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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

The Crystalline Universe is a Universe, as the name already says, Crystalline, formed entirely of Crystalline energies. There is no form of condensation (materialization) of the energies present there. They act from the 12th dimension towards the highest. All beings existing there have no humanoid / physical form and / or form of any kind, they are only lights of pure Crystalline energy vibrating in a bright blue light. The frequency of this Universe is so high that anything that is vibrating below that particular dimension is dissolved immediately. The First Crystalline Universe is within a Cluster composed of eight Universes, also Crystalline, created from this primary Crystalline, quoted here. All of them acting with the same functions: radiate Crystalline energy to the other Clusters of interconnected Universes, and ensure that, especially the Material Universes / Duality, they have sufficient equilibrium to not become purely material, as this would be a great imbalance. They maintain percentages of Crystalline cells in the bodies of living beings in Universes of Forms in order to maintain the balance between dense and subtle matter while living their experiences in dual realms, and within this same process, when the time for ascensions of these realms arrives , have the function of accelerating the crystallization of all the cells of those present, making them purely crystalline and capable of going to Universes with the same energetic characteristic.

All other Universes and Clusters, as said, receive direct emanations from the Crystalline Universe. It is as if all others receive a crystalline magnetic grid and through it, discharges of energies guarantee that that Universe has the Crystalline percentage and the purity of the Source ideal for its functioning, even the Universes of more densified energies and / or of deep darkness, there is also Crystalline energy in them.

Another point is that the Crystalline Universe acts in waves, it is like an ocean of crystalline energies, purifying and elevating Consciousness. Thus, the Crystalline Universe is one that makes, through the interconnection between the Universes of its Cluster and other Cluster of the 144 Universal Clusters, an immense Crystalline grid to support this Force in all these Universes, and of course, the Earth that is not outside of this. As this Crystalline grid reverberates, it connects the Earth and all its inhabitants, consciously, to the other Universes and Clusters like an immense web interconnects.

"The Crystalline Grid is the energetic grid that surrounds our planet. It reflects and amplifies our ascending levels of consciousness. It is a crystalline "light" matrix that was anchored in 1992, five years after the Harmonic Convergence. Although established and in operation, its total activation requires 12 phases, reaching the total resonant vibratory rate on 12-12-12 ... December 12, 2012. Each of the triple dates (01-01-01 to 12-12-12) , which happen exclusively in these 12 years, carries numerical light codes that open and activate each of the 12 main pentagonal faces of this fantastic model. Visualize the grid as a geodesic sphere, pentagons and triangles, sparkling like a diamond faceted and brilliant.

It is a new crystal-mesh seed, the double pentadodecahedron which is called the merkaba of the Earth Star. The double pentadodecahedron has 144 faces, the ascension number of the Christ Consciousness. The double pentadodecahedron is starry, that is, each of the 12 major faces rises in the center to form 5-sided pyramids. So there are 12 pentagonal pyramids. Each face is counted in both the base and the raised portion in pyramidal form. So if we consider that each pentagonal surface contains 5 isosceles triangles and one pentagon, we will have 72 faces. In addition, each of the 12 aspects has 5 triangles and a 5-sided pyramid. Thus we combine the surface and the starry parts to arrive at the Master Frequency Number of 122 (twelve squared), that is, 144. Hence the nomenclature 144 of the Crystalline Grid. The Ascension Grid or Crystalline Grid 144 is anchored on Earth with two axial points. It is an emergent system that was actually present but not accessible until the 1987 Harmonic Convergence." (Excerpts from channeled messages from Archangel Metatron by James Tyberonn and James's own articles).

All beings are Crystalline because the Supreme Source is Crystalline, but when they choose denser experiences, they come out of that most sublimated state - to which they will naturally return one day, through the natural elliptical law of return home after a journey of experience. Crystalline Energy is all that exists in its different facets.

Crystalline Energy is an omnipotent source of power, which has implications far beyond the present understanding of humanity. The Crystalline structure is formed by a Resonance essence of Frequency Light that is multidimensional and coherent, existing in matter and antimatter. It is the divine Metatronic pattern that gives rise to all manifestations of Creation, and forms the very matrix composition of all planes of existence. It is the enzyme of the transduction of reality and the source of the vitality of the Divine Thought which forms the Cosmos itself.

"The consciousness and purpose of the Crystalline Kingdom is to convey the divine will and power of the Creator; this manifests itself with the qualities of enlargement, cleansing, purification, healing, clear vision and focus, alignment with the Creator, and generally supports all aspects of ascension on Earth.

Crystalline Consciousness awakens the divine will in your being, thereby opening your being to receive the divine guidance of the Creator, encouraging you to receive the full support of the Creator in all areas of your life and experiencing the divine flow where all develops beautifully.

