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The Pleiadians report that with the Star Seeds event last weekend in Curitiba / PR (Brazil), there was such a wave of crystalline energy sweeping the city and neighboring points that echoed throughout Planet as a "magnetic alert." This alert will eventually bring more souls to this region in a way that will help sustain the intense magnetism of this place.

Curitiba is one of the great Magnetic Portals and great concentrator of Star Seeds. I myself was inspired by the Light Forces to stay here when I was just passing through, and so I did.

In Curitiba there is a large Magnetic Crystal (etheric, non-physical) that is being built layer by layer. When finalized, it will radiate so much energy that hardly negative forces will be able to remain active for a long time, being "swallowed" by the vortex generated by the Magnetic Crystal. They also report that although forces contrary to the construction of this crystal are determined to prevent this, there are much more powerful forces involved. The construction of this crystal has attracted the looks of the "Blue Birds" cited by Corey Goode and they are also providing help in the movements for its creation. There is at present a reinforcing mirror for those pioneers in the construction of this crystal where, if the first supporters don’t withstand the pressures, others will be ready to hold the force. They inform that the Love of all will guarantee that this crystal is finalized, since the reverberation will help those who have placed in the front line facing some complicated difficulties. In any case, they guarantee that this action will be finished, at whatever cost.

They also report that several magnetic beings have arrived and settled in this region in recent years due to the great concentration of galactic energies in this place. These energies propitiate their approach, since they are beings of an extremely high frequency and there is a need for a space able to withstand their vibration - which is very intense.

Obviously, there are thousands of other important points (like Curitiba) scattered around the planet. However, this city is being cited only because it is where the Central PVSE is installed and because it is where the Stars Seeds event took place.

To conclude, the Pleiadians also request to inform that the crystallization / dissolution of the Yaldabaoth entity is increasingly accelerated and that, really, only very little is left for the complete finalization of this process. The Star Seeds Event has issued a wave that hit this brother in the process of returning to HOME. The Pleiadians also ask to thank the Love and affection with which many people have treated this entity, ensuring that this is the best way to help a being in return to the Light.

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL 

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