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Many thousands of years ago, in Orion's star system, there was a group of Guardian Dragons. They commanded a kingdom of great wisdom and Divine Order. The system was made up of gold and diamonds, and several non-positive races attempted to invade the kingdom to possess this treasure. Not as on earth, but the importance that this treasure had for them, was different. The Dragons protected all seven kingdoms of that precious system called Stath. There was always much order and harmony there, until, a movement called "The Fall of the Archangels" (See: os.html) took disharmony there.

Within that Council of Dragons, some influenced by non-positive forces resulting from the "Fall of the Archangels", began to deviate from the higher purposes. One of them, called Callisto, started to give part of the treasure to non-positive civilizations because he considered it to be the right thing to do by internal evaluations, obviously influenced by the rising rebellion of darkness.

Callisto and the other Dragons were driven from the Council and joined the forces of darkness that quickly spread. At the time, Calisto had a beautiful body of pure energy, but with the drastic vibrational fall, it was densified to the point of not only being able to act physically in physical realms but also to be able to travel physically between worlds. Its speed is incredible, more like a trail of energy cutting the sky! It allows you to be seen only when you want to.

Faced CAIEL / COIEL (see: in the great battles / invasions of the Pleiades, there are millions of years.

On Earth, he attempted to violate the Temple of Guardian Dragons, which is an extension of the Positive Dragons of Orion's Council. This temple is on the etheric plane of China, at the height of the Great Wall. Obviously, these Light Dragons also manifest physically, when they wish, and act at this time using their etheric fire to burn the density, transmuting it and subtilizing the Earth's energy fields. They are Great Guardians of Mystical Secrets and protectors of the White Magicians. Calisto, already acting on Earth, tried to establish between them misleading ideas of separation. The Great Guardians remained inviolable, nevertheless, he influenced humanity to believe that the Dragons were perverse beings, idea that had temporary success. It was also one of those that influenced Nero to set fire to Rome.

It was very present in the medieval age and was really very feared. King Arthur and Mage Merlin often met with him (See more about King Arthur and Merlin: He was expelled from Earth by Merlin and Arthur, however, came back much later and is currently with his physical body in a cave that I will not cite for obvious reasons. Obviously you're not allowed by the Light Forces to simply fly around. He longs for the Excalibur sword and with it to leave the planet. Excalibur is a manifestation in the physical of the Sacred Symbol of the Blue Ray of Justice and Divine Will. It is the Sword of the Archangel Michael and a powerful Vril tool, which cuts off negativity and has the power to connect Being to multidimensions. By doing some movement with the Sword, one can open portals that lead to other Realms as well as download special data that, if in negative hands, would be disastrous. Excalibur can also keep the Being invisible to any eye, perhaps that is why Callisto so much desires it.

In one of the meetings with Merlin, Arthur and his knights, while they camped in the moonlight, watching the beautiful moon rise behind the mountains, Callisto left behind the "Brenha Mountains" (I do not know what it means or where they stand ), and being the height of the moon, spread its wings, beat them strongly that the wind of them arrived until Merlin, Arthur and the horsemen were. Merlin already knew him, shouted: "Cave Monn, now! Callisto! "Callisto came towards them (As I write this I see everything very clearly, incredible !!!). They all went to the cave while Callisto was flushing. Merlin contacted him telepathically, to which Callisto only said "Mago Cursed, I know you have mine! You and your magic bewitched them! Give me back or I will carry terror with fire to the villages where I can reach! " Merlin had already prepared expulsion potions, asking for Arthur's cover, left the cave, decreed loudly words that none knew there, waiting for Calisto's approach, when he approached threatening to spit etheric fire, Merlin threw a magic upon him that it said "Scampur Exes, Emus Scampur!" (Repeating 3X), which is a kind of decree to move away from negative forces (Merlin / Saint Germain is authorizing here on my side to use this magic to help with the removal of negative forces). Immediately Calisto felt extremely restless and left that space and consequently the planet, hiding for a long time on the Moon.

In its highest expressions, Callisto is a beautiful bright green dragon with golden eyes like the Sun. He is a guardian of the Akashic Records and etheric transmuter, releasing fire of transmuting violet color. Askens, his beloved twin flame and his 3 children, Omur, Oskers and Paskers are currently working alongside Merlin (Saint Germain). This beloved being, Dragon Callisto, is a specialist in skipping Time Lines and is now in direct contact with the PVSE. He never incarnated as a human, but knows the species very well and tries to act on his personality weaknesses. He is a great master of persuasion.

Negotiations are taking place. Send forth your loving energies so that this beloved master will again feel in his heart the fiery flame of Christ, so that he may come and unite to the Forces of Light and aid the planet Earth and humans to leap to the brightest timelines !

Calisto, as great master who is turning to the Light again, would be of great support. Saint Germain (Merlin) and El Morya (King Arthur) at this time here as I write this information request that as many as possible come together for meditations in favor of this elevation.

To some, this information may seem fanciful, but if I may say with all respect, it is fanciful not to believe in magic and in the other realms. There are more things that will come to the public that even the "most prepared" can not even imagine.

Lots of Light Callisto! You are and always will be a great Dragon of Light!

It is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

Gabriel RL

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English translation: Sementes das Estrelas / Cintia Liborio