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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

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The Pleiadians report that a vast amount of resources are being given to the allies on the surface, so that they can now advance more safely on the most important points: financial system, end hunger and cleanliness of the atmosphere. Very advanced technologies are being delivered, at first, to allies working directly within the Terrestrial Resistance, so that these steps are taken more quickly. They also report that, as we already know, a vastly advanced vast technology that will dramatically benefit our way of life is poised for release. One has to be aware that this will take some time, until everything can be liberated, since these public liberations are still in some way tied to the threats of retaliation by the Light-resisting, but inevitably will be as threats against human lives are eliminated.

They also inform you that a protocol called INO2 is being activated. This protocol will follow a course that will initiate a process of "deprogramming" of super soldiers, agents of Kabbalah forces on the surface. In many negative military bases, men and women are induced to follow orders of the Illuminati, to the sting. They are, through torture and psychological blackmail, mastered, and become soldiers programmed by keywords. This protocol will begin to deprogram their minds and reintegrate them, again, with their own inner will. At the very least, they will have more strength to resist the impulses of violence that the programming tries to induce them. The Pleiadians request that meditations be made to support the protocol and streamline these processes as quickly as possible.

They also say that the reverberation of the deliveries of the Islands is creating powerful vortices all over the country (Brazil) and are spreading rapidly across the planet in order to inspire souls from all over the world to turn inward in search of their qualities divine and, with them, express themselves in these times of transformation and elevation. They again emphasize the need for Bulletins to be spread to as many people as possible in order to create a powerful critical mass unstoppable. They also say that the forces opposed to this movement are still trying to retaliate, especially to the plumber (Gabriel RL), for being the channel to bring this information. Of course, he will have all the support and protection he needs, they say.

Again, full of joy, they bring the other islands of Brazil:

Sergipe (Aracaju) = Island of Peace. (This Island is under direct projection of Mother Mary and is receiving three (3) projectors of Light Blue color. the other Islands of the Country and, of course, the whole Planet.The energy of Peace is fundamental in these times and being in this state will guarantee greater capacity of assimilation of the new frequencies that are being sent from the Higher Spheres of Light. , organize meditations, connect with Mother Mary every day at 6:00 pm for at least 5 (five) minutes. She will be connecting with all of you and counts on your openings so that, from that connection, you will be the bridge to this deeper connection and she is very happy to be able to draw closer to you and to all of humanity, she says she will become visible in some s occasions in this region, and some people will begin to feel touched and inspired to write their messages. At first, she will give inner messages to inspire them and assist them in their personal matters. It also says that, of course, it is always available to all who desire a connection with It. And he says even more directly: "Beloved Children, I am available to assist you in your questions. Understand above all that this help does not depend exclusively on me, but you, as bearers of free will, must enter into this harmony and believe that I will be with you, inspiring you and blending My Light with you. Beloved, I leave you now, pouring out upon you all my blessings and enfolding all in my protection cloak, for I am Mary, your Mother. ")

Rondônia (Porto Velho) = Island of Talents. (This Island is receiving a powerful projector of Golden Ruby color and another Gold.) The inhabitants of this Island are receiving the inspirational forces of the innate gifts, moving them from the inside out.Many souls on Earth have their talents stored.In many cases this Island and its inhabitants will move a powerful energy that will help in the removal of impediments that hinder the exteriorization of these innate talents.Thanks to the intense projectors, you will begin to receive strong inspirations and will be called to do what you really want Don’t be surprised if you suddenly begin to feel that your real calling is not to be a director of a multinational but a wonderful craftsman. called internal and, of course, you will radiate to the other Islands this need to follow your impulses and talents m Let your talents come out. Don’t stifle them any more and inspire the other Islands to do the same. To you is given this beautiful mission of inspiring and bringing out the innate talent of each one. Well-known story artists on the other side of the veil are projecting their lights on this Island, helping to sustain the projectors and inspiring the inhabitants to this inspiring mission.)

