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Gabriel: Queridos leitores em português, essa é a tradução para o Inglês da mensagem original, postada anteriormente em português: Aqui

On 10.25.2017 it was published in the Note of P1 (391): Attention Etnya Solaris &Vanula, The Source of Potions: Receiver of “old torments” ready for collections and transmutation! Support projector pointed: (29% not regressive). We explained that “Old Torments”, in this case, refers to “caraminholas” – word used by Father João das Pedreiras during a channeling of Gabriel RL – when the Father, in sync with the P1, offered a tool to help those who were delaying their spiritual development due to this.

What are caraminholas?  They are inventions, fantasies, dramas – trantrums of our infantility. Are little questions that brings suffering and pain, that surely we could do better without this. They come like flashes of thoughts produced by our mind and take on a larger dimensions  in the same proportion that we feed them. They are repetitive thoughts that disempower and throw us in a very unconfortable timeline. They are thing that were already addressed here in the *blog, mainly by the Old Niggers and by Gabriel himself.

What is the helping tool delivered by Father João? A basket. Yes, an etheric basket, made of energy and it has an aperture where the “caraminholas” enters through and one exit that has a kind of sink where the “caraminholas” are sucked by a vortex of Violet Transmuting flame wich let those thought-forms fade away forever from the timeline what the being is in. Free of the caraminholas, the being will make his living lighter, far from the dissipative emotions of charges, blames, fears, insecurities… Therefore he can go forwards with serenity, harmony and peace. The being recovers his balance and empowerment. So it’s a simple tool, with no secrets, no protocols, through wich is enough for everyone to deliver and trust.

Assignments: Father João left the basket of caraminholas under the care of Vanula, the Source of Potions – who collects the caraminholas and Etnya Solaris – who helps Father João in the cleaning of the basket. Gabriel RL cares about channeling the guidances.

When? There’s no time for delivering the caraminholas. Every time one person detects a caraminhola being formed he should connect immediately with Vanula and visualize her passing by with the basket. Or connect every time that feels the need of cleaning up, of detaching from misaligned feelings/emotions and mainly always remembering that this help does exist for not to stay in suffering for a long time (5 minutes in the maximum, as Father Tome Africano already explained once).


Delivery of the caraminholas: The emptying and cleaning of the basket are made every Friday, at 6pm, by Father João das Pedreiras and Etnya Solaris.

The proccess: At the beginning, the basket was to be use for the PVSE but in last frydas, 03.16.2018, Father João asked that the tool to be extended to everyone that feels “affected by caraminholas”. It’s a work of purely etheric nature. Just intente and work yoursel internally. The tool helps tobringthefavourableenergies.

Currently, according to the P1 in Note 532 from 03.16.2018, rhe receiver of “Old Torments” (caraminholas) is with 41% of the support projector pointed. With the help and loving emanations from all, this percentage will increase inevitably. We shall thank the opportunity of helping and ask everyone to deposit their caraminholas in the basket and rely on the process. The relief that overcomes is invaluable. We know that because we have experienced it ourselves.

Hail Father João das Pedreiras – the “Father João of the Basket”, dear of the heart! Hail to your strenghts! Thank you for one more tool to help us.  Thank you Gabriel RL, for providing us such LIGHT!

Etnya Solaris & Vanula, The Source of Potions

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