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After the first affected by the rebellion in the kingdom of Stath, in Orion's star system, when the Dragon Callisto and other Dragons rebelled against the Council and were expelled from the seven kingdoms of Stath, one of the Dragons who remained inviolable called Erghor, moved with everything that happened and with much love, decided in the Council that he would help Callisto as much as possible. Some of them did not agree with him, fearing that he would bring Calisto back, to which Erghor reassured them that he would not take him, but that he would go as far as he had gone, much to the astonishment of the other Dragons. By this time, Callisto was already in densified realms, and already had a focus ... The Earth.

Erghor, already in decision-making, resolved to descend the kingdoms, becoming denser as Calisto did, reaching to Earth. Many of the Council of Dragons did not understand why Erghor did this, sacrificing himself in such a way by a "traitor." But there was much more than a simple friend there, Erghor was Callisto's Soul-Afim. When Erghor arrived on Earth, time later he was surprised by an immense Council of Dragon Phalanx that had come after him with the maxim "We will not leave Erghor on this adventure, will we?" And they came to his aid, for they already knew of the challenges to penetrate systems as dense as Earth at the time.

Erghor very happy for the support of his Dragons friends, tried to look for a place to create a Sanctuary. The Temple of the Guardian Dragons, which is an extension of the Positive Dragons of Orion's Council. This temple is on the etheric plane of China, at the height of the Great Wall. Before, they had created on the physical plane, and then subtilized it and kept it on the etheric side, invisible to human eyes. What humanity, or some human beings did not know, is that the Great Wall had their help to be built.

Erghor sought Callisto both physically and telepathically, but Callisto was enraged and blocked any sign of communication from the Council of Dragons. They have a small crystal at the forehead (third eye), a violet crystal, which connects them telepathically. Callisto, so enraged he was, obscured this crystal.

Erghor knew that some humans on Earth were struggling on behalf of Callisto, and tried to contact some of these humans, and at one point contacted Merlin for telepathy. Merlin, as a deep connoisseur of history, listened carefully to the telepathic information of Erghor who wished to meet him physically at the top of a certain mountain. Arthur and his knights, as they already knew and had defended many villages of dragons' attacks, advised Merlin: "Is he reliable? Do not go". Merlin said, "Yes, we can trust him." Arthur, still suspicious, summoned his knights to accompany Merlin toward the mountain. Once there, Merlin said he would go up alone and Arthur still suspicious insisted that he should go along or send some of his men, to which Merlin would only say: "Alone I will go, stay vigilant. Callisto ... Callisto yes you need to worry and take care that they will not be caught by him "

As he climbed the top of the mountain, there was Erghor, in physical body, a beautiful Gold Dragon, in an aged Gold color. A violet crystal on the shiny forehead. Eyes also color gold, slightly lighter than the skin, for a highlight. It is a powerful energy. Although he had painfully densified to enter the lower realms, Erghor still maintained the splendor and beauty as if it were in the high kingdoms of Stath, in Orion.

Erghor's instructions were simple and straightforward: "Do not try to meet Callisto," for his strength was useless and he would leave him, Erghor, who would take care of it. Merlin in his elegance offered help wherever he could, and Erghor felt extreme confidence in the man who seemed to know all the history of the Earth and to have Magic as his own essence.

After some time, after Merlin and Arthur learned that Callisto was flying over and terrorizing some villages, they wondered how it would be that Erghor would face him and stop him in that terror. Merlin again called Erghor in telepathy and they met again on the previous mountain.

They struck a plan to "get Callisto." Erghor knew exactly where Callisto was, just waiting for the right moment to meet him. Erghor was waiting for him to somehow settle for a possible dialogue. Callisto knowing and perceiving the energy field of the old friend present, became more angry, wondering "What Erghor does here! What he does here "and in Erghor's attempts to speak to himself that by telepathy was prevented, for Callisto blocked. Erghor only knew where Callisto was, as if he had a locator of his own and that was because of their soul connection. Callisto, by his fury, could not know where Erghor was, but he felt strongly his constant presence and his attempts to contact him.

On the mountain, Merlin and Erghor agreed that on a certain day and hours they would be near the "Brenha Mountains" on the high moon, and Erghor would have influenced Callisto to appear there, sensing him of the presence of Merlin, Arthur, and his Knights. Merlin would make a special potion and somehow try to catch Callisto. The Magic "Scampur Exes, Emus Scampur!" (Repeating 3X).

Before that, Erghor, as a born clairvoyant, knew what was about to happen to him and Callisto. After numerous attempts at approaching Erghor to Calisto, when Calisto once threatened Erghor: "If you come any closer, I will destroy that village! Get away! "What Erghor still tried to do in the distance by psychology, talk about Askens, his beloved twin flame and his 3 children, Omur, Oskers and Paskers in an attempt to move him, but he was so enraged that he could not reason nor have sublime thoughts as to his Flame and Sons. These came with the Orion Council Dragons Group, and settled on the Great Wall. Obviously with much love, waiting for the Father to enter into a state of Equilibrium. Immediately when they arrived in this Kingdom, they had the Support of Merlin and they gave to Merlin the Spell that would be used time later "against the father". The Magic launched by Merlin is a powerful energy mix that drives away negative energies and patterns of cyclic and sickly thoughts. When they gave Merlin to him to give him the "special touch," they believed that that would remove the evil from Callisto, and they would have the Callisto back lit, but there was so much anger in him, he had fed both those negative thoughts and energies that it almost took him completely. Callisto was so embedded in that energy that it seemed to be its own, making no further distinction.

Shortly before Callisto's encounter with Merlin (quoted in part 1), Erghor finally managed to approach Calisto physically, behind the "Brenha Mountains". There was little dialogue. Callisto much larger physically than Erghor, overcame him in physical battle, maintaining the physical body of Erghor, which immediately shifted in spirit to the etheric plane on the Great Wall.

After killing Erghor, Callisto raised the height of the Moon, leaving behind the "Brenha Mountains" and saw access fires in the distance. He opened his gaze that looked more like a hawk's gaze, and saw Merlin, Arthur, and the knights! Enraged He struck his wings so hard that he created a mighty wind, carrying him to Merlin, Arthur and the knights ...

After receiving Merlin's Magic, "Scampur Exes, Emus Scampur!" (Calling 3X), Callisto left the kingdom of Earth to the moon, leaving the other Council Dragons installed in the Etheric Sanctuary of the Great Wall deeply saddened.

The negotiations continue, and Callisto, yes, will return to its full state, as a Great Dragon of Light that is!

Continue your meditations and sending your loving intentions!

I'm still in touch with Callisto, and he's still a bit irreducible, asking for Excalibur, but I already feel a more subtle energy.

Visualize him happy with his Family, enlightened and serving the Light. As said before, he is in physical body in a certain cave in the Region of Europe that I will not mention, as I have already said, for obvious reasons. You can not leave the planet without yielding to the Forces of Light. You can not fly around because it violates some agreements. He needs Light, needs to reestablish and calm down. For many centuries it has been in these conditions. Needs lots of love!

It is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

Gabriel RL

* Related souls, beings very close and connected by the same ideals and with great energetic similarity, of inviolable brotherhood. They have a deep spiritual connection, only not more complete than soul mates, but like like souls, they would be in "second place" of connection. They are those affinities in which one begins a reasoning and the other ends.

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