Mato Grosso do Sul (Campo Grande) = Island of Redemption. (This Island is receiving a powerful Dark Blue Projector.) It is in charge of giving energetic support to those souls who have "fallen" in the deepest darkness and now seek a new opportunity to follow with their evolutions. All beings of Creation are loved and deserve a new chance, without judgments and condemnations, since the very consciousness of the Being is in charge of showing and instructing what needs to be adjusted, so that it can proceed on a determined path. inspiration to redemption will soothe souls in distress and fear of not having a new opportunity for reparation, both in their spiritual fields and bodies and in those affected by their imbalances. A very noble soul is with the inhabitants of this Island, helping in the It is the one that on earth was known as Mahatma Gandhi. charged with receiving, through reincarnation, some souls from the history of the Earth who, when incarnated before, did things that hindered the development of the Planet and of people. Wicked war generals, Hitler's allies in the Second War, torturer slaves, souls who in the past were extremely unbalanced are asking for a fresh chance to review their attitudes, and the inhabitants of that Island will be receiving and radiating on them. Keep in mind, dear inhabitants of this Island, that these souls will incarnate, no longer with the same intentions and evil, but come seeking a rehabilitation and redemption. Give them this loving chance, receiving them with all Love and Light, so that the process is smooth and harmonic, not unloading the judgments on them, since this would hamper the rehabilitation processes and would eventually delay their returns to the spheres of high Christ consciousness. You have a great responsibility, dear inhabitants of this Island, and are supported by the Force of Elohim Hercules, Saint Germain and Archangel Michael.)

Piauí (Teresina) = Island of Recognition. (This Island is purely inspired by the Buddha energy and receiving a powerful Bright Yellow Projector!) The inhabitants of this Island are being inspired and are inspiring the people of the other Islands to recognize themselves as Sons of Oneness. They are entering into a state of deep recognition It is an Island that dispenses many comments, since it and its inhabitants, in and of themselves, have a great connection with the Divine Nature and are called to inspire this DIVINE RECOGNITION in the other Islands and the Buddha himself is radiating this place and sending all the powerful projections to the projector's support.Another great master projecting there is Sanat Kumara, who is making himself available to all the inhabitants Organize meditations specially anchored in the Buddha energy and reverberate to the other Islands and Planet, from inspire people to RECOGNIZE themselves as they really are: Divine Creator Beings.)

Tocantins (Palmas) = Island of Ideas. (The inhabitants of this island are receiving four powerful projectors: Light Blue, Gold, Pink and Light Green and are in charge of sustaining the energy of Creation, Invention, New Ideas, inspiring ideas for New Earth.  Beings of very high nature in the past, helped humanity with their inventions are inspiring the inhabitants of the Island, as well as embodying, in bulk, in this place, to begin this process of new creations. ideas inspiring partidão that location, dear inhabitants of this island, and you are being called to radiate this energy of inspiration for new ideas in all areas, Technology, Science, Culture, Life. You are under projection of seven mighty Elohim: HERCULES (your Divine Complement: AMAZON), Cassiopeia (your Divine Complement: MINERVA), ORION ( your Divine Complement: ANGELICA), CLAIRE (your Divine Complement: ASTREA), VISTA or Cyclope (your Divine Complement: CRYSTAL), TRANQUILITAS (your Divine Complement: PACIFIC), ARCTUROS (your Divine Complement: DIANA).

Mato Grosso (Cuiabá) = Island of Resistance. (This Island, as the name itself says, is a support, on Earth, of the Resistance Movement.) Its inhabitants are in charge of sending and being the Resistance itself, sustaining the purest Light that will prevent the forces of darkness from having complete control of the humanity. This Island receives three powerful projectors: Dark Blue, Light Blue and Violet. The reading of these subjects are recommended:

Nothing will stop the Advancement of Light! Resistance Island, make sure it is so!

Amapá (Macapá) = Island of Love. (On this island, a lot of comments are dispensed with, since the name itself says it all.) It is sustaining three powerful projectors: Light Pink, Light Blue and Dark Pink. This island radiates directly to all the other islands, and from its three (3) projectors, it is possible for the islands to be completed, they leave subprojectors for each of the other Islands, as if they fed the other Islands from themselves. Dear inhabitants of that Island, likewise, from their hearts are projections for the inhabitants of the other Islands, in order to inspire them always to the Pure and true love, connecting them with the most powerful force in the Universe: LOVE. In the center of the Island there is a powerful Pink Vortex that engulfs all negativity, transforming it into pure energy of love. Nothing negative is sustained for long in this Island, being quickly transformed. From now on, dear inhabitants of this Island, you will receive more intensely projections from Master Jesus, Master Rowena, Paul Venesian, Sanat Kumara and Venus, Mother Mary and the Archangel Samuel. Great mission to you, dear LOVES!)

The Pleiadians are very grateful for the availability of the plumber in bringing information about the Islands and for having taken heart from the mission entrusted to them, not fearing retaliation from forces that tried to prevent this information from coming to the public. They also say that new information on a number of other issues will continue to be delivered through the Bulletins as soon as it is appropriate to do so.

Love and Blessings,

Gabriel RL.

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