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The Pleiadians report that there is a great decompression around the planet due to the intense movement of the Galactic Forces, at this moment. A Great work is happening right now, so it is quickly relieving the energy pressure of the old grid structure of the planet. Portals are now being opened at various points on Earth and Central Civilization beings are beginning to project their energies through these portals as a preparation for their own mass arrivals.

Central Civilization is a very advanced civilization of the Central Galactic Sun, and it is very powerful. It can be said to be the oldest and most powerful race in the galaxy. They waited for many millennia for the Earth's Human Race to reach a high level where they felt they could come in and act more directly. They have, in recent times, received a clear signal that Earth's Humanity has come to this point and are coming to help "personally" in the Earth's transition.

They report that their presences simply increase the light radiation of the planet considerably and decompression occurs, causing a rapid and reverberating effect on humanity. The first signs of this are mental relieving, where negative thoughts are much more easily controlled and dissipated. The sense of separation from the Source diminishes drastically, making people, although they don’t fully understand what is happening, calmer and being assured of an integration with something much greater, - in this case, they feel more strongly their connection with Source . It’s a process that tends to improve more and more as not only does this great civilization approach Earth, but so many others are being allowed to deliver their treasures to earthly humanity.

More drastic actions and decompression are occurring right now in the astral zones of the planet, which naturally reverberates on the surface. When all the negative layers that cause the negative compression are dissipated with the COMPRESSION OF LIGHT coming from above and below, their action will be even more intense in the Physical Plane. Negative compression causes all feelings of negativity, but the strong COMPRESSION OF LIGHT is a Galactic energy that is coming from space and meeting the Light that comes from the Earth's inner. The Light Forces are pushing all negativity into "the middle" - just on the surface of the Planet, - hence all the chaos in this space. However, they also report that the support of the Lightworkers has ensured the efficiency of all this operation.

Lastly, they report that "* Nodes" connections, as previously reported, tend to increase as portals are opened and the "Nodes" harmonize, enabling a snowball effect of more "Nodes" , which guarantee others and others. They also ask that everyone connect as much as you can with these Galactic Forces, authorizing their arrivals with your free will, so that they can act more easily, since the decision-making power is of Earthly humanity. And that when a human decides for something and verbalizes, in connection with the heart, no force contrary to the movements of the Light has power to intervene. "Use the POWER of your free will, dear Human Family of Earth!" - They say!

Love and Blessings!

Gabriel RL

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