The Crystalline Kingdom harnesses the power of the Creator and grants it to all who are connected to its essence. It sustains the purity and bliss of the Creator, the innocence that is at the heart of the Creator and reminds those who connect to it that the same thing exists within their being.

In many ways, the Crystalline Kingdom is similar to the Angelic Kingdom or to the Kingdom of the Unicorn. They are expressions of the Creator and beings in service." (Excerpt from the message of Master El Morya through Natalie Glasson).

Our past is deeply rooted in Earth and our future depends on our ability to recreate a relationship with our sentient planet. All the high thoughts that we have need to rise to the crystalline form so that they can manifest. Consistent light is crystalline energy, the vitality of which is formed the whole nature of all worlds and realities. The crystalline structure forms the apparent boundaries and divisions between dimensions, planes, and the flash of matter / antimatter consciousness, in parallel reality and in probabilities. All that we call Divine, all that we think is sacred, is Crystalline.

"The" graduation "of our planet, which we call Ascension, is actually the critical mass that will allow the conversion of the model of the receptive capacity of the Earth from" analog to digital ", from black and white to color. The Crystalline Conversion, through the Crystalline Grid antenna 144, is about to greatly increase Earth's dimensional reception, from the 3rd Dimension to the 12th and beyond. That is, metaphorically speaking, the change from our reception television through the archaic antenna, to satellite reception. It's the Crystalline Age. The apical point of support is 9-9-9 of the Cosmic Impulse. At this moment of Ascension, in this New Crystalline Age, the mega-powerful crystals will not be taken from us and used inappropriately as occurred at the sad end of Atlantis. In fact, they will never again be used for any purpose other than the highest good. So let's talk about the Master Crystals of Atlantis, which are awakening now, at the dawn of the Planetary Ascension.


During the time of Atlantis, many large, powerful crystals were placed on Earth, not only in the land of Atlantis, but also in other areas of the Earth. These were known as the Wisdom Crystals of Atlantis. The Atlantians themselves anchored these twelve crystals from the inner planes, transforming them into large semi-physical crystals, keeping the energy vibrations tremendously high. These crystals were very large and could only be moved with the power of the mind. Each crystal has its own unique color and form of sacred geometry. They are the Pure Celestial Beings, which are designed to aid in the manifestation and anchoring of these twelve crystals of Light. These beings and the Atlantis that anchored the crystals, understand that the crystals would have meaning and purpose in future civilizations, becoming of great importance , when a greater number of Souls of the Cosmic / Creator Plenum lived on Earth." (Excerpts from channeled messages from Archangel Metatron by James Tyberonn and James's own articles).

These souls are sustained by the powerful crystalline energy coming directly from the Crystalline Universe. Other infinite crystals are on Earth today, and each of them are also anchors of this crystalline energy. Having crystals at home and directly requesting the Crystalline Universe to feed them with Crystalline energy will help greatly in harmonizing environments through these energies.

The Crystalline Universe also acts by inspiring many movements in the Terran plane, such as the creation of Mantras like this:, to aid in the crystallization of cells and considerable increase of vibration in the fields that surround the being, in order to accelerate their direct and conscious connections with the Crystalline Universe and beings of this grid.

An infinity of beings of the Crystalline Universe have been incarnating in mass in the Terran plane since 1984, being that in the years 2000 until the moment drastically increased the quantity of these beings descending of the high crystalline spheres to act in the new generations of the Terrano Plan. Many Crystalline Masters are incarnated at the moment, (2018) between 2 and 3 years, already anchoring the energies that will come to reverberate in the next years and decades. One of those great Masters who projected a ray of his consciousness into incarnation is that called Enoch ( Other beings who are well active in the astral zones and already sending some of their members to incarnations in the terrano plan are those called Adhamantinos:

There is much more to the Crystalline Universe that could be said, but it is as much as I can convey and reverberate, believing that it is enough to have an idea of that Power that we have in our hands, thanks to the grandiose support of these purely Crystalline beings who they constantly support, inspiring us with purity and lightness, innate characteristics reverberated by these chains.

Dear beings coming and reverberating from this Crystalline Universe, you now know the importance of your existence and Power. You are the expression of Purity, Harmony, Subtlety and Lightness in all the Universes, and at this time the Earth, in particular, is grateful for your emanations and Crystalline presence at this time.

A Geometric Symbol that represents The Crystalline Universe was channeled by me, Gabriel RL, is the one that illustrates this publication. It is a symbol that when looking long time for it will also help in accelerating the crystallization process of your cells.Beloved to be Crystalline, your motto is: "I AM CRYSTALLINE PURITY REVERBERED IN ETERNAL AND INTERCONNECTED MULTIVERS"

It is as far as Jesus allows me to see and transmit.

Gabriel RL






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