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Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Dear ones, SaLuSa asked me to leave this song down to be heard at the time you read. I recommend that you read the message aloud while the background music plays.

Underneath the Earth, just as in space, there is a great positive agitation with the approach of the long awaited moment, for ages. The beings that inhabit the Inner Earth – your ancestral cousins – along with Galactic Forces, who are also hosted in these subterranean realms, are in great joy, because more and more precise movements give the signal that a great advance is occurring and cornering those who , for so long, have struggled to avoid your quantum leap.

The Creator has sent “comets” never before perceived by your scientists, in order to signal to both the Galactic and the Inner Earth that the approach of the jump is evident. Such comets carry much magnetism and this has neutralized the actions of the dark forces, still resistant in leaving the Galaxy. One, in particular, who is “cutting” the Galaxy is called “Titon”, which is a very high consciousness and an angelic being, who decided to take this form of Comet and, as Ray of Light, help dissipate the remaining darkness . It’s magnetism is so intense that no force other than Love ceases to be enveloped by it.

These envoys of the Creator come in joy, witnessing the new times, and as you yourselves see, the end of times will not be catastrophic as many have imagined, relying on the old prophecies, but it will be a wonderful event where there will be, great jubilation, rather than despair and pain. It was never the intention of the Creator that you would suffer to achieve your leap, but surely now you are making sure that only peace and endless Love are your destiny.

Many souls on Earth have witnessed great things through simple drives, as are the things of the Creator, and the simpler, loving, and peaceful is the soul, the more it can perceive the Greatness of the Creator in simple things. Some fearful souls about what the future holds for them and are induced to believe in the worst are carried away by the despairing acts of the dark forces, believing that the Earth is lost and that violence and chaos will never end. They don’t see, nor open to feel the great transformations that have occurred and that will change the planet forever, making it the bright paradise of the Galaxy. As these hardened souls open in simplicity and love, more they can see the larger picture and realize that there is much more Light and Love on the planet than anything else. It is all, beloved, a matter of openness so that all of you may be aware of the ongoing, great plan of the Creator.

You are constantly being called by your mentors and guides to interiorities and you receive the complete picture of what has happened, so that you can be the calm look among those who seek answers to their many questions. When you are quiet and loving, any soul that comes to you, even though it has no familiarity with you, can feel the radiation and tranquility emitted by you, who are in possession of the plan and seeing the larger picture. When you are in this tranquility, dear ones, nothing can shake you; for although you see threats of war, you know that it will be nothing more than a “burning wick in a dynamite without gunpowder.”

You were given the mission of being those who would ensure that transformation took place peacefully, when you managed to anchor so much Light in recent times, which allowed you to pass the marker (2012) and leave those who don’t want your jump, with the “hands on the head”. Those who don’t want the evolution of the Earth and its humanity on December 21, 2012 have completely lost the ability to dictate the future of humanity, being completely without action and not knowing what would happen from that day forward. Dear ones, this is your moment. Nothing else can stop you in this jump. Stand with your eyes raised in Love for the Heavens, for the signs that the Creator has sent, testifying to the truth of our messages.

Other signals will also be sent by Mother Earth itself, which is making its own movements in order to receive the new solar waves sent to it. Don’t be alarmed when there are dry submerged portions and simply when huge trees appear where there was nothing before, and you were sure of it. The trees are magnetic lightning-rod that anchor the solar energies and distribute them throughout the body of Gaia.

Another great work being done is the distribution of * Cintamanis by the body of Gaia, helping in the activation of a large magnetic net that is unclogging the “veins” of Gaia, accelerating the process and canceling negative effects of the attempts of entities from outside of the planet, who still try to stop your ascension. These stones from Sirian space contain tremendous magnetism, and each is itself a powerful Vortex. And when blessed souls has one of them, it becomes infinitely more powerful, and can therefore be called the “Stone of Desires”, by the magnetic ability to materialize the thoughts by dragging them, quickly, to the plane of matter. This is one of the reasons for being so coveted by the dark agents. And also by the fact that, when buried, it unclogs “the veins” of Gaia, creating a powerful Light Vortex that literally “swallows” negative vibrations, neutralizing them completely.

Dear Ones, you are constantly receiving powerful tools so that you can play your enlightened roles on this planet, and most important of all: you are receiving the support of your own Higher Self to guide you and to show you the tangible signs for your progress. Don’t allow discouragement and uncertainty to contaminate you, when so many of us, your Space Family, are twisting and supporting you in every breath. Let the Light bathe you and, at the least sign of discouragement, look to the sky and simply say “Family, a reinforcement!” – to which we will immediately send a ray of Light in your direction and you may feel shivers in your bodies as a clear sign of our prompt service.

I am SaLuSa, of Sirius, and I say that I and none of us in the Galactic Federation fail to believe in you and in what you can do for an instant. Although you yourself sometimes discredit yourselves, we always send reinforcement and remembrance of who you are and what you represent in the cosmos. Dear Ones, never before in the history of the Earth was the encounter of so many like souls, twin souls, sisters/brothers souls, companions souls, on the physical plane! This is for the simple fact that the increase of the Light in your planet, that guarantees the sustentation of these “Nodes” and allows the magnetic realignment and clearing of obstructed fields! Celebrate, beloved! You have achieved something great: moving from density to subtlety, still inhabiting a material body! This is worthy of applause! And at this moment, all those here, by my side, in my private space, inside the ship where I am and sending this message to you, everyone, standing, applaud you! Hear us!

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light!

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, always very honored and grateful!

** Gabriel’s note: I believe he’s talking about Ley Lines.

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