestures we unleash a simple thought in you "If Gabriel can, I certainly can!" And, you know: you are correct. Try to ask, "Dear mentor or spiritual friend, I would like to hear or feel you." - And calm your mind. Will surprise you with a loving hug, or even a "Hello."

Be in Peace,

Be in Light.

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, always very honored and grateful!

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Leony Nogueira