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Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

Dear ones, SaLuSa asked me to leave this song down to be heard at the time you read. I recommend that you read the message aloud while the background music plays.


As you have advanced considerably, it is only natural that many things in your lives, which have long been stalled, now begin to unlock and to enter into a positive flow. Many of you, when you were plunged into density, experienced various challenges and, in many cases, got stuck in the dramas they imposed. Now, to raise yourselves in consciousness, you are leaving behind the dramas, and thus allowing situations locked finally to take their natural courses. This, for example, can be a financial value that you have long been receiving, but something always blocks the receipt. It can be an emotional hit with a loved one, relative, friend, partner. It may be a situation in justice … Anything that in your lives has been blocked for a while. Now, if you allow yourself to enter into this flow that the energies of this new year have brought to you, you can finally experience a calmer life, with things unfolding much more easily.

As you rise up in consciousness, you will realize that the reason for certain situations is that you are caught in the dramas related to them. When something happens to you, whatever it is, if you can keep yourself in peace and confident that there is a greater plan behind you, you will surely create a wave of energy so powerful that, in case something unpleasant happens, this powerful wave will help in resolving the issue, faster than imagined. If it is something pleasant, surely the impulse of this energy that you generated from a higher trust will ensure that it expands further, making the experience even happier and more satisfying. It all depends on how you stand before the situation, especially now that your creative powers are entering into a more easily manifested space as your system moves quickly to a location close to Sirius.

The old Karma has been consumed by the Law of Grace and you can more easily recreate your lives, now without the interference of outsiders, who increasingly leave Earth’s space and follow their destinies. These beings who have for so long violated your free will are following en masse to areas outside the Earth, leaving you free to finally observe how Mother Earth is wonderful and how much it has to offer you, away from the idea of scarcity and that “there is never for all and we must fight to have.” One of the many things that has caught your lives apart from the dramas, which many were imposed by entities from outside the planet, is the denial of your own deities. For a long time you were held hostage by your own thoughts, which told you that you were not worthy of something so sublimated! Many of you even went so far as to say that the Creator does not even know who you are, blocking the flow of blessings that is constantly being offered to you by the Supreme Source.

As you open yourselves to the Law of Grace, you are giving the chance that all blessings will come to you, without interference from dramas, external forces, and / or anything that will impede your full well-being and harmony. Let all things manifest in your lives, embracing the idea that they all manifest in order to give you the best experience and thus to awaken in you greater wisdom. The Law of Grace will take away the guilt and the inhuman idea of sin. You will begin to see GOD as He really is, not as He was taught to you for a long time. God never wanted to punish you for anything, but He left you all free to experience whatever you desire, awaiting the time when you would finally recognize your true spiritual origins and inheritances. As you enter into the higher vibrations – as now, though many of you do not perceive – you will begin to flow more easily and the Love of God will be felt by you, truly as it is.

Experiencing Love will dissolve fear, for when you realize how powerful you are, you will have nothing to fear. There is a wonderful life ahead of you and you must, from now on, celebrate the blessings that are being given to you. This new year brings a potential for discoveries and manifestations that will further expand human consciousness in general. “Forgotten” souls will be seen more and more honored (such as families living in areas at risk …), receiving the support of expanding governments. Leaders from some countries will finally join hands after years of conflict and disharmony. Arborizations in previously forgotten areas will give a “new air” and so the human race advances into an age of deep brotherhood, which will finally unleash the special moment when we can land and greet you more closely. This moment is stored in the heart of the Creator, but from the moment the intentional, the more quickly you bring it to you, and of course, for all of us who are also looking forward to a reunion.

You will discover more of your familiarity with us, when many of you come to us with information about us on your Internet, and feel deeply, to be part of us. Many will still have more active visions, with deep memories of being aboard our ships. * MaHaLoiA will finally begin to give its first signs of existence and your science, although some controllers try to hide this truth, those more awake, will finally begin to inform, emphatically, what it is.

I’m SaLuSa from Sirius, and always very excited to bring more information about your history and what has yet to manifest for you as you allow yourself to take the necessary leaps that will lead you to even more exciting experiences. Unsurprisingly, certain information will leave some of you “with a flea behind your ear,” but it is up to you to dive within yourself and to obtain the confirmations of your Higher Self, who knows all the history of Creation. So you will know that we are not here to confuse you, but rather inspire you to seek even more about yourselves and your history. As information is received, you can “connect the dots” and, when you least expect it, everything will be so clear, that there will be no doubt whatsoever.

So, as I told you at the beginning of my message, may everything come to you and, in keeping you in peace, everything will flow more easily, so that you will not be caught up in the dramas and uncertainties of a linear mind, incapable of conceiving something beyond the five senses. You are moving towards something far beyond a human experience, you are moving toward multidimensional integration and continuous living with your Quantum Family of space.

We leave our Love and Blessings to all of us who compose the Galactic Federation in direct assistance to your life on Earth which, even in all your experiences on Earth, does not compare yet with your baggage of experiences that you acquired before you left for this beautiful blue planet You are eternal beings and your experience on Earth is a thousandth of a second compared to all your experience of your souls, if this is easier for your linear understanding.

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light.

Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, always very honored and grateful!

* MaHaLoiA is a planet that was formed thousands of years ago along with the Solar System and is, in a way, outside the “closed circle” of the Solar System already known. It’s a Planet very similar to Earth and with a very loving race present, inhabiting it. With all the movement made by the Solar System toward Sirius, the constellations will gradually shift from place to place in the sky, to the human gaze, and MaHaLoiA, traveling together, will begin to “stand up” in the sky like a bright star, to which science may say that it is only a new star that was born, nothing more, when, in fact, this planet is almost twin of the Earth and will be closer and more visible. And finally, for those more skeptical: “Life outside the Earth could exist!” MaHaLoiA would be a fragment of Maldek – a planet destroyed thousands of years ago in the Solar System – (

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